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“While leaving a restaurant with a friend recently, I noticed a group of 15-20 people walking down the street carrying flags,” Courtney Caldwell writes at “From a distance, they almost looked like Confederate flags. I live in Texas, so this was disappointing, but fairly unsurprising.” The lead for Machine Gun Misogynists: How Open Carry Texas Tried To Silence Me leaves the impression that Ms. Caldwell wishes the Open Carry flags she spied from a distance were Confederate Flags. Ms. Caldwell’s misplaced disappointment indicates that she considers Texans racist. By extension, despite the fact of the matter, the Open Carry advocates are racists, too. So, basically, she’s off to a flying start, ad hominem wise . . .

I looked at the flag and saw the words, “Open Carry Texas,” which search results told me is “an organization dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms openly in the State of Texas.” I’ve lived in Texas for over six years, but that doesn’t make the rampant conservatism and gun-obsession any less disgusting. I’ve also never been in such close proximity to so many guns, and I was triggered – I felt helpless and extremely anxious. defines “rampant” as something that is “growing quickly and in a way that is difficult to control.” As someone who’s been living in the liberal heart of Texas (Austin) for a year I see no evidence that conservatism is growing. But it is here. Conservatism in Texas I mean. No surprise there. Texas is a conservative state.

Ms. Caldwell’s improper use of the word rampant highlights the sense of anger and (dare I say it) paranoia established by her lead. The term “gun-obsession” seals the deal. The average Texan isn’t gun obsessed. They’re gun aware. Gun tolerant. Gun equipped. By damning the Lone Star State’s firearms-friendly folk as “disgusting” Caldwell leaves no doubt that she’s got severe gun-related issues.

“I felt helpless and extremely anxious,” she admits. There you go: hoplophobia. Courtney Caldwell has irrational fear of guns. This is hardly the first time we’ve encountered the condition. I wrote about a full-blown case at an open carry rally in San Antonio. [Click here to read.] But that Mom Demanding Action for Gun Sense in America (or some such thing) was a relatively mild case compared to Ms. Caldwell.

I tweeted about the event, despite the fact that I was visibly shaking & upset, and I tried to continue going about my evening out with my friend. In one of my tweets, I used the Twitter handle of the group that organized the rally, Open Carry Texas. I naively expected some semblance of professionalism out of the group’s official Twitter account as I voiced my opinion, but instead was met with the following:


That’s some major anger right there. Understandable, given Ms. Caldwell’s blatantly obvious hoplohobia. But you’d hope she’d have a clear enough head to give a little respect to Open Carry Texas (OCT) for not returning her broadside with an equal and opposite F-bomb. And calm down. If so, you’d hope in vain.

I don’t want to reproduce Ms. Caldwell and Co.’s entire, edited tweet war with OCT. Suffice it to say, OCT supporters eventually retaliated from the gutter. As did, apparently, other less-than-polite pro-gunners. While I don’t approve of intemperate remarks to antis, when someone waves a red rag in front of a bull you can’t really blame the bull when he charges.

The harassment shown above doesn’t include the Facebook post they made about me, or any of the harassers that they sent my way. For example, this guy who says I’m not part of his dating pool, but still seems oddly obsessed with me anyway. It doesn’t include the guy who said he’d continue to exercise his “right” to threaten me with or without police intervention, the guy who said he’d send Anonymous after me, the guy who told me to kill myself, the guy whose profile states he lives about 20 minutes from me and whose Twitter handle was literally “@ibuildbombs” (his profile has since gone private), or the ableist guy who likened liberalism to a mental disorder. And that list is hardly comprehensive either.

The irony (a.k.a. hypocrisy) here is obvious. A woman who openly and viciously antagonizes open carry supporters plays the victim when her targets take the bait. It’s so obvious, in fact, an anti-open carry commentator under her post (D506) felt obliged to point it out.

Wait, you called the police on a group you knew were engaged in lawful activity then tweeted them to say so while calling them white privileged assholes and you’re claiming that was harassment of you because they didn’t respond professionally? Honestly, their first couple of tweets were incredibly tame next to yours.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with Open Carry. The follow up hate you’ve gotten and will get isn’t okay. But calling the police on someone because you dislike them is the definition of harassment.

Strategically, trolling can be an effective move. Psychologically, it betrays classic passive aggressive behavior. Wikipedia:

Passive-aggressive may also refer to a person who refuses to acknowledge their own aggression (in the sense of “agency”), and who manages that denial by projecting it. This type of person insists on seeing themselves as the blameless victims in all situations.

In other words, passive aggressive individuals refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Which is [the hidden but main reason] why Ms. Caldwell is so upset that Texas 911 caller info is public record.

The fact of the matter is, I shouldn’t have to worry about any of this. Women like me shouldn’t need to fear for their safety and privacy simply for daring to be a woman on the internet with opinions. We shouldn’t need to worry about whether making a legal 911 call will cause further negative ramifications. Because of this organized harassment campaign, I had to hand over the keys to my social media to a couple of friends, lock down my social media accounts, change my number, and ask my husband & friends to monitor the social media feeds of my harassers. None of that should have been necessary.

Someone who hurls the f-bomb at people online isn’t just “a woman on the internet with opinions.” It’s someone spoiling for a fight. Someone with an intense and intensely dangerous desire for martyrdom. In Ms. Caldwell’s case I reckon that urge springs from two sources: whatever psychological baggage she’s carrying around and hoplohobia.

The former is none of my business and the latter is nothing but my business. People who are morbidly afraid of firearms work to curtail Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Regardless of their person psychology, they must be converted where possible and thwarted in all cases.

NOTE: All ad hominem attack on Ms. Caldwell will be deleted. Persistent flamers will be permanently banned.

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  1. She is just showing that people in this country enjoy a myriad of freedoms. Sadly one of those freedoms is to post ignorant speech on the internet. It’s unfortunate but understandable that people took the bait and sunk down to her level of discourse. It’s hypocritical to start a debate with name calling, factless and incendiary comments and then complain when one gets those same comments directed back.

    • Honestly she kind of sounds like someone with borderline personality syndrome.

      Her action and such go above and beyond just an anti-gunner into the realms of the cookoo.

