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(courtesy CSGV Facebook page)

The Campaign to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page is an anti-gun posting machine. They share dozens of posts per day, linking to pro-gun control screeds and stories, highlighting examples of “gun violence”, uploading cartoons that portray gun owners as buffoons (and worse), re-publishing threatening and generally dumb-ass pro-gun comments from other blogs, zines and websites…generally beating the drum for civilian disarmament. Recently they created the above meme, which borrows an image of John “Guns Save Life” Boch posted on our “I Am A Gun Owner” Facebook album, captioned “This is for all the lonely people…” When we posted their diss, they sent us a snarky Tweet . . .

@CVGV: @guntruth Hey, nothing against that ferret! He’s undoubtedly good people.

I didn’t reply. Others did on our behalf. I won’t trouble you with the exchange. This was the CSGV’s last Tweet on the subject:

@CSGV: @GRAAmerica @guntruth We’re saying that the people who compare our democratic gov’t under Const. to the final solution are insurrectionists.

Good Lord! What does that even mean? I’m not sure. But in the interests of deconstructing the CSGV’s misguided, indeed misguiding mindset, I’ll take a stab at it – realizing that the CSGV would ban knives once they stopped “the wrong people” from having guns.

I think he’s saying that people who believe that the current United States government could/would/will (given half a chance) commit mass murder against a group or groups unspecified – something akin to the Nazi’s ‘final solution’ (mass extermination of the Jews) – are insurrectionists. Unspoken but implied, people are insurrectionists who believe they [might] need guns to overthrow the United States government – to stop it from committing mass murder.

Deep breath. defines insurrection as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” The CSGV uses the term insurrectionist here to describes people advocating, plotting or attempting a violent overthrow of the government.

Now, as far as I know, you can round down to zero the percentage of American gun owners actively plotting insurrection – especially if you remove the deluded domestic dullards encouraged and enabled by the ATF/FBI/DHS. As for the idea that gun owners believe the government is capable of mass murder, The Wounded Knee massacre occurred 124 years ago, two generations. The Waco Siege, resulting in the death of 76 Branch Davidians, is a more recent example.

Regardless, ignoring the huge number of murderous governments throughout the world (including our neighbor Mexico), the CSGV clearly finds the idea that the U.S. government could get to the point where it commits mass murder to be highly improbable. Impossible. Laughable? That too. And they might be right – because Americans own guns. Weapons with which they can defend themselves against a murderous, tyrannical government, thereby forestalling that very activity.

In fact, this is another example of the Second Amendment’s success being used against it. It mirrors the anti-gunners’ assertion that Americans don’t need guns because the crime rate is so low – another positive benefit of gun ownership. In any case, the CSGV’s reasoning – such as it is – is built upon a straw man argument. American gun owners do not compare the current Constitutional republic to Nazi Germany.

Violent insurrectionists


There are some gun owners – certainly not all, perhaps not even the majority – who worry that the current federal government could become a Nazi-like murderous dictatorship. Yes, but…in the same sense that a person who could kill an attacker is not a killer until he commits the act, a person who believes insurrection is not an insurrectionist until he engages in [violent] insurrection.

In short, some American gun owners are proto-insurrectionists. If armed insurrection was needed to prevent mass murder, armed insurrection it would be. Just as the Founding Fathers intended when they crafted and enacted the Second Amendment, protecting Americans from government infringement on their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

The CSGV, of course, makes no such distinction. They see gun owners as paranoid, blood-thirsty malcontents. People who refuse to get with the progressive agenda of a better world through big government intervention. Make that domination. Because that’s what the antis believe: government must dominate the people for their own good. And to do that they must disarm them. And to do that they must vilify them. As violent insurrectionists itching for a fight.

American gun owners who understand the point of the Second Amendment don’t fantasize about confiscation. They fear it. Dread it. And oppose it in all its forms. Why wouldn’t they? Nobody with any sense wants violent insurrection. Anyone with common sense, anyone with a sense of history or contemporary events, knows that confiscation puts a people on the path to extermination. Always has. Always will.

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  1. The founding fathers were ‘insurrectionists’. Revolutionaries. Whatever you call them, they fought back when the government (England) showed it’s utter disregard for the well being of the colonists.
    But the same way wearing my seatbelt doesn’t mean I want to get in a car crash, preparing for the worst doesn’t mean anyone wants to overthrow the government.

  2. Hey wait? Aren’t antigunner’s obsessed with pro-gunners dong size? I wonder what that says about them using their logic above?

