Houston home invasion 3 dead 2 wounded
Courtesy KPRC
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A Houston homeowner fought back as a home invasion crew stormed his home around 1am Saturday morning. After an extensive gun battle, the homeowner shot all five intruders, killing three.

Photos show a very robust crime scene, to say the least.

Houston home invasion 3 dead 2 wounded
Courtesy ABC13

Defensive gun use of the day? Nah, this story merits a whole new meritorious award category: defensive gun use of the month.

The situation went down in the 7000 block of Sherman Street in Houston. A crew of five stormed a home there, with at least two armed with long guns. Moments later, the unidentified homeowner fought back, hammering the home invaders with hot lead.

The intruders retreated from the home most riki-tik. Evidence markers suggest the bad guys continued pouring fire into the home, perhaps to cover their getaway.

Gosh, why would anyone ever need more than ten rounds of ammunition (and possibly only five in Oregon?)

Things did not go well for the baddies though. The brazen bandits must have skipped the class in “leave no man behind” because they abandoned one of their own to bleed out on the front yard. The remaining four tried to escape in an SUV.

However, that didn’t end well for the remaining members either. The driver lost control, likely from blood loss, and crashed into a pole.

Houston home invasion 3 dead 2 wounded
Courtesy Houston Chronicle

Three fled from the SUV. One in the back seat made it his final resting place. Witnesses pointed towards another guy who fled the crashed SUV only to collapse after running about two blocks. He too died. Two others managed to make it to the hospital for treatment.

Click to Houston (KPRC) has the best overall report of the mayhem:

HOUSTON – Police said three men are dead and two others are in a hospital after a homeowner shot them during a possible home invasion in east Houston.

A shootout occurred just before 1 a.m. on Sherman Street near 71st Street, as the homeowner responded to five men who allegedly tried to break in, according to Houston police.

One man was left dead in front of the house, at least one wounded man took off on foot and the others left in an SUV, police said.

The car crashed into a pole nearby at Harrisburg Boulevard, where a man was found dead inside, according to police. Police say another person in the car fled, collapsed down the street on Capitol Street and later died.

ABC7, the Houston Chronicle, US News & World Report, and KHOU also had reports, each with additional bits of information.

Despite the result, it’s a safe bet that Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Big Gun Control will try to use these dead criminals as three more reasons the rest of us should give up our guns. To the contrary, these criminals stand (lay?) as testament to the need for semi-automatic firearms with standard-capacity magazines for all of America’s good guys and girls.

In any event, we hope the defender and his or her family can cope successfully with taking three lives in defense of their home. And secondarily, that they will remain safe from retaliation from the mopes’ families and friends.

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        • There’s an exemption in the law:

          “[18 U.S.C. § 922(q)(2)(A)] does not apply to the possession of a firearm—

          (i) on private property not part of school grounds;“

          But I understand where you are going with this and it being classified as a “school shooting” by Watts & Company…

      • They absolutely were homicides, legally classified as Justified Homicides. Lame stream will obviously leave the ‘justified’ out of their so called reporting.

        • In most states the criminals are held responsible for deaths which result from the commission of a crime. This is reasonable and just. The problem is that these are then added to lists for criminal deaths by firearms, with most statistics failing to distinguishing between the two types.

          How many criminal deaths by firearm are justifiable homicides like these? 1%? 50%? Can’t tell when they’re all aggregated together.

    • Absolutely. It certainly “counts” in their book, and it pads the stats. Essentially, you take four people and a gun, and presto, it’s a “mass shooting.” There are supposed to be specific conditions that loosely define a “mass shooting,” but scouring the lists of incidents that comprise the various claims of “hundreds of mass shootings a year” quickly reveals that almost any event involving four people and a firearm can be deemed a “mass shooting,” regardless the actual circumstances. And a home invasion involving at least six people and three homicides… you can safely bet that it’s another “mass shooting” in any log with a confirmation bias towards advocating gun control.

      Not that it isn’t obvious, but the definition of a mass shooting should be fairly strict: A mass shooting is when one or more individuals target and fire upon a group of people, with the specific intended purpose of killing those people for the sake of killing people. A wide range of situations and underlying motives can still fall under that general definition (e.g., a disturbed person feels slighted by a woman and family, and goes to a church to massacre her relatives and “punish people,” such as what similarly happened in Sutherland, Texas). But a robber sticking up a 7-11 with a cashier, a customer, a bystander, and some guy in the restroom, and things go haywire and shots are fired– that is not a mass shooting, it’s an armed robbery… and plenty of those types of incidents are classified as “mass shootings.” Don’t take my word for it, though… if you dig a little, you will find that while most people agree on the “four people and a gun” concept, there are wildly disparate definitions of what constitutes a “mass shooting” when it comes time to logging stats. “Facts,” and all that…..

