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You may have noticed that I’m hard to please when it comes to “proper-ganda.” I spend my whole life trying not to write one word more than I have to—whilst cranking out several thousand of the little buggers every day. If I had even a few hours to contemplate 18 words, you can bippy bet any word not pulling its weight would face death by H&D (highlight & delete). One poorly chosen word can kill an argument faster than a Utah firing squad. In this case it’s the word “most.” “I am compensating for being smaller and weaker than violent criminals” implies “most” criminals. Dropping the word would have secured the copy writer’s rhetorical flanks; no one would have even thought to ask “What about the violent criminals that are smaller than you?” More problems . . .

What’s with the crossed legs? Criss-cross-apple-sauce is about as laid back a posture as a gun slinger can assume without actually lying flat out on his or her back. This model’s no more ready to shoot a violent criminal than a sunbather. I mean, as a sunbather is to shoot a violent criminal, not ready to shoot a sunbather. See how that works? Anyway, go on; fire that AK from that position. YouTube infamy awaits!

Why an AK? It’s a bizarre not to say perverse even though I just said it choice. First, it’s the firearm of our enemies: Russians, Taliban, Al Qadea, etc. I know plenty of American “modern sporting rifle” aficionados fire AKs. But if the average non-gun owner recognizes any rifle, it’s going to be this one, and not in a good way.

Props for the 428 round magazine, but surely a handgun would be a proper weapon for self-defense. You know, as it is in real life. Not that this image is overly concerned with realism. The bleached out skin tones and lack of appropriate (i.e. any) footwear does the message no favors, suggesting as it does that the model is already dead. Nor am I impressed with the fact that she’s leaning hard o’ starboard.

I’m left (so to speak) wondering what kind of firepower this piece of pro-gun propaganda would have had if its creators had left out the word most and used a straight-on photo (from the waist up) of a thirty-something woman staring at the camera, with two men flanking her (just their torsos visible). No gun. OK, maybe a print under a coat.

Too bad someone promoting gun ownership didn’t understand the importance of making every bullet count. And not firing even one more than necessary.

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  1. Uhmm, style, taste and appropriateness tend to be subjective judgements. Tearing down someone else's work is good IF you can do better. If you can make a better poster (and it certainly sounds like you are capable of it ) then please do so and show both the original poster and then redo the poster to make it more effective.

    You might also want to get into contact with the originator of the poster. I believe I have seen some of theses images on another web site asking for suggestions and making changes as they were suggested.

    Not saying your suggestions are poor ( I am NOT good at that sort of thing) just saying that tearing down a poster is easy making a better one is harder but worth so much more.

    Best wishes


  2. Sitting is one of the most stable firing positions. 223 caliber AK has almost no recoil. 30-round magazines are standard for it, the default choice. "Most" as well as the other words were used in the interests of semantic accuracy. Bare feet imply that the subject is at home, relaxed…but the rifle implies she's still ready for the unexpected.

    Why would I even bother to argue these points with you? For the benefit on the few bystanders who might chance upon your blog. Your own mind is made up already.

  3. Oleg Volk. Thanks for the comment. Sitting cross-legged is not a recommended firing position, nor a suitable "ready" position. Recoil isn't a big issue during a home invasion (a.k.a.. life-or-death situation); adrenalin takes care of that. I've got no beef with 30 rounds, but the weapons system shown here is way too aggressive for someone who doesn't know or understand firearms. The XL clip is not exactly helping the designer win friends or influence people.

    Semantic accuracy is the hobgoblin of little minds (and that's from a professional semanticist). Bare feet may suggest at-home relaxation, but they also suggests a hippy-dippy vibe—especially for a twenty-something.

    Holding a rifle doesn't imply that she's ready for anything. In fact, at the risk of seeming like both a semanticist AND a pedant, no one can be ready for "anything." Someone schooled in the art of home defense would never hold a weapon that casually. If they were looking for casual carry, they'd have a pistol on their person. FAR more effective. As is a shotgun, if we're going in the direction or long guns. And again, any shotgunner worth their salt would hold their weapon in some kind of ready position—or not hold it at all.

    My mind is as open as my guns when walking at the range. Tell me where I'm wrong.

    • Up front, I want to say that I have no major beef here, and I’m a big fan of the site.

      That being said, I have to address a few things (you did, after all, put them out there for addressing).

      1. Have you ever shot from a cross-legged position? Because I have with a rifle (5.56) and it was quite stable, far more stable than standing or kneeling actually.

      2. Have you ever tried to purchase AK-47 magazines that hold less than 30 rounds? I haven’t, but I know this, the vast majority of AK magazines on the market hold 30 rounds or more. I have never seen one that holds less.

      3. The AK-47 (or other AK-type rifle) is perfectly reasonable for self-defense. Clearly it’s unlikely that she would have it on the street, but it’s not a bad go-to weapon for home-defense.

      4. Quit picking on her looks. One could counter that her looks make sense as her bare feet, pale skin, and relaxed posture all point to her vulnerability, which she needs to compensate for with her rifle.

      5. I’m surprised you didn’t go after the fact that the safety is off and her finger is on or near the trigger.

      Anyway, thanks for posting these. I find them quite interesting and enjoyable.

    • No offense but you’re wrong and over reacting.
      1 – cross legged is a firing position, taught by police departments for shotgun firing.
      2 – the picture shows as someone else pointed out, relaxed. Thus barefoot and perhaps the reason for the crossed legs.
      It’s really not a big deal or worth getting upset over. It’s obviously not meant to depict a combat ready subject. It’s showing a typical victim, but one at the ready.


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