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 Gun rights rally Austin Texas (courtesy

Regular readers will know I’m relocating to Austin, Texas. Rhode Island gun owners may well beat back the tide of civilian disarmament currently under consideration by Ocean State legislators. There’s a chance I’ll be able to continue testing “assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” and maintain my carry permits. But there’s also a chance I won’t. Bottom line: I can’t afford to take the risk. Besides, I know when I, my guns and my conservative values aren’t wanted. That time is now, more than ever. The question is: will it be any better in Texas? For one thing . . .

I’m moving to Austin, a liberal if perhaps libertarian city in the middle of an otherwise deeply red state. BUT the Lone Star State cherishes gun rights, right? And they’ve got preemption; cities can’t pass gun laws, no matter how weird they aspire to be. Although it must be said that Texas doesn’t allow open carry.

Yes there is that. What me worry? Check this from Chris Ladd’s column in yesterday’s

I don’t want my gun purchase to be observed and tracked by some Federal authority. I don’t want my private firearm transaction held up for hours, much less days, by a bureaucratic requirement. I want to be able to carry my gun with me and use it as I see fit. The symbolism of gun ownership is important to me.

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Oh wait . . .

At some point, I have to consider the human toll of my rights. How many corpses am I willing to pile up to avoid being inconvenienced at a gun show? How many additional people should die so I can buy a larger magazine? Is there really, really…I mean in the real world not just in Red Dawn, a reason I need such unlimited access to so much firepower? How much carnage am I willing to generate by my pressing need not to be inconvenienced in any way? My gun is in fact a symbol, but maybe it doesn’t mean what I thought it did.

Ladd walks it back Fagin style (“I think I better think it out again”). But the damage is done. Did someone from TEXAS write that? Someone who LIVES in Texas? Sure, mainstream media liberal bias. But TEXAS?

To which the Armed Intelligentsia will no doubt reply: COLORADO. And it’s true: no place is safe from the civilian disarmament movement. OK, maybe Kanasas, which just enacted The Second Amendment Protection Act:

Any act, law, treaty, order, rule or regulation of the government of the United States which violates the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is null, void and unenforceable in the state of Kansas.

Maybe not. Maybe it’s just empty saber rattling, as per the Civil War. Or maybe it’s reassurance for residents scared that even their deeply pro-gun state could be overrun by the forces of gun control, on the local, state or especially federal level.

Truth be told, they’re should be scared. And remain so.

If nothing else, the immigration bills currently under consideration in Washington are ultimately designed to create millions of new voters; the majority of which are or will be beholden to big government for their citizenship and, of course, social programs. Which way do you think they’ll vote on gun control?

To quote the The Fly’s ad campaign, be afraid. Be very afraid.

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  1. Texas is trying to amend for their sins. Sure it is slow going, and yes you have a few liberals who pretty much are screaming at a brick wall, but having said that the vast majority do want an armed and polite society. The the chances of Kalifornia style gun legislation coming to Texas is pretty slim.. Just sayin..

      • +1 this.

        You can either strip urb’tards of their voting dominance by making votes proportional to private land possession or live to see all these “safe” states become plantations as these idiots vote themselves into prison and take you along for the ride.

        • Texas does have their ant-gun groups. But they are mostly out numbered. Harris county (Houston) has the highest number of CHLs in Texas. Over 20,000 n that county alone. Tarrant county (FtWorth) is second and Dallas county (Dallas) is third. Texas has almost 600,000 CHLs, could be more by now, and our governor Rick Perry wants to beat Florida on the CHL numbers.

          While you can find anti-gun zealots in any state, Texas is a safe state for 2A freedoms.

        • If he wants to beat the #s he needs to reduce or eliminate CHL-related fees and expenses.

        • Dr. Ken is correct.. Texas has the highest fees in the nation for CHL… Plus the 70-140$ class to boot.

        • Dr. Ken is correct.. Texas has some of the highest fees in the nation for CHL… Plus the 70-140$ class to boot.

        • >> You can either strip urb’tards of their voting dominance by making votes proportional to private land possession

          Shouldn’t we also ban women and non-whites from voting while we’re at it? I mean, they’re also predominantly voting for pro-gun-control candidates, so it would be for a good cause, right?

          • “Shouldn’t we also ban women and non-whites from voting while we’re at it? I mean, they’re also predominantly voting for pro-gun-control candidates, so it would be for a good cause, right?”

