Incendiary Image of the Day: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words Edition

Anti-gun agit prop (courtesy

“Did you know that every 30 minutes a child or teen dies or is injured from a gun?” Marian Wright Edelman asks in her forward to the Children’s Defense Fund’s Protect Children Not Guns 2013 report. “As this report documents with the most recent data available, the toll of this gun violence epidemic is devastating. In 2010, 18,270 children and teens died or were injured from guns, 17 classrooms of 20 children every week. Children and teens in America are 17 times more likely to die from gun violence than their peers in other high-income countries. Is this what we mean by American exceptionalism? We can do better. We must do better.” And while they’re doing good, it would be good to remember that the vast majority of the “gun violence victims” in the study were gang bangers. And that guns save lives. Young lives. More than they take. Every. Single. Day.


  1. avatar Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: Heh

    I defy these fools to go clean up Chicago, where most of these children are being gunned down by other ‘children’.


    [The Truth will out….]

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      My ex-roommate’s mother’s sister is is a cheap crack ho and she makes more than your ex-roommate’s mother.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        I hate you, Ralph. 😀

    2. avatar Ropingdown says:

      All of you wondering how NY Dem politics leads to inflation now have the answer you seek.

  2. avatar BDub says:

    Is this based on the 21 and under FBI numbers or the 14 and under CDC numbers? Does it include suicides, accidents, police shootings, DGU’s? Hmmm?

    I’m sure the toll on the freckled white girl population is near unbearable.

    1. avatar BDub says:

      I have now ready their document – If I were a visiting alien and believed this document, I would report to my overlords that there were packs of guns roaming the streets all on their own, executing children.

      1. avatar Blue says:

        Your over lord would be scared shitless by the magical prowess of guns in America. They have the power to get out of a top of the line gun safe without opening the door.

      2. avatar John L. says:

        Kinda gives “autocannon” a whole new meaning. Like, autonomous.


      3. avatar Eaglescout87 says:

        This may be the best TTAG reply I’ve seen in weeks, nay months! Lol

    2. avatar Matt in FL says:

      It includes 19 and under, and breaks it down by homicide, suicide, and accident, but no further.

    3. If they were to discard age 15-19 they would loose 89% of their numbers.

    4. avatar Pete says:

      I think she is more likely to get skin cancer than to be shot. She needs commonscense sunscreen instead.

    5. avatar GS650G says:

      Why didn’t they show an African-American child of 19 years old?
      Or Trayvon’s baseball picture?

  3. avatar Blehtastic says:

    Where else are the liberals going to find their dead baby jokes?

    Think of the children.

    1. avatar tdiinva says:

      Except before they are born.

    2. avatar Roscoe says:

      Liberals only have a sense of humor when it’s aimed directly at a non-liberal progressive.

  4. avatar Jim R says:

    Did you know a 19 year old gangbanger counts as a “teen”?

    1. avatar Blue says:

      So do 17 y.o. and 15 y.o thugs that shoot 13 month old babies in the face and kill them during armed robbery.

      1. avatar Ardent says:

        It’s the same old story from here to eternity. If you count gang bangers shot by cops and each other the numbers look pretty dismal. Clean it up to reflect reality and it’s simply a small part of the price of freedom and nothing more than the rare crime or accident occurring here and there.

        If there is an epidemic it is inner city crime, gangs and the drug trade that fuels them. Out here in the sticks where basically everyone has a gun the murder rate is zero, rape: 0, armed robbery:0 in fact there has been only one murder in the last 5 years. For that year the murder rate jumped all the way to 1 in 60,000 (the population of the whole county).
        If guns cause murder I should be too busy shooting it out with my neighbor to even write this.
        Logic and reason have no place in the liberal mind.

        1. avatar Herman Johnson says:

          well said. I imaging Trayvon Martin would be on the list of Children being killed by guns. Also Mexico has strict gun control, an you can see how it keeps guns out of the drug cartels hands. Just like it keeps guns out of the criminals hands here. The few criminals that I have known in the past was happy that certain elements wanted to ban guns. I asked them why, an they said they had a better chance of protecting them selves from a base ball bat, than a bullet when they would break into some one’s house, or business.

