Indianapolis gun violence public health crisis
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City council to consider declaring ‘public health crisis’ as Indy battles gun violence

So in Indianapolis gun control isn’t just about control…it’s also about the cash . . .

By declaring gun violence a public health crisis, La-Keisha Jackson says the city would be able to gain access to federal dollars that could help address systemic issues.

“Some of this is about education, it’s about mental health, it’s about the needs of those who are really having issues in our community and how can we get to the systemic root of the problem and not just try to take the problem head on.”

The declaration would also mean the council would direct the Office of Public Health and Safety to work with the county health department to establish and operate programs and seek funding to alleviate the public health crisis.

Washington I-1639 Petition Problems

I-1639 petition flaw: can anyone fix it?

It’s almost as if the gun control groups pushing this didn’t want Washington voters to know what they were signing onto . . .

Certainly the proposal to put curbs on gun ownership to improve public safety should go to voters in our state. But that isn’t the problem.

What is a problem is that I-1639 petitions – signed by more than 360,000 voters and filed with the Office of Secretary of State for verification – look flawed.

Wyman says the law requires a readable copy of the initiative text on the back of petitions. But the I-1639 language was in a tiny, hard-to-read font, which leaves her “concerned” that a precedent is set if she ignores it.

The second-term Republican said the petitions also failed to clearly mark initiative language that would be new in state law if I-1639 passes. The standard is for initiatives to underline any new language and to run a line through any wording to be repealed.

California assault weapons registration bullet button

Assault Weapon Registrations in California Are Up 43% Under New Law

That’s one way to look at it. Another way is that only 68,000 of well over 1,000,000 were registered . . .

Assault weapons registered in California have increased by 43% under a new law that expanded the types of firearms gun owners must log with the state.

Californians have applied to register 68,848 additional assault weapons in the last 11 months to comply with a state law enacted following the 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino.

The 2016 law bans sales of semi-automatic assault rifles equipped with “bullet buttons,” which have detachable magazines that enable quick replacement of ammunition, and requires old ones to be registered with the California Department of Justice by the end of June. The mandate should allow law enforcement to better track the weapons.

Feds Double Down on Gun Control Failures

All we really need is just a few more laws…and maybe a button or ribbon to show how much we all care  . . .

There is an unwritten rule in government, at all levels, that whenever it fails, the appropriate (if not immediate) response is to double down on more government solutions. Is regulatory red tape making it impossible to do business in a state? No problem! Tax the remaining “rich” people. Having trouble paying for all those costly city social programs? Do as Chicago does, and get that money back impounding the cars of the underprivileged! Let’s also not forget that after the Bureau of Land Management’s suspect grazing policies nearly provoked a modern-day “range war” at Bundy Ranch in Nevada, the BLM’s first response was escalation with armed confrontation.

It should come as no surprise then that this same rule applies to government’s approach to mass shootings. Take, for example, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s announcement that it was adding yet another database for background checks in screening gun purchases. The FBI claims the expansion is necessary to close the so-called “loophole” that let Charleston, S.C. mass killer Dylann Roof purchase a firearm. They make no mention of the fact that there was more than enough information to stop Sutherland Springs, Texas, killer Devin Kelley, but it was the Air Force who failed to properly report his domestic violence offense to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Another “loophole,” perhaps?

Tedra Cobb Sinking Ship

Dem’s campaign manager quits after video shows candidate secretly backing gun ban

What happens when a gun-grabber’s mask slips in upstate New York. . .

The campaign manager of a Democrat seeking a U.S. House seat in upstate New York quit the campaign Tuesday, after a video showed the candidate saying she wouldn’t publicly endorse a ban on certain firearms — for fear that she’d lose the election.

Mike Szustak, who since April had run the campaign of candidate Tedra Cobb, told the Watertown Daily Times that he’s no longer part of Cobb’s bid to unseat Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik in New York’s 21st Congressional District.

The departure follows revelations that Cobb won’t publicly state that she favors banning assault rifles. The video was first revealed by the Washington Free Beacon. Fox News also reported on the video.

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      • Sounds like: “Eff me? No, Eff you!”

        Indianapolis just found a new revenue stream. Follow the money, look at yearly salaries of the mayor and their cronies.

