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  1. You’re a very, very naughty person for doing that.

    I’m sure Momma Feinstein will be along any moment to paddle your bum.

  2. I reckon being shot in the head could change one’s perspective on guns, but it’s really no different than hating your Honda for something that happened with it.

    Gabby’s been through a lot, and her disingenuous husband ain’t helping much.

    • I can imagine how being shot with round 11+ from a magazine you think could have been banned would lead you down this road. “What if” is a powerful thing when your whole life is changed.

      • If I’m not mistaken, and I sometimes am, she was one of the first ones shot, so even if the coward used a revolver, no magazine capacity ban would have helped!

        • Exactly. And if she had just given notice to the sheriff’s department, she’d have had protection there. So one minute she’s a rugged “I don’t need protection, and I own a gun” person. The next she’s the poster girl for gun banning, arranged for, of course, by her husband. Her husband? Buy’s one even after forming his “ban AR’s and normal caps” group. Gets outed. Pretends there was some BS plan to show how easy it is for a law-abiding citizen to by a legal item. We all knew. He knew. Confabulator+.

    • I wrote to Gabby way back in 2007 when she was my representative in congress. I expressed how I hoped she would not support a new AWB. She reassured me that as a lifelong gun owner she had no intention of doing so. I believe she was sincere. I also believe that she is not doing much of the decision making these days and that that bullet took much of her and her personality away. I think the term, though ugly, that should be used is ‘meat puppet’. 🙁 I really liked the pre-shooting Gabby Giffords.

      • Yeah, its the astro clown hubby pulling the strings of the ‘meat puppet’ for fame and fortunes sake that I detest.

  3. I don’t blame either one of them, to be honest. Getting shot in the head can definitely change your world view…even to something that’s wrong.

    Her husband should continue to take crap about his AR purchase for publicity though.

    • Her husband should continue to take crap about his AR purchase for publicity though because he is a hypocrite and wanted one.

    • I knew a guy who outed a vehemently homophobic closeted local politician who tried to trawl him at an all-male type establishment. He felt bad for doing that to the guy. I hammered my drink and slammed the glass on the table, and said “Don’t you ever feel bad for exposing hypocrisy” no matter how “bad” the hypocrite feels. The hypocrite doesn’t feel bad about being a hypocrite, they feel bad because they don’t want people to KNOW.

      • Hypocrisy has several meanings. The first provided on is:
        “a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess”
        This is not changing one’s mind.
        This is not doing things which worsen the opposed problem.
        This is not having two values which seem to be mutually exclusive.

        Claiming while in public to be for complete civilian disarmament, and then buying and shooting machine-guns is not hypocrisy; it’s stupidity.

        Claiming while in public to be against civilian disarmament while supporting and aiding it in private, and aiding it in public through veiled and misleading statements is hypocrisy.

        • “Claiming while in public to be for complete civilian disarmament, and then buying and shooting machine-guns is not hypocrisy; it’s stupidity.”

          Not stupid when they are being very well paid for their public anti-gun position.

        • Technically, machine gun refers to a crew-served weapon. Even an M-16 is not a machine gun.

        • You basically just said it’s not hypocrisy, it’s hypocrisy. Regardless, publicly supporting one thing while personally having a different standard for yourself is hypocritical behavior.

      • I have a feeling that by “hobophobic” you mean “opposes gay marriage”. It does not follow that because one is gay one must support gay marriage. He may have been gay and opposed gay marriage and that is not hypocrisy in any way.

        • Hobophobia is ameliorated by a double barr’ld shotgun loaded with rock salt. “Move along you hobos! Ain’t no christian charity here!”

        • No I actually meant the word that I said. I oppose all federal marriage laws, because they are part of the bedrock of the personal income tax, which is illegal. One can do this without necessarily being vicious to people, which this gentleman, and many other hypocritical politicians have done. Talking about the scourge of homosexuality/guns in public and then hitting the roadhouse/range out of town that night where nobody knows your skeevy face is hypocritical.

    • I don’t understand why this is the case. She has to accept that it wasn’t the guns fault, or access to guns which caused her to get shot in the head. It was just an unfortunate event caused by someone who shouldn’t have been on the streets.

      • From that picture, she appears to be comfortable with firearms, even EBR’s (Evil Black Rifles). I’d even say she looks good holding that rifle.

    • He didn’t purchase the AR for publicity. He purchased it to own. He got outed by someone at the store. He’s keeping the 1911. Who, if they were seeking to publicize the process of gun buying, would keep one of the items he bought? No one. Who thought it was difficult to buy an AR if you have a clean record? No one. Publicity, indeed. Guess he got some. The bad kind that makes him appear to be a liar on his first foray into political life. Nice work, fly boy.

  4. >> I reckon being shot in the head could change one’s perspective on guns ….

    Perhaps. I suspect my feelings toward the actual person that shot me would change rather than my opinion of the tool they used. But that’s just me.

    • True. I suspect like me, you wouldn’t be campaigning for hatchet control if someone attacked you with one.

      And you can buy those things EVERYWHERE! You can buy one and say you were going to “turn it over to the police”!

      I can just see the expression on their faces now.

      • Actually, I’ve an axe in my rear window.

        Even though I live in the Land O Rifle Racks, people look askance at it and sometimes me.


  5. I was hit head on by a reckless driver. I never advocated for the banning of Toyota Camrys.

    Hmm, still driving same as ever.