      • I agree. When she said she expected some professionalism I wasn’t prepared for what she tweeted. Who in their right mind expects a “professional” response to calling someone privileged white assholes? Textbook cuckoo. (I liked that you said cuckoo so much that I said it too!)

    • Her use of the latest Leftist buzz words of “trigger” and “ableist” indicates she so far down the lefty rabbit hole that you are just wasting any further time on her. These type of leftists roll out of the universities by the millions every year.

      I can’t wait for the education financial bubble to burst and universities go out of business on a wholesale scale.

    • I’m not so sure. Gun rights people aren’t hired employees or sworn to any duty, they are just citizens, and if they wish to respond to taunts and insults in kind it’s their right. I can’t even say it’s bad for the ‘movement’.

      When you’re dealing with someone as obviously duplicitous and reactive as Mrs. Caldwell, who, if we are to take her word for it, is clearly so emotionally damaged or mentally unhealthy as to be unable to continue with day to day activities after the mere sight of a legally and peacefully armed person, sometimes the high road just won’t do.

      It’s ok to roll up your sleeves, clear your throat and openly denounce a fool, a traitor, a manic and a sensationalist liar in the strongest language when you encounter such. There is nothing wrong with strongly objecting to the absurd sensibilities of another or in ignoring them outright.

      It’s a trait, and perhaps tool of the left to insist that everyone’s opinion has value, while simultaneously ignoring any opinion with which they disagree. It is not hypocrisy if we do the same, since here we are not attempting to define the rules of social discourse, but rather secure a natural and constitutionally protected right. It’s not that any means will do, it’s rather that there is nothing inherently unethical in calling a fool a fool or a liar a liar, even when prefaced with pejoratives and vulgar adjectives.

      Speech, at least, is still mostly free (and generally cheap). If one wishes to enter in public debate with strangers one accepts that all of them might not be civil in their speech. If civility is the primary concern, one ought to avoid arguing with people who feel they are oppressed and in danger of loosing essential rights.

      • Well said. Once upon a time that would be referred to as “calling a spade a spade.” Of course, that was back before “spade” became yet another word we weren’t allowed to say.

        I always appreciate your comments, as you have a habit of raising the level of discourse of whatever conversation you happen to be in.

    • It’s a nice thought, but she would certainly turn your invitation into a threat of some type. No doubt it would be turned into the harrowing sorry of how some gun nut tried to kidnap her and take her to a second location, where firearms were brandished in a threatening manner. This person is lost to any semblance of rationality.

    • You mean surround her with misogynists, where one of them will eventually give in to the urge to murder women that all guns instill in white male racists (i.e. gun owners), and get off scot-free by claiming “stand your ground”?
      Not a chance, you gunbully!

  2. “I naively expected some semblance of professionalism”

    Which is why she led off with “assholes with guns” and “Fuck this state”. If that’s her definition of professionalism, why is she surprised and/or upset that responses were just as “professional”?

      • She need go no further than Austin to be immersed in a liberal sea of fellow latte-sippers, if what I hear about that fair city is true.

        Warning – ad mulierem alert: She really does go in for the wild-eyed look, doesn’t she?

        (ad hominem – against the man; ad mulierem – against the woman. End of Latin lesson.)

    • “I’ve lived in Texas for over six years, but that doesn’t make the rampant conservatism and gun-obsession any less disgusting.”
      Then go back to whatever progressive utopia you came from.

  3. She shouldn’t have to see a man with a gun over his shoulder, and I shouldn’t have to see some broad with a bone in her nose.

  4. Mr. Farago, in the course of prohibiting ad hominem attacks, perhaps the title of the article “Inside the Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate … Edition” should be revised to something that does not appear to insult the person or allow the other side to say that we view those who disagree with us as in some was abnormal in regards to their mental state.

    • Well, we could switch to something along the lines of “sanity challenged” or “differently brained,” but it’d probably be a lot easier for you to adjust your sensibilities to the point that the line is drawn a wee bit further past using the word “twisted” when discussing crazy people.

    • Let us count the ways that describes this woman that does not involve even the suggestion of an ad-hominem. Delusional, in denial, taking pride in being powerless. helpless and defenseless. Attacking with a viscous and savage intent to dehumanize the object of her hate; that is all law abiding gun owners.

      This is the same level of hatred and dehumanization that has always presaged genocide. This woman and her expressed views is at the level of ugliness that is of the darkest aspect of the human spirit that has been at the root of every evil and perverse act ever perpetrated upon the human race by those that wish the utter destruction of those they hate and fear.

      Not one Ad-hominem, simple statements of fact.

      • Indeed, these sorts of people, insulated and generally incapable and yet so entitled, are a hazard to both liberty and to life should they ever have real power. The half measures of the people they elect are bad enough.

    • If I have it right, the prohibition on ad-hominem attacks is not intended to prevent us from saying anything negative at all. Obviously we think they are wrong, that the anti position is based in irrationality and those are both negative things to say about them but there is also ample evidence to support such retorts.

      What I think Farrago does not want is to be publishing empty insults and serve to inadvertently further the anti agenda.

      It would be frowned upon for instance to blurt out “dumb broad!” and such a comment might get moderated, even “I think she is unintelligent” might be over the line. However saying “i think she is unintelligent because she doesn’t seem to understand what the words she uses actually mean and also she cannot see that she is serving as a far superior example of the behavior she is criticizing others for” should be fine. Obviously I don’t speak for RF, and I don’t know him personally, but I don’t think the policy is as arbitrary as it’s been made out to be.

      In short: don’t scream out the sorts of things that people like dear Courtney are trying to get you to scream at them. Everytime you resist the temptation to post an insulting comment devoid of reason, Alinsky sheds a tear, which immediately evaporates because he is in hell.

      Am I close to the mark?

  5. If Texans are so “disgusting”, then she can damned well move back to wherever she was living just over six years ago. She’ll likely be happier, and Texas will be better off with one less hateful, paranoid hypocrite.

    • Right? I like how that always happens. People from one area move into another area and flip their shit when they find out the new area they are in isn’t exactly like where they came, and always talk about how, “Well in (insert random place here) we do it this way” And they bring that up in every single conversation you have with them. Ok fine, go the hell back there and do it that way then.

      • Similar to how people come here from other countries, become president, then fundamental change our country by undermining the Constitution. Or is it just my imagination?

