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The guy who runs the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page is a nasty f%&k. He constantly posts links, pics and comments that treat gun owners like vermin. By doing so, he encourages anti-gunners to pour anti-ballistic bile onto their fellow Americans. His rhetoric antagonizes gun owners – by intent – hardening into hatred toward those who gladly, indeed enthusiastically infringe on their right to keep and bear arms. That said, the CSGV mostly tries to sugar-coat their contempt. Except when the mask slips and they don’t. This is one of those times. And here’s some of the feedback on their page . . .

Anna Krantz I am in! Don’t forget to add ” Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness “.

Scott Hall  This is the best anti-gun poster ever created. It says everything.

Cameron Thompson Say when

Marcia Bryant This post seems to have attracted a higher than usual number of gun humpers. That tells me this image is a good one.

Dustin Knapp Hell yeah i’m in, if it makes these idiot shut up and THINK for themselfs. then yeah. i’m in.

Edward De La Cruz I’ll fly that flag!!

Jim Knyght The NRA/gun lobby has taken away our democracy when it comes to stopping gun violence. We want to take back democracy from the autocrats, the un-American NRA.

Adrian Roscher Great image – except the snake should have “NRA” written on it!

Richard Kosheluk In

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  1. This is just as bad as those that step on the American flag. Taking a historical flag used to fight for our freedom and using it fight against our freedom.

  2. LOSERS…always threatening armed people. So what are they going to do-use harsh language? So what are you gonna’ carry RF-I’m voting cowboy…

  3. I don’t suppose he is man enough to post his home address and a pic of his wife for the homies to lay their eyes upon? Funny how things that flow from there change one’s opinions.

    • I don’t suppose he is man enough to put a “This home is proudly gun-free!” sign in his front yard, eh?

  4. And how do they intend to tread on anyone?

    Oh, right, by demanding that other people with guns do so for them…

    • Big talkers have been saying that for a long time. NFA ring a bell? They’ve been stomping on us for nigh on a decade, and what have all the big talkers done? Not one damn thing.

      • We aligned and organized ourselves behind the NRA and fought back? Seems to be working better now than before when they were passing bills left and right with support of the NRA.

      • Well, to be fair, We haven’t seen any insurrection of substantial effectiveness since the Civil War. Which to be clear, the founding fathers stated should’ve started [again?] long before we got to this point. The cut of your gibe kinda cuts both ways. The posturing on this side of the fence has been, by and large, toothless as well.

        Like a Devil’s Walking Stick, nothing’s going to change, except for the newness of the foliage without excising the root of the problem.

  5. Humanity; are gun owners somehow inhuman?
    Civility; because wanting to crush gun owners underfoot, demonizing them, and legitimizing violence against them is civil
    Democracy; because we can just ignore the whole Bill of Rights, the fact that gun owners are a growing demographic, and that more States are relaxing gun control laws
    Reason; because using logical fallacies, and false studies is evidence of reason

    • At least the “democracy” bit they got right – mob rule. Laws, and the degree to which they are enforced/respected, come and go in a democracy on a nearly daily basis. All you need is at least the pretense of a plebiscite. And all the pretense of a plebiscite requires is a popularity contest.

      • Too bad we’re not a democracy. We’re a representative republic with democratic ideals thrown in. They obviously are not interested in the democratic process, as they keep failing to pass any legislation, so they must mean mob rule. The only problem with that is they are also a minority, so not only do they have no political power but they also have no popular power. They’re really just complaining and even fail at appropriately expressing that and completely miss the meaning of the historical reference they are making. I see why they keep bringing up the UK, looks like they’re neo-torries or playing the really long game.

        • We are now an autocracy. The “gentleman’s agreement” that is the constitution no longer controls. Executive privilege is even becoming popular among state governors. Big O is looking to tie-up gun owners in a series of executive orders that once again make legislation irrelevant. To date, none of his orders have been definitively turned back (as in Supreme Court decisions). It will be interesting when the first presidential order is overturned by the supremes. Just waiting for the entertainment as the Kenyan simply tells the SC to simply “piss off”.