    • This is a law that goes against preemption. It is a policy statement that opens the door to federal funding streams. Earlier this year, Indianapolis city/county council tried to pass a resolution (not legally binding) to send to the state that so-called “assault weapons” are a public health crisis. It failed at the city/county council (heavily D, by the way) because the state leans very R and preemption wouldn’t have allowed the state legislature to do anything with the resolution. Aside from the “red flag” law here, Indiana is quite pro-firearm.

  1. Tedra “Commie” Cobb,Demanding Commie Mommy’s mask didn’t have to slip to expose the hideous truth of what she really is, entitled Leftist who is more than willing to violate her oath should she be elected.

  2. Redefine things to profit…

    Got a gang problem? Say it’s a gun violence problem. Got a gun violence problem? Say it’s a public health problem. Got a public health problem? Say it’s a national emergency.

    Keep redefining and obfuscating to gain more power and control. The new generation won’t have a clue where it all began.

  3. Didn’t Osama just comment (in his country of birth) about American politicians just lyin’ and lyin’ to beat the band, and who would know better?

  4. You’re saying that ~6.8% of Californians registered their qualifying weapons? That seems high to me…. Although there are quite a few good little law abiding liberal AR owners out here. We’ll see what they say when the CA DOJ changes the regulations and starts demanding citizens turn in their registered weapons a-la (Ma)ura Healey. Only difference is our attorney general has a blank check from the legislature, pictures of the weapons, and names, addresses, and physical desriptions of the weapon owners all provided by the registrants themselves; everything an enforcement agency needs to write arrest and search warrants.

    • From the figures cited, there is no way of telling. The DOJ is probably double counting rifles registered to both a husband and wife, and of course, there are any number of persons who registered more than one rifle, some even five or six. Plus there is no telling how many people didn’t register because they had no clue they were required to do so (“I’m grandfathered in, right?”) or who converted to a featureless configuration. It will probably be at least a year and a half before Governor Noisesome Newsome decides to require registration of all the featureless rifles as well.

      • This is strait out of 30505 PC written back in the 1990’s yet still in the Penal Code today : “… The Legislature has defined assault weapons as the types, series, and models listed in this section because it was the most effective way to identify and restrict a specific class of semiautomatic weapons.
        (f) As used in this section, “series” includes all other models that are only variations, with minor differences, of those models listed in subdivision (a), regardless of the manufacturer.”

        This language was determined to be too ambiguous and could not be used to disqualify certain weapons a-la featureless, non-detachable magazine rifles, or recievers. In order to go after featurless rifles in California, you need to go after ALL rifles in California especially all semiauto rifles and handguns. Nearly any rifle can be converted to semi-auto and/or be converted to detachable magazine feed and such are capable of being converted in to an “assault weapon”….. I can take a Pederson device, throw it in to a 100 year old bolt action 1903, drop the action in to a thumb hole stock and voila!!!! California “assault weapon”….. Doesn’t mean Gavin wont try. With Kamala Harris a sitting Seantor, Deleon looking to de-thrown Feinstein, Bercerra our AG, and the 9th Circus covering them all, we have an all star lineup who have no problem ignoring the law, enforcing illegal laws, and spending our tax dollars to do it…. and before any body tells me to move out of California know this: If they aren’t spending California tax dollars to screw California gun owners, they will use California tax dollars to screw non-California gun owners. You can’t run from their agenda. You need to keep the fight in their backyard, or they will come to your front yard.

        • When they put a Kentucky woman in jail because she refused to sign a homosexual marriage certificate, I think 2000 people showed up to protest her jailing and every republican except Trump running for the presidency came to support the protest.

          When the VA came to take the guns of a vet because he had trouble doing math, several dozen people showed up with guns to protect the veterans 2A rights, including the county sheriff.

          “the VA was stopped in its tracks by a grassroots group of local residents. And the sheriff. And some politicians. All of whom stood on the man’s front yard to prevent the confiscation.”

          I don’t know if gun owners in Californians will turn in their guns before getting on board the cattle cars for a ride to the showers, or will they stand and fight???