        • Kind of yeah! And unfortunately were all in this nightmare together…

      • I would like to introduce you to Florida, which is, and has been since before I walked this earth, the geographical center of “Back in [where I came from], we…” Screw those people, and screw what they’ve done to my state.

        When I was in high school, there was a place I frequented that had a sign behind the counter that read, “There will be a minimum charge of $10 for us to listen to how big, how beautiful, and how cheap everything is up north. -Management”

    • The Governor keeps advertising how business in Texas is friendly. Well, with the business one get’s the Liberals that get transplanted. Then they still vote left!

      Colorado has an influx just like this…..LOOK AND LEARN! So does Nevada…et al…

  6. I like how the one person stated that while they don’t agree with open carry Texas, they point out how Mrs.Caldwell is a hypocritic crying wolf.

    • And that’s the kind of person you can have a real conversation with despite differing opinions.

      Not every anti gunner is rabidly illogical…. just a lot of them.

  7. Misogynist?! So now if you own guns you hate women? So what’s next, we clean our guns with children’s blood and sacrifice virgans to Cthulu?

  8. “I naively expected some semblance of professionalism out of the group’s official Twitter account as I voiced my opinion, but instead was met with the following:

    They’re allowed to be there because laws privilege white assholes with guns. Fuck this state.

    These people are such a joke. “Let me spew ad hominem hatred at you and then you should be professional and tell me how nice my nose ring looks.” Derptastic!

  9. “I’ve also never been in such close proximity to so many guns, and I was triggered”

    Oh for f–k’s sake lady, grow a spine. Tumblr victim worship passing for “social justice” at its lowest right here.

    • “…and I was triggered”

      A prime example of the newspeak vocabulary I hate so much. Although in this context, it amuses the hell out of me that Urban Dictionary defines triggered as: “A desire to harm one’s self, physically or mentally. Can be done through cutting, burning, smoking, drinking, and pretty much any other addiction, physical or mental.”

      So the sight of those guns made her want to harm herself?

      • Whenever I hear people talk like this I assume one of two things:

        A) That person is genuinely mentally unstable or has a history of mental instability, and expects random-ass strangers to know this and walk on eggshells in their company lest they offend them (and yes, in the Tumblrverse or other trendy left-wing internet hotspots being offended gives you power to lord over the offending party, rather than simply being an occasional emotional state like it is for any sane person)

        or B) that person wants to *be* A, because any past history of victimhood real or imagined gives one special privileges to dictate the terms of engagement and the language used within. Unless of course you’re one of those filthy cisgendered white males, in which case you must Check Your Privilege and probably deserve any abuse you got.

  10. Dear Courtney,

    We don’t hate women. In fact, many gun rights supporters ARE women. We just have a negative view of people who commit felony reckless endangerment by making false claims to 911 over a legal demonstration.

    To simple it up for you. Hating you no more makes someone a misogynist than hating Bloomberg makes someone an anti-semite. Please quit hiding your bigotry and hate behind your reproductive organs.


  11. This is actually pretty interesting, beyond the usual entertainment I get from these ItTMoAGUA pieces. Look at her specific words. As far as she’s concerned, she’s a victim. Her comment in the title about trying to “silence” her. Her repeated comments about being a woman. As far as she’s concerned, she’s a massive target and a hugely persecuted person. She’s an anti-gun woman in Texas (as far as she’s concerned, Texans would murder her for either of those things), and her chosen style is apparently a very punk one. Also something unusual, and something she no doubt thinks Texans are oppressing her for.

    It’s always interesting to see how tightly the antis cling to their (usually imagined) status as victims, while simultaneously trying to turn everyone else into victims rather than actually become whatever the opposite of victim is. When you’ve got some time, read this. It’s a phenomenal take on the psychology of these people.

  12. This is why so many have said, rightly so, that liberal progressiveness is a mental disorder. It’s very foundation can be loosely defined as hoplophobia.

  13. Let me see if I understand this…

    She sees a well-known group engaged in peaceful demonstration.
    She is irrationally scared and calls the police, and is told that the group is acting lawfully.
    Frustrated, she takes to the public medium of Twitter and initiates contact by using racist remarks and profanity.
    She continues to escalate the situation by responding with insults and profanity.
    She them claims harassment and misogyny.

    The woman is a self-absorbed bigot. Little more needs to be said on the matter. Some people are just hostile and of poor character, and we really don’t need to stoop to their level.

  14. “rampant conservatism”?
    This coloring of a political leaning as a disease comes to you from a woman whose abundant facial mutilation is a red flag for psychological issues….

  15. To win a Flame War
    Don’t dive into the gutter
    Kill them with kindness

    When somebody is ranting and raving, they are losing the argument. People of the Gun should be as careful and responsible with their tweets as they are with their firearms. We win converts by being calm, logical and rational.

    The anti-gunner will be forgiven any level of ranting and raving, because any reader knows they are harmless and nothing but talk. But the Person of the Gun is seen as dangerous because he is armed, so when he rants and raves, people find it alarming.

    Better to defuse this problem by taking the high road. Let the anti-gunners discredit themselves by their own actions.

    • And being a black man who’s a responsible gun owner, if I were to rant and rave, they would think of me at ten times as worse, at least. So i must always temper my responses in a super-rational manner lest I terrify the anti with just my words.

      Yes, its’ much better for TPOTG to maintain their cool and let the anti-gunners look like the ranting and raving fools.

    • I very much agree. Gun owners need to mind their temper far more than these idiots. If an anti-gunner threatens your life, the response should be, “Thank you for validating WHY I carry.” If a gun owner makes a threat, it validates why that person should not be allowed a gun. Even if it was not a serious threat.

  16. When you make your opinions public, you’re inviting those who disagree with you to do so publicly as well. See, that’s the thing. An individual has every right to their opinions. They has every right to state their opinions. However, when they state those opinions in a public venue, (particularly if you call me a vulgar name in the process) I also have the right to tell them I think they’re an idiot. Hundreds or thousands of other people have the right to tell them they’re an idiot as well.

  17. OCT claims to be pro gun, but whenever I see them in the news, I know that what follows will be rampant stupidity.
    Welcome to TX Robert. Has it really been a year already? Anyway, TTAG is a great site and covering OCT’s traveling crap show is beneath the usual standards here. I’d rather you didn’t waste pixels on them, but it’s your site.