      This event will surely be tacked onto the list of the “hundreds of mass shootings” in the United States this year… it’s an “epidemic,” after all. Kind of like how shark attacks were “out of control” when Jaws hit the theatres.

      Be safe.

    • Pretty sure the media will say “if the homeowner didn’t have the audacity to be armed, the gun fight would not have happened”

      • Yup, and now there are five more “victims of gun violence” in ” another senseless mass shooting. “

    • They have to – more than 4 shot based on a single event/shooter. Luckily for gun owners it won’t be mass murder since only three died.

    • This person should be a national celebrity whose sun skills should be celebrated.
      Got 3 criminals off the street and saved taxpayers the trouble of funding their incarceration.

  1. Which is a gun with 5+1 or 6 or 7, isn’t enough for me. In that situation, 17+1 might not be enough. Which is why I always have another very nearby at night with another 15+1. Would really hate to run out of ammo.

    • Personally I feel comfortable enough with 6 rounds of .44 magnum (180gr.SJHPs@1600fps), but if that’s not enough I have other weapons to retreat to. My biggest problem would be deciding which gun to finish off the survivors with.

      • That’s a good problem, Gov. I trust you have trained / rehearsed so when / if it happens, you don’t have to think, you just react — THIS one … boom boom boom! Training is everything!

        Of course, makes me laugh out loud — “Hmm. Let’s see. X numbers of you have left my floors and walls terribly bloodied … As for those of you stupid enough to still be here and breathing … Hmmm … let’s go with … THIS one — no, wait, THIS one … no no … let’s do BOTH!”

        I like the visual!

        • Well with a .44 magnum it’s more like BOOM… WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… But that will give me an excuse to delay giving my account to the police for a while. Just answer every question with ‘WHAT?!?’

          In all seriousness, I don’t think it’s as much training itself but the mental readiness to quickly decide to use lethal force, for which training helps greatly. There’s a real chance you’ll freeze for a few seconds while you try to process whether or not to believe your own eyes. On the other hand, if you’re too ‘keep your head on a swivel, boys’ you may react too quickly and open fire on a non-threat, and that can get you into some deep do-do. Where I land in that spectrum is hard to say but I suspect closer to the former than the latter. I can say that if I can keep my nerves in check, at inside the house distance there will be 6 head shot bad guys before I have to make the decision of what to finish off the the rest with. However if there’s anybody left I would have to believe I’m facing a SWAT team (obviously with the wrong address). I’ve never personally seen what a 180gr. SJHP traveling at 1600fps does to the back of a skull, but I can’t believe anyone who’s not highly trained wouldn’t skeedaddle at the sight.

        • Center mass at <20' is not a difficult shot, but supposing I do miss, what would you do if someone was shooting a .44 magnum at you?

          • The point is that when someone is shooting at you, a gun is a gun. Nobody is going to take the time to figure out if it’s a .44 or a 9mm. The other person will react like they’re being shot at, and that’s it.

        • And my point is that any home invader who is met with gunfire will have two choices, advance or retreat and even if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn the odds of running into a criminal who chooses to advance is extremely small. This is of course assuming you haven’t stolen a few million dollars from the mafia or blasphemed Mohammad or something.

    • That’s why I bought a SIG P226 TACOM, 20 round mags, and a Kel Tec PMR 30, 30 RDS 22 Magnum

  2. If Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Big Gun Control had their way we would have 3 more perps on the street today.

  3. What kind of neighborhood is the 7000 block of Sherman Street in Houston? What are the chances this was criminal on criminal activity?

        • ………couple of bloks off N. Wayside Dr. Not any ” typical ” neighborhood I want to live in. Old rundown part of Houston. I’m sure the crime rate is accordingly high. My bet says the guy new the perps.

      • Two possibilities. One, it was a targeted attack.

        Two, the crooks had the same Intel the police usually have, from another crook.

        • In my humble opinion, an attack like this takes planning, and a rather specific goal.
          Whether that goal is revenge, drugs, cash, guns, or jewelry, I will bet money the police are looking into just what the target actually was. Motive is definitely a thing. This didn’t happen just because these guys were bored on a Friday night.
          So, yeah, I would be very interested in finding out what that motive was.

    • It’s a “neighborhood in transition.” It used to be low income but is rapidly gentrifying due to its proximity to downtown. The house where this happened is three blocks from a golf course.

    • Could be, but even drug dealers have the right to defend themselves when attacked.

      • My biggest fear is mistaken identity, LEOs get it wrong and so do thugs. A true nightmare situation would be 5 thugs breaking in the house. I have the hardware to stop them but it’s not readily accessible. I guess I should re assess my storing procedures

        • Reinforce the doors to buy more time.
          Run longer screws into the door frame.
          Add an extra deadbolt.
          Anything to slow them down works for you.

        • I fear the LEOs more than the criminals. There’s a 99.9% chance the criminals flee at the sound of gunfire. Gunfire only brings more LEOs to your house.

