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I’ve been thinking about the psychology of gun grabbers. More specifically, why so many anti-2a zealots lose their enthusiasm for gun control after they bust a few caps. These anti-gunners journey to the local gun range fearing that they’ll become what they fear: an itchy-fingered firearms fiend. Within minutes, they realize that operating a gun appeals to both their lizard and their leftist—I mean rational mind. They discover that you can shoot a gun without turning into a spree killer. Who knew? Yes but—good shooters are fantasists. They imagine threats. They plan and train for imaginary threats. They like imagining, planning and training for imaginary threats. Which is no bad thing. The process keeps shooters sharp, focused, motivated. Evolution made it so. And there’s not a damn thing the anti-2a brigade can do about it. [h/t Jose Juan Carlos]

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  1. I’ve never been a gun grabber, but until my first time at the range (after 40+ years on this earth) I didn’t realize how much fun target shooting can be. I only went there because I “had to” in order to be a responsible gun owner. Now I go for fun.

    Just sayin.

  2. If you fantasize over shooting someone, then I suggest you turn in your firearms. This kind of posting is just what the anti’s want. They will take this and say “See! See, this is exactly what we have been saying. In their own words, they want to shoot people!” Thanks moron for giving them more ammo. And to Hulley it might be a good idea if you stay of the range also!

  3. It’s the old conflict between those with power and responsibility and those without. The two are inextricably linked, and those without either cannot imagine the mental state of those who have to balance them. The hoplophobe can engage in constant violent fantasy without the limiting factor of actually having the means to carry it out. Therefore, they assume that this limiting factor of responsibility does not exist, and any gun owner is only a fender-bender away from a mass murder. This, in part, explains why few hoplophobes can sustain their terror after a range session. They hold the weapon, and feel, not an instant bloodthirst, but a consciousness of those around them, for safety. They become aware of how difficult it is to operate a gun effectively, which removes their concept of any random person turning into a killing machine merely by the addition of a firearm. And finally, they find an alternate explanation for why people shoot (other than their previous violence-based assumption)…… is a barrel of fun!

    Hoplophobe outreach people, it is our evangelism.

    • It’s the old conflict between those with brains and the zombie hordes who want to eat those brains. Braaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnssss.

  4. I don’t fantasize about shooting or killing anyone. I’ll do it if I have to, but it’s not something I desire. Nor do I fantasize about apocalyptyic crap.

  5. There’s a difference between “fantasizing” and “imagining,” people. Though RF used the term “fantasists,” it was quickly followed by examples of “imagining” and I’d wager that’s what he means. Imagining implies mentally envisioning something that is not yet real, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Have you ever imagined what you’d do if your house caught fire? What you’d do if your car went off the road into a body of water? What you’d do if a flood threatened your house? There’s nothing wrong with imagining what you’d do in certain violent scenarios, and preparing as such.

    Big difference between “God, I can’t wait until someone tries to break in so I can blow his head off,” and “Ok, what would be my course of action if a home invader broke through my front door?” One’s a fantasy, one requires logical imagination.

    • Not only is there nothing wrong with imagining what you would do and being prepared, that is exactly what everyone should do.
      Ill-prepared is the mother of panic.
      Panic is the mother of disaster.

    • Agreeing with all the above about “imagining” and adding some clarification and additional information:

      When you are in a DGU situation, you will be forced to make a few decisions that can literally mean the difference between life or death, for you, your loved ones, and the bad guy. You can’t afford to make a bad decision, and you don’t have the thinking time that’s needed to make a good decision. In a DGU you have to ACT … CORRECTLY … NOW.

      Imagining possible DGU scenarios allows you to envision multiple possible decision points, carefully analyze the pros and cons of each possible choice, and determine the best choice for each decision point. It also gives you several ideas (choices) that you might not even think of otherwise.

      Imagining also allows you to make the necessary moral decisions beforehand. (Can I actually kill someone, if necessary? What would make it necessary? How about a child, or a relative?)

      Imagining also allows you to mentally practice the necessary movements, thus reinforcing muscle memory.