    • I didn’t really associate this piece with OCT except as a footnote in the blogger’s story. It was actually quite interesting to read this hoplophobic author’s rant. It’s almost an extreme caricature of the self-made victim mindset.

      • Just hearing about anti’s puts my feet to sleep now. OCT was mentioned in the 4th line, and I find myself unable to read anything beyond their first mention. If my comments were inappropriate, thanks for calling my attention to it John. If OCT showed up here in El Paso I’m afraid I’d be tempted to shoot them myself!

        Dear district attorney, prosecutor, and NSA. Please don’t take everything I say on the web as serious.

        • Not inappropriate at all; I think there’s just a lot more to take out of the story if you don’t get hung up on the mention of them.

  18. No one is keeping her, if she says “fuck this state” she is damn well more than welcome to leave. In fact, Texas would be healthier without the filth that she spreads.

    • We don’t want her in AZ. And she would probably have permanently pee soaked undies in a state that allows open carry and concealed carry without a permit.

  19. Reminds me of the guy the other week who got followed. I don’t know, usually these sort of solo viral counter protests work out real well for the left. Code Pink wouldn’t exist without these tactics. Like a five minute hate to invoke the power of Gaia, but for some reason it is isn’t working on “gun nuts.” They need a new spell.

  20. Not the first time a woman’s thrown a punch and then immediately declared; you can’t hit me. I’m a girl!

  21. so splain this for me Luuuuceeee
    “I’ve lived in Texas for over six years, but that doesn’t make the rampant conservatism and gun-obsession any less disgusting”

    what brought you to Texas? and why are so close minded?

    • Likely for work.

      Our “rampant conservatism” makes for a prosperous business environment.

      She’s has crossed the bridge looking for safety and now she wants it burned behind her.

  22. okay she’s a very interesting individual
    “Courtney Caldwell is an intersectional vegan feminist who enjoys painting, writing, and concocting delicious vegan recipes. She is a writer at Skepchick & Mad Art Lab, and co-founder of Her talents include clogging your social media with booze-soaked tirades, photos of her chihuahua, and pictures of vegan food. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can follow @CultOfCourtney on Twitter..”
    as for intersectional feminism I came across this

    • The Moral Superiority of Masculine Groups Over Feminine Groups

      “Why is the political mobilization of women always in the service of evil?
      …human nature being what it is, men in patriarchal ages often failed to live up to the standards set by their brothers. However, it is indisputable that when men rule each other, they impose stern expectations on each other. Compare this to the modern age of women who refuse to accept any standards for members of their sex, seen most shockingly in their “slut-walks” and their defense of even the most frivolous female-initiated divorce.

      ….Groups dominated by feminine psychology can also be quite tyrannical. In such groups, the primary social virtue is compassion rather than commitment to an abstract ideal of justice. However, compassion provides no rational grounds for resolving disputes, because one can always put oneself in the place of either party and empathize with her. Thus, the collective will always support the party that the women find most appealing or can most easily identify with.

      … Leftism itself is largely an exercise in mentally dividing the world into innocent victims and dehumanized oppressors. Leftist Manichaeism flows not from the common (and prototypically masculine) tendency to identify non-group members as the enemy; rather, it flows from the intrinsic partiality–the intrinsic injustice–of untethered compassion. Rather than deciding what is right, we just pick certain groups of people to always feel sorry for.”

      • While I agree with most of your post, no need to tar all of us with that brush. I’ve belonged to several all-women’s orgs whose members are mostly politically conservative and that only engage in neutral humanitarian work, or promoting history and patriotism. It’s terrible that single women and minorities are being politically motivated in the way you describe. Married white women are not–they vote about the same as white men for the most part. I turned my husband Republican, and I do all the research on who we vote for in the primaries.

        Smearing us is not a good way to get us on the right side.

        • I fail to see how you can at one and same time agree with the points in the post, but yet call it a “smear”. In fact to do so I think rather evidences the very point made in the article.

        • Really?!?!? Then you, and your “sisters”, need to dis-associate yourselves’ from these virulent America hating a$$holes. And stop calling them women. They are America hating a$$holes. Period. Full stop. Calling them anything else makes YOU a facilitator. An enabler. A co-conspirator.

    • I wonder if she likes Guinness. I find it deliciously ironic when a vegan likes that particular stout.

  23. If you have to carry an AR or a Commie designed & made POS rifle into a Starbucks, Chilis, Target, or Chipotle then maybe you have some issues.

    Why aren’t they pulling this off in the Ghettos? Oh yeah, its because they’re too afraid or they’ll be laughed at or just straight up punked robbed & lose their beloved penile enlargement device.

    The pea brained idiots in OCT do not grasp that they are doing more harm than good. Doing these little games in White Bread America in front of Soccer Moms isn’t going to work out well in the long term. They need to go back to the drawing board since they’re not going to win this way.

    • Do you have a clue what OCT is doing?
      They’re carrying rifles to protest the Texas law that makes carrying handguns openly a crime. They stand around, or march, holding signs and handing out flyers. They’re not supposed to carry into stores or restaurants without contacting management first.
      When verbally attacked, they don’t retaliate (with guns or words). And they record much of it, in case people make bogus claims.
      Every republican or democrat with even a halfway decent chance of running for governor in the next election has voiced support for legalizing open carry in Texas. So it seems like they’re doing quite a bit of good, and little or no harm.

    • Huh, never considered what’s been described as the best assault rifle on the planet that can out function any AR any day, is not inaccurate in the hands of a well trained solider, and also helped peoples that weren’t communist fight their communist oppressors a POS rifle…..

      • By POS, I assumed he meant any rifle made by Remington in the past decade, not the AK. AKs are awesome. As soon as I buy another long gun safe, I’ll get an AK to keep my ARs company.

        • Oh, well then he may be correct. The only Remington I have is pretty old, but I’ve heard nothing good out of the company recently. I find myself in the exact opposite position as you, Im about to get an AR to keep all my AK’s company hahaha.

  24. “I was triggered – I felt helpless and extremely anxious.”
    “I was visibly shaking & upset”
    But I could still type with my thumbs! No matter how intimidated those, those…heteronormative Eurocaucasian cisgendered males made me feel I could still tweet. I could still tweet, damn them. And I will still tweet! I will not be silenced!