    • It is a watered down “joke” implying that the only people that would want to go to that guys house would be there to confiscate his guns. Comedy gold…

    • If you can bring yourself down to the mental level of a third-grade class doofus you will be in a better position to understand their “humor”.

      • I’m not even sure the necessary drugs are legal, but I suppose I can drink a bottle of Vodka, then shoot myself through the frontal lobe with a nail gun. Then I might be able to think like them.

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  3. Ferrets are fun to play with, but sometimes stink. CSGV is not fun to play with and they really stink. CSGV members would probably become prohibited persons if they visited a mental health professional.

  4. Wow. For an organization that daily allows calls for violence against gun owners, one has to wonder how much longer they can hold their hatred and rage in? Evil vile people like CSGV will do what evil vile people do when they don’t get their way. Just like Karl Halverson Pierson.

    • James – they won’t be the ones to cimmit the violence. They want big government to do that for them. They would gladly bring out the popcorn and watch the ensuing violence. Then, when the 1st amendment was attacked because saying the wrong things (i.e. conservative thought) became illegal, they would cheer that too. As long as big government is in control, they’re good. Right up until their own progressive words ecame illegal and then they’d be absolutely clueless as to how it happened. These are the kind of people who would give zombies attacking equal access to civil rights and reporductive healthcare.

  5. Robert, please don’t post when you’re drunk. Your incoherent rant does as much damage as the Taco Bell ninjas.

  6. I would visit John he’s a nice guy with a good sense of humor and I’m sure he’s laughing at this one. I didn’t know he was a ferret guy thought.

    • I have known John Boch and his great wife Wendy for several years. Yep he is a ferret “guy”, and if it weren’t for my dog and two cats then I’d own one also. John is a great guy, very much involved in GunsSaveLife. And he is also an excellent firearms instructor. I trained under him and his staff for my Illinois ccw license. I’m glad to have John as a friend. From Steve Stanley

  7. Hey RF, do you think they got that “final solution” stuff from your parody of the Giffords-Kelley outfit’s name? And in typical fashion got it all bollixed up? Anyway–what I really wanted to say is–do they seriously believe that kind of juvenile behavior advances their cause? I know the gun blogs get the occasional jack-assical comment, but the owners of the website don’t, as a matter of habit, do that kind of verbal equivalent to sticking out their tongues at the other side. Do they?

      • Kent State is not quite the same, it seems to me. At a point of high tension, communist radicals apparently initiated the attack on the Guard soldiers. They were evidently hoping for a mass slaughter, and to leverage that into a larger revolution. They got “four dead in Ohio” but worked it for all they could. It wasn’t enough.

        At about the same time, John Kerry was plotting with the board members of his Communist front organization (Vietnam Veterans Against the War) to kill a planned 50 US Senators by machine gun. Kerry chickened out at the last minute — somehow, he apparently thought that this might affect his political ambitions. But he and his gang were under FBI surveillance during the plotting; I’ve read those reports. Later, Kerry backdated a letter of resignation by months to make it seem that he’d left before this plot was hatched … and the FBI snickered at him and published both the letter and the reports of his subsequent participation. CNN noted the surveillance, but somehow managed to overlook the assassination plot described by the FBI and by multiple participants:

        But indeed, governments, including ours, are capable of bad acts, which is why the Framers considered the Second Amendment so crucial (and in fact, even disturbing to have to explicitly mention, since all there assumed it as part of the rights of free men). The most “enlightened” of progressive governments, influenced by the most elite of progressive ideals, killed the most millions.

        Such influence is pervasive today, but it is not new. Our government has always been capable of being influenced by others, as it was (by the government of Canada in 1942) when we decided to follow Canada’s lead and inter people of Japanese ancestry. The fact that the progressive media were whipping up American sentiments to demand this as the Canadians had done did not help matters. Canada confined them first, in far worse conditions, for far longer — but of course, they had no Second Amendment at all. And ours did not go far enough to keep it from happening.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

    • Wasn’t there some kind of armed “insurrection” in Tennessee post-WWII? The local gov’t kind of ran amok and the locals had to oust them ? Never mind–found it (Google is your friend) : “Battle of Athens”, 1946. Wouldn’t you know it–the thing was over election fraud and corruption perpetrated by–yes–a Democrat county sheriff.