  6. Does this count as a threat? Because if I recall rattle snakes have fangs, tread on and taste some venom facist/statist scum!

  7. STB notwithstanding (i really do like all his work and writings), these people are not to be defended physically (1A is just as inviolable as 2A), but we are not required to assist in a scenario where any of them are faced with death or serious bodily injury (unless making popcorn and dragging out the lawn chairs to watch is somehow defending them). A person who would deny me my rights cannot expect to have me use those same rights to save them from themselves. The choice to defend another is strictly personal, and not required by any law. And don’t give me “moral law”. “Moral law does not require that I risk my safety in a hopeless effort to protect someone else. Dead, I am no good the the original victim, myself or my family.

    When you step on the Gadsden rattlesnake, you can’t cry about what happens next.

  8. No mask has slipped because CSGV has never worn one. Josh Horwitz and Ladd Everitt are both lunatics and they can’t pretend to be otherwise. Their hatred of us is palpable and their intelligence is low. The idiots that follow them are as dumb as a head full of lice.

    OTOH, they’ve never called our Texas brothers “Chipotle Ninjas,” so there is that.

    • Ouch! I dare say maybe that one stings because it was a bit true. Perhaps we ought not be so quick to attack those on our side who do not use the tactics we would prefer.

    • Well, I probably vote in a similar manner to “Chipotle Ninjas.” I also don’t want to take their rights away, or prevent them from speaking for themselves.

  9. Gotta love all of the pro gun quotes on there they havent gotten around to deleting yet.

  10. Historically, there was a name for these kind of folk: Tories. If these folks had their way, 240 years ago, the Founding Fathers would all have been hung or drawn and quartered.

    Generations later, their German cousins would happily don Brownshirts and crack a snappy straight armed salute, not to mention more than a few storefront windows and skulls.

    These people cannot get out of the way of their own contempt.

    In both these instances, true Patriots rose to the occassion, stood their moral ground, raised thier rifles and prevailed.

    The world was a far better place for it.

    • No more than than 35% of the colonist wanted to break away from England. Less than that took over Gremany, and Iran. What prevents us (people of the Gun) from doing likewise is our culture of democracy.

  11. If we’re so dangerous and terrible, why are they always provoking and antagonizing us?

    If what they say about us is true, they’d all be dead.

    But, they’re not dead.

    Which is proof of their hate-mongering slander.

    • This ^. If we are all so unstable and violent, why haven’t they ceased to exist yet? They get all loud and violent, calling for us to be killed, yet nothing from us of the sort.

  12. Cruise through their FB pages. Not one living in a crime ridden neighborhood. Can you blame them? Never having to endure the presence of evil while framing the world what it should be.

      • I would love to watch a new reality show this Summer: Screwed.

        The premise:
        Drop Josh Horwitz, Ladd Everitt and a random selection of their followers into the Western District of Baltimore, and follow the hijinks that ensue.

        Bring your own lawn chairs and popcorn.

        • jerkoff at Ground Zero made $32 for a hotdog. I think we can sell food and sponsorships, too. Sorta like an anti-gunner hunger games. . . . but I doubt Shannon will be able to bs her way with bravado out of this one.

      • Naw…when one stares at data and hopes for a different outcome. People who do that usually are well inside their comfort zone.

        • Indeed, they all are racists. Racism is the root of handgun prohibition. All the original laws were passed by white guys as a means to keep the non-whites from having handguns with which to rise-up and kill their masters (literal and economic). Note that them most vocal of grabbers is white, the public face of grabbers is a white person.

  13. Umm my first thought wasn’t even gun related. It was what moron steps on a rattle snake barefoot?

    Second thought… Why do WE let them get away with such images and remarks?

    • Because we respect the first amendment as well as all the others, unlike our (un)worthy opponents who will not tolerate dissenting opinions. We defend that right as well as the right to defend ourselves, or we are hypocrites as bad as they are.

      • I respect gun-grabbers’ right to speak their opinion about the risks (and corresponding implications of that risk) when it comes to firearm ownership. I do NOT support a “right” of gun-grabbers to call on government to imprison and/or execute us because we choose to own firearms. That is not, never has been, nor ever will be “free speech”.