  25. Isn’t there a law in her part of Texas abiut making a false report to law enforcement?

    I’m not defending OC Texas, as we know by some of their members actions, they have a few members who display a distinct lack of good judgement, and by the same token, I hold Ms Caldwell responsible for her own lack of judgement, in name calling and deliberately provocative behavior.

    But claiming victimhood, before or after reminds me of the same set up, by the pictures in Austin, and false claims by MDA, for being threatened. That needs to be handled, in a lawful manner, if a false report violation is not warranted, perhaps as a libel or slander lawsuit, or perhaps a restraining order, citing the maliciously damaging behavior, in order to set clear boundaries, for thats what works with bpd sufferers, or those who display similar characteristics, like Ms Caldwell.

  26. “I was triggered”

    Mental health alert! Whenever someone claims that seeing something has ‘triggered’ them, they are telling you that they are so damaged and weak mentally that they literally cannot tolerate a reminder of something’s existence without having a mental breakdown.

    This person should be institutionalized so she cannot hurt herself. At least not further than she already has.

    • Your statement has just insulted a lot of vets that end up in therapy with issues such as PTSD. Trigger events can recall trauma and prompt psychological breaks. Dealing with triggers is an important part of therapy. A large number of combat vets come back with some psychological issues, and you have just called all of them “weak”

      I don’t agree with this woman, and her use of the term “triggered” doesn’t represent what the word means psychologically. She probably should have said that it “upset her” instead. Her being wrong doesn’t make you any less of a jerk.

      • “triggering” is the newest buzzword in the pomo narrative for the dependency and professional victim community organizers and activists. You know, its not the facts, its how I feel about what you said.

        PS: not to be ad homineming, but sriously…whats with the ear hole thing- ok, tattoos I can understand, some very small and discreet piercings,

        but I have to confess, I just don’t get the look- reminds me of old National Geographic articles on native tribes in Africa, from the 30s,

        and dont ask me why, I just have this weird urge to observe – “Hey, what a great place to hang your bbq utensils between grilling”.

        • @rlc2, face shrapnel bro….it’s the new cool thing that the cool kids do to heighten their coolness. It’s also a billboard that screams: I’m a dumba**. Case closed on “her” – at least I think it’s a her.

  27. Someone told her to kill herself and someone else said they’d get anonymous to go after her? That made its way to /b/ somehow.

    TTAG I find it ironic that you use a personal attack in the title of this post and then say that commentors that use personal attacks will be deleted and banned. Just my $0.02

  28. Ah yes, another person who moves away from somewhere and then is shocked to find that the new place isn’t exactly like the place which they have fled…

    So, they must advocate for the transformation of the new place.

  29. Funny, I have the same piercings as that chick and I love my guns. Can’t or shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

  30. “NOTE: All ad hominem attack on Ms. Caldwell will be deleted. Persistent flamers will be permanently banned.”

    How ironic.

  31. I went to the author’s website to leave a comment but… I have decided to refrain and to post here instead. Surely, it is a pointless task to identify any logic in behavior of a hoplophobe but in this case, the lack of said logic is just staggering and ridiculous. If the author is a self-proclaimed feminist and, by definition, “feminism” is for gender equality (“Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.” Wikipedia, why would she be against the ULTIMATE equalizer (being a gun)? The question is obviously a rhetorical one…

    • It beats the hell out of me. I’ve been trying to figure that one out for decades. I was with the old school “equal pay for equal work” feminists who wanted rapists to pay for their crimes. These newer ones want women to be less empowered. That’s what happens when cultural marxism comes into play.

      • Yet, there are a few bad apples in the feminism movement, who, rather than correct the masses as to their true agenda, hide behind it and let it slip once in a while their true motives: a Matriarchal society with them at the head, AND all males made subservient to their every whim. IOW: female domination.

        Please note I did not say all women want men under their feet, but a few do, and they’ll use whatever movement, openly or covertly, to do so. Men can be just as bad too. Many women just want to be treated like fairly and like equals (physiological differences aside), and that’s fine.

  32. “…rampant conservatism and gun-obsession any less disgusting.”

    ‘Round here, that’s more colloquially referred to as “being American.”

    If you find that disgusting, you will find France more to your liking.

  33. I find people like this disgusting. I feel deep sorrow (almost) for her husband. Yes, please leave the southern States. You don’t belong here.

    (ban me please!)

    • Ok, although I can’t stand this bigoted woman and I’ll pay her gas money if she gets the hell out of my state (just trying to help her!), I will say that some of OCT’s tweets to her, excepting the first couple, were unprofessional and thus counterproductive. An official twitter account has to be professional, and OCT didn’t need to get so personal in standing up to the silly creature. There was no need to sink to her extremely low level.

      • Oops, i intended this comment for the general thread, not as a reply. I thought it didn’t post due to ad hom.

  34. This is ad hom, but as a TX female, I’m seriously embarrassed that we do have here a few of these hateful, yet wimpy women. I’m embarrassed for any adult woman, or man, who retreats to the fainting couch at the sight of guns. That doesn’t in any way excuse the way a few people threatened her online, but when you start off by smearing people as violent racist a-holes, don’t call for the smelling salts when those people try to defend themselves from your nasty libel.

  35. It is ironic that the so-called liberals oppose the restoration of rights the denial of which was racist in origin. The present laws prohibiting the carry of handguns are continuations of the laws that were intended to deny freedmen the fundamental right of armed self-defense.

  36. It should be pointed out that a 911 call to report someone doing something legal, where there is no emergency is not a LEGAL 911 call, as this lady asserts.

    • Yep, 911 calls are reserved for EMERGENCIES! If she wanted to report a suspicious person or persons, the proper thing to do is call the NON-EMERGENCY number. These kinds of oxygen thieves are the reason some areas have issues with the emergency lines being overworked. 911 is not ever to be used as a political toy like this.

  37. I find it funny that people are quick to claim their freedom and rights are being infringed because other people are exercising theirs. Those types of ractions are learned, they are not instinctive.

    I know what I said can be interpreted in many different ways, I try to have respect for both sides of any debate and I will continue to do so as long as they keep their hands off of my guns.