        • Also install doors that open to the outside. It’s much harder to kick in a door that swings outwards then inwards.

        • Gov. William J Le Petomane, don’t be a retard. You must be one of these “sovereign” A-Holes who believes that cops are “the true criminals.” Only you would take a criminal home invasion and try to turn it into a conversation about how the police are scarier than a gang of 5 heavily armed gangsters invading your home. Get a life. If you can’t figure out the difference between legitimate police officers and thugs, I question your ability to safely handle a firearm. As a matter of fact, just to make sure your don’t hurt anyone with a ND, take your .44 Mag and shove it up your .50-cal butt.

        • Connie:
          There are a few facts that the Gov stated: criminals do tend to leave the area when faced with a gun, and cops do the opposite.
          You managed to make stating those rather obvious facts into fodder for your imaginative rant about his ability to safely handle a gun.
          Are you a gun grabber? If not, how did you make that transition from stating facts into a question about he handles guns?
          Curious minds, and all that.

        • Connie, your eloquent remarks have been taken under consideration and disregarded. Have a nice day.

        • Gov’s right. Happened not too long ago, cops came in and shot the homeowner dead.
          Plus, with all these new confiscation laws, you might just be screwed.
          Personally, the sight of flashing cop lights at night is usually a good enough sign for me to not clear the house with my gun pointed and ready to go. That’s a good way to expect lots of lead.

        • Sure, if they leave their lights flashing that’s a dead giveaway, but that usually spoils the surprise of the 3:00am no knock raid.

      • Drug dealers have the right to defend themselves from the violence that they bring upon themselves? Does this apply to all criminals then? Burglars have the right to defend themselves from home owners? Etc…

        • “Drug dealers have the right to defend themselves from the violence that they bring upon themselves?”

          Self-defense is a natural and human right, or it is not. Every organism has a right to life, and the right to do what is necessary to survive.

          We all have a right to life until society adjudicates we forfeit. That right to life includes self-defense. In law, however, a person instigating a deadly confrontation cannot claim self-defense. The difference is non-trivial, and confounding.

    • I have no more problem with armed criminals getting shot when they invade another criminal’s house than I would with them getting shot when they invade a honest law-abiding citizens house.

      To the Homeowners: Please let me know if you need an additional box or two of 7.62×39 so I can send to you.

    • It’s a not too great neighborhood in an industrial / warehouse part of town on the ship channel, you know, warf rats, etc. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee’s district. I’m sure the B—h will have something stupid to say about it.

      • Since nearly every single thing that woman says is abysmally stupid, that is a certainty! I wonder if anyone on her staff explained to her why the good folks at JPL couldn’t drive the Mars Rover over to take pictures of the American flag the astronauts planted there.

    • Looks like a clean old neighborhood on Steet View, but I guess the front yard fences and gated driveways should be a giveaway, though. I asked a Houson friend, who replied…

      “It’s OK I guess if you like mariachi music, you can speak Spanish, and you have your own security system set up.”

      • It’s. It the best area in town. But it’s akso not the worst by far. I’m just surprised two of the crooks had LONG GUNS ? Long guns are hardly used in crimes.

  4. If 5 people storm a house with long guns, it seems like there’s a good chance there are some facts we don’t have. If it is just a law-abiding citizen defending kith and kin though, good on him/her/xir/they.

    • Maybe, maybe not. When I was younger and poor I lived in one of America’s inner city slums. I kept an AK and a few mags ready to go with me at all times. There were a few full on firefights in that neighborhood while I was there. Gangbangers sometimes hit the wrong house too just like the cops do.

      • Amen to that, I lived in the projects (section 8) as a youngster. My next door neighbor was a dealer(small time), someone trying to get him could of easily mistaken our apartment or just not given a shit. I used to sleep with my old hunting rifle under my bed ( lever action 3030) but def would have been screwed in this scenario.

  5. Five perps going into a residential dwelling, some of them armed with long arms?

    There’s an elephant in the room here that no one is talking about. You can smell the elephant sitting in the middle of this story, but no one is talking about him.

    So… what’s it gonna be?

    • Dyspeptic
      Most likely choices:-
      1. Home owner deals in drugs or stolen goods.
      2. Previous tenants dealt in drugs etc. Criminals aren’t good at leaving forwarding address.
      4. Home owner is in cash type business and they thought he would have money on site.
      3. They got the wrong address (in more ways than one).

      Have seen all of these in real life.

      • Given the homeowners demonstrated ability to defend his property he is either retired Delta or a well prepared dealer. You make the call.

        • Or a competent gun handler with a modicum of training that went up against 5 over confident teenage thugs who didn’t train, dont know how to use cover, cant aim, and aren’t a cohesive unit…… it would be a shame if the homeowner was a high-speed/low-drag type. Gun grabbers would like nothing more than to say, “See!! We told you that only highly trained government professionals are the only people capable of properly handling these weapons!”