      • Kinda funny how election fraud and Democrats go together like…

        Hell, just use your twisted TTAG-influenced imagination… 🙂

  8. It’s pretty simple, really. For the vast majority of CSGV posters, they’re simply actiing on their most base emotions – fear, hatred, perceived oppression. All of which goes hand in hand with each other. If they were to come to their senses, some of them might even be a bit ashamed of themselves. But more disquieting is the fact that there’s a small minority of REALLY twisted people in CGSV that not only fear and hate gun owners but manage to channel that most dangerous of urges into manipulating more impressionable masses into what we have here.

    Now, I won’t say that we aren’t influenced by emotion – far from it, indeed, but the simple fact is that we tend to use logic and critical thinking far more often. Just as to why…..well, that’s most anyone’s guess. But the bottom line is this – context does matter, and gun owners by and large just wish to be left alone. And yes, we own guns because it imposes a direct check on uncontrolled goverment hedonism. The haters just can’t stand that, but it’s true.


  9. The anti’s have lost all real credibility anymore. So they’re lashing out with lame insults and BS that panders to the same kind of idiots that believe the way they do.

  10. This is like one guy, ladd everitt, cranking this garbage out for a salary. I think they are funded by joyce and correct me if Im wrong here but I think they have ties to Methodists? They used to be coalition to ban handguns, then changed to coalition to stop gun violence. Some doublespeak and doublethink right there…

    Either way, no one is listening but us.

    I also find it disturbing that a main stream church group would support this kind of ‘advocacy’ that essentially amounts to trolling and snarky comments.

  11. Reminds me of that gag:

    “Your Highness, the peasants are revolting!”

    The King: “Ugh, yes, they are, aren’t they?”

    • Hi – damsons are a small hard fruit that look like miniature plums. There is a large stone in the middle. Too sharp to eat raw they make amazing jams and chutneys, and flavour gin and vodka beautifully. They aren’t grown widely but there are clusters of trees in Worcestershire, Shropshire and the Lake District.

    • I find that any deodorant I’m using stops working after a while unless I rotate them. I keep my favorite 3 (Degree ultra clear, Dove fresh scent & Secret) in the top bathroom drawer and just use the one at the front of my little basket each morning and then rotate it to the back. Thus I have ended the stench – and it has worked for years.

    • I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, Thank You!I hope you and your family will continue to help lead our country in what ever capacity you find we need you now more than ever!God bless you and your Family Tell Mitt Thanks and we stand on the same principles as he and will continue to fight for this great country!

  12. Here is what I see: When any group posts something that the average person cannot understand, whatever they have posted is totally irrelevant. If the average guy or gal cannot instantly understand what they are saying they will move on to something more interesting and totally ignore the post. The few intellectuals that MIGHT “think” they understand it are also irrelevant because their comprehension will make NO difference to the general public.

  13. This CSGV twit, is like all the other liberal Leftists, they’re angry children. When everyone doesn’t want to play their game, they throw a tantrum, and ask mommy government to force everyone else to play with them.

  14. No need to “correct” the use of government “intervention” to “domination.” Same thing. Distinction without a difference. Always has been. Always will be.

  15. The Missouri Extermination Order of 1838. The Utah War of 1858-9. Nope, governments never turn on their people. Me personally, I am more concerned about civil unrest than government jack booted thugs.

    • Excellent point about civil unrest. The Sioux Indians rose in arms in Southern Minnesota in 1864. Thousands of peaceful farmers and townspeople were brutally butchered. The major causes were bad treatment of the Sioux by a handful of traders who cut-off their lines of credit; the Federal government delayed payment of the annual annuity they were contracted to pay to the Sioux. The payment finally arrived a couple of days after the war started.
      Could that happen again? In this modern age? Given the number of citizens on food stamps and the electronic distribution system? Nhaaaa; couldn’t happen here, not today!
      Why should any of us imagine we can predict the catalysts and agents provocateurs that might emerge in the US? Will it be something like our war of independence in 1776? Or like the French revolution? The export of drug cartel violence we see in Mexico? The caliphate ordained by Allah emerging in Syria and Iraq? Given the variety of antecedents we ought to realize that the best we can do is guess as to whom we ought to prepare for.
      Ferguson gives us some insight as to the contemporary capacity for civil authorities to maintain order with limited police forces. Some other disruptive event is apt to lead to a confiscation order such as was issued under Katrina in Louisiana. The hopolaphobes imagine that the police and National Guard would execute such an order; but would they?
      Police and Guardsmen might not be eager to stare down the barrel of a law-abiding home-owner to accomplish the tactical objective of disarming the militia, their only backup in the face of civil insurrection.

  16. Ahh, Ladd Everitt, the same guy who was stalking a 10 year old’s twitter feed because guns.

    Dude is chummy with Pedo bear. Chris Hansen would like a word.

