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The Idaho measure we reported on earlier this week that would ban public contracts for companies that discriminate against the gun industry has been approved by a Senate committee and is headed to the Senate floor for a vote.

Senate Bill 1291 was introduced in the state Senate earlier this week. The measure would prohibit public contracts with individuals or companies that are boycotting those that engage in or support the manufacture, distribution, sale or use of firearms, and would also require companies that contract with the state to disclose if their policies discriminate against the firearms industry.

Additionally, it would protect some other industries from such discrimination, including those that engage in or support the exploration, production, utilization, transportation, sale or manufacture of fossil fuel-based energy, timber, minerals, hydroelectric power, nuclear energy or agriculture.

“The provisions of this section shall apply to contracts executed on and after July 1, 2024,” the measure’s language states. “Upon discovering that a contract fails to comply with the provisions of this section, the contracting authority shall have a period of ninety (90) days to obtain the written certification described in subsection (1) of this section. After such time, any contract continuing to violate the provisions of this section shall be void.”

The measure is in response to banks, financial services and other companies discriminating against firearms companies or organization in several states across the nation.

Another interesting bill, Senate Bill 1317, has also been approved in committee and has gone to the Senate for consideration. That measure would create a Gadsden flag license plate, with revenue generated through sales of the plate earmarked to fund a grant program for firearms safety training in schools.

The legislation also charges the state board of education with administering a grant program for firearms safety in schools.

“Such rules shall provide for moneys in the firearms safety grant fund to be awarded in the form of grants to school districts that apply for the use of such funds to establish or maintain firearms safety education courses pursuant to subsection (1) of this section,” the bill states.



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  1. How making it impossible for a foreign government to bankrupt an American company selling legal products? Like soybeans, pork or (gasp!) guns/ammo?

    • You, I was at our tax collectors office not long after those plates were issued. I asked the clerk how they were doing. She said they had to order more. The first batch the state sent was gone in two days. This in one of only two Democratic counties in the Big Bend/Panhandle. If I were a politician I’d make note of that.

      • Mention a valued fight against Discrimination and a certain individual who not so long ago placed an APB for a $4000.00 1911 and in a recent reply to me thumbed a “certain ethnic persuasion” about carrying cheap ice picks during hard times is expected to talk about nothing more that his adventures and expensive License Plates…par for the course.

        • Debbie, the offer stands for the Wilson. Cash. As far as the weapon at hand, you dance with who you brought. As to the plates, I didn’t buy a “live free or die.” I have a Florida U.S. Paratrooper specialty plate.

  2. when red states have to push legislation like this
    because the blue states have lost their minds
    it doesnt bode well for the usa
    the end of america
    used to be a crazy thought
    now that event
    is clearly between here and the horizon
    its no longer inconceivable
    because we see it coming with our own eyes

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