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Brooklyn "arsenal" (courtesy

Cops find arsenal of guns, swords in Brooklyn apartment headline proclaims. According to the decimal deficient Post, we’re looking at “a 9 MM Highpoint Rifle with a defaced serial number, one 380 Cal loaded semi-automatic handgun, a 357 revolver, as well as a 38 caliber revolver. Police also found 50 rounds of 45 caiberl [sic] ammunition, 50 rounds of 9MM ammunition, 67 rounds of 347 caliber ammunition, 50 rounds of 38 caliber ammunition, 17 rounds of 380 caliber ammunition, and a 45 caliber magazine.” Can you imagine what the Post would make of an average TTAG reader’s collection? The fact that this is news in New York tells you everything you need to know about the sad state of the City’s gun culture. Cry the beloved gun safe, if you know what I mean. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. I love how they include the BB guns and pocket knives to make the display look scarier.

    • I saw that too…. I see a couple of lock-backs like the ones I use when tending bar. And I use a club just like the one pictured to crush ice.

      I also see what looks like a bar-multi-tool anyway, the kind with the corkscrew in the middle. Could just be the bad angle.

      And a machete? Now garden tools are to be feared?

        • Scariest thing there is the rusted-out and apparently broken(where’s the hammer?) .38 revolver. Someone might get hurt if they try to fire it.

      • I give this guy at least an A for trying, but I had to laugh at the libtards including a pellet gun in the mix. As far as the ammo amount, I almost peed in my shorts. This guy has a full table top; many people have an entire room in their house.

        [still laughing]

        Bloomberg is such a douche.

        • Count again. There’s at least five airguns, and the .38 revolver appears to have a broken hammer. By my count that makes THREE functional firearms, with which this NYPD spokesman claims they could outfit an army…

      • In all fairness the NYPD probably doesn’t know the difference between the airguns and the firearms.

    • To be fair, there are also several objects that appear to be cell phones on the table. It’s more likely that this is just a full inventory of confiscated items.

  2. Where can I get one of the “347”s ?
    What, no .22’s????
    Sure am glad I’m not up there. Sounds like a trip to the range for me.

  3. The small amount of ammo indicates that illicit gun owners in NYC do not practice — nor do gang-bangers in Chicago or elsewhere. In fact 2 boxes of ammo could be enough for a lifetime as an “enforcer”.

    • “In fact 2 boxes of ammo could be enough for a lifetime as an “enforcer”.”…..or the round count of one “enforcer” at an officer involved shooting.

  4. I can’t even think of something smart to say. Sad. My bedside table is scarier than that at night. (Married, no kids, safety Nazis)

    • I shudder to think what the post would publish about the contents of my trunk with the active shooter response bag.

      Aid kit, plate carrier, magazines, rifle, pistol, etc…

      • Oh, come on, you are then clearly of the anointed, blessed by the father and incapable of evil. It is those of us who are NOT holy that they fear.

  5. I’d call Sarah Connors under ground armory in Terminator II an arsenal. Any thing less is just a gun collection.

  6. Look at the center if the photo. It was the nunchucks that will get him a life sentence.

  7. Hmmm… It appears that half the guns on the table are air guns. The top rifle is a modestly rare version of the Crosman 760, featuring real wood stock and fore stock (this was *the* air gun to have in my youth; most of them plastic back then).

    Of course, the real question: We have a magazine and ammo in .45 ACP, but no firearm…

    • They were easily modified as well. I knew a kid who had sawed off the barrel all the way to the pump and the stock. Wasn’t the most accurate thing but was fairly cool.

  8. “It was enough to arm a small army or militia,” a police source said of the bust. “These guys were ready for war.”

    • I’m rather pleased by this story. When the Collapse finally comes, and all the city-dwellers come streaming into the Suburbs, they are going to get their *sses handed to them if that’s all they have. I know that in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king (and in the land of the disarmed, the dude with a .380 is a warlord), but that’s just weak.

      Still, they apparently have me beat in the swords department. I’ll have to look into a couple of sabres, since I can’t have a bayonet lug.

      • The swords appear to be cheap Chinese stainless knockoffs–not even real swords. This is what I would consider a poor man’s collection, hardly an arsenal.

      • The dude with the .380 will be killed by someone with a shovel while he’s trying to clear the malfunction.

        • What world do you live in where “.380s” as a group are known to be jam-prone? I’ve shot lots of .380s from various manufacturers, and I’ve found them no more or less likely to jam than any other caliber. Like any other gun, it’s down to quality and maintenance.

    • A very small army. But NYC’s Mighty Midget and his uber-prog successor don’t like competition; one weapon they don’t control is one weapon too many.

