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  1. I wonder if someone will pen The Executioner’s Song, II after this?

    Just so readers are aware, the state of Utah is accepting applicants from interested sharp shooters for the job right now.

    At the risk of dating myself, I remember when Gary Mark Gilmore chose death by lead poisoning…of course, I was still a kid. My mother told me that of the five shooters, one had a blank. I guess so that each man could feel like he himself was not a killer — his rifle was nothing more than an expensive firework.

    I think that’s a myth. According to the interwebs, witnesses on the scene counted five holes in the man.

    So if you’re filling out your Utah application right now, understand, it’s a live fire exercise.

    And despite the justification of removing a scumbag from the face of the earth, don’t kid yourself. It would be a joyless, cold task.

  2. Mailer’s work will be hard to beat. Maybe . . . Truman Capote? I think he’s unavailable. If I got an advance . . . let’s do it!


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