          Remember the church shooting in Colorado Springs that was stopped by a former cop lady? Watch what the mouth piece from the Brady Center says about it at 14:10 https://youtu.be/3dVruPI2z_k they have no shame and will use any angle to push for gun control.

        • He doesn’t have to be retired special anything. Regular Americans can defend themselves and do so on a daily basis.

      • I would suspect it’s a wrong address type situations. I saw a few of those when I lived in a bad neighborhood. If it turned into a gunfight the best predictor of whether or not the victim was a criminal was how well they shot back at the bad guys.

        Better shooting on the part of the resident generally indicating non-criminals while bad shooting generally meant it was criminal on criminal.

        • It’s a myth that all criminals can’t shoot straight. The higher up the food chain you go the more likely that they can. My bet is that the intended victim had prior warning of their arrival and set a counter ambush

        • **I’m playing devil’s advocate here as none of us know the truth, so take what I say with a grain of salt.**

          My bet is that the first two thugs were pounding on the door telegraphing their intent to the home owner, while the other three tugs were walking up. Pleantly of time to grab
          a rifle and meet the threat.

        • “It’s a myth that all criminals can’t shoot straight.”

          Well, I never said that all criminals can’t shoot straight and I noted, quite clearly, that what I was saying was an anecdote based on my personal experience. So, what exactly is your point?

        • We also don’t know the type or quirky of their long guns. These could be hardened home invaders or they could be brand new to home invasions and thought stolen hunting rifles would be a good choice.

  6. Again, guns are the problem. If nobody had guns, nobody would have been shot; settled science.

    4, 5, 6 round magazines (including revolvers) are perfectly fine. If you need more, maybe you shouldn’t have started shooting in the first place. Knowing you were out-gunned, maybe it would be better to just runaway and hide behind a fence, or simply not antagonize the attackers. If you don’t present a threat, there is no reason for attackers to harm you. And if you lose that bet, well, better for society there was not more bloodshed. The criminals will eventually be caught and punished, and maybe you could possibly, perhaps not be injured or killed.

    Since mass shooters always use big magazines, and all gun owners are potential mass shooters (who just haven’t been triggered yet), we have to focus on the real danger…mass shootings in places where nice people are gathered. We can’t make society safe if we put our attention on permitting average people to own big magazine guns. Home invasions are rare, and few children are harmed or killed. Mass shootings in nice places are more likely, and are more likely to result is a bunch of children being shot. We cannot determine which gun owner will need big magazines, and which should be restricted. Better be safe than sorry, and restrict everyone. Heck, if you don’t think small magazines hold enough bullets, just don’t own a gun in the first place; problem solved.

    The best option is to not live in a dangerous neighborhood.

    *follow the breadcrumbs

    • I disagree with you. Entirely and I have no respect for that opinion whatsoever I hope you can forgive me for that. I try to respect everyone and thier opinion. But I can not and do not respect yours.

      • “I disagree with you. Entirely and I have no respect for that opinion whatsoever I hope you can forgive me for that. I try to respect everyone and thier opinion. But I can not and do not respect yours.”

        You haven’t read my opinion. Follow the breadcrumbs.

      • “Bizarre, fairy-tale world thinking. Not worth responding to.”

        Skim reading is usually not enlightening. There are clues, lotsa clues.

      • Sam is playing ‘Devil’s advocate’ here.

        Read between the lines…

          • “I think its simpler than that. I think Sam just likes to argue and read his own stuff.”

            25% correct.

            Sam is an iconoclast, trying to challenge gun owners to improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills…all while having a little fun mocking anti-gunners.

            Sloganeering isn’t moving the ball downfield. Maybe being more creative in our approach to anti-gun nonsense would help. If the best we have to offer against the left is shrieking, insulting, slinging acronyms and being satisfied with an echo chamber, then we deserve the results we are getting.

            BTW, that anti-gun crowd is better at manipulating words that is the pro-2A support group. The anti-gunners say and write things that are all too easily dismissed or opposed on a superficial level, all the while, the anti-gunners are laying legal minefields that POTG have no idea exist.

            An example (mentioned last night) is the flurry of laws about magazine capacity. Two years ago, the anti-gunners were all about restricting magazine capacity. POTG jumped onto the logic that capacity restrictions are useless, because…a lot of reasons. Recently, the anti-gun mafia is looking to ban any firearm that is capable of accepting a magazine that is capable of holding more than 4, 5, 10, 15 rounds. POTG are still focused on actual cartridge count. The difference between the fight two years ago, and not is enormous. And now, even the “capable of” lane of attack is being replaced by bans on all semi-auto firearms, regardless of magazine capacity, or “capability of holding”.

            I sometimes try to synthesize anti-gun gibberish in a manner that is more sophisticated than anti-gunners actually present, with hope people will recognize they need to “up their game” in response to changes in anti-gun tactics and claims.

