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Everyone and their mother has tested the new Springfield XD(M) 5.25 Competition Series pistol. Except us. Rest assured TTAG will review the gun in full. Meanwhile, you can get your hands on one right now. Today. “Springfield Armory® is happy [and we’re happy that they’re happy] to announce your chance to ‘Test Drive’ an XD® & XD(M)® pistol for $10, and receive a FREE, XD(M)® 5.25 Competition Series t-shirt.” Wait. You pay $10 and get a free T-shirt? Define “free.” Something about nothing left to lose? Springfield’s “Test Drive” program runs from the 19th to the 23rd of August. The package deal includes . . .

  • Rental of both firearms
  • Rental time at the range
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Target
  • 20 rounds of ammunition (10 for each firearm)

Supplies are limited – only the first 50 to sign up get the T-Shrit.

I dunno about you, but 10 rounds doth not a test make. If you’re interested in this offer, best bring along some extra rounds. Click here for a list of participating ranges.

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  1. Actually, thats a pretty darn good deal, and who cares about the T-shirt? Normal time at the local range I like is $10, plus $10 for the rental(s), plus the cost of ammo. So already this would be a 50% off.

    The participating range nearby I’ve been meaning to check out, but they are more expensive, $20 for range time, $18 for rentals. Thus I’m going to have to call them and confirm, $10 plus their not-expensive range ammo (its about $2-3/50 over wally-world special) is really worth it.

  2. I’ve got the XDm 3.5″ 9mm, and it is *niiiice*. Perfectly balanced, three sizes of back-strap to fit the hand, trigger squeeze is just right. You can feel the trigger reset so if you need to come back for seconds, you’ll know exactly when you can.

    Field stripping is easy, too: lock the slide back, flip the switch, s-l-o-w-l-y let the slide come forward, take it off. Disassemble into three parts: frame, slide, barrel. Clean and reverse for assembly.

    It comes with a match-grade barrel, so it should last longer. I lurves me my XDm. Where’s my shirt??

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