        • It’s worth bearing in mind that what they are doing, isn’t freedom of speech. It is advocating radical terrorism practices which are in direct contravention to many articles of [if not outright trying to abolish portions of] the Constitution and/or BoR.

          That my friends, is high treason.

          Alas, as long as it fits with (dot)Guv’z agenda [who is guilty of the same practices since long before they had an internet site], you’ll see no one from that side prosecuted for it. Nor a case even brought against them.

    • Because if we retaliate in kind then they treat us as a threat, and use it as evidence that we should have our rights stripped from us.

      • You do realize that gun-grabbers paint us as a threat and lobby government to infringe our rights no matter what we do, right?

  14. The NRA/gun lobby has taken away our democracy when it comes to stopping gun violence. Well, they might be correct in that we have stifled their mobocracy of the howls of the proletariat masses. This is why the founding fathers were trying to establish a Constitutional Republic with a bill of enumerated rights. Mobocracy is the majority of the minority being enabled to gang rape and exterminate everyone else.

  15. “We want to take back democracy from the autocrats, the un-American NRA.”

    So an organization that defends our rights is un-american…..

  16. I am in! Don’t forget to add ” Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness “.
    So we will promote liberty, civility, reason, and the pursuit of happiness by establishing the jack booted Dictatorship of the Proletariat?

    • Don’t forget, to some people we can only do that by infringing on the rights of the law abiding

    • I thought she wants to crush life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness along with the POTG.

  17. To bad we are a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy

    -A constitutional republic is a state in which the head of state and other officials are representatives of the people. They must govern to existing constitution.

    -A Democracy a :government by the people; especially :rule of the majority
    b :a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

    While our country has many aspects of a Democracy a Democracy lacks the requirments to govern based on the Constitution.

    Not to give the other side any help but in order to ban guns you would need to change the constitution, and all states that are not governing as per the constitution should have their statehood revoked, returned to a territory status until such time as they get in line with the constitution.

    • It has been my belief for some time now that it is not a question of will or should a state secede from the union if the unconstitutional actions of the federal government get too onerous… In fact, it is those states that support that government, and the government itself, that has seceded.

      Your comment about returning such states to a status of territory hits that nail right on the head. If by their actions they have shown to disregard the Constitution then they have already seceded and they should be required to re-apply for statehood when and if they understand what it is they have pissed away.

  18. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in–but that’s pretty weak to me. The Gadsen flag was an actual flag flown by patriots of this country, who, as it happens, identified themselves with the snake. So they are saying they want to stomp on patriots? Since when does “civility” stomp on anyone? It’s all just too foolish to be incendiary. And the comments just remind me of those simian “demonstrations” where the monkeys make a lot of noise and wave their arms about without really doing anything, in an attempt to avoid having to do anything more substantial. It’s just kind of pathetic.

    • +1
      The CSGV folk are feeling marginalized and small after being kicked in the teeth by the spread of freedom in Maine and Texas and bad year for gun grabbing as a whole. So like a disobedient pet they find something you love and pee on it. This is a tantrum and I love how ugly they look right now.

      • @Another Robert-“And the comments just remind me of those simian “demonstrations” where the monkeys make a lot of noise and wave their arms about without really doing anything,”

        That was a pretty good comparison of anti-liberty voting liberals, since they are trying to subdue freedom loving citizens. The Citizens, will not be subjects by sacrificing their personal liberties. These citizens are skilled with the specific tools designed for when such transgressions are transformed to government force. It reminded me of the video where the monkey scratches his anus, smells the result of his action, and then falls out of the tree. That is what the symbol at the top of the page is truly indicating.

  19. So, are they suggesting an actual attack on us, as the post claims? For some reason my money is on the armed side.

  20. They should have used a jackboot instead of a bare foot… More effective at killing the snake, of course …

  21. I bet many on their side are armed. They just think it is okay for them since they are on the “right side of history.” Additionally, how many police chiefs would be right there ready to be the foot? We shouldn’t delude ourselves that they are disarmed pacifists. No, they’d as gladly put a bullet in our head as would all the other communist dictators in history.