            But the really good news is….one can always delete comments before reading.

    • You guys know that Sam says outlandish gun controller type shit to show how batshit crazy the antis are, right?

      • Sam needs to put /sarc/ on his posts… I’m too dim and there are too many comments to read, for me to find bread crumbs or ponder subtlety.

        • “…there are too many comments to read, for me to find bread crumbs or ponder subtlety.”

          Subtlety is an important element of language. Disdain for subtlety can allow implications to blow right past, ending up with the obvious being subtlety twisted into something even more dastardly.

          Take for instance proposed bans against firearms that have “the capacity to accept magazines that hold more than 5 rounds”. In this case, the issue is not the magazine size, or capacity, but the ability of the firearm to accept magazines that may hold more than 5 rounds. How many magazine fed handguns can you think of that cannot accept a 10 round, or 100 round magazine? The subtlety is that most people focus on the number of cartridges as the limit, only to be shocked when they realize the anti-gun mafia is playing with words. Can you not already hear gun owners crying, “They can’t mean it that way !!” ?

          Dealing with subtlety is crucial to critical thinking. Besides, isn’t it fun to mock gun-grabbers with their own words taken to the absurd?

        • “…isn’t it fun to mock gun grabbers with their own words taken to the absurd?”
          >Implying what you said wasn’t already word for word what a gun grabber would have said

          Ya nailed it, bud. There was no absurdity in your statements. For a second I thought you were channeling Pelosi.

          • “There was no absurdity in your statements. For a second I thought you were channeling Pelosi.”

            Well, if you have to explain a joke, then it wasn’t funny. So this explanation is admission the joke wasn’t funny.

            “If you don’t have a gun, nobody gets shot; settled science.” Mocks both the notion that climate change is “settled science”, and that it is beyond obvious that without guns, shootings cannot occur.

            “Runaway” is a take from Monty Python, and is never used in anti-gun propaganda.

            “Hide behind a fence” is a child’s phrase, something anti-gun people don’t say, but reflects the low level of thinking associated with leftists.

            And so on (which itself is a clue that what preceded is intellectual tripe).

            Mockery is best when the insult seems close to the reality of the thing being mocked. First, it has to sound quite similar to what the target would actually say/write. Then it has to be stupid on its face. If mockery didn’t have the ring of truth, it is just insulting, which takes no real effort.

    • “If you don’t present a threat, there is no reason for attackers to harm you. And if you lose that bet, well, better for society there was not more bloodshed”

      Uh yeah, that’s how it usually work :rolls eyes:

      But at least they’ll just kill me, none of their blood would be shed (thank god). Then when they’re caught more people like me can finance their prison stay through taxes.

      Follow the crumbs? By all means, highlight them. Not everyone can follow your questionable line of logic

      I obviously shouldn’t respond to this troll. Easy to be cavalier with the lives of others I guess.

      • “But at least they’ll just kill me, none of their blood would be shed (thank god). Then when they’re caught more people like me can finance their prison stay through taxes. ”

        Yes! By George, I think you’ve got it. Exactly how it is supposed to work.

        (The crumbs, Old Bean, are there to tell you what the comment is really all about.)

      • “Your so right! The first murder occurred after gunpowder was invented. You are an idiot.”

        Slow down, take a breath, and have another read of the commentary. The clues are all there, the largest being in the first sentence.

    • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH. God this comment section is so freaking dense sometimes. If they tell you to add sarc tags, it tells you they’re way too slow to keep up.

      • “If they tell you to add sarc tags, it tells you they’re way too slow to keep up.”

        That’s a little harsh. Thinking there are a bunch of new screen names here who just need a little time to acclimate.

    • Run as fast as you can, hide. If your caught bare your teeth and growl, if that doesn’t work void your bowels and play dead.

      • “Run as fast as you can, hide. If your caught bare your teeth and growl, if that doesn’t work void your bowels and play dead.”

        There ya’ go. Proves to the anti-gun mafia that POTG are trainable. They should leave us alone.

  7. An EXCELLENT example of how effective an AR pistol or rifle is for self/home defense, no matter WHAT COLOR (?) the perpetrators or their GANG or IMMIGRATION STATUS.

    Good shooing, fella.

  8. Made my day! I don’t care what the homeowner’s status is…you done good😄😊😏☝

    • Well JD. I guess drug dealers need more the 6-9 rounds. So are you telling us that you are a drug dealer?

      I wouldn’t worry about these guys if there is an AR/AK ban. I am sure their suppliers will be happy to provide the appropriate ancillary business security equipment.

        • So your refusal to answer the question about how you know the person is involved in drug dealing, and thereby back up your statement, somehow means that I hold the opinion that the guy is retired Delta? Are you trying to sound stupid?

          I don’t know anything about the guy other than some of what transpired here. However, I don’t assume that the guy must either be retired SOF or a drug dealer. Nor do I assume that those are the only two choices for his current or previous profession.

