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Illinois state Senator Don Harmon

Don Harmon is the President Pro Tempore of the Senate in Illinois, and boy does he hate the idea of citizens carrying guns. Even with the entire judicial system informing him that yes he really does need to respect all of the amendments to the Constitution and not just the fashionable ones, Don believes that it is his job to make it as hard and as tedious as possible for any one of his constituents to carry a gun. It’s an opinion that he made clear in a recent article, and which I will enjoy ripping apart for the next few minutes. Join me, won’t you? . . .

Don starts off spouting the party line that Illinois is being forced – forced! – to adopt a law that will turn their state into the wild west, complete with blood flowing in the streets.

With a judicial gun to our heads, the Illinois General Assembly last year enacted a deeply flawed law allowing Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons in public. Mislabeled as a “compromise,” the law is dangerously lenient. It also takes authority away from local governments and police chiefs to take actions they believe are necessary to protect their communities.

Less than a paragraph into the article and Don’s already in trouble.

The belief among gun control advocates is that anything less than complete prohibition of guns is “dangerously lenient,” despite all evidence to the contrary. They honestly believe that allowing law abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons will cause an immediate spike in the murder rate. Never mind the fact that all of the other states that made the same change have somehow avoided that fate. Those same alarmist predictions of blood in the streets never came true, no matter how loudly the local mainstream media screamed.

In reality, people with a concealed carry license are less likely to commit a murder than are members of the police. But because Don doesn’t like guns. He chooses to ignore that fun fact and work off his own twisted imagination instead.

While Illinois is the latest (and last) state to offer concealed carry licenses, it’s in no way the most lenient. In fact, I’m probably more likely to get a concealed carry license in New York before I get one in Illinois. Nevertheless, Don laments that the law is “dangerously lenient” and uses some stats to back that claim up.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has reported that of nearly 9,500 county residents who applied for five-year concealed carry permits since early January, 300 had records for domestic violence, gang activity, gun crimes, sex crimes, burglary and other criminal activity.Yet, the Illinois State Police had given initial approval to all but five of those applicants for concealed carry (Chicago Sun-Times, Feb. 12, 2014).

You might think that shows the new law is giving concealed carry permits to criminals. But in reality, it’s more sensationalism and fear mongering from sources that are trying to push an anti-RKBA agenda. The article Don cites (this one) is similarly vague about the “records,” and with good reason — they’re using the word “record” to mean “arrest” – not “conviction.” Harmon apparently believes that merely being arrested for a crime makes you automatically guilty, and therefore should disqualify you from exercising your constitutionally protected rights. Because obviously the police never arrest any innocent people.

Don apparently dislikes the Fifth amendment almost as much as he does the Second, and is choosing to ignore that one as well.

But he’s in a tough spot. He hates guns, and on the eve of concealed carry becoming a reality, he needs to “do something” before these crazy gun nuts are allowed to go wherever they want carrying death and destruction along with them. So in a moment of genius he decided to resort to that age old, last ditch excuse for restricting just about any right or personal freedoms: we must do it for the children.

I received a call this week from an Oak Park mom troubled by having to explain to her six-year-old why there were suddenly pictures of guns everywhere.  I’m told psychiatrists and psychologists are investigating the effects of the visual bombardment we will endure, particularly on our children. Senate Bill 2669 might address that risk.

The Oak Park/River Forest Chamber of Commerce is hearing from some businesses that don’t want individuals to carry weapons in their stores and restaurants, but are hesitant to put up a sign that might offend some customers.


I’ve introduced legislation – Senate Bill 2669 — that essentially says to churches, restaurants, and business owners: “Post a sign if guns are welcome. No sign? No guns.”

Harmon’s position is that pictures of guns are harming the mental well being of children, and therefore the law needs to be turned on its head. Don wants the concealed carry in the Land of Lincoln only permitted where the store owners specifically go out of their way to give it a green light. Because those images of guns are harming the mental health of children.

I’d just like to point out that images of guns have been a staple of American life for, well, centuries. From the western TV shows of the 1950s and 60s to modern Call of Duty games, images of guns are everywhere. And yet, the crime rate continues to drop and “gun violence” is at an all time low. Again, Don is projecting his own mental anguish at seeing pictures of guns on the children and using that as an excuse to ignore facts and logic and all those other inconvenient annoyances of lawmaking.