            Going for that special kind of stupid are we? Making a vote based on land ownership has nothing to do with being an ass backwards POS bigot. But since you brought it up, slaves had that whole fractional representation to prevent plantation owners from swaying too much power, so why not put the same limitation on the people that choose to live on plantations of their own creation?

        • >> Going for that special kind of stupid are we? Making a vote based on land ownership has nothing to do with being an ass backwards POS bigot.

          Sure it does. What reason would you have to restrict voting to land owners other than to disenfranchise those whose opinions you don’t like / are afraid of? There’s no coherent reason as to why land should be a prerequisite of voting otherwise.

          >> But since you brought it up, slaves had that whole fractional representation to prevent plantation owners from swaying too much power

          Slaves didn’t have fractional representation (as they didn’t vote at all). 3/5 of the number of slaves was used for the purpose of allocating the number of representatives, but they were only voted for by free people. And non-slave states didn’t want slaves to count at all for that purpose, rightly noting that as they don’t vote, they are not participants in the political process, so the fractional representation was a compromise that favored plantation owners (they still got to, in effect, collectively cast extra votes on behalf of their slaves). In any case, I don’t see what this has to do with the discussion at hand. Last I checked, none of what you right-wingers call “slave states” have voted away their right to vote.

          • “Sure it does. What reason would you have to restrict voting to land owners other than to disenfranchise those whose opinions you don’t like / are afraid of? There’s no coherent reason as to why land should be a prerequisite of voting otherwise.”

            ORLY? Do you know ANYTHING about the concept of a senate vs a representative? Either you are too ignorant to have a meaningful discussion with or you are a troll. Either way, I have better things to waste my time on.

  2. Integrity compels me to state the sad truth that the RKBAs days as a Federally recognized right are numbered.The demographic charts tell the story;whether immigration amnesty is signed into law or not,in under 20 years the masses of liberal young white voters in addition to the higher rates of minority and female voters will result in Democratic dominance of our national government.Say hello to Europe style one party leftist government.

    While I seriously doubt well turn into the UK,don’t plan on EBRs and 10+ round magazines staying legal for much longer at the Federal level. By 2020,well probably have a permanent national AWB again.

    • Defending the Second Amendment is one of the few things the Republican party gets right.

      It has to either get centrist and get with the reality that human-caused climate change really is settled science, abortion is a legal choice (and if it’s a deadly sin, then god will sort out the sinners in due time), gay marriage (or something like it) is by now a fait accompli, and that a “seal the borders and deport them all” immigration policy is no more viable than Chicago’s gun control.

      If the Republican party doesn’t figure out how to get past those hangups, it will dwindle into insignificance within 20 years. Likely less. And our Second Amendment rights will go with it. Unless we can convince the upcoming generations by grassroots evangelism…otherwise, all the gun prohibitionists among the Democrats have to do is wait. Demographics are swinging their way.

      • My hopes are rather that Republicans will split over socially conservative and religious issues, much like Dems split over desegregation back in the day. So we end up with something more approximating libertarians, battling Dems primarly over economic policies and those social issues that Dems don’t like (such as, well, gun control), which would capture part of today’s blue electorate; and the ultraconservative chunk of the party would steadily dwindle into non-existence with new generation of voters.

  3. You get guns… for now. Unless a state passes a law making legislative representation based on land possession rather than head count, every single state is one ‘tard town from being outvoted. CO is just the latest example. CA is probably the longest running.

    So you can have guns for now, but heaven help you if some TX jack boot makes you his special friend for the day, or if you suggest that maybe the earth took more than 7 days to create… If a job lines up, OK is looking a lot better.

  4. What does the author mean by “maintain my carry permits?” Why is permits plural? How can someone have more that one?

    • A permit issued by the AG in RI allows for open carry. One issued by the local government does not.

      • I have both a city and state carry permit.

        AG = OC. City = No waiting period for firearms purchases. But not vice versa.

  5. RF, you may want to rethink the Austin move. I am sure you have done your background research and realize that Austin is the liberal “Mecca” of Texas. I just want to point out that there are plenty of other places in Texas that are like-minded with you and would welcome your residency. I favor San Antonio personally. It has a character unlike any other big city. It doesn’t feel like a big city living here. Just sayin’…….

      • Dallas is plagued by our southern sector comprised of professional voters. Our mayor is a liberal in a conservative’s clothing. We also have a lot of liberal californians and north easterners who have moved here for work and brought their bad ideas with them. What will kill TX as a whole is the conservatives fighting against any immigration reform. Every election the liberals advertise that if the republican gets elected, they will put the first generation born in america’s illegal immigrant parents on a train, and they will ship them back to Mexico. It’s really no wonder they run to the democrats. It may be propaganda, but it’s working.

