Courtesy for Corner Shoppe auction
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John Brommel, “The Taxidermy King,” has passed away and The Corner Shoppe here in Austin is auctioning off nearly 1,800 lots, some of which include multiple pieces. Most is taxidermy, but there’s a ton of other stuff including antiques, statues, antlers, and much more.

You can bid online HERE, with auctions closing today (May 20th, 2021), tomorrow, and Saturday. Here’s an interesting find:

Courtesy for Corner Shoppe auction

The “Real Human Skull Butterfly Sculpture” isn’t something you see every day. Or is it a skullpture? Hahahaha hahahaha LOL good one, Jeremy.

Some of the more pedestrian items, such as hides or mounts of plentiful and ordinary animals like whitetail deer, turkeys, etc are, at least so far and in most cases, extremely cheap (e.g. $5.50 high bid for a set of three whitetail hides). If you’ve wanted to decorate that man cave or office, this could be a great opportunity!

It was quick and easy to sign up on ProxiBid to start bidding, and it’s kind of fun to watch the auction live (which I’m doing right this moment). If you’re jumping in, good luck!


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  1. I have been thinking about having me brother-in-law taxidermied….he is still alive, but that shouldn’t matter.

  2. Follow Chipman, you’ll get plenty of human skulls, I myself is just there for the grub.
    Hope he dont shoot me too.
    Nah, I dont look that much like a dog.

  3. Though I have quite a deep luv for wolves and coyotes, I wouldn’t mind a few wall hangers as a small store of wealth; Likewise some of that Ivory.

  4. Here in Jacksonville, Fl. we have a Fish Camp, Clarks, that not only serves great food, and a huge variety of darn near anything, but also have so many animals set on the floor, walls, and ceilings that many patrions walk around and around the facility taking photos. Amazing number of stuffed animals!


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