    • There may be a handful of anti-gunners who are personally dangerous (Chris Dorner comes to mind), but these particular idiots are just a bunch of Facebook jerkoffs whose idea of activism is clicking a “Like” button and feeling smug that they’ve “done something”. I don’t think anyone things of them as pacifists. They would happily have someone else (preferably an agent of the state) put a bullet in your head, maybe, but they lack the conviction to do the dirty work themselves.

      The real danger from these “useful idiots” is that they vote.

    • I have to wonder how many of those Keyboard Kommandos had to keep it short because they have to study for their Middle School finals.

      “On the Internet nobody knows that you’re a dog.”

      • But if you’re not careful they may discover that you are a son of a bitch.

        (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

  22. The “treading” any of them are going to do will be their asses treading on the couch cushions.

    Big talk from little people.

    • Our fellow gun owners in Washington and Oregon,etc. may have a differing opinion about that couch cushion treading, as it is THEIR and OUR rights treaded upon and over, not a piece of imported Chinese furniture.

      “Big talk from little people.” Some of those little people have lots of money, which correlates to buying the best politicians and community organizers they can afford for the emotional votes, that carry force of law.

  23. So can’t we treat this as a threat and complain to Facebook? (I know they are liberal scum as well). But seriously, if the people of the gun (or any other non liberal approved group) did this it would so be taken down in an heartbeat.

    Gotta love the mouse click activists

  24. “Hell yeah i’m in, if it makes these idiot shut up and THINK for themselfs.”

    Hilariously ironic, considering how rigidly enforced the groupthink is among CSGV “activists” and their ilk.

  25. Well done, CSGV, you guys are so clever! Yeah SOME Americans might be upset about trashing a flag their ancestors fought and died under to create the country but, come on, only a dozen gun nuts at most care about patriotism and the Revolutionary War. Go big and get Bloomberg to print up signs so you can start picketing Independence Hall. Folks will love the irony!

  26. Maybe they will all get what they really claim to want…….to live in an area where NOBODY is armed. Then they will understand the true law of the jungle.

    No that is not possible because they all probably have armed bodyguards like the rest of the hypocrites in the anti-freedom movements.

    • “I saw a movie once where only the police and military had guns. it was called ‘Schindler’s List’. ” (In quotes because I stole it from a pic I found somewhere).

  27. Someone should do a followup with the snake sinking its fangs into a foot labeled Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

    The historical ignorance is staggering in this image. The Gadsden flag was once the symbol of this country, which, for all its flaws, has done more for individual free and human dignity than any other.

    • +1

      There are many Americans who don’t feel strongly about gun rights who will be offended by the defacement of the Gadsden flag. CSGV, bless your hearts, keep f%&king that chicken. Victory is so close you can taste the feathers.

      • Yep, that’s going to be a PR disaster for them.

        But it’s not just the treatment of the flag. It’s the overall mind-fvckingly stupid design of this. Starting with a bare foot stepping on the snake, and continuing with “humanity” and “civility” tattooed on the stomping leg in a stark reminiscence of 1984’s doublespeak – “humanity is crushing someone under your foot” is right there in the same row with “war is peace” and “freedom is slavery”.

  28. Logic dictates, that if the “gun lobby” was as violent as the CSGV said, the CSGV would have no members left alive to say anything.

  29. Doesn’t it make one wonder why a group with “stop ___ violence” as a major part of its name seems to try so hard to cause division and provoke violence? If gun owners were truly as prone to violence as CPVG attempts to portray them, CPVG would no longer have any members left alive.

  30. This is a “macro-aggression;” no beating around the bush, it says “your rights are dangerous and we must crush you!” It also gives these sniveling little commie rats the idea that their precious worker rebellion is in solodarity with the Revolution and the ideals it birthed. Most importantly to them, it really, really insults people who actually DO cherish those ideals, so of course the outrage makes them grin from ear to ear. You could probably force a Christian to cater a gay pride parade for Obamacare with a vegan-only menu and still not make them laugh as hard as a patriot attempting to explain individual rights. That’s just how it is.