          I’m just curious how you arrive at the conclusion that he’s a drug dealer. Clearly you must have some evidence for this assertion, so what is that evidence?

        • He doesn’t have to be retired delta or a criminal. You are a dense person with no real world experience. Regular civilians can and do defend themselves every day in America and aren’t SF.

      • Drug dealers and murder teams will have more than 6-9 rounds, because they can plan, organize, concentrate force, and strike on their own initiative. If its 5 guys with 6-shot revolvers thats still 30 rounds and a high volume of fire….. you on the other hand have to always be prepared, will almost always be out numbered, and dont get to decide when these things happen. Good luck with those 6-9 rounds tdivina.

        Again with the “Delta Force” thing. Do you even know what that means? Shooting is probably the easiest skill set to acquire for Delta Force. Keanue Reeves can shoot like delta force. There are 12 years old girls who can shoot like delta force. Stop with the delta force already. For you to say that smacks of incompetence.

  9. The go-to in my place is a Glock with a happy stick. If more is required, AR’s (yes, plural) are ready if needed. There’s not an unloaded firearm in my home, sans a couple .22’s that I use for fun, or teaching newby’s. The story above is the exact reason why. I have friends with pump guns, handguns, etc, that tell me I’m dumb for doing so. This, highly unlikely event, is why I tell them they are the dumb ones. I don’t keep fire extinguishers in the house for blowing out candles.

    If you need one, excess is best.

    • In the military they call it over March, the goal of any tactical maneuver is to achieve overmatch. No such thing as a fair fight.

      • Fair fights involve two willing parties (or more), a referee or judge, and generally an audience.

        5 guys (or even 1) breaking into a house in the dark, armed, isn’t fair. I wasn’t given time, notice, or opportunity to prepare for the encounter, so I’m brining heat. How much? ALL of it.

      • I figure that attacker(s) sent running by initial resistance, may decide to stop & press the issue once fire has ceased; especially if
        they are returning fire, though in retreat.

        So as long as they’re being shot at, they’ll keep running. And missing.
        Until they’re outside the limit stakes, the kill-zone entirely, or are dead.

        We have another saying (especially with a good AG or full chops); “When the going gets tough, the tough go cyclic.”

        Or if you’re a cannon-cocker it’s called “fire-for-effect”.
        But if you miss, expect some pissed-off counterbattery; once they’ve put out the fires on clothes & comrades, tightened their teeth, and let the retinas cool a bit.

        I’d hate to give em an opportunity to regroup with an inconvenient reload, with requisite fumbling at the exact wrong moment, cursing, and discovering that a previously placed BUG is disabled somehow, tactically forgotten, or strategically moved by a significant-other.

    • Same here. I might not appreciate the aesthetic appearance of how my g17 looks but damnit, it’s always dependable. Three pistols and that’s the one I keep nearby at all times.

  10. Waiting for the details to come out. What was the homeowner armed with? A rifle? Shotgun? Pistol? Was he upstairs shooting down at them?

    Obviously he came out very well in this thing. Just curious to know how he did it.

  11. Thank God he was in Texas, Home of the Free and Brave. In New York or Chicago he would have been just another victim instead of a victor in the situation. There is no such things as an assault weapon, that is a libertard fabrication from the Libertard Propaganda Czars. It is as the Bill of Rights says a God Given Right to won what ever firearms we choose to own, not what the Libertard Politburo says we can won.

    • because in a major metro area with nearly 3million occupants no one dare ferret away standard capacity magazines.
      rocky raccoon wants his bible back.

  12. Who was that yesterday telling me how you’d never need a pistol with a capacity higher than what a single stack 1911 provides?

      • Ignoring the obvious problems with drug laws, what evidence can you present that the defender in this case was a drug dealer?

        • Let’s see, five guys burst in guns blazing and are met with a hail of gunfire. So does our innocent victim go about his business at home all geared up just in case? Is he a retired Delta with weapons stashed all around his house so he can quickly acquire his weapon and wack the five random guys who just it would be fun to crash a house. Or is he a streetwise top of the food chain drug dealer or gang leader who got a phone call telling him five guys are on the way? You make the call.

          You have spent too much time playing Grand Theft Auto.

        • No, I just don’t make asinine assumptions.

          Here’s a possible explanation for you: He’s a cop who recently busted and testified against a major gang member and is expecting some sort of retaliation.

          Oh, look I just manged to offer an explanation that doesn’t involve SOF, the person being a drug dealer and doesn’t require any video games. I also have just as much evidence of this being the case as you do for you assertion.

          Unless you can offer actual evidence that he’s a drug dealer then stop saying he is. If you don’t know what’s going on, which you clearly don’t because you have refused to provide evidence (no your hypothetical suppositions are not evidence), then you’re just making shit up because you feel like being a jackass.

