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EW sent us a link to the above image embedded in an email alert. The TTAG reader drew our attention to the message’s ghoulishness; the Mayors Against Illegal Guns had pounced on the PR possibilities of yesterday’s gang banging shoot-up in New Orleans. “Bloody shirt waved just over 24 hours after shooting.” No question: MAIG’s men are ready, indeed waiting for the next spree killing. Only they’re not lobbying under the MAIG moniker. Or their “Demand A Plan” public facing propaganda arm. It’s now “Demand Action to End Gun Violence.” Roger that. To that end, I demand that the New Orleans police capture the shooters and reveal whether or not they’d been in police custody previously and what charges they faced. And then lock them up for a long, long time. But that’s me.

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  1. And do a complete background check to make sure they havent been paid to do the crime by any political group….

  2. Wonder if this shooting will be examined from the mental health perspective or if it will put down as the good old-fashioned criminality? Where’s the outrage and 24-7 hour coverage? Do you reckon this will “jolt the national conscience” like other mass shootings? If not, why not? I bet the grabbers hate that this wasn’t a bunch of white folks they could relate to.

      • I’m sure these guys just printed out Liberators from their 3-D printers. No other way they could have got those firearms.

    • That’s my question as well. Where’s the coverage? I went to bed thinkin’ all hell was gonna break loose by this morning and surprise, almost no coverage. Judging by the lousy video, it didn’t appear to be a bunch of radical, white guys shooting a bunch of well off white kids, so everything is okay? Obama is pretty busy trying to remember which lies he told about Benghazi and “Fast and Furious” and Obamacare and trying to cover Holder’s butt, and now he’s really busy inventing new ones to try to cover his butt with that pesky IRS deal. Too many lies get ya all confused. Carney can’t even keep track of ’em all.

    • I have heard no mention of “Grief Counselors” or of sending in furry cute little puppies for the victims to pet to help them overcome their “stress”. Guess that only works for white kids.

  3. Stop gun violence bring back open carry for every one not having been convicted of a previous violent crime.

    • They’re more like demented puppeteers. They’ll rip a bullet riddled corpse out of the arms of its weeping family, string it up like a marionette and make it dance on the evening news for contributions.

      • Indeed, the MAIG and Joyce Foundation media strategies do appear a bit like just more low-life grave dancing as they seek to whip up uncomprehending and uninformed voter support for something with vague ramifications, a bit of Affordable Health Care Act 2.0 ‘trust us’ legislation. When I see the graves and bodies, crying families and sad children trotted out, it reminds of of news photos from the Mexican cartel wars, four bodies hung from a bridge overpass and such: The cartels want turf and ownership of the government. The gun confiscators want votes and…ownership of the government. Between the IRS audits for conservative 501(c)(4) applicants run from the DC offices, the boldface lies about how they hid the truth about Benghazi creating a false cover story to get them through the elections, and the nightmare of the ACA health care legislation’s back pages realities… something’s happening here…

  4. I completely agree with their crusade.

    I think all American citizens deserve to have legal action taken against all gun crimes.

    I think we should start with the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the criminal who shot him. He committed a heinous crime which involved a firearm. He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and the manner in which he gained access to that firearm should be investigated and if it is found that laws were broken in his acquisition of said firearm, then those who provided that firearm to him should receive the same punishment as the killer.

    Wait, who provided him the firearm?

    OH, well there’s no Mayors Against Worthless Lying F**kin’ Politicians so I guess it’s ok.

    • +10 Frustrating, isn’t it.

      The best thing about all his lies is, he’s gonna get caught. Carney is starting to look pretty worn out from trying to cover Obozo’s a$$ all the time. The AP is after him this AM. If he loses the free pass from the media, he’s done.

  5. It is obvious this is nothing like Aurora or Newtown. These are street punks with illegal guns, shooting at one another. Most likely gang realated. Unfortunately good law abiding citizens got caught in the crossfire. I agree totally that they most likely have rap sheets and are known to NOPD.

  6. I keep waiting for one of these organizations to use the words “War on Gun Violence”.

    I have my mega-facepalm ready and waiting.

  7. Forget your plan, RF. If all the goons in Nawlins end up in Angola prison, who will be left to vote for Mitch Landrieu and the rest of his lowlife family?

  8. funny, crime and homicide is highest in MAIG cities. Im sure thats not their fault.If I was demanding a plan, i’d demand a plan to defeat them in an election.

  9. FYI the MAIG group failed to mention that any parade in New Orleans is considered a gun free zone, and therefore these ‘honor students’ who shot up the crowd were surprisingly willing to violate that law while violating the bigger law. Seems gun control was there, it just didn’t work. Also, I am willing to bet the shooters were already felons, etc.

  10. I forgot was this the former “1 Million Moms” group? Its getting hard to keep track of these things. I guess thats good though, the more indavidual groups there are the more likley that heads will butt.

  11. I’m surprised it took this long for them to get to start waving their new bloody flags. Yep, the response to thugs with guns is to disarm the prey. All promoted by people who enjoy armed guards at our expense. Totally the way to go. Really, it’s just common sense. I mean death is a part of life, right?