      All of this allows you to face a DGU with the proper mindset:
      – not paralyzed with fear or indecisivenes
      – mentally ready to do what is necessary
      – knowing what you will do without having to think about it, so you can quickly react to the situation as it develops
      – having a large list of available options for unexpected changes in the situation

      The only down-side of imagining possible DGU situations is that you have to think about the frightening and horrible things that can happen during a DGU situation. As bad as that is, it is still better to have imagined it beforehand than to be faced with it (and possibly be mentally paralyzed by it) for the first time during a DGU.

      Imagining is mental training and preparation, and that is much more important than your hardware (gun), your skill level, or your physical fitness.

  6. The anti-2A sufferers are a mix of people who live in fear identifying as an actual or potential victim of life, those who are dealing with an actual or imaginary monster inside, and finally those who want to strip people of their right to safety and liberty, and to empower and entrust government to be their mommy-daddy protector.

    • There could also be people who life in bad neighborhoods and see a lot of violence in their lives. They might fantasize of a more peaceful neighborhood, one that does not have a whole bunch of bad guys running around with guns. Now, I don’t think that anti-gun laws would do anything to curb this problem for a wide variety of reasons. But not every anti-gun advocate has a psychological disorder or a desire for a governmental protector.

      • You’re right. I over did it. I was focusing too much on the fanatical and extreme irrational anti gun phobics. Thanks for your reply.

  7. Heh, the whole reason I finally convinced my wife to ‘let’ me get guns was the zombie hordes rampaging in britain last year. I pointed out that all the british citizens were buying up bats, axes, & e-tools to defend there homes. She said “that sucks, too bad they cant get guns…”, at which I pointed out our own lack of defensive firepower. She’s still timid of guns but feels better that we have some…for the zombies. They’re coming!

  8. Anybody see the movie “Zombieland”? I mean really, that would be fun as hell for a day or so. How is that any different than playing Call of Duty?

  9. Stress relief from modern over-civilized hyper-sensitive domesticated PC society with working in cubicles, wearing monkey suits, and putting up with certain co-workers/managers can easily and understandably find outlets in fantasies and activities (and sometimes tragic behaviors and actions) of many sorts. Some people think they can and should legislate human behavior in modern society. The results are all around us.

    I recently had one of those classic conversations at a barbershop with a middle-age construction worker former Marine. He told how when his crew goes to do work in big firms, they often first get the lecture by the human resource department how to behave and what they can say. The man told me how he informed a young female HR woman that if his hammer accidentally slams his thumb he is going to use the F-word loudly and it has nothing to do with hostile work environments or him trying to hit on the women employees. He laughingly told me the HR woman was taken back by his reply.

  10. I’ve been thinking about the psychology of gun grabbers

    You might as well spend some time thinking about a flux capacitor.

  11. The photo seems to me a perfect amalgam of the fanatical gun-rights guy who also happens to be a religious nut. Unfortunately, they are legion, and particularly dangerous because they can justify the worst nonsense. Naturally, Robert offered his patented blah-blah-blah justifications which the readership just loved.

    About the conversion of formerly anti-gun people by taking them to the shooting range, Robert offered this: “Within minutes, they realize that operating a gun appeals to both their lizard and their leftist—I mean rational mind.” I suppose that’s an example of making assertions which are not backed up by facts. But, I actually don’t mind that kind of thing.

    The fact is, there are some, myself included, who went the other way. I have no way of knowing which type is more numerous, but for sure the ones like me offset to some degree those who are converted.

    As to the reason why, the suggestion that “They discover that you can shoot a gun without turning into a spree killer,” is a silly oversimplification. In addition to this realization, they also experience the power and thrill of firing a weapon, they feel that particular and unique kind of exhiliration for the first time. They are empowered. Whatever feelings of powerlessness they may have had disappear, replaced immediately by the illusory fantasy of finally having the possibility of being safe and without fear.

    These are the things that people find attractive. The more fearful and insecure one is, the more appealing these things are.

    • My assertion was based on anecdotal evidence. I have taken over thirty gun control advocates to the range. Only three were not affected, and two of those fired one shot and left.


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