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 Edward McClelland (courtesy

“Now that Chicago is finally getting a handle on gun violence, an NRA-affiliated group called the Armed Citizen Project wants to mess things up by handing out free shotguns here.” That’s Edward McClelland’s opening salvo in Group Wants To Give Shotguns to Single Moms [via]. Mind you it is an editorial. So I guess it’s OK for Eddy to claim that Chicago is successfully addressing its status as the murder capital of the United States (500 firearms-related homicides last year) without providing supporting evidence. In the sense that an editorial gives a writer the freedom to make shit up without blowback. Like . . .

the statement that the Armed Citizen Project is NRA-affiliated. It isn’t. It’s an independent group. While pro-gun community organizer Kyle Coplen claims to be “NRA supported” the NRA hasn’t officially endorsed the Houstonian’s efforts to distribute shotguns to inner city inhabitants.

Mr. McClelland is selling the idea that Chicago is doing well tackling “gun violence” and the idea that the NRA’s handing out shotguns. That kind of propaganda is OK. Because in the gun grabbers’ twisted mind, civilian gun ownership is so bad that bending facts to suit their needs is a clear case of needs must. If it saves the life of one child . . .

Guns are bad. That’s it. That’s McClelland’s idée fixe (what wiki defines as “a preoccupation of mind held so firmly as to resist any attempt to modify it”). The possibility that guns [in civilian hands] can be used to reduce crime and save lives is as incredible to McClelland as the idea that Texas women aren’t hot to Cody Wilson. It’s so obvious it’s not worthy of debate.

Even so, a writer’s gotta write. McClelland’s gotta justify his disdain for the Armed Citizen Project—despite the fact that he’s pig ignorant about firearms.

Sadly, like so many who think they can solve the inner city’s problems with handouts, these well-intentioned gun enthusiasts will only make life worse for the objects of their charity. Introducing a new weapon into an urban area inspires the bad guys to go out and buy an even BIGGER weapon. The ACP will be contributing to an arms race in the inner city. Maybe one of our local gangbangers will win that AR-15 [raffled on ACP’s site].

Sure. Giving out shotguns to law-abiding citizens will force bad guys to buy bigger guns like . . . an AR-15. Which isn’t bigger. Or badder (at close distances). Does the man who’s ready, willing and chomping at the bit to condemn gunmakers, gun rights advocates and the NRA know thing one about using a shotgun for self-defense?

More to the point, what’s McClelland’s alternative to armed self-defense? Leave it to the police who are “finally getting a handle” on firearms-related crime. In other words, in a word, suffer. How sick is that?

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    • A typical Scum Bag Steve response, as always, from the obstructionist gun control lobby.


    • It’s like all those idiots that Tweeted about their hopes of the NRA event to be swallowed up by a sinkhole.

  1. I can’t stand the idiotic notion that if you arm yourself, the criminals will go get a bigger gun. If that were the case, they would be toting shotguns and rifles around themselves. They are still using handguns for the most part. I also can’t stand the idea that if you don’t try to defend yourself, the criminal will leave you alone and will just take your stuff. This idea somehow assumes that a criminal will have some sense of honor and will only take your earthly possessions. If they are stealing from me, it already shows they lack a moral compass. Why take a chance on my life that will will just pull the trigger on me anyway?

    • They have a moral compass; they just head persistently on the same sh¡tty course.

      I have a regular compass; doesn’t mean I always head north.

    • There is an agenda here. The message is one of hopelessness. Be a victim and give the thugs their fair share. The meta message is that we (the Progressive nomenklatura) are looters just like the street thugs and you, the hapless subjects better get with program and give us all the stuff we ask for.

  2. The Left, thanks to an Uncontroled Internet, is being forced to ever more desperate and pathalogical responses when confronted by non-compliant citizen journalism asking real questions backed by Facts.
    I wonder if ALGORE ever envisioned THAT when he invented the internet?
    Warning: Sociopaths do tend to act-out when forced into a corner of their own making, especialy the ones with their collective finger on the collective button, but you knew that already!

  3. Again, I just don’t get it.

    These not-quite-human fools have spurned tooth and nail, and can only sip life though a power-assisted straw.