    • Eh, compared to the rest of Texas, Austin’s biggest problem is the city just outlawed plastic bags at the grocery store. Compared to Rhode Island and Massachusetts (where your trash bags have to be clear so they con confirm that you are recycling) that’s nothing to much be overly concerned with.

      We got it good here in Austin.

  6. As a Houstonian, I can tell you the chronicle is, and has always been, a liberal publication. As with any other large metropolitan city we have our lions share it liberals (To wit, Harris county went to Obama by 2 votes). If/when immigration reform occurs, Texas could be in trouble but I suspect we will always be a red state.
    On a side note RF, you should come to Houston, our TexMex is better.

    • The “Comical” wasn’t that bad while I was still in the Houston area, but that was back when there was competition with the now-defunct Post.

    • I agree. While I do like Austin, I like SA much better. It’s also that much closer to the gulf.

  7. You could always move to north Georgia. There’s a pretty nice house for sale next door.

    • Deal, Chamblis, and Isakson…three untrustworthy RINO’s when it comes to 2a rights. Other than that, GA is a good place to be…:)

  8. Running from a blue state to a red state might have been something in the pre instant communication days. But the poison spreads faster than you can run these days. We have 2 options. Stand and fight or run. Make your choice.

    • That’s your decision. Some people want to enjoy a little bit of freedom in their lifetimes.

      • I’m an old fart. I remember when America was a whole lot freer than it is now. Bought guns at yard sales when I was 13. The only way to get that back is to get all of America back.

        Running simply means you’ve accepted defeat and there will be no freedom in the future.

        • I grew up in the PRK.

          In the ’70’s, I got a nice cap ‘n’ ball pistol at a yard sale…

          And there were a ton of GOOD electronics parts houses, with acres of dust shelves…

          Why’d I move, again? Oh. Yeah.

          Kansas is solid.

    • I said this and had TTAG readers get pissed at me for it, apparently running all the time is their mantra.

      I live in Massachusetts and there’s no saving this state’s anti-gun mindset, however I’m one of 12.6% of people with gun licenses and we’re all that stands between a total gun ban! People on here told me standing and fighting is wrong, and I disagree.

      I may move some day, and I will try to pick a place that isn’t anti gun but there’s no guarantees.

    • How exactly are you going to “stand and fight” against voting patterns shifting due to demographic changes (urbanization etc)?

  9. Some of the Austin suburbs are much more ‘red’. LaRue is in Leander, and STI is in Georgetown, for instance.

    • Living in Leander would be nice. Maybe Mark LaRue would let you test out some of his toys.

    • Leander may be a suburb of Austin, but we’re in Williamson County. The reddest county in all of Texas. I just hope that the Austinites expand south and east, not north.

  10. Living here in the South, I don’t really think any state is 100% safe from gun control, it’s just a part of the political landscape. That being said, in the South, West, and lower MidWest…there are ALOT more of us 2A types than there are the liberal types…so your odds are better here.

  11. How long ago did Molly Ivans say “just get a dog”? One pundit pundit who may or may not be a native Texan isn’t a good gauge of TX public opinion.

  12. I worked at the Austin Chronicle as a contractor back in the early ’90s and it’s as bad as the NY or LA Times. Also, Austin is very liberal compared to the rest of the state. I guarantee this guy doesn’t own a gun or permit.

  13. “You could always move to north Georgia. There’s a pretty nice house for sale next door.” and you’d get a friendly neighbor willing to help out with your burden of testing all those guns? Nice try Frank…

  14. Rob,

    As you know, RI has no places off limits. Texas has a laundry list of no carry zones.

    Texas also has horrible knife laws, a ban on switchblades and carrying knives over 5 inches (give or take).

    Texas may also be a democratic state in 12 years due to illegal immigration (amnesty)…. Enjoy “gun freedom” in Texas while it lasts.

    • Texas was a democratic state until DeLay famously gerrymandered it. You do remember LBJ, right?

      • Southern states have voted Democrat since the end of Reconstruction. Lincoln and the reconstruction governments (carpet-baggers) were all Republican. For almost 100 years you were likely to be cut off from the family for voting Republican than for murder. That was the way it was until the 1980s when conservative (Southern) Democrats began to exit the party and run as Republicans. They did so in reaction to the “left” turn of the party. By leaving they also accelerated it.
        Also keep in mind that until FDR the Democrats were the “conservative” party.