        • Speaking about Jackasses,

          If it was a cop under threat then (a) it makes my point and (b) he would have protection again making my point that it is not applicable to me or you so we can dispense with that option.

          If five guys break into your house and you do not have a weapon immediately accessable you won’t make out alive even if they are typical bangers. So this guy must have had a rifle within arms reaches and instantly reacted when they crashed the door. What does tell about his state of readiness? I will leatve that to you as exercise to figure out.

          I don’t live in your fantasy world where five guys randomly crash someone’s house. If they made a mistake and hit the wrong house then they are most unlucky rip crew in history. I mean what’s the chance that a guy with operator skills lives there.

        • Trivana or whatever seems like he just despises civilian gun ownership. I know plenty of regular civilian types who not only stash guns strategically but that could probably compete with many in the military or police. Shootings skills aren’t some secret dark art you have to go to selection to learn.

        • LOL. If he’s a cop that makes your point that he’s either a SOF guy or a drug dealer?


          You’ve very, very clearly never lived in a bad neighborhood because stashing guns around your house is a habit you pick up if you have multiple guns in a neighborhood with an above average chance of using them. Otherwise there’s no point in having them in the first place.

        • I know this may be hard to understand, but everyone isn’t just like you, tdiinva.
          Sometimes I am up at 1:00am, cleaning a gun or two. Since I don’t listen too much to those who are far too safety conscious (read: paranoid), I actually keep loaded magazines for the guns I’m cleaning readily at hand.
          Regardless of what gun I’m cleaning, it takes me less than 7 seconds (and if you watch the clock, seven seconds is actually a lot longer than many people think) to assemble the gun (less depending on which gun) and lock and load. And believe me, I’m retired, but not a retired Delta Force. Just a guy who likes shooting guns, is fairly decent at it, and learns how to use his tools.
          I posted above that I believe most “home invasions” are targeted. I listed what I think are the main reasons people do them. Some end up like this one did, others have different outcomes. But trying to say what the reason was with no information about it is pointless; actually, it points to the idea that those who do that are pushing an agenda.

          In emails, I was told the edit problem was fixed. Obviously, it isn’t.
          There’s really no excuse for this.

        • This is a ghetto / shitty side of Houston. There is nothing worth stealing in a place like this unless its guns, cash, or drugs. This looks like a hit squad, except the target knew better and was waiting.

          Just my asinine opinion based on the looks of the neighborhood and number of people and weapons used.

      • tdiinva,

        Since you insist on playing “Let’s deduce what we can about the victim from the sparse facts of the news report”, the only concrete conclusion that we can make of the victim’s state of readiness is that the victim was prepared. Nothing more and nothing less.

        It is quite easy to picture an everyday Jane/Joe who keeps a loaded AK-47 or AR-15 rifle with 30-round magazine at the ready in their home in case of home invasion. Many of us who comment on this website certainly do. And I am pretty confident that many of us who comment on this website are NOT drug dealers.

        It is quite easy to picture an everyday Jane/Joe who spends an hour and $30 making his/her main entry door virtually impossible to breach. All it takes are some long screws and two pipes/boards to prevent the door from opening even if the door knob/locks are defeated. Many people who are NOT drug dealers do this, especially in questionable neighborhoods.

        Thus, we cannot logically deduce that the victim was a drug dealer. Is it likely that many drug dealers would be prepared as this news story indicates? Sure. And it is also likely that many people who are NOT drug dealers would be prepared as this news story indicates.

      • tdiinva,

        And now to finish your game of “Let’s deduce what we can about the victim from sparse facts in the news stories”:

        You assert that the only likely reason a rip crew would target someone is because they were a drug dealer. While I agree that is one compelling reason, it is only ONE compelling reason. Perhaps the victim is someone in the neighborhood who stands up to injustice and everyone knows it. That would be a compelling reason for a rip crew to “make a statement”. And it would be a compelling reason for that person to be prepared for a rip-crew.

        And before you dismiss that last idea, that is exactly where I am right now on a somewhat smaller-scale level. My neighbor across the street has two nasty German shepherds that keep getting lose and menacing our neighborhood. Somehow, several of the neighbors know that I am armed and won’t tolerate dangerous dogs killing someone in front of my house. Now all the neighbors alert me when those damn dogs are loose because they know that I will immediately go outside — ready and able to put them down if absolutely necessary — and stand guard until animal control or a deputy shows up (which often takes upwards of an hour). This obviously makes me a target for retaliation. Thus, I am prepared accordingly for possible retaliation.

        Now imagine if we were talking about something much more involved like a chop-shop, human trafficking, or narcotics distribution? The wise whistle-blower in that situation would have a hardened entry door and rifle at the ready.

  13. “Houston Defender in Home Invasion Shootout Kills Three of Five Attackers”

    Now don’t be sad
    ‘Cause three out of five ain’t bad
    Maybe we can shoot all night
    But that ain’t getting us nowhere

  14. The likes of Old Plastic face Pelosi and Chucky will turn a blind eye to some thing like this because it doesn’t fit their agenda. They want to disarm the public some they can be controlled easier not being able to fight back.. I’ll bet that they don’t even care about other people defending themselves against the “BAD’ guys.