The reality is that Don Harmon hates the idea of legal concealed carry, and he’s flailing about, grasping for any pretense to allow him to gut the laws now on the Illinois books. Never mind that in the dozens of states that have implemented legal concealed carry there’s been nothing nothing approaching the blood-in-the-streets doomsday scenarios perpetually predicted by the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex.

Again, never mind that concealed carry holders are statistically more law abiding than police officers. Never mind that it’s a fundamental individual enumerated civil right protected by the Constitution and affirmed by the supreme court.

Don doesn’t care. The best he can come up with for his discrimination against gun owners and their Constitutional rights is a vague “do it for the children” plea. And based on that flimsy rationale, he wants a system in which concealed carry is only allowed in places witt great big signs saying that it’s OK. No thanks.

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  1. Forget Fukushima. We should call the specialists and have them test the rad levels in Lake Michigan . ComEd hiding a reactor leak at their Zion plant is the only logical explaination for this level of collective derpness in Northern Illinois , with apologies to folks west of I-39

  2. I moved to Chicago for a job. Four years later, I began to commute from Kenosha. As I look out the train every evening, it appears that Chicago sinks into lake Michigan; I tend to giggle everytime. A two hour commute is nothing.

    • Two hours on the train? Awesome! Is there a “club car?” 😉 I took a train to work once (Orange County to Oceanside CA – about a 60 mile commute) when the car was in the shop, and it was wonderful sitting there having my morning coffee and reading the paper rather than ploughing through the river of idiots in iron death machines.

      • In January of 2010, I took AMTRAK from Lamy, NM (the Santa Fe train station, inexplicably 14 miles from SF, and without cell phone coverage!) to Richmond, and 9 days later, back again. There is no other way to see that side of America. No one on highways ever sees America in this way. It was nearly a 4000-mile round trip, 2 1/2 days + each way.

        Comfortable? Not in the least. Interesting? You bet.

        By and large, there are no “club cars” on AMTRAK that I saw. Each liner has an observation car, with many big windows, nice seating. The bar/snack is usually right down the stairway. I slept in the observation car one night, on the floor, just to be able to stretch out. It was pretty nice. I slept right next to the heating vents.

        It was winter. They keep the trains pretty chilly. Be prepared.

  3. How could they tell if concealed carry will lead to blood in the streets. There is already a steady supply of blood flowing on many Chicago streets.

  4. “Even with the entire judicial system informing him that yes he really does need to respect all of the amendments to the Constitution and not just the fashionable ones”

    Are you kidding? Ever since the progressive-socialists took over the Dems and have since acquired a great deal of power in the government they have made it clear that NONE of the Bill of Rights suits them. Everything needs to be restricted for our own good and our “betters” should be the ones who determine what we get to say, where we get to live, and what we should own.

    I still cannot believe how people defend them. Probably because they have the misguided notion they are the “betters” as well or they are just jealous that everyone else doesn’t accept their chains so readily.

    • To control, or be controlled; this is the motto of a liberal/ progressive; and if you actually believe in personal freedom; responsibility, and that you ARE responsible for your own self-defense by keeping and bearing of arms; then you are a savage brute that cares nothing for the children.

      The really bizarre thing; they are the ones that have shown their beliefs are the most savage, brutal and blood soaked in recent history.

      • With progressives, the true believers and the politicians at least, I think you have to understand that no matter who they say a thing is supposed to help they mean themselves. Thus “This law will help ‘immigrants'” they mean it will help ‘me’, “It’s for the ‘children'” translates to ‘it’s for “me”‘.

        No matter what they say they never press for or enact any law that doesn’t benefit them.

        It’s not that there is anything inherently wrong with self interest, it’s that there is something wrong with being pathologically dishonest about what those interests are and what the motivation for them is.

        I suppose it’s hard to be honest when want you want is power over others that you have no right to, money from others that you have no right to, and to assuage your own guilt and fear by taking away rights from others.

        What one has to wonder is why anyone votes for them or campaigns for them. I think it’s short sightedness; Someone offers to take something away from someone else and give it to you and at first it might seem like a fine thing, until you realize that eventually they will take something from you and give it to someone else. . . progressivists, collectivists and the like are playing a constant shell game with money and liberty that aren’t theirs to bargain with.