        • Given that D’s and R’s are the two cheeks of the same ass sh!ting on us and our liberty, perhaps we should drop the D vs R bullshit and just worry about liberty vs anti liberty.

      • Yes,

        Those were the days when Texas had no preemption and they had a flat out ban on carrying handguns… Those were the Texas Democratic Days.

  15. You should come to Alaska. The people are friendly, the scenery is gorgeous, and most people own guns. You’ll be in the land of rugged individualism. It’s like the old America. You can open carry or conceal carry without permit. It’s accepted and normal. Texas is known as the gun-friendly state, but in my opinion, Alaska is friendlier.

    • Anybody that thinks TX is gun friendly is welcome to open carry and let me know how it goes. Better yet, do it while carrying a 5.1″ pocket knife. If you want to just disappear into a hole, maybe do it with an out of state ID in your pocket.

      Gun friendly my arse…

    • Seconded. Alaska is basically another, older America.

      And as an old Antarctic hand, I can tell you the weather’s nice… 😉

  16. like most black kids i grew up in a liberal household, republicans where the devil and gun were evil unless it was your grandparents old 357 that hadn’t been cleaned or shot in decades. But since i’ve been out on my own and took an interest in firearms i’ve gotten a chance to see this thing from both sides. I cant speak for the entire state but here in Dallas i’ve come across far more pro gun individuals than anti gun libs. I can be at work or at the store or at a restaurant and hear conversations about gun or hunting going on everywhere, its just a part of our culture. I honestly dont think liberals will ever gain enough power down here to even come close to stripping us of our freedom.

  17. Hooray Kanasas! I mean Kansas.

    Love the Middle-Middle of the U.S.

    Even if the laws that our state has passed recently hold no real power, at least it’s a spitball on the ruleboard of the Feds. Unfortunately, it seems that even living in a state where gun rights are actively protected doesn’t make you immune from family members who are convinced only military and police should have guns. I’ve got ’em all over. Most have left the great state of Kansas, though for liberal havens of New Jersey, California, Hawaii, and Missouri.

    P.S. Why the heck is Missouri so liberal now anyway? And Colorado? Too many transplants from the left coast and the North-East?

    • Tanner, KC and St. Lunacy may be screwed up good, but I assure you the Ozarks is NOT a liberal haven. In fact it may be one of the most deeply conservative areas in the United States. It was a most dangerous place to be in the Civil War and everyone had to fend for themselves. Even today the Ozarks is still pretty insular compared to most of the rest of the state. My dad lives in Topeka but he’s super hippie liberal, sorta like Lawrence. But MO and KS are both very conservative outside the cities.

      • Tanner, as MLC says, get away from KC and STL, and not that far and you’re in conservative country. I’ll put MO’s gun rights against Texas any day!

  18. “the immigration bills currently under consideration in Washington are ultimately designed to create millions of new Democrats”


    • That is truly what it is about. The democrats do not care about immigrants. They care about votes.

  19. The Chronicle has been owned by Hearst Media since 1987. A common reference is to “” as a play on the name. This is also a monopoly as Hearst also acquired the assets of the the only other major newspaper in town, The Post, although it had already ceased publication anyway.
    Just another example of the major media corporations controlling “the message.”

  20. ” the majority of which are or will be beholden to big government for their citizenship and”

    don’t count on that. First, newly minted citizens are often the most protective of their rights, especially since they don’t have them in their originating country. Second, the #1 reason for being in the NICS database is… being an illegal alien. I am pretty skeptical of reported gun ownership. I mean who answers yes to a phone poll, “are there any valuables, guns, or undocumented illegal aliens in your house?”

  21. How do you guys feel about VA? I have other motivations to move there, but the laws seem very friendly to gun owners (especially coming from NY). I’m looking at the Richmond area. Concealed and open carry, no mag limits or scary looking gun prohibitions and plenty of places to shoot. I think the VCDL is awesome and I’d love to join.

    • VA is changing, we have two democratic senators and a liberal conservative split along geographical regions with the libs surrounding Dc and the conservatives every where else mostly. Guess which population is growing.

      There are some nice places in Richmond and your rights should be safe for awhile.

  22. I lived in a neighborhood in LA which was very heavily immigrant (in fact, I was the only white person on my block for years), and I can tell you that based on ever immigrant I’ve ever met, those hypothetical millions of new voters will be very strongly in favor of gun ownership, almost without exception. Whether they become _Democratic_ voters will depend on whether the Republican party decides that the 2nd Amendment is more important than clinging to racism and nativism.