  9. I’ll bet all those “swords” are decorative with no edge, or dirt cheap replicas that have the edge of a dinner knife.

    • No bet. They look cheesy just in the low-res photo here at TTAG. Most of them look like the sets you can buy for $40 to $60 at a mall “cutlery” store.

      I can probably count the number of functional weapons on that table on my fingers.

  10. Yeah, that’s a pretty pathetic “arsenal.” A couple of actual firearms, some Airsoft and BB guns, some junk knives, fake samurai swords and a machete. The machete might be the scariest thing on that table, actually.

    • At arms reach; I’d rather deal with a guy with a gun versus someone with a knife or machete.

      • If its in the hands of some thug wannabe you’re probably better off standing still if he were to try to shoot a .357 at you.

    • That was a pretty scary .357, but I mellowed when I saw they only had ammo for a .347.

  11. I had a bigger “arsenal” when i was a teen just starting high school.

    I had more real guns and ammo, too.

    You ever seen anyone who is funny because of how seriously they take themselves? The New York Post is funny like that…

    What is a calibel? 67 rounds of .347 caliber?

    It’s also good to know that between the two simi-auto weapons, they only had one magazine… for an unrelated firearm.

    Sounds like the reporter has been into those Codeines. Hey, at least they didn’t call the 995 an Assault rifle.

    • A calibel, it’s a thing they put on people from California’s necks so you can hear them coming. And famously a musical instrument featured in a Saturday Night Live sketch used to cure Christopher Walken’s fever.

  12. Yeesh, I have more arsenal than that squeezed into my measly little 6-gun safe.

    The statement by the “police source” is just pathetic, though.

  13. So if they found “50 rounds of 45 caiberl” and a “45 caliber magazine” (at least it wasn’t a clip) then I wonder if they’re freaking out wondering where this dude’s 45 caiberl gun is.

    Also, I have more range ammo just in .17HMR than this guy has in his entire “arsenal”.

  14. “Start a war”? with one box of a partial box of ammo ammunition per gun??? That don’t even get me to the range.

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For someone living in a slave enclave like NYC, the owner of that little collection of weapons and tiny sampling of ammo might think it’s a heavenly stash.

      Using the same restrictive mentality and the correct political positioning, the “authorities” of that same jurisdiction would portray it as akin to a terrorist cache.

      The media of course, will do everything they can to distort and embellish the story and promote their anti-gun bona-fides.

      We in other locations, even CA, go ‘MEH’.

  15. Where/why do you get nunchucks with safety orange handles?

    Is this more Baltimore Gangsters shenanigans?

  16. WOW!!

    I’ll bet that’s more ammo than an average NYPD copper uses to practice with during his/her entire career.

    No wonder they’re so astounded at such a cache!

  17. @RF: You left out the best part of the article

    As if that wasn’t enough, cops also recovered eight swords, one machete, some nunchakus and eight Codeine tablets, cops said.

    “It was enough to arm a small army or militia,” a police source said of the bust. “These guys were ready for war.”

    If this is not for pure and simple fear mongering, I don’t know what is. I guess that is the propaganda agenda of the day, instill fear so that people run to loving open arms of the government. This might as well have been ripped from an old Soviet Propaganda poster!~


    • Just realized why the codeine was there… to alleviate pain associated with nutting yourself with the nunchuks. I’m guessing there were more at some point.

    • “Popper could also face federal charges for possessing a vehicle with hidden compartments”.


      • It’s one of those bogus charges used when nothing else can be proven or to increase penalties, since hidden compartments are typically used to smuggle contraband. It’s along the lines of “if you have nothing to hide, then you won’t mind if I take a look” in terms of bullshit logic.

  18. If you Google “.347” you will see numerous “News” articles referring to both .357 Sig and .357 magnum as a .347 caliber. Seems to be almost as common as the .09mm, .9mm, and 45mm missprints the ignorant liberal media puts about the scary “OFWGs” and their “Arsenals”….

    • Does anyone make a 45mm? Those Bofors 40mm are impressive enough for me, though the ammo costs will eat you alive.

  19. Not to mention the .177 airgun pistol, and two air rifles… whoaa simmer down… Who needs three air powered guns?

    • I never cared enough to know if it was actually legal, but most of the stores I know in MI actually make you flash ID to buy the CO2 cartridges…

  20. Ready for war….against who…the Galapagos…Sesame Street???? I can’t think of anywhere else…other than a gun free zone that they wouldn’t be outgunned with that “arsenal”.