  31. I’m glad these people of hate show who they really are. I want to know who will prevent a single mother from having the protection she needs from a predator.

    I want to know who will prevent a husband and father from protecting his family from evil doers. Anti gunners want inocent people killed rather than the individual free citizens protecting themselves.

    • Hey, as RF pointed out in another thread, the prez of University of Dallas came right out and said he would rather those he called “bad guys” to have guns than have responsible, law-abiding, background-checked, licensed adults have guns.

  32. I would venture to say that a good portion of supporters of the gun grabbers are people who arent allowed to own them legally… lots of jaded people out there with felonies that, if given the green light, would pick up this hobby in a second..

    • So…maybe we should “turn” their supporters by enabling nonviolent ex-felons to own guns? That way they have a stake in protecting liberty. I’d agree with that.

  33. The CSGV, along with the VPC, are by far the most shrill, unhinged anti-gun groups around. The funny thing is, both groups consist of about two people who’s salaries are paid by annual grants from the Joyce Foundation. Maybe they wouldn’t need those grants if facebook likes were worth actual money. They don’t have dues paying members or even any number of volunteers worth mentioning. Just a couple of guys in cheap office space somewhere providing quotes to their friends in the media, maintaining websites filled with lies and apparently posting their bile on facebook. They’re like the demanding mom’s taken to the astroturf extreme.

    • CSGV is the bratty little brother of the anti-gun clique girls. They also seem to be the most obsessed with demonizing, in the snarkiest way possible, lawful gun owners.

      Like the rest of them, they are no more than a squeaky little PR machine, churning out self-serving, misleading sound bites to a sympathetic media on behalf of well-monied clients with a popularity problem,

  34. Projection by keyboard commandos is amusing. Except when one becomes another Matthew Apperson.

    They keep demonstrating and justifying why we are armed.

  35. “The NRA/gun lobby has taken away our democracy when it comes to stopping gun violence.”

    Isn’t it fun how people define “democracy” as “getting what I want”?

    The truth is, the gun rights community is winning by working through the democratic process, not subverting it, because ultimately our agenda is all about empowering the individual, and the American public increasingly understands this.

    • taken away their democracy? yet we live in a republic (aka representative democracy), not a democracy (aka mob rule)

    • What’s even funnier is that they think we live in a democracy, rather than a constitutional republic that subjects democracy to the rule of law – including the constitutional protection against any and all infringement of the right to keep and bear arms.

  36. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to show a bare foot stomping on a fetus in the womb?

    just sayin’

  37. I can picture the anti gunners stomping their feet and crying “Why haven’t those meanies registered their evil black guns in NY? We passed a law! Waaaaaa!”

  38. I’ve been reading this site for a while but this is my first post. This article was too much. I went to their website but could not find a way to respond. So I am writing this here. Google “prime time rapist tucson”. Yep, I lived in one of those neighborhoods. As my dad was out of town working several days a week it was on me to protect my mother and sister. I had his .22 revolver, my grandfather’s 1897 Winchester 12 gauge, and a hunting rifle nearby whenever home. BTW, those were all lost in a boating accident.

    I cannot imagine being unarmed. After living through that, about all I can say is “from my cold dead hands”. And oh, prosecute the criminals and leave us alone.

  39. Do these folks not realize that the only way to have their tyrannical utopia is by force of arms…a war? Do they not realize that our forefathers created the 2nd amendment to prepare We The People for that war? Do they not realize that the termination of the 2nd amendment is our signal that the war has started? Do these Progressives not realize they will lose that war…and we aren’t talking in a good way? How do you talk sense into these people?

  40. HOW is this any different from the NAZI cartoonists portraying Jews as hook-nosed diamond dealers and 2-legged rats? It’s NOT. In the framework of 1984 we are the new Emmanuel Goldstein.


  41. Liberal bullies don’t actually believe that anyone would stand up to them. It frequently comes a quite a shock when someone actually does.

