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The holster action starts at 1:19. The wisdom of holstering a gun on an empty chamber is open to debate. The main disadvantage: racking the slide is a complicated maneuver at the exact moment in your life when you don’t need any complications. Whatsoever. At all. On the other hand, the Israeli Defense Force keeps the pipe empty. They can draw their weapon and rack the slide in one smooth motion in a femtosecond. Yes, well, neither you nor I nor Cougargun1 are members of the IDF. Keep your gun fully loaded.

Point two: start with the trigger finger WAY up on the barrel. During stress, the trigger finger will slip down. If it starts at the top, it’ll slip to the middle. If it starts in the middle, it’ll slip to the trigger.

Point three: after unholstering the the gun, keep it level. Pointed at the target. If time is not your friend, you can fire your weapon immediately—several times if needs be—on the way to your combat stance.

If you have to rack the gun prior to engagement (I love writing like that), keep the gun close in to your body and level. Reach your non-dominant hand across the weapon, grab the slide BEHIND THE EJECTION PORT, pull it back and release.

Point four: push the gun straight out. Cougargun1’s motion is called fishing; like throwing out a fishing line. Bringing the gun up from below is called bowling.. Both motions are vastly slower than a straight push, in terms of getting on target and getting a sight picture.

Point five: when you’re done firing, pull the gun straight back to your body. That’s the best way to make sure you retain your weapon and keep it on target as you either assess the situation or reload.

Point six: when you reload your magazine, do so whilst looking at the target.

Point seven: don’t listen to crap music. That stuff rots you brain, slowing down your reaction time.

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