      • I’d have to go with slugs. Or at least 00 buck. Imagine the dangers of an enraged big bird if you fail to put him down clean. Second thought, may want to skip the shottie and go with something suitable for the big 5.

        • Oooo! A .375 H&H or a .416 Weatherby with JHPs would do the job. Hardnose would just punch thru and hit Snuffleupagus (out of season).

  21. If that is an arsenal then I don’t know what to call mine. We carry more firepower when we go camping, especially more ammo. Although I don’t have a pair of dumbchucks- uh I mean nunchucks, so now I feel like a failure!!!

    • Same here. I carry more firepower in my survival kit when I go off-roading with the jeep. No swords, for I do not expect a zombie apocalypse anytime soon. 🙂 But in a pinch, a shovel, and machete is probably enough.

  22. Clearly, tougher gun laws are needed to prevent these types of dangerous incidents.

    • EXACTLY! Thass what I been sayin! You should have to have AT LEAST one real gun per sword, and if you don’t have 1000 rounds of ammo for it, it don’t count.

  23. I wonder how many tables they tried before they found one small enough to be filled up by that pitiful pile of mall ninja crap.

    • Ive done airsoft wars where most of us only had one pistol, so technically he’s got enough there. did stupid stuff with BB guns and thick winter jackets too in my misguided youth. Of course these ‘wars” were scheduled for Saturday mornings after cartoons were done. and lasted till dinnertime 5:00 sharp lol

  24. When George Zimmerman was arrested (after the Sharpton-Holder Magical Fake Civil Rights Extravaganza) for girlfriend problems, the press said he “had hundreds of rounds of ammunition”. That’s barely enough for a proper range visit. I almost felt sad that he was so poor and that the media is so stupid. Almost…

  25. I’m half tempted to lay out my “arsenal” including ammo and pocket knives… Then I remember I don’t have enough floor space for that.

    • Lol, I’m with you! To get back far enough to get everything of that nature in the picture I’d have to put it all out in the yard and stand on the roof for the shot. I’d have to be so far back that you wouldn’t be able to tell what most of it was!

  26. Given the definition of the word, it definitely is an arsenal. But yes, their connotation is pretty lame.

    • My assertion is that while an Arsenal is defined as “a collection of weapons”, a bunch of wall decor swords a hammerless revolver that could be broken, some bullets, and air guns; does not constitute “weapons” in a collection. More like, a collection of scrap metal.

  27. Five BB guns, 4 actual guns and a bunch of flea market cutlery? That’s an ‘arsenal’ these days? What the heck do you call a real collection of arms?

    Wow, just wow.

    As to the putting everything on the table for the photograph: This is a tactic common to police and prosecutors. I’m surprised the guys kitchen knives weren’t up there too.

    I have a friend who was once arrested, wrongfully. His Bronco had all sorts of junk in it, built up over years. The photo the prosecutor showed the judge at his bond hearing showed a rifle, a shot gun, a hand gun, a machete, a base ball bat, a tire iron, 2 pairs of gloves and a mask.
    The left out the coat and overalls that were the rest of his riding gear that December. They left out the winches, comealongs, shovel, sand, salt and all the rest of the stuff that went with the machete as part of his off-roading gear. They left out the glove and baseball that went with the bat which all belonged to his son who played baseball at his middle school. They left out the hard cases the guns were in and the targets, both fresh and shot that went with them. In short, they staged the photo to make it look as bad as it possibly could even though only one of these things had the slightest to do with what he was charged with; unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon. He wasn’t even in his vehicle at the time of the alleged crime. Long story short, he was on private property at the time he was carrying the weapon and so the charges were dropped. But the police and the prosecutor went to great lengths to make this guy, who had no criminal record, look as bad as he possibly could. Disgusting, just disgusting.

  28. I have more revolvers, than the whole “arsenal ” not mention adding number of pistols long guns, in my collection. Have more 9mm, .38, 357, ,22lr by the hundreds to thousands, depending on caliber.
    He does not have even enough for a good day at a gun range;

  29. I visited a place once where there was an arsenal. 250 select fire M-16s, 40 M1911-A1 pistols, 8 M-60 LMGs, 4 M-2 Cal.50 HMGs, 2 M-79 40mm grenade launchers and at least 20 LAWII rocket launchers along with a few 100lbs of various explosives and at least 500 yards of det cord. It was the weapons vault of a national guard unit. That was an arsenal, or more formally an ‘Armory’ which was what the whole building the vault was housed in was called. What this guy had was a poor collection of guns and toys.

  30. When I was in Bangladesh about 10 years ago I was amused by the almost daily descriptions of police finding arsenals. Usually something like 1 shotgun and 27 rounds of rifle ammo. Or if it was really huge, 1 single shot shotgun with 14 rounds and an rusty Enfield with 37 rounds.

