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Good luck with that.

[h/t Pascal]

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  1. Its pretty accurate. I even predict only around 3 percent would fight back. That is what 9-10 million people.

    • You’re not including the reality that DC can’t count on the military. A gun confiscation order could well lead to a military coup instead of a civil war insurgency, especially with the economy basically as broken as it’s ever been in America. We’re looking at possibly the fulfillment of Heinlein’s prediction in the novel “Starship Troopers”, where the veterans(black rifle culture) take over the country by force and remake it as a short of constitutional New Sparta. Or we could see the rise of the next Hitler.

      But basically the next move the feds make on gun control legislatively could very well be the last. Bundy Ranch proves it and DC KNOWS it.

      • It will, thankfully, never happen in my lifetime, because the second amendment works to check the tyrannical tendencies of the Diane Feinstein types.

        They need generations of change, and gun ownership attrition.

    • I’m not sure why people believe they need to change the constitution by ratification. Our current SCOTUS is simply making things up in response to the leftwing agenda. They’ll do the same on guns if they get a 5-seat majority. Kinda surprised it hasn’t already happened.

    • Much easier way. SCOTUS. In the next few years 4 or more Supreme court justices will be retiring. Anti-gun POTUS, need I say more? VOTE!!!

  2. It would be easier to just get rid of America. Start with step #1 of the other.

    I’ll be watching for that.

  3. I see this more as a video showing how unfeasible it would be to ban all guns/ repeal the second amendment. He’s right, there would be blood. We [b]wouldn’t[/b] give our guns up. There would be a massive increase in boating accidents.

    • California will be the first test caes. They are increasing the number of anti gun laws on the books. We will see in least than ten years, I think they will try and confiscate guns in the golden state.

      On a national level it will never happen.

      • Here’s the million dollar question – would the Federal government intervene in a state level confiscation if there was a resistance movement? Things that make you go hmmmm…

    • It’s from, they’re a libertarian magazine most known for countersuing the hell of the justice dept when the feds tried to subpoena their reader accounts.

  4. LOL. Good one.

    …and it still makes the assumption that the police, national guard, agents of federal agencies, etc, would actually be on board with this and even attempt to enforce a confiscation law in the first place. I think a heavy percentage of them would either A) refuse to enforce or B) join the rebellion

    • Exactly…this is a topic of conversation among LEO’s and none the ones I know would enforce it.

      • I wouldnt trust LEOs, They enforce the totally useless and destructive drug war, since their are promised and given big budgets for that.

        • Weed isn’t a big deal. Meth, PCP, and crack aren’t exactly enriching our nation. I’m not very concerned about possession, but I do trouble myself with the idiotic things people do when they’re high.

      • They might get the first house’s guns. Maybe even the 2nd. They’d probably get diminishing returns after that. Officers returning to the police station that is.

    • What concerns me is that there are increasingly large numbers of fresh arrivals every year who enter the country illegally, many with violent criminal pasts/tendencies, have no personal allegiance to America, and in fact wish to “take back” for la raza.
      Our rogue President and his cherry-picked alphabet agencies could dangle a huge amnesty/immunity/compensation carrot in front of these people; all they’d be required to do is pick up a DHS-issued uniform, rifle, a list of every known (or suspected) gun owner & enemy-of-the-state in their immediate vicinity, and attempt to proceed with confiscations.
      Even when local police & military refuse to participate or supervise, they still would be vastly outnumbered by DHS-sponsored gangs with a mission.
      However; the feds would be running the huge risk of their now-armed goons turning on their handlers, which is probably a big reason why they haven’t gone full-retard and done such a thing.

      Or…. lower recruiting standards, begin actively recruiting primarily from immigrant (illegal or otherwise) populations, slowly replace American law-enforcement & military personel with TCNs, and go from there. It would only take a generation or so.

      • You know, that is surprisingly simple, practical, and feasible. Worst of all, it actually matches the facts of recent events.

  5. You start fucking with my rights it’s like you’re fucking with my money, life and livelihood. You’re no longer innocent. You’re a combatant. So, you’d better arm yourself.

    Just sayin’.

    No, really – just sayin’.

