Sheetrock Penetration Testing, Take 1

There are a lot of strong opinions out there when it comes to home defense firearms. Nick’s Self Defense Tip; Don’t Use a Rifle caused some of the best discussion I’ve seen on the subject in a while, and it got me thinking on the subject as well. It seems to me that the biggest […]

Gun Review: Springfield Armory XDm 5.25″ 9mm

Competition shooters shell-out thousands of dollars for tricked-out polymer pistols. Glock has long been the big dog in the field (“Ole Reliable”). Over the last few years, more and more mainstream manufacturers have seen the advantages of (i.e. profit in) modifying their models for customers who are more results than price-driven. Smith & Wesson entered the fray […]

Gun Preview: Springfield Armory XDm 5.25 9mm

Springfield Armory’s much talked-about competition class XDm is in the hands of your faithful correspondent. Crimson Trace marketing maven and Top Shot champ Iain Harrison reckons the 9mm 5.25  is the most versatile handgun on the market. Springfield created it so you (yes you!) can dominate your local IDPA club with righteous aplomb. It sure looks […]

I Went to the Range and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Everyone and their mother has tested the new Springfield XD(M) 5.25 Competition Series pistol. Except us. Rest assured TTAG will review the gun in full. Meanwhile, you can get your hands on one right now. Today. “Springfield Armory® is happy [and we’re happy that they’re happy] to announce your chance to ‘Test Drive’ an XD® […]