          Voters in California have had many chances in the past to put a stop to this sh*t. Like when they came for the Black Panthers guns. But that was ok. It was not “you”. “You” still had your guns. But “you” did support the right of the KKK to march in black neighborhoods while carrying guns. Then they took away the possibility of teachers with guns. But “you” still had yours. Very soon they will finally come for “your” guns.

          California homosexuals had the chance to vote out Nancy Pelosi and replace her with a pro gun gay man. But they wanted “free stuff” from the government instead because homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation.

          Some one has to be first. The first state to lose their gun rights. When the mass rapes happen like they did in Cologne Germany by illegal aliens, maybe then “you” will vote these communist out of power. In Germany that is what is happening now. Angela Merkel knows she is losing power.

          As a black gun owner born and raised in California I left California and the racist Mulford Act that was supported by the proud gay white man state senator Tom Ammiano. I got my civil rights back when I left the state. At least here in Kentucky we do fight back, in numbers that scare the sh*t out of Nazi homosexuals and their socialist progressive allies.

          Now “you” can call me a homophobe if it make “you” feel better.

  5. The bigger problem with the I-1639 petitions is that they were often presented as “keep our $30 car tabs” or “say no to grocery tax.”

    The bigger problems with the Iniative itself is that it reclassified *all* semiauto anything as a “semiautomatic assault rifle” that includes great granpa’s squirrel gun and Fuddly’s turkey shotgun, and that it changes the law to require anyone who wishes to buy a “semiautomatic assault rifle” to forfeit their Doctor/patient confidentiality and allow the examination of their medical records. Fuck HIPPA.

    There is so much more that is bad about that Iniative, and I would be surprised it was being allowed to go forward, except that 584 was terrible also, and it’s now the law.

    • Here is the section on medical records: “Sec. 7. RCW 9.41.094 and 2018 c 201 s 6004 are each amended to read as follows:
      A signed application to purchase a pistol or semiautomatic assault rifle shall constitute a waiver of confidentiality and written request that the health care authority, mental health institutions, and other health care facilities release, to an inquiring court or law enforcement agency, information relevant to the applicant’s eligibility to purchase a pistol or semiautomatic assault rifle to an inquiring court or law enforcement agency.

      • And here is the new definition of (25) “Semiautomatic assault rifle” means any rifle which utilizes a portion of the energy of a firing cartridge to extract the fired cartridge case and chamber the next round, and which requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each cartridge. “Semiautomatic assault rifle” does not include antique firearms, any firearm that has been made permanently inoperable, or any firearm that is manually operated by bolt, pump, lever, or slide action.

        Which is gets fucked by the new definition of “rifle”: (22) “Rifle” means a weapon designed or redesigned, made or remade, and intended to be fired from the shoulder and designed or redesigned, made or remade, and intended to use the energy of the explosive in a fixed metallic cartridge to fire only a single projectile through a rifled bore for each single pull of the trigger.

        I guess I was misinformed about the shotgun, but granpappie’s .22 is now the same as an AR.

      • So you have to waive your 4th ammendment rights to exercise your 2nd ammendment rights?….. Sounds like a fun case to take to the Supreme Court. Too bad it’ll take 20 years and millions of dollars.

    • And if it’s allowed to get on the ballot, then what case is there for any standards at all?

      Rule of law simply does not apply in this state.

  6. “Some of this is about education, it’s about mental health, it’s about the needs of those who are really having issues in our community and how can we get to the systemic root of the problem and not just try to take the problem head on.” — La-Keisha Jackson

    The actual root of the problem, Ms. Jackson, is that nuclear families (consisting of a mother AND A FATHER) and traditional values are virtually non-existent in ALL of the urban Hell-holes. Restore nuclear families and traditional values and 98% of your violent crime problems go away.

    But we all know that will never happen because nuclear families and traditional values means:
    (1) You cannot have sex with everyone.
    (2) You cannot ignore your responsibilities.
    (3) You cannot sponge off of other people.

    After all, what fun is life if you cannot have sex with everyone, abandon your offspring, and steal from other people?

  7. The root of the problem is too many grifters in government like La-Keisha Jackson. And that’s the La-Truth.

    • “Grifters”. Hm. Good word, and she just demonstrated how to earn the term. Amazing how really disgusting people can be elected when all the constituents want is promises of more and more free stuff, particularly when they never check on the free stuff.


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