  38. I am tired of reading no ad hominem attacks or banstick. We talk all day about our 2nd amendment rights and then spit on the 1st. Im not interested in attacking anyone but everyone has a right to free expression. Its getting old enough Im considering removing this bookmark from IE. We are all adults here.

    • First off, the first amendment includes freedom of the press as well as speech, so RF is free to make his rule without any conflicts.

      Secondly, it’s just about not blurting out the sorts of things you want to scream at these people that end up making them look better by comparison. If all you can muster is “what a stupid c%*&$” that’s the sort of thing that seems to be unwelcome under this policy.

  39. She kind of reminds me of those reality disconnected folk from the hunger games. The people with the wild hair and outfits and are oblivious to the world around them.


    I thought it was funny for her to address the topic of professionalism regarding her tweet to opencarrytexas when she starts the conversation off with the F-bomb and A-holes. Zero logical debate, rude, and prejudice against a culture she knows nothing about. She offers no logical arguments for her cause, and no conversation of any real substance or merit.

    • There’s a theory I read about in a book by a former vegan, that vegans are prone to irrational hatred because their brains don’t get enough of the right nutrients. This gal Courtney is a vegan activist.

      I don’t know if the theory is true, and I apologize to vegans here for floating it, but I did find the theory interesting. I respect your choices as an individual.

  40. I’m not up on Texas law, but if she knew OCT was lawfully out and
    called the police anyway couldn’t that be considered
    grounds to be charged with filing a false report (or similar charge)?

    Aslo, would OCT have grounds to take a out a protection order
    based on the intentional (and arguably malicious) harassment?

  41. I’ll admit that many of the tweets from OCT were unprofessional and thus counterproductive. She started it with her nasty bigotry, but as an organization they should have responded without sinking to her extremely low level. They’re already walking on thin ice as far as their reputation goes, and this is unhelpful.

  42. These people also get to Vote and even worse PROCREATE! If we don’t change minds there will be 2 or more in the future.

  43. OCT really needs to understand MESSAGE discipline.

    Caldwell was stirring up false images of racism by claiming that the OCT flag looked like a confederate flag from a distance,


    at least one OCT protester was carrying an actual Confederate flag at the recent San Antonio protest:

    If your aim is to protest the handgun law bu showing that rifle carry is legal, where does the Confederate flag enter into it? Even if you support that flag, surely it’s muddying the waters with a distracting issue to wave it around when you want people to be noticing the safely carried rifles?

    The leaders of any organization set the tone for it’s members and OCT leaders need to get their $#!+ together and lay out some guidelines on this, or they will end up putting the ball in their own endzone.

  44. “…I had to hand over the keys to my social media to a couple of friends, lock down my social media accounts, change my number, and ask my husband & friends to monitor the social media feeds of my harassers. None of that should have been necessary.”

    I don’t approve of harassing people for their opinions (but, you know, she did start it), but note the bolded words above. That’s where your problems started, and they were of your own making. Live by the sword, die by the sword. You’ll get no sympathy from me.

  45. Open Carry Misses the Target Again

    Courtney Caldwell of received an Open Carry 12 gauge shotgun double-aught buckshit blog response to her recent piece titled; “Machine Gun Misogynists: How Open Carry Texas Tried To Silence Me .”

    So far in my experience I’ve had no exchanges with Open Carry activists that haven’t ended with them exposing their lack of understanding of logic and poor reasoning ability. But hope springs eternal! So let’s take a look at this response by blogger Robert Farago.

    bad thinking ahead

    “From a distance, they almost looked like Confederate flags. I live in Texas, so this was disappointing, but fairly unsurprising.” The lead for Machine Gun Misogynists: How Open Carry Texas Tried To Silence Me leaves the impression that Ms. Caldwell wishes the Open Carry flags she spied from a distance wereConfederate Flags. Ms. Caldwell’s misplaced disappointment indicates that she considers Texans racist. By extension, despite the fact of the matter, the Open Carry advocates are racists, too. So, basically, she’s off to a flying start, ad hominem wise . . .

    Wow, what a massive non-sequitur! you do realize you can’t just make assumptions about what someone is thinking and scream; “AD HOMINEM!” The ad hominem is determined according to what the speaker says, not what you THINK they’re saying.

    I can present three other reasons off the cuff for why a group of activists carrying confederate flags might cause dismay in passerby, the foremost being most people would have a problem with people proudly carrying about a symbol that when it comes right down to it?

    It is a symbol that represents the treasonous actions and desires of a portion of the population. When I last checked, people who openly brandish symbols of violent insurrection make some people really nervous or what exactly do you think; “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN” means, that they’re going to take to the streets and begin to aggressively hand out kittens to passerby?

    So contrary to what you think a dislike of the confederate flag does not automatically equal someone saying; “YOU’RE A RACIST!” defines “rampant” as something that is “growing quickly and in a way that is difficult to control.” As someone who’s been living in the liberal heart of Texas (Austin) for a year I see no evidence that conservatism is growing. But it is here. Conservatism in Texas I mean. No surprise there. Texas is a conservative state.

    Ms. Caldwell’s improper use of the word rampant highlights the sense of anger and (dare I say it) paranoia established by her lead.

    I’m not clear on how your living in liberal Austin for the past year has made you an expert on what’s happening in the rest of the state. All you’ve really done is set the stage for your fallacious attempt to appeal to motive and poison of the well.

    The term “gun-obsession” seals the deal. The average Texan isn’t gun obsessed. They’re gun aware. Gun tolerant. Gun equipped. By damning the Lone Star State’s firearms-friendly folk as “disgusting” Caldwell leaves no doubt that she’s got severe gun-related issues.

    Please show me exactly where Ms. Caldwell said; “The average Texan is gun obsessed” because all I’m seeing here is a strawman on your part designed to lead the way into your red herring argumentation on “severe gun-related issues”.

    “I felt helpless and extremely anxious,” she admits. There you go: hoplophobia. Courtney Caldwell has irrational fear of guns. This is hardly the first time we’ve encountered the condition.

    This is the problem with the Open Carry Activists. Anyone who can say that a person feeling helpless and anxious when they are suddenly faced with an unfamiliar armed-to-the-teeth group of people means they have hoplophobia?

