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And there you have it: the Third Way’s official recommendation to liberals/progressives on how they should couch their gun control agenda so as not to scare moderates and independents. No really: “To better connect with key demographic groups like moderates and independents, and to get a fair hearing on other pressing issues like the economy and national security, progressives need to handle culture issues carefully so the lens Americans see them through is not distorted. This quick reference card provides messages will help progressives define themselves on hot-button issues by identifying shared values while staying true to progressive principles.”

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  1. “A backseat to no one”?

    Aside from being an outright lie, it is an absurd contention on its face. They support our second amendment rights more than the JPFO? GOA? NRA? Did they file an amicus brief in Heller?

    It is this kind of hyperbolic pronouncement by left-wing groups, who make statements that they know to be false, that caused Jared Loughner to shoot-up Gifford’s constituent meeting.

  2. How come the third always looks away from the constitution? They seem to look for a non-constitutional answer for everything, that is why they call themselves the third way. They are anything but the constitution. The last time the “progressives” had their way with second amendment I became the criminal! You may remember the bayonet lug became illegal.

    Oldie, running around the town with his fixed…


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