  5. Yes, the photos scar them for life. Children may end up liking what they see and become interested un firearms and may one day want to own one and become a defender of the 2nd Amendment. I was a victim as a young child. Seeing those gun mags at the grocery store sparked my interest, an interest that haunts me, and my checkbook, to this day.

    • Indeed. Was also scarred with “bad ass” myself as a young boy. My friends and I played “guns” often and my collection was varied and extensive (for a kid). True story, was in an old family attic the other day and found a small box of them. One of note, an Edison Giocattoli Lionmatic cap gun (an Italian cap gun?!). Look that bad boy up. Still in perfect working order (not that I have run any caps through her – dryfires great though.) Obligatory… they don’t make ’em like they used to! Also, they seem a lot smaller now. 😛 Perhaps kids would be less pu**ified these days if they got down in the trenches at the “fort” now and then!

      • “Perhaps kids would be less pu**ified these days if they got down in the trenches at the “fort” now and then!”

        That (meek children and adults) is exactly what the Communists Progressives want. Such people are much easier to dominate and exploit.

      • I’m smiling right now at the Edison reference. I had a quite a few Edison cap guns in my youth some die cast metal full on replicas of actual arms and others that were loving tributes in plastic. The 2 I recall best were a model 29 S&W replica in die cast and a Berretta 92FS in plastic. The former was so realistic it was twice confiscated by the police (subsequently to be released to my parents) and the latter so well wrought that it served as a ‘blue gun’ training weapon at the local police academy for years after I out grew it.

        They had real magazine releases/swing out cylinders, working slides and DA/SA actions. . . those Edison’s were a pure joy to a youngster who appreciates and admires fit, finish and function.

  6. In Wisconsin they were going to need to issue a squeegy with each CC license, for the blood./// I would have been on you like a pit bull on a quarter pounder don, but after Nick’s eviseration there isn’t much left…sigh.

  7. If you will no longer support and defend the constitution of the US and are using your office to further your personal goals at the expense of the American people; you have no business being president of the Senate in Illinois.

    Please look for another job.

  8. There’s really just one question you need to ask anyone like this, “Have you been to Vermont or New Hampshire recently? Or perhaps checked out their gun violence statistics?”

    Yeah, they won’t have an answer.

    • This.

      Funny how VT and our dearth of overbearing firearms laws never seems to come up in the national firearms debate…

    • They have no “gun violence” because it takes too much effort to trudge five miles through the snow to the local AM/PM minimart, or the next door neighbor’s, whichever is closer.

    • People like Don Harmon scare kids and adults in NH. Fortunately, we have very few urbanized, feminized, and progressive hamsters like Mr. Harmon in the Granite State. Mass is chock full of them though.

  9. You know, now that I think of it, what if his plan backfires and the number of places allowing guns far outweighs the number not allowing. That means that he will have increased the number of gun images in public places. This could be funny.

  10. There are a good number of CCW holders at the office, and somehow, perhaps by divine providence, we have managed to avoided dueling in the parking lot to settle our differences. I think the law abiding recipients in IL will be just fine. Not to mention they have so long been denied their basic human right to armed self defense that receiving that magical piece of plastic must feel like winning the lottery. I highly doubt they would risk non judicious handgun usage in fear of losing the rights they waited so long to enjoy.

    • I carry daily and quite a few of my office mates do as well. My barber and his partner carry. My mother and step father carry. My cousins and uncles and quite a few of my aunts carry. In all this time with so many pistols I have yet to see a gun fight at the office, the barber shop or a family reunion. Guns don’t promote violence they suppress it. It’s not as if you see fist fights at the office or the barber shop so there is no level of violence to escalate. Throw guns in the mix and the sorts of people who tend to get heated start behaving better because they know that everyone is armed.

      On a side note, it’s not the easiest thing to get a hair cut when your concealment is a suit coat. The coat has to come off to get the back of your neck trimmed up and shaved but when it does the whole room sees the gun on your belt. I’m happy to have found a barber that also carries and who’s clientele are comfortable with seeing my pistol while I have my hair cut. When I asked him if his customers would be troubled by the sight of my gun he replied that anyone who complained was welcome to leave. I knew I’d found my barber!

