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HSLD = High-Speed, Low-Drag. A term referring to “operators”: firearms experts with high-level military and/or security training.

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  1. Is this like the ambush he supposedly ran from?

    I like how the driver returns fire instead of trying to get off the X.


        • Yeager was accused of cowardess while working in Iraq RF. That is the vidwo of the ambush wjere he was accused of abandoning his people.

        • At 0:15 in that clip, you can see Yeager earning his “cred” by exiting the driver door in the lead vehicle and running off to the ditch on the left, leaving his convoy and potentially his client in the vehicle he disabled.

        • its more bullshit ad hominems.

          when you are getting shot at by a PKM with armor piercing bullets, while in a soft skin vehicle, running in a ditch isn’t a bad idea. The whole team should have been more proficient in reacting to a ambush and pushing through/driving through and cross-loading if necessary.

          unless youve been in combat, and actually in the sights of the enemy, STFU.

    • wrong and wrong.

      you didn’t follow along did you? it was for a VEHICLE DISABLED. does it all make sense now? everybody just piling out of the car with no covering fire is the wrong answer too.

      more armchair commando-isms.

  2. Was gonna say that really worked out in HIS ambush situation…not..yeah that looks good on paper but what happens if it is an L shaped ambush? Or if you have no cover besides the cars….very basic….not very useful.

    • Yeager is consistent in stating that he’s not going to post his entire repertoire on youtube. He makes a living selling this stuff, of course he’s not going to cover every imaginable type of ambush in this setting.

      I’m really surprised by the trollish nature of some of these responses. I didn’t see anyone running/abandoning in that vid. If you or someone out there has facts, then out with it. Until then you’re gossiping like a bunch of church ladies. Go get your own stories.

      Again where was your ambush experience, granny’s basement with a PS3 controller in your hand? Spooky stuff man, now I understand your credentials. lol

      • Dude, watch the clip again. 0:15 he exits the first vehicle and jumps into the ditch on the safe side of the street, where he remains the whole time.

        It was the other teammates who remained in their vehicles “breaking contact” that find his actions to be cowardice. Can’t say I disagree with them.

      • exactly.

        these basement hobbits talk a pretty big game. Im sure there is plenty of call of duty and imaginary gun play in the basement.

        Not your mother, Im not your mother. im going to clean up after your messes. youtube trolls are fucking hilarious.

  3. I’m going to put a cow catcher on the front of my camry and replace the wheels with tracks. a little chicken wire over the windows to catch the incoming RPG’s and a layer of sand bags to sit on and I figure I can handle any hostile ambush in the Bay Area.

  4. Hey, how many of you guys have ever taken fire in a motorcade? I’m going to guess the big zero, because if you had you’d have some respect for the guys that have. Yeager just posted a vid about chumps like you, go check it out. I’d love to see the outcome.

    Here’s the thing, even if he ran away flailing his arms in the air and crying like a baby he’s still got more courage than you because he was there, while you were sitting on your couch watching youtube on your grandmother’s tv.

    Even if he reacted like you say he did (which I can’t imagine) he still lost 3 friends that day. You morons can’t imagine what that’s like I’m guessing. So don’t judge the arena you’ve never had the balls to step into. You need some sense slapped into you and get some respect.

      • Saw the video and read the after action report. It was a bad situation.

        FYI, Tod was incorrect. Yeager was not “in the service of his country” during the ambush. He was working private security for a European firm. In other words, a merc.

        As to who’s to blame and for what, who knows? The AA report only says that Yeager committed operator error with respect to the vehicle he was driving. He had it idling in neutral with the emergency brake on. It seems — once again, who knows — that he tried to drive off without disengaging, and it didn’t work.

        As someone who once stepped on the gas instead of the brake in a no-stress situation, I don’t think that Yeager’s error somehow transformed him into a coward. He may have suffered momentary brain freeze. It can happen to anyone, anytime, and doesn’t make him a bad person.

        • Screwing up the transmission and brake under stress is completely understandable.

          Vacating the vehicle while the people he is paid to protect are still in it, is much less so.

        • PMCs, that is, private military contractors, are not “mercs” (stupid video game term anyways).

          they have loyalty to the government that gives them the contract and have to abide by the laws of their respective countries. regardless of what fictional TV and video game plots entail, no American-based PMC like Academi or a British one like Aegis are going to work against their respective countries.

          do you honestly expect them to work in those conditions for 30-40k a year like the military? thats why i left the army. if im going over there, im making some fucking tax free money, plain and simple.

    • I have served on both sides of the fence (military and contractor) in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      It really strikes a nerve seeing that video because PSDs are completely reliant on their low profile. they dont have armor (usually theyre a soft skin and any armored camry, passat, or even SUV is not as survivable as even a HUMVEE). they dont have the firepower (of a crew served weapon). and they usually only operate in small numbers with small teams of vehicles. In a ambush, the only defense they have is breaking contact. god forbid if a vehicle gets disabled.

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