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It’s hard to adequately express the idiocy on display here in this little documentary homage to stupidity and mad driving skillz. Flying down a busy highway firing AKs out the window is only the least moronic stunt on display. Drifting and doing 360s alongside school buses and fuel tankers on the Saudi equivalent of an interstate is just a little icing on the mono-chromosonal cake. Do they not have Smokies in the Kingdom? Given the spectators already on hand, cameras at the ready, this was obviously planned in advance. Maybe this is SOP in the land of 90-cent gas. Don’t bother watching past about the 1:00 mark unless you’re a fan of repetitive tire abuse.


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  1. Those aren’t rifles patterned after anything designed for/by/at ArmaLite, and thus they are not “ARs.” They are Kalashnikov-pattern rifles. Throw the video into high-res and watch closely at the 3-7 second period and you can see.

  2. Dan,

    Smokies on Arab highways? No. It is some sort of cultural phenomenon that the young Arabs will drive cars at ludicrous speeds. Like a right of passage or some bizarre thing. There is no traffic enforcement as such.

    Now, if they cause enough commotion… Then, yes, they will land in jail. Put speeding tickets, wreckless driving…. no.

  3. That looks too set up to be run of the mill royal family d’bag hooliganism. C’mon, a school bus? They must be filming stunts for a movie. Or a driving school. Or a public service bulletin on why it is still not permissible for women to drive.

  4. I looked up “douchebag” in my English-Arabic dictionary. The answer is “Ahmadinejad,” which is also douchebag in Persian, Pashto and Kurdish.

  5. Been over there. The only thing I can add is that it’s definitely not alcohol-related, they have stiff penalties for that…

  6. Must be something cultural to the that region. I saw some driver do really stupid stuff in Iraq also. Plus, you may never know where they’ll decide they want a rest area to be and just pull over. I imagine part of the ones there were there to watch and the others just decided to pull over and see what was going on.

  7. Did you notice the flashing of the lights on the car as it starts to skid? That is to announce to the world that the vehicle has lost control and the driver is not responsible for any damages caused by a crash. Any damages after flashing the lights is an ‘act of Allah’. Saudi Law.

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