    Guns were illegal unless you had a permit. which was nearly impossible unless you had loads of money and good connections. But you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that would ask me (being American and Americans being famous for having guns) if I wanted to see (or in some cases shoot) their gun. It was kept secret, but kept in case of bad things happening.

  31. Journalism 101:

    Arsenal = a gun. As in “is that an arsenal in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

    • I was having an arsenal and then I saw the New York Post and my arsenal went soft.

  32. even CA doesn’t list the three BB guns as firearms, but cops here show them in “kid’s arensal” shots. Airsoft replicas also end up in photos and are hard to tell from the angle. I saw Robocop’s fictional “Auto-9” in a proud police raid photo a couple years ago here. A cheap spring powered Chinese airsoft pistol firing a plastic pellet.

    When the cops have to resort to FUD, you know their cause is wrong.

  33. aha, I get it now.

    “arsenal”-what the PD and anti’s pull out of their “arse” to advance their agenda!

  34. I have 1000 rounds of 9mm, 500 rounds of .45, and about 600 rounds of .308 Winchester. I have a G17 Gen4; G21 Gen4; Pro Carry II; and SCAR 17S. Does this mean that I have an arsenal?

  35. I’ve got several hundred rounds more of 9mm than he as all ammo put together…..they’d shit a brick at my closet.

  36. If you read the article the apartment was shared by four individuals, this is not one man’s collection, but FOUR!!!

  37. “It was enough to arm a small army or militia,” a police source said of the bust. “These guys were ready for war.”

    Rough count is about 260 rounds of ammo. I believe that Lanza had more on his person. I think Holmes did, too.

    I think if these people were going to “war,” it be almost as short as a French war. BAZINGA! BTW, I can say that since I’m part French. Never go full-French.

    • I have over 1000 rounds of a PARTICULAR 7.62mm, navy long range match, 175g. And I consider my collection very weak as an “arsenal.” An arsenal is what could equip your nearest 10 neighbors to begin an insurgency. Like, start with 20 ARs, 80 mags, and 5000 rounds of 5.56, plus silly extras like pistols and ammo. After that they can fend for themselves.

    • I get bored sometimes, and I do love a good wine. I’ve been considering invading France with a few buddies, just for laughs and a couple of good meals. I’ll give it back after a couple of days.

    • Heh. Exactly. First thought when I picked mine up was, “guess I finally have an ‘arsenal.'”

      Mine’s a SAM7SF; I’m really impressed with the trigger, build quality & accuracy.

  38. That’s just pitiful. Not even a new style Hi Point. I gots to get me somma dat .347!

  39. My range trip sat consisted of 3 9mm pistols, 3 45acp’s a 357 pistol and carbine, 2 ak47 variants, 2 ar15’s, a 380acp, 5500 or so rounds of various ammo in various ammo cans, oh and a mosin m44. That wasn’t even half the guns that could have gone just the ones to take for 2 of us to have a fun afternoon . Arsenal? Start a war? Yeah dream on NYC.

  40. If that’s an arsenal then I’m probably an international arms dealer in their eyes.

  41. It is the low carbon alloy highly breakable faux arsenal swords that really “Bother” me!!!!! Since I have “several” clay tempered working swords with actual hamon and I actually know how to use them after 40 years of study and fighting I must really have an arsenal, add to the the other “toys” I have I must have a mega arsenal.

  42. My favorite part of the NY Post story:

    “… and eight Codeine tablets, cops said.

    It was enough to arm a small army or militia,” a police source said of the bust. “These guys were ready for war.”

  43. The caption for that photo could be “World’s Saddest Gun Show Table”. Half the people who read TTAG have more ammo than that in their everyday carry kit…

  44. I am a complete piker and yet I have way more than this. Can anyone fire more than one gun at a time anyway? Most of those things weren’t guns. Ammo supply was truly pitiful. I feel sad for NYC.

  45. GAHAHAHA! Excuse me while I go lol forever.

    Yeah, right. “Start a war” with a bunch of broke-ass BB guns, .22’s, and .38s. Get the fuck outta’ here with that shit. Seriously.

  46. I can’t believe there aren’t any six dollar butterfly knives there, this seems to be their natural habitat. Like the meth pipes that come with those little fake flowers inside them.

  47. After being next too a former NYPD cop @ the range last week with my 16 y/o we now both wear kevlar there. Our targets had a few holes (flyers @ that)

  48. fuck the guns lol anybody else notice the pill bottle an baggies bottom center

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