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A measure recently introduced in the Idaho legislature seeks to keep companies that discriminate against firearms-related businesses or groups from receiving contracts from the state government.

Senate Bill 1291 was introduced in the state Senate earlier this week. The measure would prohibit public contracts with individuals or companies that are boycotting those that engage in or support the manufacture, distribution, sale or use of firearms, and would also require companies that contract with the state to disclose if their policies discriminate against the firearms industry.

Interestingly, the measure also includes the same protections for a few other industries that often find themselves in the crosshairs of so-called “progressives.”

Per the text of the measure, no company can be granted a state contract if it is engaged in, or plans to engage in, a boycott of any individual or company because the individual or company: “(a) Engages in or supports the exploration, production, utilization, transportation, sale or manufacture of fossil fuel-based energy, timber, minerals, hydroelectric power, nuclear energy or agriculture; or (b) Engages in or supports the manufacture, distribution, sale or use of firearms, as defined in section 18-3302(2)(d), Idaho Code.”

As the legislation’s language explains, “boycott” means, “without a reasonable business purpose, refusing to deal with an individual or organization, terminating business with an individual or organization, or taking another action that is intended to penalize, inflict economic harm on, or limit commercial relations with an individual or organization because the individual or organization: (i) Engages in a particular business sector; (ii) Engages in a particular business sector and does not commit or pledge to meet standards beyond applicable federal and state law; or (iii) Does business with an individual or organization that engages in a particular business sector.”

If the legislation passes, it will be in effect for contracts executed on or after July 1, 2024. As for contracts issued before that date, the legislation states: “Any contract executed prior to July 1, 2024, that violates the provisions of this section shall not be renewed unless the contracting authority obtains the written certification described in subsection (1) of this section.”

The measure will first be considered in the Senate State Affairs Committee.



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  1. Is any one else having their posts held in moderation and not being released, or being deleted after posting?

    It’s happening, and the mods are suspiciously quiet about it — after declaring their intentions to allow free discussion on the forum.

    • Nope, not only you. And one by one, a number of longtime posters are saying sayonara, but hey, their monkeys are figgerin’ out how to improve their circus apparently.

      • Good on Idaho! Another pro-freedom state. Hey I sorta got an apology from the newest TTAG show runners. As a longtime commenter this is NOT I repeat not the worst it’s ever been. Trolls galore & sophisticated ones too back around 7 years ago. I’ve always got what I paid for🙄

    • “It’s happening, and the mods are suspiciously quiet about it — after declaring their intentions to allow free discussion on the forum.”

      Huh? You expect them to post something every time something goes to moderation and if they don’t they are being “suspiciously quiet about it” ?

      • I’ve commented on missing posts very recently and was assured by the mods that they clear the held posts on a regular basis daily — yet I know of at least three that are still being held.

        • I’ve had comments be held for moderation. What I see is a “temporary” posting of my comment prefaced by a statement something like “This comment is being held for moderation.”
          Refresh the screen and it will disappear, suggesting that it was there only on my view of the page, to let me know that TTAG got it and will review it. Usually it will pop up somewhere in the comment section later that day. Sometimes it will never show up later, suggesting it was rejected, deleted, or lost.

          I’ve had comments simply not post in any form, without any “moderation” statement to indicate that they were held for review. They simply disappeared into the ether.

          I’ve seen reports from other commenters that one or another of their posts were initially posted, but then were later removed for some reason (as I understand their complaint). I have not had that happen to any of my comments, and I wonder whether their comments were actually held for moderation and they missed seeing the “moderation” statement, and mistakenly thought it was actually posted but then later removed.

        • It would be interesting to see what criteria is used to hold for mod.

          I have posted for years, off and on, and lately if I inlcude a URL, special characters for emphasis, I get a hold message.

          Other time recently, my plain nothing-to-it posts just never appear. Repeated attempts.

  2. Not much impressed with the current direction of the site. Fewer articles especially on Saturday and Sunday. More moderation. Find myself looking for other web pages and not having all that much success…yet.

  3. I made a lengthy comment containing three links, in response to a post by Miner49er on February 9. I posted it between 13:26 and 20:23 in the thread “Supreme Court Petitioned Again Over Maryland’s Assault Weapons Ban.”

    When I made the comment below, I could still see my original comment in the edit window, being held for moderation.

    You don’t say? February 10, 2024 At 18:36
    I suppose my comment isn’t going to be released from moderation.

  4. With regard to Senate Bill 1291, this should separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to who supports the Constitution and who would disarm the People. I like it. Now if they will just bring it to the Floor.


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