  15. Thug swatting? Ray-Ray thought he got dissed, so he called the local kingpin and told him the home owner was holding a couple ki’s and stupid amounts of cash.

    Home owner defended his castle and family.

  17. 3 out of 5 ain’t bad, but in school that would get you a high D or a low C. He should have practiced more and maybe he could have brought up his GPA.

      • Was he using 5.56 or 9mm?

        5.56 isn’t that great at putting people down. I think it has been shown it takes 6-9 shots of 5.56 to put a man down if you are using FMJ. 9mm hollow points might actually do a better job.

  18. No experience here with gun fights. It seems to me that having just enough shots in a gun is not the needed amount. Because wouldn’t you want to survive with rounds left over? As in you did not get down to the point of having to reload, being vulnerable while doing so? It’s bad enough you are in a gun fight, of course you want it to be over with you the survivor before running out of ammunition.

    So hell yes I hope this homeowner pointed an AR-15 down the stairwell at the criminals and just kept shooting out a 30 round magazine until he felt safe.

    That’s only six shots per attacker. Somehow that number just feels kinda’ …. “light”?

    • Enuf,

      Exactly. No one who has prevailed in a gunfight has ever walked away and said, “Gee, I sure wish I had been armed with less ammunition before my attackers pounced on me.”

      Better to not need it and have it, than to need it and not have it.

  19. But what did the homeowner do to de-escalate?

    Did he try pepper spray? A stun gun?

    Had he gone through advanced training in interpersonal communication in reducing group tension?

    • ” Had he gone through advanced training in interpersonal communication in reducing group tension?”

      Interesting idea. Have schools been overlooking the preventative value of doing that when encountering school shooters?

  20. Sounds like the group were simply trying to serve a red flag order to confiscate the man’s property.

  21. Assuming that this actually happened and we aren’t looking at an episode of Hawaii Five-O to The Equalizer, it seems likely that there is a LOT more to this story.

  22. Been checking the local buzz this evening on comments in news stories. Some are saying that it’s a 20 year old who let in some friends who he thought were joking about robbing him. They weren’t. So if it’s true it doesn’t sound like a guns blazing take down of the house. Also sounds “neighborhood” related.

  23. GREAT SHOTS! Pass the cupcakes!!

    feinstein, pelosi and big gun control ARE THE BAD GUYS. They are the face of the criminal enablers. They would have you marched in to a FEMA camp and starved. They would take 70% of all you earn and give it to the guys (now laying dead) in this guys yard.

    They would steal the only free republic on the planet from your children. They would steal your G*D given rights and have your children serving and crawling to their children.

    Anytime perps are killed is a moment to celebrate but we need to get up torches, pitchforks and auto rifles and take out the REAL criminal traitors.

  24. Any word on the ethnicity of the attackers and the defender?

    Silly question, I’m sure it was 5 white guys attacking a person of color.

  25. Funny isn’t it, how the proponents of a disarmed, defenseless population often enjoy the comfort of heavily armed security, paid for by the ordinary citizens these special types, elected things, would leave defenseless.

  26. Let me be the one to state the obvious. Where do 100% of home invasions occur?

    I’m always armed at home. And I have a shotgun nearby. If you are being home invaded don’t add to your troubles by having secured or unloaded guns.

  27. “hammering the home invaders with hot lead.”

    Really? Have you been reading Mickey Spillane novels again?

  28. Looks like the shitty side of Houston. This comes across as gang related since there’s nothing worth stealing there, looks like a ghetto.

    • A lot of TTAGers are committed to the “just a honest law abiding citizen” who just got set upon by a bunch of ninjas narrative. For a bunch of people who talk rights and not needs they sure feel a need to justify having large capacity firearms. A quick perusal of the comment section of the local Houston news indicates that at very least this is 20 year old who likes hanging out with the local gangbangers. Perhaps the usual suspects here worry about capacity because they or their friends are engaged in criminal acting. That being the case I can understand their desire to be geared up all the time.

  29. Three down and many thousands to go. In fact it appears that the ranks of criminal hood rats are growing daily, encouraged by “gangsta rap” crap. This house looks to be in a bad neighborhood too.

  30. ….twas a shame these demorats were going to study for their college mid terms- and hot lead got in the way

  31. Why don’t we ban all the guns? Because you have a natural right…
    …to your own life, even if someone else isn’t as interested;
    …to secure your own life, even if some thugs decide they want to take it;
    …to the means to secure your own life, which will actually, you know, have a chance of securing your life;
    …to use your own judgment about the right answer to all three of those.

    Not that a “need” is required to justify arms choices, but mag-size limits make sense when there are mob-size limits.

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