  17. I had to block TTAG’s feed on FB because it became a virtual CSGV feed, and now a post about them on the main page? Good grief, man, quit giving this bunch of pantywaists equal time on your dime!

  18. CSGV clearly finds the idea that the U.S. government could get to the point where it commits mass murder to be highly improbable.

    But it’s already happened to the indigenous people of the land. Not to mention that Americans were rounded up and put into concentration camps during World War II because of their ancestry. If I had been alive then and possessed my modern attitude, I would have been arming up and watching real closely that that situation didn’t turn into a “final solution”. Luckily the interment ended without major bloodshed or loss of life, but I would rather be an insurrectionist than let the US government mass murder and genocide our Japanese-American countrymen. Likewise for any other ethnic group.

    I wonder if these same “it could never happen here” arguments are as popular in Germany.

    • Au contraire. If you had been alive then, you would have heard nothing about it until it was over. And most Germans knew nothing of the death camps until it was over. Standing guard against a government’s overreach is not going to be easy, ever. When media refuses to report adverse or illegal actions by the government, for whatever reason, you’re picking up speed down the slippery slope. And we’re most of the way there.

  19. “The Wounded Knee massacre occurred 124 years ago, two generations.”

    124 years might be two generations of oak trees or giant tortoises, but it sure ain’t two generations of people…

  20. Liberals are all twisted, what else would you call people who are for the murder of innocent babies but against the death penalty for guilty murderers and rapists. This is just another example of how twisted and irrational liberals are. When you are not grounded in God’s Truth, you will not be rational, and you will not respect other people’s God given rights, whether it is the right to life, right to self defense or the right to keep and bear arms.

    • I personally think that the reason many liberals are so empathetic and supportive with murderers and violent criminals is because they know deep in side that even if they haven’t committed murder themselves, they support the murder of the unborn.

      So of course they would not want those like themselves to be badly treated by the justice system.

  21. Wow. That’s really digging deep to cross the line of personal attacks.

    For the record, John is good peeps. Real good peeps. Trust him unconditionally – at the firing line at an “evil black rifle” class, or him teaching the most important person in the world to me with my favorite possession (my wife and my Glock 19)

    You want scary? I’m betting digging into these rabid gun-bigots would scare the bejesus out of you …

  22. There is another issue here. Do you think that when the ferret guy submitted his picture he thought that it would become so widespread?
    Man, I don’t even put bumperstickers on my car. I much prefer a certain degree of anonymonity.

    PS. Hate the autoplay ads. Something on this site is causing my Chrome to crash from time to time.

  23. At least it wasn’t about penises. I thought the farthest reach of their imagination and creativity was limited only to the discussion of penises for a long time.

    They seem to be really obsessed with both guns and penises.

  24. Want to darken their day? Start a fake gun training site and link it to their FB. After about the millionth “wtf where’s the training?” they might just realize that guns are more popular than them, and they can cry about it over ice cream at their next sleepover.

  25. For St. Patrick’s day this year the wife and I constructed a cardboard and paper mache “Leprechaun”, took it in our American truck out to a safe spot in the Kalfornia desert and shot it to pieces. Because, ‘Merica! and that is all the ‘sporting purpose’ I need.
    Anti-gunners are generally ignorant and definitely hypocritical, thinking that Uniformed Official Gunmen will protect them from their fellow madman yet not become madmen themselves. They need a more constructive/destructive hobby like I have. 🙂

  26. I think the question to them is “and is it wrong that we would become insurrectionists if our government resorted to mass murder?” I think that should be an obvious and resounding no.

  27. Thank you John !! By the way , I love the ferret. I have owned many. They are better people than many sheople that I know.They are of the Mustelid family and are also smarter than common house cats and dogs. Though many uninformed people “think” they are rodents. Just like many people “think” they know so much about guns , and gun ownership. Some people will Believe anything they hear, read , are told by other ignorant uninformed people , press , etc. Don’t believe everything you hear. Get the facts first , than decide what is right and what is wrong. That’s the problem with the anti gun crowd. Speak without facts , spread lies they heard somewhere. End of discussion. This is America people. Wake up , be objective , realize that the 2nd amendment is , and allways will be part of our nation’s history. I will not tell you how to live your lives , other than suggesting you do your best to be a decent human being. Please do not tell me what guns I can or can not have as, I am a decent human being. Just trying to live my life. I do not want to be dictated to , that is my right. I’m sure , should I say I hope you do not want to either. Stop trying to take my rights away !!


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