    It boggles the mind.

  4. Can we start calling balls and strikes as we see them? The reason the programs designed to arm law abiding citizens who complete state requirements, safety courses, and background checks are unpopular amongst grabbers is because they’re racists. The objection they have is to firearms in the hands of non-wealthy, non-white individuals. No one complains about Bloomberg’s army of guards, concealed carry permits to the rich and powerful, or $20,000 hunting shotguns. They complain about poor people who have guns. They demand $400+ in fees for registration because they know this keeps poor people disenfranchised.

    The 2nd Amendment is and always has had a class component to it. It’s time to call it out.

  5. Love to know if this guy lives on one of the crime-ridden streets in chicago and if not, is he willing to put his money where his mouth is and move there… Yeah, didn’t think so.

  6. “Finally getting a handle on gun violence” = “longer, harsher winter than last year”

    Seriously, that’s been the basis for Chicago’s recent claims of crime improving – lower incidences compared to the same 30-day period one year ago. Last year, we had an unusually mild winter and an early spring with temperatures in the 70s starting in early March. This year we had a more average winter with a late spring. Watch what happens to this argument once the crime stats for May get compiled…

  7. Chicago is ‘getting a handle on crime?’ Bullsh!t. While the rest of the country has seen violent crime and homicide drop off a cliff in the last 20 years, Chicago is singlehandedly scaling new heights of mayhem and murder.

    As many others have noted, making guns illegal (in Chicago, Illinois, and everywhere) will only succeed in making guns illegal. It won’t succeed in making Chicago not be Chicago, historically among the most corrupt and violent of all North American cities.

  8. bed wetters fabricating “facts” to conform to their agenda? I’ve never ever seen this before.

  9. Yeah, michael vick was getting a handle on dog care too. The one person that really got a handle on crime/opposition was vlad the impaller, crime & punishment, surprisingly enough with no punishment crime continues, who would have thunk it, Randy

    • Vlad’s murders had NOTHING to do with crimes; he did it for pleasure. If it were about crime, he would have impaled himself. During his evening meal, which was his favorite time to do unto others before they could do unto him.

  10. From the linked article: “Legislation calling for similar a mandatory minimum in Illinois is now pending in Springfield, pushed by the mayor and prosecutors, but it faces significant opposition by the NRA and others.”

    ^^^ that’s a complete lie, right? I seem to recall the NRA specifically pushing to tougher gun crime prosecutions, including actually imposing the minimum sentencing that cities claim, etc etc… I know I’ve hear the NRA talk about the revolving door at jails and how we’re just loosing dangerous criminals into the streets and not prosecuting them and not jailing them for anywhere near as long as we’re supposed to. Right??? Or, do I have it backwards and the NRA actually opposes increasing minimum sentences?

    • Id hope so. Minimum sentences are the same brand of idiocy as zero tolerance in public schools.

      It doesn’t allow for the use of common sense when administrating punishment for a “crime”. Take the kid who was suspended for eating his poptart into the shape of a gun. That was no crime but zero tolerance doesn’t allow for common sense and the poor kid was suspended for nothing.

  11. This doofus’s notion of criminal behavior would violate about a hundred years worth of documented criminological study – average criminals don’t respond to greater deterrents by acquiring more firepower, they move on and spend more time finding sufficiently easy targets.

    This is truly idiocy on stilts.

  12. ” these well-intentioned gun enthusiasts will only make life worse for the objects of their charity. Introducing a new weapon into an urban area inspires the bad guys to go out and buy an even BIGGER weapon.”

    This standard “Progressive” talking point appears sometime in any use of force for deterrence scenario. I have heard the same argument made by leftist cowards in anti-piracy conferences. “Arming merchant ships will just force the pirates to get “bigger guns.” The fact the average modern merchant displaces more tonnage than an Iowa Class battleship never gets consideration. In an arms race at sea the pirates are certain to lose.

    In an arms race between thugs and citizens the thugs the lose. In the end the thugs may get pissed off that the house they are invading has a citizen armed with a “Biden special” but they still get dead.


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