  6. This is right on point. Scary point the Dems were close in 2009, but chose Obamacare instead of guns. They will continue to try to chew on our rights on the edges, but I think they blew their chance.

  7. I’m at work so I can’t watch the video, even on my phone. Can someone list the bullet points of the article.

    The Australian Greens party has a 3 step method:

    – Rendition (thanks to the leaked firearms registry database, they know who we are and where we live)

    – Enhanced Interrogation (leftists and progressives have a thing about the extraction of confessions for crimes real and imagined)

    – herded into the “showers” for “delousing” (the final solution for the implementation of their utopia)

    Such is the hatred of legal firearm owners by the Greens, they would have few qualms about performing these actions.

    The NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge has already blamed legal gun owners for the murder of a police employee by a wannabe jihadi outside NSW police HQ.

    • The video describes the “legal” steps necessary to “legally” repeal our right to keep and bear arms … and then the “law” to confiscate them. Finally, it illustrates how impossible it will be to confiscate all 300+ million firearms and the violent resistance that would result.

      It was somewhat of a satire although, in my opinion, actually quite accurate.

  8. 6. The government runs out of goons while attempting to confiscate, and passes conscription legislation.

    7. The revolution quickly overthrows the state.

    • I said that to my son this summer.

      We walked into a store with that sign in the window and he says “That means no guns.”

      I replied, “No, that means no Berettas. My gun is fine.”

  9. If the government can’t stop guns from going through the border of Chicago or Washington D.C., what makes anyone think it can stop guns going through our 5000 mile national border? Oh, because it was never about the guns….

  10. My AP students are doing research on the 2nd Amendment. I’m going to link the article into their assignment. Good read. Oh and Molon Labe!

  11. He forgot a few rather important steps!

    Confiscate all weapons from the police, or else they would be stolen by robbery etc.

    Same with the military!

    Confiscate any machine, or tool in any company or home capable of manufacturing a gun, or any part of a gun.

    Close both boarders, post thousands and thousands of guards (with big sticks) all along both borders, and both coasts.

    Same with all airports of any size plus place guards on any piece of property capable of landing even the smallest of planes.

    Search every piece of mail, and every package, and shipment coming into the US. Empty and search every container, on every ship coming into US.

    Search every single piece of property in the US, including all federal, state and local buildings private structures, including brothels, outhouses, sheds and anything else that could hide a gun.

    Shut down Mexico, and Canada!

    For anything I forgot!

    Tomorrow. we’ll talk about ammunition!

    • 15. Ban/find/destroy 3D printers, lathes, mills, lengths of pipe, springs, pins, pieces of plastic.

      16. Ban/find/delete gun assembly plans that people with 3D printers, lathes, mills, mills, lengths of pipe, springs, pins, pieces of plastic will use.

      It’s stupid easy to make an improvised firearm and improvised ammo. No one outside of hobbyists do it today because there’s no need to. But if there’s a need, expect clandestine factories galore.

    • Didn’t watch video, so apologies if this was covered:

      17) Execute anyone with any knowledge of how to make guns or the machines used to make them.

  12. During the Cold War, I always wondered what would happen if Russia invaded and tried to control Watts, Harlem, or Chicago’s South Side. It seemed obvious to me then that they could never do it. I have little doubt that The Government would be no more successful.

    • Actually the Russians tried this — in Afghanistan. Worked out well for them. Then we tried it. Worked out well for us, too.

  13. Wow, this is good, strong rhetoric for Reason (I find them usually to be the more cutesy, hip, utilitarian kind of libertarian as opposed to, you know, don’t-tread-on-me)

  14. Hey, have ISIS adopted the Democratic political platform for the 2016 presidential election? Or maybe they are just confiscating Christians firearms to keep them from “gun violence” and accidental deaths?

    ISIS issues 11 rules for Christians in captured Syrian town
    Published time: 4 Sep, 2015
    The ‘safety’ contract drawn up by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi comprises 11 specific commandments that all Christians who decided to stay in the town must follow. The stipulations prohibit the establishing of churches, exposing Muslims to Christian religious symbols, undermining Islamic State, possessing weapons and trading pork or wine.