  11. Anyone who argues this is anything but a culture war is mistaken. The antis want to make even the printed or drawn image of a gun totally Taboo. If they succeed we lose because in a generation or two there will be too few of us to discourage the antis from total disarmament.

  12. Crook county resident here, was carrying years before People’s Republic of Illinois even sniffed at CCW. Going to trial beats going to the morgue seven days a week and twice on Sunday. Local/State/Federal government doesn’t respect the rule of law, so why should I?

  13. I’m conflicted about who I like tearing into anti-constitutionalist agitprop better, Robert or Nick….

  14. If 2A advocates made up a laughable caricature like Don Harmon, nobody would believe it.

    Let’s face it, fellows and gals. When you’re smart, stupid is funny.

          • Having lived two doors down from a Cat Lady, who had dozens upon dozens, and then died, I can sympathize with some modest restrictions. The *@&#% things ran across my tin roof all night, until I took to shooting a pellet gun at them to scare them off.

            Over many months, they disappeared, one by one. I never tried to shoot one, just scare them off. Not terribly effective, mind you. They were starving.

      • Noone owns a cat. It’s like owning the wind.

        You can keep ’em in captivity, but they have the upper appendage.

  15. If images of guns are harmful to children, then we must ban TV, violent movies, and put filters on the internet, places where they are far more likely to see guns than under the shirts of concealed carriers. Now the Oak Park mom is not surprising–Oak Park was a defendant in McDonald, and if I am not mistaken enacted an AR ban as well. Someone should slap her upside the head and tell her to use some common sense–just tell her kid that people have the right to carry guns, but stores have the right to tell those people they are not welcome there. Doh. And she’d better collect all of his/her legos because lego characters now have guns. No GIJoe (there still is GIJoe, isn’t here?), no Die Hard movies, no Peter and the Wolf. When she learns that it is literally impossible to prevent her child from seeing images of guns, well maybe then she will grow up. Though I doubt it.

    By the way, as I was saying in response to a post about Professor Winkler’s recommendation that California allow unloaded open carry, this is the kind of people you find in the San Francisco Bay Area; I call them “soccer moms.” If they see a gun they suffer a panic/anxiety attacks. What would Freud say?

  16. If pictures of guns can scar kids, better take SpongeBob off the air, immediately!

    That show scarred me and I’m a sick SOB.

  17. Maybe Don is in need of a check-up from the neck up, he does not sound rational to me. Has he ever watched TV or movies, they are full of not only guns, but gun violence.

    • As cold as it has been in Chicago recently, with no cover on Mt. Baldy, Harmon’s probably suffering from brain freeze on top of being an illogical shrill anti-gun extremist Dem.

  18. Kids are unconsciously very intuitive and nothing has them disrespect adults more than when they realize they’ve lied to by some leftist panty-wetter giving some flimsy excuse about scary inanimate objects while the whole argument was about his own insecurity.

    The fact of the issue is that gun-grabbers don’t trust themselves with being able to handle a firearm without accidentally shooting themselves, so rather than let anyone else have an unfair advantage, just in case, they figure it’s safer to level the entire playing field by taking guns away from EVERYONE so that their incompetence isn’t so obvious.

    • I don’t trust gun-grabbers with being able to handle a firearm without accidentally shooting themselves. Which is why I strongly encourage them to own guns.

  19. My 4 children are going to be scarred with strong 2nd Amendment values, firearm safety, proper use & care of firearms & obeying the law (including the 2nd Amdmt) among other horrendous things, like personal responsibility, staying in school & avoiding illicit drug & excessive alcohol use. Moreover, I will give them firearms as gifts. Take that, Senator Harmon!

  20. The “blood in the streets” and “wild west” images were spewed in Kansas during the CCW debate. Kansas was the 47th state to allow CCW. The problems associated with licensed CCW carriers is so miniscule, it isn’t even worth mentioning. This guy just went full retard. Don’t ever go full retard!

  21. If even a picture of a gun ‘scars children for life’, then we MUST require ALL cops to switch to concealed carry IMMEDIATELY!!!! It’s for the CHILDREN!!!!! /sarc
    The stupidity we see from our politicians is truly astounding.

  22. ‘….local governments and police chiefs to take actions they believe are necessary to protect their communities.’