    • I hate to say it, but I think “racism and nativism” is one of the main reasons so many conservatives are against it. I hate the race card, but they can’t ever give me another valid reason. And “because they broke the law” is not valid when it is a law that only prevents people from getting cheap labor or better jobs than what you had in mexico if that’s where you came from.

    • I don’t agree, minorities seem to be pretty solidly anti-gun and for stereotypical reasons at that.

      Once they go through generations of being American, their ideas may change. For now though, gun owners and Republicans are vastly white men and that’s why they’re dying out.

      • It’s just the opposite–people who came here from even more oppressive countries actually value liberty, while most Americans hate and fear it.

  23. We’re screwed one way or another. Go ahead and move to a pro-gun state, if everyone does that it’s just a matter of time before Federal legislation is passed. Then your state has to decide between your 2a rights and federal money, who’s going to win?

    We can’t continue to play this game where anti-2a legislation is just beaten back, that is a losing strategy. 2a supporters need to take the offensive and get pro-2a legislation passed at the federal level. Make every step forward for them twice as hard.

    • >> Then your state has to decide between your 2a rights and federal money, who’s going to win?

      That’s actually an interesting question, considering the state in question would be packed with pro-2A voters in your scenario.

      >> 2a supporters need to take the offensive and get pro-2a legislation passed at the federal level.

      And how are you planning on getting enough votes for that?

  24. Robert,

    Austin, is what happens when folks who can’t afford to live in San Fransisco all collectively migrate to another state.

    Now there are plenty of options outside of Austin that will be better for you. Roundrock is alright. Phlugerville is okay. If you look further north there are areas in and around DFW that are great.

    In general, housing in Texas is cheap, with property taxes being the most outrageous. A 3500 sq. ft. house for 250k is the norm here. Expect property taxes to be between 2.8 and 3.5%.

    Texans are for the most part a friendlier lot than anywhere else, ranges and hunting are abundant, and we do treasure our 2A more than most.

    Places not to live.

    Austin is like another planet. The food is good, and there is an awesome music scene, yet the people there seem to all be transplants from San Fransisco, New York and Colorado. The property taxes in Austin are also, much higher than surrounding cities, and the traffic SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS. Crime is about average, and there are plenty of things to do. There are some great ranges out there I can recommend. If you have to choose between Austin, Dallas and Houston, I would say that Austin is the obvious choice.

    Houston is worse than Austin, people wise. Higher crime, liberal minded, high traffic, humid hell hole. No offense.

    Stay out of Dallas. It is basically Houston with a more elitist attitude, and a pretty darn corrupt PD.

    In fact, anywhere within the loop in North Texas is probably going to be less than ideal, if you hate highly populated, high crime areas.

    I guess the truth of the matter is that no matter where you live, common sense will be under attack at some point. Sadly, I forsee us living in a totally disarmed society before 2020.

    May as well be somewhere with a good view.

    • I live just outside of Bastrop. No HOA, relatively easy commute into downtown, unincorporated area with relatively low tax, and some nice places to eat and do stuff. Plus, it’s a straight shot to Lockhart for Xenu’s own BBQ.

      • the gun range out in Lockhart is pretty damn good compared to the ones up in north texas.
        nice, quiet, and has a “middle of nowhere” feel to it.

        and then theres the .50 that you can rent…

    • It is NOTHING like San Francisco here.

      In Austin, you’ll find whacky liberals and die hard conservatives all together. You’ll be searching long and hard for vocal and accepted conservatives in San Francisco.

    • 2.8% to 3.5%?!?

      That’s a second mortgage, in parallel with the first! Ouch!

      Mine is 1.24%.

  25. It’s fun to think about a bunch of tsunamis wiping out every coastal big city. Over night, this would become America again.

    • Despite my handle, and area of residence, I would also urge you to consider VT. Not all technically blue Northeastern states are government plantations. Even though the rich NY libs have made fair inroads in the national and local politics up there (Bernie Sanders anyone), the towns are rural, the food is real, and the gun laws are righteous – no permit required OC anywhere except schools, court, and where prohibited on private property by notice, and CC everywhere except schools, court, and where prohibited on private property by notice.