      • I know what Reason is-sorry if I don’t think they toe any line I do…I have read the same tripe on many many anti-gun sites(like today)…

        • Oh, OK, sorry, I didn’t know there was much non-facetious talk about it. I mean, there’s always some but like, that you’d be referring to.

  15. Pre-step #1

    Allow into your country a large number of people from countries that do not value gun ownership or inalienable rights in general. The number must be large enough that assimilation only takes place w/ fewer than half of the population; the number must be diversified enough that individual ethnic groups can be large enough to insulate themselves from the rest of the population.

    Pre-step #2

    Elevate multiculturalism to such a degree that a high percentage of the already existing population views all ideas as equally meritorious if believed by enough people. Elevate the defense of multiculturalism to the point where anyone who would challenge these pre-steps is labelled racist or nativist.

    • The easiest way to shore up votes for your platform is to be the guy/girl who granted the express route to citizenship for people who would support that platform.

  16. Hey everybody! I read on Facebook that nobody wants to take our guns away.
    They just want some common-sense gun laws. See? All better?

  17. Oh, my.

    This is a great little punchlist, conveniently in a snappy video. Use this two ways with the un-gunners vs. one. Along with “How you gonna do that?’ there’s also “Explain why you think you don’t have to do that?”

    I much enjoy any tool that helps force them to make their point and their argument. This is great fun with people who have no argument, or aren’t willing to make the one they have, or really mean.

  18. Step 5 is the tricky part. I guess we’ll see if law enforcement is dedicated to government or the people.

  19. I think you’re looking at the same basic equation as with Prohibition. Drinking cut/cuts across ideology and making people criminals by decree didn’t exactly work out, certainly enforcement was less than a joke. So, how about guns of any and all types? Again, you cut across ideology even no small number of socialists really want OTHER peoples’ firearms confiscated. Long story short, go ahead – Molon Labe, just don’t cry to us when the battle lines don’t exactly draw up the way they predict at Salon or the Huffington Post.

  20. If you take my shit, I will pay you back in pain. 10 fold. With interest. And IEDs. So very many IEDs

    Hypothetically speaking, of course

  21. At first I refused to watch it, not wanted to pollute my brain with such filth. But your comments helped me know it was actually safe viewing. 🙂 Actually, it was very informative. Think…with that many in Congress–the other direction–perhaps we could actually get a balanced budget amendment, or term limits, or an end to public-sector unions. Wow, we should all just dream. hmmmmmmmmmm

  22. Troll level; Grand Master. Reason Magazine (not Clip Magazine) has it entirely right. We’re done. Not another inch. CT & NY are just the current manifistation of the “Intolerable Acts”. We will not abide, we will not capitulate, we will not surrender. Your move Hoss.

  23. Five steps, sure, but easy steps? Hmmm……not so sure about that.

    I don’t want to get all Nicholas Cage in “Con Air” on these gun grabbing liberals, but “You know you’re in a situation you can’t control, right?”

  24. This article is clearly satirical. Almost every article on Reason regarding gun control is PRO GUN RIGHTS. Every single thing I’ve read on there is pro 2A. Period. F___ Hillary.

  25. Almost funny. pharmaceutically induced shooting sprees, another hoax/false flag or 2, the dumbing down and socially conditioning of the younger generations, the ongoing influx of immigrants who don’t expect rights, that’s the disarmament formula that is being used, and over time the 2A will lose. Guaranteed.

  26. So I’m wondering about step 5; exactly what is the plan for enforcement? Like the video shows? Armed police and military against their own citizens? Basically, civil war? SO now the only ones armed are the government. A completely tyrannical government. Now the citizens have everything to fear. Because the bad guys still find a way. Yeah, Australia did it. And so did Great Britain. And it has worked so well for the people there. But don’t you know they still have crime. And murder. And muggings. And robbery. Don’t forget about the bombings. Anyway, like the old bumper sticker from the movie Red Dawn said; “They can have my gun when they pry it from cold dead fingers.” Civil War anyone?? (For big brother’s ever watchful eyes – I’m Just Kidding)

  27. Is anyone else tired of hearing the anti gunners? Elect a PRO Constitution President..A veteran, a patriot.. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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