    2. avatar BDub says:

      Yes, and there is a woeful absence of “who” and/or “why”, and an excessive preponderance of “with what”. Seriously, I’ve never seen such a detailed documentation of child death that entirely avoided the context and circumstances of those deaths. Its amazing. And the over arching implication of this is that if you removed the guns from the equation then all these deaths would somehow cease, as if the possession of the gun is the one and only existing reason for its use in a murder.

  5. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    How many of those “teens” are affiliated with gangs?

    Every 30 minutes? Every 40 seconds a child is slaughtered before he or she even has a chance to get out of the womb.

  6. avatar Blue says:

    They refuse to put teen shootings in context of gang bangers etc. One word: Chicago.

  7. avatar In Memphis says:

    How old was the younger Boston Bomber? He counts right? Maybe if The USA didnt worship guns and the wild west he wouldnt want to blow it all up. Yup hes a victim, Bloomberg said so.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      He counted for MAIG until we outed them…

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    How does taking guns from good people save children?

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      You know, it just does. Its common sense, remember?

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Ow, my head hurts.

    2. avatar Jason says:

      Magic. Duh!
      The same way taxing productive people makes everybody wealthy.

  9. avatar Matt in FL says:

    “Eighty-six percent of gun deaths and 89 percent of gun injuries in 2010 occurred in 15-19 year-olds.”

    So, despite them saying children and teens every time they mentioned a statistic, the truth is that “children” are a very small percentage of the overall values. Which leads to:

    “Two out of three child and teen gun deaths were homicides;” and “Among nonfatal gun injuries, a little over three out of four resulted from assaults”

    So, the majority of the number they’re using (134 * 20 = 2680) are late teenagers, and those assaults and killings are largely perpetrated by other late teenagers, for whom the possession of a gun is already illegal. Tell me again how background checks, assault weapon bans, and magazine capacity restrictions have anything to do with that?

    “A gun in the home makes the likelihood of homicide three times higher, suicide three to five times higher, and accidental death four times higher.”

    Higher than what?

    Yeah, there’s so much wrong with that report that I’m not gonna mess with it anymore. I’d argue it point for point if I had someone in front of me referring to it, but I’m not gonna do it here.

    1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

      +1 \yawn/ if you cannot beguile them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh*t. Same old song and dance. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    2. avatar Jason says:

      You’re not supposed to look at the details. You’re just supposed to look at the picture of the cute kid, who’s not at all indicative of the “children” in the study, and parrot the carefully constructed sound bites about the imagined child-murder epidemic.

    3. avatar Ropingdown says:

      The line between well-intentioned do-gooder and deceitful low-life grave dancer is a thin one.

  10. avatar Bud says:

    As a retired cop, I can guarantee many of those children killed by gunfire already have felony convictions.

    How incredibly naive

    1. avatar Nobby says:

      Therefore, those kids deserved to die. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        Meh, if that’s how you want to troll.

        Bud didn’t go all the way, but I’ll finish for him: a very high percentage of those “children” are felons, killed by other felons, just like the vast majority of homicides generally.

        Does that make their deaths right? Of course not, troll, but it makes those deaths irrelevant to the gun control debate, because gun laws affect only the law abiding.

        1. avatar JeffR says:

          I can’t figure out if Nobby is a troll or just making really odd comments. I am genuinely confused.

        2. avatar mike says:

          I think nobby is using their words against them. The antis have used those same words about dead soldiers. Particularly chris kyles death. They think it is perfectly fine for adults with guns to be killed by them but not young adults apparently. To me young is no more important than old, a human is a human.

  11. avatar Nobby says:

    Shouldn’t a small black child be the “poster child”? Or are they acknowledging that that only a small, white, innocent face will get the kind of attention and response being sought?

    1. avatar Ropingdown says:


    2. avatar DaveL says:

      No, technically a young black man should be the “poster child”. But the latter part of your assessment is correct.