  42. The anti’s are playing mind games with us. They are intentionally trying to make us angry so that we are these big bad guys with guns. Psychological warfare people. While it does tick me off that we are being portrayed in a negative light, and have people from the other side rattling sabers, anyone who posts “that they should come a take them” or “just try it” or even more angry shots has just lost this war. Why? Because an angry response to their scare tactics will be viewed as “oh the gun owners are angry and violent”.

    How should we act? Keep fighting for gun rights and refuse to comment on their scare tactics. Let’s show how gun owners have stopped crime, or by hunting we help wildlife by ensuring the populations we hunt do not overpopulate and starve. By being more civil and responsible in our posts, while they are leach their hatred in their posts, people in the middle will see that law abiding gun owners are not the problem.

    • Well, like I said above, they didn’t do a very good job here as far as I’m concerned. I’m not outraged, just kind of disgusted at their historical ignorance, irrational thought patterns, and mindless hostility to things and people they have absolutely no knowledge about. And lemming-like conformity of, ah, “thought”.

    • I do think it’s good to have posts like this now and then, and hate groups like the CSGV do us a favor by creating things like this. Not only does it further marginalize them into the realm of insane psychopaths, but it reminds us of why the 2A is so important. Evil does exist. Bad people who would do us harm do exist. Just because we live in a relatively civil society doesn’t mean festering, violent fascists like the CSGV followers aren’t out there.

      All the CSGV accomplishes by doing stunts like these is to reinvigorate gun rights supporters. They put a clear, reprehensible face to the very enemies our founding fathers warned us about when they enshrined the 2A. When people ask me why I’m so passionate about gun rights, I can now point to this CSGV image and say, “Because some Americans think it’s civil, democratic, and reasonable to tyrannically crush their fellow Americans for practicing a Constitutional right. And anyone can run for office.”

  43. I don’t really care what CSGV thinks or does. Unless they’re willing and able to commit the largest humanitarian atrocity in history and round us up and kill us they won’t get their way. Because that’s what it’ll take unless you’ll give up your arms voluntarily, and that’s not happening. Young adults who’s formative years were all about the Walking Dead and the Hunger Games certainly won’t either.

  44. To the wanna be tough guy thay posted the flag. I will send you my address if you promise to try and come step on this rattlesnake. Please. Im sure the only tough thing about you is your words.

  45. The flag of Liberal Progressives…It says “Join us in enslaving ourselves to the state!”


  46. Just goes to show ya how thick these anti-liberty morons actually are. I invite as many as are willing to come on out here to Arizona and tread, barefoot, any of our many species of rattlesnakes. As others have pointed out, a rattlesnake sounds a warning if possible, giving the bare foot an opportunity to tread somewhere else. If only they would thin themselves out with the proposed, or similar, actions.

  47. Future volunteer gas chamber operators, all of them. Sick, twisted minds that hate the concept of freedom.

    I wonder if they realize the irony of the fact that the Second Amendment was created because people like them exist. All you CSGV fascists talking about democracy, reason life liberty and happiness…the founding fathers of this country would have utterly despised you and considered you an enemy of “progress.”

  48. They can’t even hide their hatred of freedom anymore. This is great, anyone who is on the fence will probably lean farther away from them now.

  49. Oh, my. Give them enough – er – belted ammo, and they’ll hang themselves with it. Or something.

    Seriously, this one and the one it “satirizes” side by side is the best case one could make for civilian gun ownership. Several ways.

    – We want to be left alone (and the same for everyone else.)
    – They want to impose their preference on others.

    – We think the other opinion is misguided, but people are inherently to be respected.
    – They think, and act, as if the other opinion is only for “un-people.”

    – We seek to persuade, in part by showing ourselves to be reasoned, restrained and measure.
    – They see to “persuade” by inviting others to enjoy the frission of throwing spit balls at the out-group kids.

    – We seek to show that people can (and in the end must) be trusted to act for themselves.
    – They seem to think it is persuasive to demonstrated that they can’t be trusted to wield 140 character slogans responsibly, so they should be in charge of more.

    – etc.

    The foaming zealots won’t ever be persuaded. However, the undecided middle will be persuaded as much by how you present yourself as by your argument.

    How can we bait them into doing more of this kind of thing, to show themselves for true?

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