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Gee, we thought the Wounded Warrior Project wouldn’t lend its logo for any firearms-related purpose. Looks like someone forgot.

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  1. It may sound petty but aren’t Bersa/Citadel products made overseas? Kinda like buying an American Flag that’s been made in China. But to each their own.

    • Bersas are made in Argentina. Most “American” gun manufacturers have the bulk of their fabrication done south of the border.

  2. I now won’t buy anything related to Wounded Warrior. If they remove their CEO/President and explain that it was because of his anti gun issues, then I may help then again.

    • Aaaaand the above comment became irrelevant with a push of F5. Carry on, people, nothin’ to see here.

  3. Wouldn’t was the message from WWP but then again this 1911 and some other firearms(don’t remember what) had their logo and it seems like they took a good sized donation from…..OMG…Playboy, but then again they won’t logo anything to do with “Adult Entertainment” either!!!

    Teacher: “Good Morning Children, can we say Double Standards??”
    Children: “Assholes”
    Teacher: “Very Good Children”
    This concludes your lesson for the day!!

      • Do you remember Cheech and Chongs skit about Sister Mary Elephant?? If not check it out sometime.
        The way she talks to the class and their response when she tells them Sgt. Stadanko is coming to talk to them about drugs is what I was thinking of.

  4. Well now.

    One of two things is going to happen here…

    A certain company is going to get a lawyer’s letter or a certain charity are going to solidify what a bunch of douches they are.

    – D

  5. Ok so they said they wouldn’t co-brand. Do we know if this company got legal permission? I am just asking…
    To that end I kind of understand their take in some ways, and others, I think they are way off base. Personally I think they can use the help from where ever they can get it, so if Heff, wants to have a WWP male posing with a bunny of the month, great!
    If we want to produce a firearms and give proceeds to WWP then great! None of it is illegal, and certainly when you are a non profit, you can’t always look a gift horse in the mouth as it were.

    • Yeah I’m sure in this particular case the financial incentive was too good to pass up for this “non-profit.”

    • Dear Sanchinaman

      What’s the name for that 5 dimensional coffee mug? You know, the one that you fill by pouring coffee into the handle and drink it out of the bottom?
      That’s what came to mind when I read your view point on the WWP 1911/WWP- anti-gun stance.
      BTW Playboy is a completely legitimate business just as licensed firearm Mfgs, gun shows and pro-2A reality shows are.

    • Yeah, I didn’t think it was a big deal then, and I still don’t. This particular gun came out over 2.5 years ago on a limited run. They don’t make them anymore, but you can still find them floating around. This is a non-story.

      • I agree, no big deal, I just wanted to point it out.
        I wonder if the value of this gun would increase because of the exclusivity? 5 left @ $800

  6. Dan, this story is a bit disingenuous, and you should know that. The photo came from Facebook, from someone who apparently just discovered this exists. If you actually do some research, you can find a ton of press about this gun when it came out, in May 2010. This in no way renders Nardizzi’s remarks hypocritical, as he specifically stated they’d done firearms co-branding in the past, but chose not to anymore.

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