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I agree with the sentiment expressed in the above—just not the implementation. “Gun sense” to me is removing any and all barriers to our natural, human, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The best way to protect our children from “gun violence” is to lock up criminals who use a firearm in the commission of a crime. Of course, that’s not the way my mother sees it . . . Love ya Mom!

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  1. I’m glad my mother an I have very similar opinions on “gun sense”. The strange thing though is they developed separately.

      • My father saw and still sees guns as a tool. Living in the country in KY he owns a shotgun to keep critters out of his kitchen garden. When we lived under his roof we could have any gun we wanted as long as it was a hunting gun. I justified my 03 springfield by calling it a deer rifle. No pistols of any kind were allowed. No discussions.

        My mother never had any restrictions on types of firearms. She followed dads rules cause it was his house. My maternal grandmother actually taught me to shoot a pistol. After a quick phone call to my mother to verify the lie they would tell my dad she started one of many lessons on pistol shooting.

        After a quick lesson to verify that I didn’t shoot myself in the foot we got serious. I stood in the yard with my back to the front porch. Granny stood on the porch and threw empty lard buckets over my head in random patterns. When I was good enough to hit each bucket she moved to ever smaller targets.

        Until I left home I kept my pistol at Grannie’s. Both women are gone now and I truly miss them.

        • You’re a lucky guy. Your granny taught you how to shoot. My granny taught me how to make kreplach. You win. Hands down.

        • Kreplach? I honestly have no idea what that is. It does sort of sound like the noise your foot makes when it hits a fresh cow flop. But I’m guessing since you were raised in NYC I could be wrong about that.

  2. You have two options in life….

    1. whine complain and wait for others to come up with a plan
    2. create your own plan

    As a mother, my wife went to the range, practiced with her Glock 27 and NA Blackwidow until she was very proficient (didn’t take long for a former sheriff’s deputy), obtained her CCW and now carries on a regular basis, and goes to the range monthly to practice, to protect her children from gun violence as best as she can.

    That plan isn’t perfect. You cant always be there for your kids, and the bad guys in this world always have the advantage because you never know when they may strike. But her plan is better than anything else in Government has come up with. It is certainly better than unarming yourself and committing a crime with warning shots or blasting Girl Scouts selling cookies on the other side of the door that you didn’t identify…

  3. Somehow, I missed the part about how “mother” is defined as a word and in its powers in the Constitution. When it comes to public policy, we’re adults, and I, for one, expect to be treated as such.

    • If you’re an adult why are you wearing a Harry potter hat in your picture? lol you look like a kid on Halloween that couldn’t decide between Harry potter or cowboy from the matrix.

  4. Moms Demand Action obviously don’t care about taking action to reduce all the types of violence that target kids such as bully and gang beatings, knife slashing, blunt objects (hammers and base ball bats), etc.

    • Of course they do; guns are topical, is all. They are misguided is their conclusions, not their motives.

      We must educate, not dismiss.

      I think of myself ad an ambassador, an agent of outreach. As any in the Foreign Service, I try to be polite in situations in which doing so is sometimes difficult and painful.

      In the strange lands of the grabbers, I seek out those who can be coaxed into line with the interests of my nation, and I recruit and bargain.

      We have friends out there, many of whom are unaware that freedom is a real thing; show them a welcoming face, and they will emmigrate.

    • These types of Moms are interested only in children who die by dog (medium sized, blocky headed dogs with short coats, specifically) and by gun. Because those are things they think other people should not have – because ~they would never have them~ (it is very important that everyone live in a way they approve of, you know!)

      And yes, these moms very actively ignore kids that are killed in much larger numbers by other things such as: heavy things in the home falling on them, being beaten and killed by their own parents’ hands, and even (yes look it up) by swarms of bees and drowning in backyard pools or ponds.

  5. My first Mothers’ Day without my Mom, whose uncles and cousins first introduced me to the romance and practicality of firearms. The mother of my children is proficient and ready to do her part to protect herself and our family at any time. That preparedness is part of the many things she blesses us with each day.

  6. If those moms really wanted action, they’d teach their kids not to grow up to be murderers, rapists, muggers and burglars.

  7. My mother had firearms until the day she died. She was 81, crippled, widowed, and lived in a fairly remote area.

    I have asked multiple gun-grabbers why they would have wanted to seize her only real means of self-defense.

    I have yet to get an answer.

  8. Just one of the reasons why I love my wife and why she’s an incredible mother:

    I gave her her Mother’s Day gift and card, she was grateful but I sensed a slight tinge of disappointment. When pressed she said, “It’s lovely, but part of me was kind of hoping it was that Beretta I’ve been asking about.”

    A woman after my own heart.

    (Don’t worry, her birthday is next month.)

  9. Dear Mommy,

    I wish I could celebrate Mothers Day with you, but you aborted me! All I can hope for now is common sense legislation outlawing abortion because I’m a child… not a choice.

  10. some people are too dumb to even know when they are posting in the wrong place.

    crazy, crazy, CRAZY!!

  11. I took Mom (and dad) to the range today. Mom’s shoot free! Had a great time. Gun sense at it’s finest.

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