    That person clearly lives in an absolute fantasy world when it comes to guns and America, a country where gun violence is epidemic. It is so epidemic that one would have to be a complete fool to NOT feel anxiety when suddenly confronted with armed strangers.

    We’re dealing with a group of people who have such a vague grasp on reality that they actually think the NRA is under the devious influence of some sort of “liberal plot” to take away their guns.


    Right! I’ve had my fill of Pabst beer swilling-armchair diagnosis for the day. The rest of Robert’s blog post is a total loss.

    Poisoning the well, strawmen, appeal to motive, ad hominem attack under the guise of concern trolling about Ms. Caldwell’s mental state and a whole slew of other examples of poor reasoning and shoddy logic skills. My advice is that Mr. Farago takes his blog post out back and put a few rounds into the back of its head Old Yeller style.

    Then take the kids out to Chuckie Cheese and tell them his writing has moved on to a better place.

    But all of this brings me back to our main problem:

    Why should people NOT be concerned about a group of people who are clearly irrational and unable to properly use reason wanting to go about heavily armed at all times?

    That seems like a logical concern to me.

    What about you?

    • “Please show me exactly where Ms. Caldwell said; “The average Texan is gun obsessed”…”

      Okey doke. How about here?

      “I’ve lived in Texas for over six years, but that doesn’t make the rampant conservatism and gun-obsession any less disgusting.”

      Because the target of her comments in the last half of the sentence is not narrowed in any way, it is logical to assume (based on sentence construction) that the gun-obsession she speaks of is the norm in Texas, because that’s the only reference provided in the sentence. It’s like saying “I’ve been in New York for six years, and the rampant bad driving and irresponsibility is disgusting.” You could easily assume that bad driving and irresponsibility are the norm in New York, ergo the average New Yorker would exhibit those traits.

      “Why should people NOT be concerned about a group of people who are clearly irrational and unable to properly use reason wanting to go about heavily armed at all times?”

      First, heavily armed is clearly subjective. A single shouldered rifle does not “heavily armed” make. But where does the definition of “clearly irrational and unable to properly use reason” come from? Are they clearly irrational for wanting to engage in a legal activity, in an effort to promote another, currently illegal, activity? In other words, are they irrational for wanting to carry a gun, and that desire to carry a gun makes you concerned, and if you’re concerned, they’re irrational? I worked hard to day, so my mind is a little fuzzy, but that seems circular to me.

    • I think you missed the part about how they did not, did not have confederate flags. She just say white people with flags and assumed they were confederate, that means shes racist.

    • “Why should people NOT be concerned about a group of people who are clearly irrational and unable to properly use reason wanting to go about heavily armed at all times?”

      I completely agree, and as such, I would like to see Courtey’s driver’s license revoked. She is clearly, based on her outbursts, a loose cannon and should not be allowed to wield a 2 ton + automobile. After all, it’s a deadly weapon which kills and injures 100’s of thousands annually.

      She clearly cannot be trusted to be armed with such a weapon in public. She might snap and hurt people.

  46. Oh a Skepchick blogger. Let me tell you something about that vile den of miscreants. I am an atheist I was very active in the online atheist community. About 2 or 3 years ago they, the skephcicks, enacted some shenanigans that basically split the online atheist community into two very divisive camps. One camp was atheism built around the rigid acceptance and dogma of feminism and then the rest of us. If you didn’t adhere to the skepchick’s outlandish, aggressive and extremist version of feminism then you were essentially made a pariah. Some powerful members of the atheist community jumped on board, some had more sense, and dared to be, well, skeptical and criticized them. Richard Dawkins has taken a fair amount of guff from them for not buying their agenda. So they created something called “Atheist +” (Atheism plus social issues) It appears the authoritarian tactics they enacted as skepchicks are now being pushed into the gun control movement as part of their social issue stance. Which isn’t surprising since their slant is rigidly authoritarian leftist.

    The main problem that most atheists and skeptics have with skepchicks is that they haven’t applied the same amount of skepticism to their own dogma as they do to everybody else’s.

    Of course, you can’t have a rational argument with them because if you prove them wrong you’re just an asshole privileged white male misogynist, chauvinist pig.

    In other words, they are the worst of what the left has to offer. I say that as a liberal. They are deplorable.

    • This is very interesting. Kind of like how Islam split over the caliphate and other issues. Perhaps we will now see these two forms of atheism grow like Sunnis and Shiites? Or could it be like the when Elvis died and Rock split into Punk and Disco… eventually both were to be beaten out by Hair Metal… jokes aside, that’s actually a very interesting issue….

      • Atheism has always been a religion and always will be. It has much in common with Islam, both are based on death and its’ worship.

  47. She sounds like someone who is uncomfortable around anyone who isn’t weaker than herself. She’d feel nervous in a gym that contained a plurality of muscular males. When in the presence of strength she feels threatened and repressed, and believes she has a right to impose constraints on everybody around her to avoid those feelings. Fundamentally, she doesn’t trust other people not to act badly, probably because she can’t trust herself.

    • You’re talking about a woman that is a member of a group that essentially came out and said all men at atheist conferences are sexual predators. Yes, there are a lot of these “conferences” and get togethers around the US every year. You can read about “Elevatorgate” and the ensuing storm that came from people like Caldwell, her SkepChick cohorts Amy Roth and Rebecca Watson. All radical feminists. You now have to sign anti-harassment pledges at conferences. Whatever harassment constitutes to them? Because apparently this whole thing started when they were asked if they wanted to go back to a fellow attendees room and have a drink. We actually created a name for them #FTBullies (freethought bullies).

      • I totally agree with the weakness view, very well thought out. But again, for all her quaking in her boots act, her piece was well thought out in terms of making us look like the bad guys. She ‘had’ to call the cops on us-how good does that make us look?
        And yes, she is scared of people stronger than her, and this is proven by her calling the cops. By doing this, she is trying to gain some semblance of control of the situation, because she cannot. She feels helpless because she is, she cannot help herself in her eyes because she is a weak, scared little girly.
        [This is not Ad Hominem, just sarcasm and hypothesising from her point of view].

  48. You know the funniest part about this is when she tweets that the open cary guys are white privileged assholes and fuck Texas, but then begrudges them for simply pointing out that they have people of color in their ranks. Hilarious!

