Incendiary Image of the Day: Muzzle Control Edition

I was going to make a joke about penis size but I’m a bigger man than that. Click here for ten more ways your condom collection can save your life, not including preventing child support payments. [h/t Aharon]


  1. avatar Jason says:

    Lol, ‘bigger man than that’.

  2. avatar In Memphis says:

    Robert its a good thing I finished eating before I read that comment. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. avatar Tokamak says:

    Speaking of size (even though it doesn’t matter!) Is that a Ruger 44 Mag carbine?
    Haven’t seen one of those is a long time.

    1. I believe Robert agreed a little while ago to start identifying all firearms in pictures, as that is a regular question in comments…just sayin lol.

  4. avatar Hal says:

    What’s incendiary? In the absence of a muzzle cap…

    1. avatar SD3 says:

      “This is my weapon, this is my gun;
      This one’s for fighting, that one’s for fun…”

  5. avatar Milsurp Collector says:

    I remember reading “Seven Roads to Hell” by Donald R. Burgett years ago. He talked about how funny it must have seemed to the liberated villagers in France cheering the US troops on as they marched by with condoms still on the muzzles of their Garands to keep rain water out of the bore.

  6. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    There it is!! A 99.7% successful preventive measure against suicide and accidental discharge!!!
    Why the hell didn’t we think of this before???
    And it can lubricate the bullets too!!!

    1. avatar Sanchanim says:

      I think it goes somewhere else for accidental discharge LMAO
      Or is that premature discharge! 😉

  7. avatar AnotherMatt says:

    The ATF is going to arrest you for that unregistered silencer!

  8. Lmao, Companionship. Wilson!!!!!

  9. avatar Cyrano says:

    Put it on a shotgun and prevents you from shooting your wad.

    1. avatar SD3 says:

      50 points for the gun-pun.

  10. avatar Aharon says:

    Robert, for every fifty-plus serious political and gun-related stories and a few other types that I send you, you always seem to publish the most um ‘unique’ one or two of the other types.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Nuh-uh. You just REMEMBER the weird ones.

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        You mostly give me the public “h/t Aharon” only on the weird ones.

  11. avatar Aaronvan says:

    Serious question is there something in guns similar to hydrolock in a car engine?

    1. avatar jwm says:

      I always just put a patch of electrical tape over the muzzle. If the tape appears torn or holed it’s time to do a check of the boom stick.

      1. avatar speedracer5050 says:

        I hope you don’t put electrical tape over the muzzle of “anything”else??!!
        Sorry I couldn’t resist!!
        It’s 6:15 in the morn and I have been at work for 4 hrs already and got 8 or so more to go.
        These 60 and 70 hour weeks are gonna kill me!!!!

        1. avatar jwm says:

          I did the 60-80 hour a week thing for over 20 years. Wound up in the hospital with a doctor telling me if I didn’t stop I’d be dead. I stopped. Ain’t dead yet.

  12. avatar Mr. Prophylactic says:

    I kept a condom over the barrel of my M35A2 mounted Ma Deuce during Desert Storm.

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