  12. What it is interesting is that the whole language of the debate, as discussed in earlier posts today, has been changing. No longer is it “gun control (that is a negative word that validates the NRA’s position), it is the happy, healthy, and PC “gun safety.” By changing group names, it “seems like” more people are joining them on their side of the debate–like the anti-gun rallies that are made to look more populated than they really are. “Demand a Plan” was good while it lasted–but their plan went down in flames. So now they pick up the thread of that mantra and add into it the Senate’s failure to act by changing it to “Demand Action.” They still have the same plan–but now the pressure will be on legislators to enact that plan. Like the pressure on Sen. Ayotte (pressure that seems to have been set up by out of state interests). [As an aside, I am surprised that RF did not report that someone has finally come to her rescue and is airing ads saying that she did the right thing.]

    This whole deal is a battle of perceptions and the moral high ground. Thus it has been, and thus it shall remain.

  13. I wish these people would either come to kill me if they think I’m so evil, or better yet, leave me alone since I’m not. I’m kind of sick of hearing about it. I have absolutely nothing to do with the real world problems they are so misguided about.

  14. Damnit. My mayor is on the list. I’m getting a straw to blow spit wads at him for the 4th of July parade.

  15. And besides, these mayors should stop pretending: They don’t give a rip about illegal guns–it’s the legal ones they’re really after.

  16. Seriously, what is the deal with these groups changing their dang names so often? Brady has been called like a zillion other things, the moms have gone through a few changes in the past few months… it’s crazy.

    It’s as if they don’t know who they are and they can’t come to terms with their feelings. They don’t trust themselves to make important decisions and they constantly doubt themselves and change their minds. They make decisions before thinking things through. They can’t control their emotions. …then, of course, they think everybody is like this and that’s why they don’t want people to have guns. They’re projecting this instability and distrust of themselves onto others to make them feel normal.

    • Changing their name constantly may be a good thing. People will not be able to contribute to all of the groups. Plus when they try to create brand recognition. it won’t be there.

    • “An important art of politicians is to find new names for institutions which old names have become odious to the public.”

      – Talleyrand

  17. I demand that they stop morphing into the next zombie fanatic group that…stay with me now….has a plan, Randy

  18. Personally, I think the tide has changed, and the latest Gallup polls show it. The more the Administration is busted for lies, ‘enemies lists,’ and its politics is made ever more visible as populist pandering to the low information voters, the more the middle 2/3rds of voters think “Where’s my gun? The urban clients of big gov’t are going wild. No, you turn in YOUR gun. I’m keeping mine.” The wives keep picking up small semi-autos. The trust and faith are gone, and all that’s left is a sheepish-looking Pres surrounded by the vanguard of the Richard Daley I & Jr. machine, afraid they’ve been caught out, sweat on their brow like Nixon debating JFK. Of course rich patrons from Chicago and New York want to disarm the people. “You can never be too rich, too thin, or too free of armed proletarians!” And yet, if they go in after the illwfL ghetto guns directly with force, they’ll break their coalition and generate riots. I tell ‘ya, being a billionaire today just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The fear never goes away except, perhaps when in Klosters or Caneel Bay.

    • I agree that the tide has turned at the federal level. When Schumer and DiFi carpe diemed, they reached too far; America is not ready to give up its guns. Universal background checks may be an idea whose day has come, but not with all the baggage that Schumer sought to append that threatened universal registration; and in denying that this was the goal, any credibility the argument for background checks had was lost. The falsity of the 90% approval figure was shown, and the political agenda revealed. The mere threat of the AR ban was enough to demonstrate–at the cash box–that Americans want these firearms; the DiFi bill, along with Biden’s cheer leading, was more than enough to doom its passage (as Reid finally acknowledged).

      But other than a slow down in bills passing in state legislatures (after the mad rushes to enact laws in the North East), I am not so certain that the flood of new laws has ebbed. Fifty one bills are pending in California, delayed because a budget must be passed first–but the majority has until September to bring them back with full vigor, and there is no reason to suspect will be avoided. New Jersey, is in no hurry to repeat the mistakes of those states who rushed into the fray and passed ridiculous bills without any serious consideration, evidence gathering, or debate. But bills will still be passed.
      Court action on the NY SAFE Act has slowed to the typical litigation crawl, and reports from the front are few and far between. The Courts will be the LAST to act–there are multiple cases in the Ninth Circuit now that are pending determination, but personally I suspect there will be no movement until the cert petitions to SCOTUS in Moore v. Madigan and Woollard v Maryland (neither of which have been filed) are decided.
      Delayed? Yes. Tide turned? No. The battle has yet to be joined.

  19. TO: All
    RE: You Demand Action?

    Then come to Christ and bring your kiddies with you.

    All this horror. All this slaughter. All this pain is because we’ve turned our backs on God and His love for US.


    [No Christ. No Peace. Know Christ. Know Peace.]

    Try This….

  20. reports that police chief states suspect Akein Scott: “has previous arrests on charges of possession of firearms, possession of narcotics and resisting arrest. There was no information on the disposition of those charges.”


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