      1. avatar rosignol says:

        The picture is not intended to represent the typical victim. It is intended to represent the child of the typical people being targeted by the fundraising campaign.

  12. avatar In Memphis says:

    Not sure if this is old news but speaking of protecting the children…

    Clarksville, AK schools to arm over 20 teachers and staff.

    1. avatar Will says:

      That should be Clarksville, AR. AK is Alaska.

      1. avatar In Memphis says:

        Haha Oops! Thank you sir!

  13. avatar Jay also in Florida says:

    “Children” really how many 13- 20 year olds are children or in actuality gang bangers??
    Im sorry as long as they are killing each other, Im fine with the “children” dying.
    Innocent children is a whole other deal.
    Ban pools.

    1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

      And riding law mowers…for the children…

      1. avatar In Memphis says:

        You can have my riding mower when you pry it from under my cold dead @&&

    2. avatar Nobby says:

      Hey I’m with you. Who cares as long as it’s thug child killing thug child? Same with soldiers killing soldiers. In both cases, that’s their occupation so why trying to reduce the number of deaths, right?

      1. avatar Layne says:

        Hey I couldn’t care less who killed the thug child, so long as he’s dead. Same goes for Iraqi insurgents et al. it’s cheaper than prison and way more effective.

      2. avatar DaveL says:

        Why should we believe gun control would reduce the number of deaths? What we’re talking about is criminals already prohibited from having guns killing members of their peer group.

  14. avatar eric says:

    Maybe I am getting worn out listening to all the anti gun rhetoric and blown up “statistics” or maybe I’m being an [email protected], but I don’t care about the stats. Each and every time I am around a firearm I put safety first and foremost. I can account for all of my guns and I make damn well sure any family or friend handles any weapon safely.
    What all this boils down to is I didn’t have a part in anyone’s death and God willing, I never will. So stop treating the criminals like they’re the victims and LEAVE THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS THE HELL ALONE.

    1. avatar Nobby says:

      Hell yeah!

    2. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Thank you. Really. Thank you.

  15. avatar jwm says:

    You’re much safer without a gun in the house. Just ask the Petit family.

  16. avatar Conrad says:

    Protect Children from Guns… I agree! How do I donate a Parent…

  17. avatar Kyle says:

    Don’t plenty of children die from swimming pool drownings each year as well?

  18. avatar Greg in Allston says:

    Yes, guns save lives. EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. And that’s what they deny and can’t comprehend or tolerate. It simply doesn’t get us to where we need to be, according to their world view. A world of self-reliant sheepdogs is antithetical to, and an existential threat, to their desire for a world of supplicating and genuflecting sheep, that will gladly do their better’s bidding on command, …for a little temporary (and illusory) safety.

  19. avatar Jus Bill says:

    “180k people die each year world wide from diabetic problems brought on by drinking too many sodas.

    “USA number? 25k

    “More people die each year drinking sodas than from guns.”

    By PhoenixNFA at

  20. avatar crzapy says:

    There should be some sort of statute requiring truth in bloody shirt waving. If you want to claim that thousands of children are being killed by guns the poster child should reflect those most likely to be gunned down. I am sure age, sex, and race as well as priors are all listed on the crime report. I am also willing to bet it all that these children would generally be allot closer to adulthood, allot darker in skin tone, much more male, and have more priors than the sweet little freckled face portrayed. The problem is anti gunners are too racist to think the public at large cares about minority heavy gang violence. Or maybe, the anti gunners only really want to get rid of guns instead of solve the problems of crime, drugs, gangs and inner city poverty.