    What, nothing about the fact that CCW is about the protection of the individual, something for which the local governments and police chiefs bear no responsibility or liability in your deconstruction of his comments?

  23. It also takes authority away from local governments and police chiefs to take actions they believe are necessary to protect their communities.

    Every civilized nation does this. It’s called “the rule of law”. You (or your police chief) might believe that your community would be safer if you were to arrest a certain individual, regardless of whether you have any evidence they committed a crime, and just made them disappear. But we don’t allow you to do that – the law takes that power out of your hands. You might think your community would be safer if certain “dangerous ideas” were suppressed and could not be spoken aloud. If newspapers had to run their copy by your censors first. If everyone followed your religion. You might sincerely believe all these things, but you are a public servant and your beliefs don’t come remotely close to trumping the rights of citizens.

  24. “Harmon’s position is that pictures of guns are harming the mental well being of children…images of guns are harming the mental health of children.”

    WHEN I WAS A KID…. (oh geez, here it comes…)

    Seriously. I skinned my knee, and didn’t sue the city. I watched news about Viet Nam, saw guns and didn’t cower in a corner. Watched riots on the news too. “The Riifleman” was a popular TV show (with questionable gun discipline), and the son looked up to his pa. We played cop and robbers, army, cowboys and indians, and at no time did I need psychiatric help.

    We played. We fell down. We walked/cried it off. WHEN did everyone become a precious little snowflake that had to be protected?

    Please, do not just say it’s all the liberal’s fault. I grew up in a liberal, gun owning household that believed in taking responsibility for yourself. I became an adult and still believed left of center. I vote my concerns and conscience. Not all liberals are DiFi or this clown.

    Other than to gain complete control over everyone…what the hell happened?

    Again, WHEN did everyone become a precious little snowflake that had to be protected?

    • WHEN did everyone become a precious little snowflake that had to be protected?

      It happened when soccer moms took over the country, little boys were doped up with Ritalin and other psychoactive drugs so that they would act like little girls instead of little boys and self-defense against bullies in school became grounds for expulsion.

      Shockingly, these abominations began when the progressives took over the Democrat party. It must be a coincidence.

      • OK. I just posted this, and the spam filter got it. WHY?:

        My grandson starts soccer in a couple weeks. He’s really good at it. It’ll have to do, until he’s ready for a REAL sport/

        The spam filter is a idiot.

        • Soccer is a popular school sport because it’s cheap. All the school needs is a flat piece of ground, a couple of nets and a ball or two. Plus, the boys’ uniforms are indistinguishable from the girls’, which makes the feminizers very happy.

    • “Again, WHEN did everyone become a precious little snowflake that had to be protected?”

      My dad used to call me a precious little snowflake…

      And by precious I mean f**king and by snowflake I mean sh*t.

  25. Yeah he’s a twink…I do hope the POWERS THAT BE let us know who NOT to do business with. Or BOYCOTT. AH…life in Illinois.

  26. Unbelievable. I’m making a note of this date. I just read the stupidest thing I’ve ever read in my entire life.

  27. If your six year old kid is mentally tortured from pictures of guns, your parenting skills suck. At six I shot BB guns, found cool squirt guns that looked sort of real and was given cap guns for my birthday. I made fake machine guns out of pipes and wood. My dad brought home a beaver chewed log from work that looked like a bazooka when I was maybe a little older than six. I liked guns as a kid and had a healthy respect for them taught to me by my dad and Grandpa. I turned out just fine.

    • I had a plastic Luger, and found a piece of plastic that was a ringer for a “silencer”, and glued it on. I was 11 or 12. I was a big fan of THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. Robert Vaughn still does TV commercials for a local Richmond law firm.

      Every time I see it, I think about Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kullyakin (David McCallum).

  28. Dude would probably have a heart attack knowing my son, since age 4, could safely handle and clean his. 22 Cricket. Good Father/Son time. A few years later, he can now field strip an AR and 1911 while naming the parts. He will be a Citizen when he reaches the age of majority.

    • I think my son enjoys disassembling/reassembling weapons more than he does firing them. (He really doesn’t like cleaning them though)

  29. Wow. Wonder how many children will go catatonic when every store puts up a “Guns Welcome” sign…?

  30. If this guy and all the rest want to save lives ,why don’t they simply ban murder, because bans always work especially in Chicago…simple.

