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Gun control coverage (courtesy

This chart appeared at yesterday. I assume it doesn’t reflect the post-Zimmerman gun control coverage. That’s gotta be a serious spike, as the “debate” gradually shifts focus away from the case and back to Stand Your Ground laws (despite the fact the Zimmerman’s attorney’s didn’t evoke its provision in their client’s defense). I ¬†expect another graphic peak when the President signs the United Nations’ Small Arms Trade Treaty, but not as dramatic as the one that will reflect the next spree killing. And so it goes.

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  1. I remember the Sandy Hook shootings being the most active time – shortly after I came aboard. I remembered wrong!

  2. Love the total failure of the Giffords tour to create any kinda of spike. Be interesting to see if Bloombergs magical misery tour does any better.

  3. Wait until December 14th, the Newtown parents, not happy with their current distribution of donations will be back for round 2 and so will the politicians, Malloy has pretty much promised and they will have the parent for the bloody shirts

  4. Barry can sign a treaty but it is Nada without Senate Ratification which will require 67 votes and they done passed a resolution against it. It will only take 51 votes to reject it.


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