  21. avatar crzapy says:

    Only info I could find was from 1997. However, I think it would likely be correct today: “A closer look at these numbers is needed in order to make sense of how the homicide and suicide rates impact the statement “12 children a day die by gun violence”. With the 0-14 age group having 606 gun related deaths there are 1.7 children killed each day. Take away homicide and suicide, then accidents are .39 per day. Compare this number to 7.3 a day for motor vehicle accidents, and 2.8 for drowning. Add the numbers for 15-19 year olds and the number jumps to 11.5. Homicides add 6.1 per day followed by suicides at 3.1 per day. Unintentional and undetermined (61) add .6 per day, for a total of 11.5 in 1997. 15 teens a day died from motor vehicle accidents in 1998 for a total of 5606. Subtract the gang-related homicides and pre-meditated suicides and the figure doesn’t begin to approach the inflated number put forth by such calculating liars as President Clinton or Sarah Brady.”

  22. avatar Trogdor says:

    What are we supposed to use, harsh language?

  23. avatar rico says:

    This is typical of the “children” killed by guns. Not exactly a freckle faced pre-teen girl.
    From last week’s Miami Herald:

    “West Valley City police are searching for suspects in what they’re calling the gang-related shooting death of a teenager. Police say 18-year-old Anthony Hernandez was walking down a sidewalk with other people late Saturday when two vehicles pulled up. Investigators say “a brief verbal exchange with gang references” took place between Hernandez and occupants of one of the vehicles, and shots fired from the vehicle struck him. Hernandez was taken to a hospital, where he died early Sunday several hours after the shooting. .”

  24. avatar ZM 1306 says:

    Incendiary Twisted Thought of the Day:

    Since the children are dead couldn’t we save space and fit more that 20 into a classroom?

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Yes, but the air conditioning bill would be a disaster.

      1. avatar ZM 1306 says:

        I think it would be good to keep the A/C running. Think of the smell otherwise… It would be money well spent.

  25. avatar Fug says:

    Classrooms of twenty student? That is completely unrealistic. I graduated public school in 2002 and forty students in a class was routine. Just goes to show who is coming up with this bleeding heart bullshit: Rich people who can afford to live a life where facing violence is not even conceivable.

  26. avatar Kirsten says:

    Oh my, thats so embarrassing for them. Their poster has a crucial typo. It should be “with” instead of “not”.

    Protect children
    “with” guns 2013.

    Now it just looks like they’re saying something ignorant…

  27. avatar Pat says:

    Sick, evil, twisted libtard democrats….and all who voted for them.
    Let us sniff Anthrax spores and Zyklon-B….in the name of the children.

  28. avatar GS650G says:

    Something has to be done about guns being sold in Toys R Us next to the bicycles and dolls. Clearly it’s a problem.

  29. avatar J. Ma says:

    Actually, 19000 of the 30000 gun deaths annually are SUICIDES, so a vast majority of the “dead children” inferred by this poster killed themselves…

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Nah, suicide is an overwhelmingly adult thing. For ages 19 and under, it’s homicide first, then accidents.

  30. avatar Herman Johnson says:

    How many die from abusive Parents? How many die in Automobile accidents? How many die from medical malpractice? The list can go on an on. Do you want to ban Parents, cars and doctors? The pocket knife I carry and use a lot could get me fined and jailed for 4 years in England. They want to ban certain kitchen knives, because they can’t shoot each other, they are using knives. I just don’t want my guns taken away for for any reason. I do believe that if guns are banned, the American Public will be Screwed. We need our guns to protect us from our enemies both foreign and Domestic. Domestic includes our neighborhood Muslims, criminal element and our Federal Government.

    1. avatar Tokamak says:

      No no, you aren’t listening! It’s the numbers! The numbers spewed by people like our local Dr. Steven Sainsbury tell us that there are at least a Million kids killed by guns in the home. If you have a firearm anywhere in your state the odds are a Bajillion to one against your very survival. Well maybe somebody is exaggerating just a little…
      But…at least nobody wants to take our guns..2nd amendment and all.

  31. avatar Jason in AR says:

    how do abortions compare to that list?

  32. avatar Moonshine says:

    Endnote 1 is the infamous (and now thoroughly debunked) Kellerman study. My interest has evaporated.

  33. avatar RheumyScooter says:

    Why are all the “abortion is murder” neanderthal retards trying to hijack this conversation?

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