  31. I find it immensely satisfying to see how the antis are flailing desperately. Given the constant bombardment of “guns are bad” by the MSM, such huge victories for our side are refreshing indeed. And the rage of the antis (who seem to genuinely want murder rates to increase; I refuse to believe that the prominent ones in the gov’t are stupid enough to think gun control will actually reduce crime) at having their horrific agendas thwarted is an excellent bonus.

  32. People like Harmon never learn.
    Facts beat the BS every day.
    Not in one state since enacting concealed carry has there been blood in the streets or the Wild West.
    Im willing to bet that the statistics wont change one iota in Chicage once permits start to flow.
    The gangs will still be killing each other and law abiding will continue to ignore the ghettoes as they do now.
    The truth has no effect on block heads.
    Its the same BS time after time.
    Maybe he will be so scared to walk the streets of Illinois.
    He wil join Piers Morgan in exile someplace else.

  33. Thank for reminding us fun days. Got a great Mattel tommy gun for Christmas when I was 8 or 9. My brother got a hyper realistic metal snub nose .38. Nowadays it would get you in lots of trouble. All the kids in the neighborhood played WAR. (Before Vietnam). Nobody was a criminal. Reality sucks.

    • I got both of those for my tenth birthday.
      Remember the greenie stickem caps and the shooting shells for the 38??
      That toy gun would 100% get you killed today or tossed out of any school today.

  34. Strangely, Illinois produces great minds that immediately leave our state. (ex. Lincoln, Reagan, Bret Baier) And the idiots that stay are paid by the government to write laws. Weird, innit?

  35. If these politicians are really tired of seeing guns they should stop trying to legislate them and tell the media to stop sensationalizing them. If not for these two things you wouldn’t need all these ‘gun’ signs, or the protests, or TV specials…

  36. Oh yeah, IL is being forced to become almost as bad as Vermont.

    You know, with all that maple syrup that people make up there. And skiing! And crime! Oh, the horror!

    Oh, wait a minute… they have practically no crime in Vermont.

    As for kids seeing guns, I was the kid who always went to the vending machine with the little plastic guns hoping against hope that I could win the grand prize little cap firing derringer. Never got it, but I did get several SAA’s, an M-16A1, a Galil, and a couple snubbies. Clearly, I was traumatized.

  37. You know what hurts a kid more than seeing a picture of a gun, Mr. Harmon?

    When a kid eats a pop-tart “into the shape of a gun” and gets suspended for it.

    When a kid gets suspended for wearing an NRA “protect your rights” T-shirt.

    When two kids are playing with airsoft guns in their own yard and get suspended for it.

    When a kid who accidentally left a toy gun in his pocket “does the right thing” by turning it in and gets suspended for it.

    When a kid is suspended for using his fingers to make a pretend gun.

    When a kid gets suspended for having a toy gun about the size of a quarter on a keychain that he got at an arcade.

    When a school asks a deaf child to change the way he signs his name because his hand gestures “look like a gun.”

  38. What needs to be explained is that forcing people to un holster, handle, unload, and abandon their arms in their cars is far more of a risk than just welcoming them into their businesses with their weapons safely tucked on their person.

    I know their goal is to make people leave them at home, or not have access at all, but that was tried and it was deemed unconstitutional.

  39. As a twelve year old child, I have been browsing this website since I was 10. I don’t have to worry about No Gun Zone signs, as I live in the oppressive of Britain, Scotland to be precise, so everywhere is a bloody no gun zone. I have seen many, many pictures of guns, yet the only mental scarring I have comes from two sources: Seeing Alex Salmond, and listening to antis spouting absolute shite.

  40. First the government in Oak Park was forced to recognize it’s subjects rights to possess handguns with Mcdonald v Chicago. The city tried to work in a new gun ban through the Department of Public Health. Citizens were upset and lobbied the DPH to recommend to the board to support voluntary training for new gun owners.

    now the government of Illinois has been forced to recognize its subject’s right to carry a concealed weapon. Plus everyone that didn’t already have a AWB on the books lost the ability to do so…

    The gun control crowd are on their heels in this state despite the hand-wringing of folks like Sheriff Lawn Dart and Senator Harmon. Hopefully we will have a few thousand folks showing up to IGOLD next week in Springfield to push the point.

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