  49. It’s interesting how, despite her professed hatred of guns (maybe because of it), she thinks of herself as one: “I was triggered.” She’s triggered, she goes off. She has no control, no responsibility. Whatever harm she inflicts along her mad trajectory, it’s YOUR fault, because you triggered her.

  50. Wow, I am incredibly disappointed in I have been a listener of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast and they are generally good, because they are generally logical and do seem to try to get it right and do try to practice logical thinking and debunking fallacies. One of their group is the founder of and this kind of behavior of a associate is disappointing. They have talked about having their non-rational “sacred cows” and this seems to be one of them to a major degree.

    • Terribly low-class. Her appearance disgusts me and I could make a remark about that but we try to take a higher road than the one you just took. We make some obscene comments here but that was plain rude.

  51. I can understand that she’s against open carry, I can (barely) understand why she called 911. But what I cannot understand is her blatant hypocrisy of telling a group of people that they are ‘white assholes with guns’ and then claiming the retort, which although inflammatory was perfectly justified, was ‘harassing’. Quite frankly I think that girl has some sort of personality disorder. Hoplophobia is all well and good but Ad Hominem on gun owners is just getting boring now. And Robert didn’t seem to note the careful choice of comparing Open Carry Texas’ flag to the Confederate flag, painting gun owners as racist thugs. She also paints it, by the use of boasting about 911, that what they are doing is bad enough to call the cops. For all her claims of quaking in her boots, she chose what she said very carefully indeed, to make them look like the bad guys although she made disgusting accusations against them and made an unlawful 911 call. She is actually a gun grabber extraordinaire who is almost at the level of Michael Bloomberg.

  52. It’s the eyes. One look at those eyes and you can tell she’s not right in the head. I’ve seen those eyes before. Holmes, Lanza, Loughner, et al. Frankly I think it’s a damn good thing she doesn’t have a gun herself. She might be even more hazardous to others’ health than she already is.

    I think I’ll go fix a sammish….pancetta with havarti on rye and a dash of horsey sauce to go, please. I’ll sleep easy.


  53. Wow. I’m usually dismissive of antis and their petulant rants for the same reason one is dismissive of a child’s opinion on, well, anything: they’re simply ill equipped to provide an opinion worth recognizing. In the child’s case, it’s innocent inexperience. In the anti’s case, it’s psychopathic stupidity.

    But this rant doesn’t make me dismissive or even angry. I actually feel extremely sorry for her. This is obviously a staggeringly damaged woman. The speech, the eyes, the demeanor…thank God she doesn’t have a gun, or we’d have a new addition to the ranks of Loughner and Lanza. There’s some massive projection, inferiority complex, and hoplophobia going on here. As another said, she’s so intimidated by anyone with confidence. It’s really sad. She’ll never be truly happy in life, because everything is a cover for her seething hatred of everything that makes her feel powerless.

    Of course, that doesn’t excuse the behavior. Only good thing is she makes antis look horrible with her psychotic venom. I urgently ask her to seek professional help before she follows the example of other leftist anti-2A types like Loughner and Lanza and acts on her violent impulses. These are the kinds of people who end up killing others…the loudest voices preaching against violence, screaming so loudly to try and blot out their own violent desires.

  54. People like her are the ones that are causing society to be so divided as Americans. It truly is sad that something such as firearms which helped build and form this great country can be attacked by uneducated individuals. This meaning, uneducated in FIREARM SAFETY!!!! It seems everything needs to be spelled out these days or you get sued. How about I’m against people with funky hair due, and piercing’s , it seems to me this is just a person trying to get attention…. It’s a waste of breath to argue with OR try to have a civil conversation…… Welcome to the new America where not just our boarders are open but the mouths of those looking for attention… I live in Upstate NY and you want to talk about a controlling Governor and jackasses downstate whom think they can dictate their rules to a country man, IT isn’t working. Look at the status of registration of so called assault weapons. Hehehe

  55. Ive seen the skeptchick people in action many of times before. As a non-believer, atheist, or non-unicornist whatever, Ive seen them spread their bullshit everywhere. Their cause would have a decent message if it wasn’t filled with hypocrisy and victimizing themselves. They aren’t fighting for equality, but to reverse the flow in their favor. Sitting on the pity pot is not empowering no matter how good it feels.

    On a side note, I can’t know what the mindset is of those open carriers, but having had lived in Texas 8 years, San Antonio at that, most I’ve met were tolerante at minimum of homosexuals, didn’t have issue with women, and didnt give a single damn about skin color. Not to say I havent’ met gun owners there who were bigots, but for the most part Texas was cool as hell. Even the literal red necked ‘good ol’ boys’. Long as you respected them and understood they didn’t rag on about whatever they thought, if at all, was wrong with other people.

  56. It’s hard to take seriously someone with giant hoops in her ears and a steel booger hanging from the nose. How old is she really?
    That aside this is what appends when They move to Your state. Six years on the ground and she is surprised by the Texas gun culture? Stop encouraging relocation from slave states to free states before your state ends up like CO.

  57. As soon as you see the term “triggered”, watch out. This is a whole new and exciting lefty concept that’s being used to censor any speech or activities they happen to disagree with in the name of sensitivity.

    Here’s a pretty good run down on what we’ll be seeing more and more of in the future:

    • People have been warning of this sh*t for decades. Piece by piece the political left is creating the structures needed to silence the people of America. And far too many people just go along with it by doing such things as self censoring comment threads so as not to offend the enemies of the human race who are constantly attacking us.

      Pathetic and pitiful. And self defeating. Bowing down to leftards is how we lose it all.

      • “People have been warning of this sh*t for decades. Piece by piece the political left is creating the structures needed to silence the people of America. And far too many people just go along with it by doing such things as self censoring comment threads so as not to offend the enemies of the human race who are constantly attacking us.

        Pathetic and pitiful. And self defeating. Bowing down to leftards is how we lose it all.”

        @2hotel9, AMEN! +1000

    • @jimmy, unfortunately, Texas has an ample supply of libtards. They just keep ’em corralled in Austin. Most of ’em anyway.

  58. In all sincerity and empathy, I really do hope she gets the professional help she needs. She shouldn’t have to live in unrelenting, irrational and self-induced agony like that. I’ve seen it before and it never ends well.


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