      • A fair warning to all drivers of Acuras and other vehicles targeted at the “I own the road” demographic:

        I drive the limit in the right-hand lane, and take great pleasure in (briefly) locking my wheels should some moron insist on a sub-second following distance.

        Oh, I’ll be polite at first – slow a little and wave ’em around, but tailgating is an attack, and I’m perfectly pleased to retaliate.

        Ride my ass, and I will break your face.

  6. Having been shot at, I still don’t hate guns I just don’t hunt at state game lands anymore. Granted I do understand the sentiment after hitting your thumb with a hammer you might tend to flinch on the next swing.

  7. What about the one of her shooting an AK? That one is going around too. Give us AK guys some love too!

  8. She is the ultimate victim now.

    What happened to her is disgraceful. While no fan of hers, I believe ineffective politicians should be voted out of office. Not assassinated by anarcho-loons.

    What her own party is doing to her is disgraceful. She has been through enough. Trotting her out to push their agenda when she is obviously having so much difficulty recovering is just disgusting.

    If this were the Republicans doing this to one of her own the cries of “Have you no decency?!” would be seen in every editorial board and talking head in the country.

    • It was Gifford’s husband’s job to keep her from being exploited publicly. But what’s a guy gonna do when he divorces, then marries into politics for the next phase of his life, and then the politician spouse suffers tragic incapacitation. Well? So he plays her into a campaign she never would have supported before her debilitation. It is a lesson in the dangers of men with endless ambition but only externally-sourced morality, without an internal compass of their own. He doesn’t even respond to shame if he thinks he can fake his way through it. Just my opinion.

  9. ok I’m sorry. not good with putting names with faces when sunglasses are involved. that’s who?

    • Judging by some of the other comments, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s Gabby Giffords.

    • gabby giffords…..

      Former U.S. congresscritter from southern AZ…

      Although she spent more time in Texas, being with her POS hypocrite astronaut husband than she ever spent here….

  10. And displaying proper trigger finger safety? Dare I say it looks like this wasn’t her first trip to the range? 

    • Wait, I also just noticed the target to her right looks like a BG target, not just a silhouette or bullseye. So she also fancies herself as a vigilante!

  11. What conflict of interests? They want to keep their guns and they don’t want other people to keep theirs. I can see many circumstances where those interests compliment each other.

    • I don’t think they particularly care whether people have guns or not. They care about the fiat being thrown at them to say gun-grabbing things.

  12. I think I can safely say that none of us would mind that she owned an AR or an AK prior to the shooting, PROVIDED she actually stood up for the rest of our rights to own the same guns.

    Having worked with mentally disabled individuals as well as victims of traumatic brain injury, I strongly suspect she is being manipulated by her husband and agents of the Democratic party for the gun-control agenda. She doesn’t have either the physical or mental werewithal to defend herself anymore, and for all I know she may well even resent it. It’s just like when she read from that note on TV – what’s to say she had any input at all on it?

    I also think we all agree equally strongly that anyone with political power and/or aspirations willing to advance a gun-control agenda while taking advantage of the RKBA and buying an AR, or even owning one for that matter, deserves every last bit of criticism and much more leveled their way.


  13. That picture is proof positive of one of the main reasons she was targeted for elimination!

    • See “5 Female Politicians With Guns“. Ms. Giffords is the second one in the list.

      Gabrielle Giffords is an Arizona congresswoman and a Democrat. She is the youngest woman ever to be elected to the Arizona Senate. She’s what they call a “Blue Dog” Democrat, which is a more conservative member of the party. It also means she’s not above doing a little shootin. She still gets a low rating from the NRA, but hey – she also likes motorcycles.

      The photo above is of Giffords holding an AK-47 during a visit to Afghanistan.

  14. It’s clear from this photo that Mrs. Giffords knows or knew at some point what an AR-15 is and how to use it safely. If she’s still a gun grabber at heart, knowing what she knows, I’d honestly prefer that over the ignorant fools spouting catch phrases who we usually hear from. If more politicians and lobbyists had personal experience rooted in practical firearms use and a deep understanding of the 2A, I think we’d have a lot fewer calls for gun control — or we could, at least, finally have this “debate” everyone is insisting we have.

    • Exactly my thought. If they own it then they already know what is involved in the process of purchasing one… more evidence of hypocrite Mark Kelly being full of $hit. Was the AR he recently purchased the second, third or more for his collection? I’m not for registering or counting guns, unless it’s the guns of someone who is counting mine.

  15. Giffords was always a social parasite who had one actual job in her life — and it didn’t last very long. The rest of the time, she ran her daddy’s tire business and then became a career politician. So she’s just doing what comes naturally.

  16. This is why I love the Interwebz…no matter what you post, where you post it, or how innocent you think it is, it’ll always come back to bite you in the ass.

  17. Excellent find!
    Note the open dust cover, standard capacity magazine, and that beautiful smile.
    Reminds me of mine when a “friend” let me shoot his AR-15.
    I am ‘shooting’ this photo to everyone I know.

  18. That pic tears me up. She’s one of us!

    I demand a plan: I demand that Jared Lee Loughner hang until he is dead, dead, dead! I want to watch him shit his pants, and piss himself, and I want to see his body jerk as the life goes out of him! Then, and only then, will I feel that justice has been done.


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