  26. I’m a hopeless optimist & think it’s going well considering what has been thrown at us. The trick has been to break their blitzkrieg & I believe we have stuck a pin in that bat eared balloon, now we just need to slug it out, Randy

  27. Robert, being a native Texan, I can assure you that the Houston Comical, I mean Chronicle does not represent the majority view of Texans. If I knew you personally, I would also try to talk you out of relocating to Austin. Although it is a beautiful city, the liberal politics drove me crazy when I lived there, as is the case in most cities where there is a major university. Think Boulder, only sunnier.

  28. Robert,
    Just watch out for Mike “I will ban your guns” Martinez. He is on the Austin City Council now and hopes to be the next Mayor. Just look up “Mike Martinez Gun Ban” on YouTube.

  29. Lived in Dallas, Houston, Austin and Round Rock…couldn’t recommend any of them anymore. Retired to East Texas (Nacogdoches – the oldest city in Texas) and love it. Reminds me of the way Texas used to be. Weather is pretty good, taxes are great. With the homestead exemption and being over 65 (no school tax) I pay a grand total of $14.86 per year for a three bedroom house on 2 acres in the country! We do have wild hogs of course, but isn’t that why they made AR’s?

  30. RF,

    You might want to skip “states” altogether and move to some kind of federal land (If you want to stay in the US). If Samoa or the Virgin Islands are not your thing then a good Indian Rez could be. The culture and laws are different in these islands of freedom; where laws do exist enforcement is very lax. Getting around an entire layer of government could help – just a thought.

  31. RF, Austin is just where Texas keeps it’s liberals. When the North Korean nut case said he was targeting Austin, was there an outcry from Texans? None that I heard. I like El Paso myself, not even in the same time zone as many who claim to be from “West Texas.” Sure one day last summer it hit 106 degrees, but with the NWB reporting “0% humidity” my clothing never got moist at the range. Little night life compared to Austin, but sit outside at night and you can hear the screams of the victims across the border. Really makes you appreciate that “God Blessed America.”

    Dear prosecutors, I don’t really mean 90% of what I post on the web.

  32. Robert, I’ve been wondering what made you decide to move to Texas when there are a lot better options when it comes to states and the second amendment. I would be too worried that 10 years from (or sooner depending on illegal immigration) now you will be in the same situation you find yourself in now in RI.

    Perhaps there are other things in play that we don’t know about like family, work etc., but if not I would really consider Arizona or Wyoming or several other states that ranked higher for gun owners before moving to Texas. Wyoming may be too small (city wise) and too cold but that’s not the case with Az. Since New Mexico is between both these states I have had a chance to visit both of them regularly. I don’t care much for Texas. Their gun rights are way over rated, I believe we have just about the same rights here in NM and open carry is legal here. Their cops can be real jack a$$es. No mountains are a really huge drawback IMO. Basically if you love the outdoors you pretty much have to go out of state and the majority of Texans come to NM for hunting, fishing, Ski/Snowboarding, camping, river rafting etc…. I’ve always enjoyed my trips to Arizona a lot more, plus they are ranked number one for Gun rights!

    Again this is just my opinion, I am sure Texas has lots of great things about it I just have never seen them myself. Whatever you do choose I hope it’s the best for you and your family.

      • Seconded on NM. They don’t call it the land of enchantment for nothing! Santa Fe if you can afford it, ABQ or Las Cruces second. If you want small town life, too many to list. I used to work the overnight shift in Ruidoso, clear the snow off my car, and by the time I was half way to Alamogordo I’d have the AC on. I’m in El Peso for medical reasons.

  33. keep in mind that the chronicle has been circling the bowl for years and that because of this they no longer feel the need to hide their hippy bs from their readers.

  34. i am going to do whatever i can to keep Texas a gun friendly state. Alot of my friends and their families support my view. i really…REALLY dont see that changing anytime soon. its a big part of culture down here…ESPECIALLY in the rural areas and farm-heavy parts of Texas. ALSO, lest we forget, the majority of our immigrants are from MEXICO…where nobody is allowed to have guns or any means to defend themselves for that matter. if such a thing ever happened, i think we would see quite a backlash.
    call me an optimist or naive all you want, but this is my view….

    go ahead and try to turn my state. ill have a party when you walk on home.

  35. So you want to move to the San Francisco of Texas to maintain your “conservative values”? Really? Why not move to Portland, Oregon? Perhaps SoBe in Miami Beach, Florida?

    • Kevin, before you lambaste Miami Beach, remember we are in Florida. You know the state that has surpassed a MILLION carry permits. By the by, our carry permits are for weapons, not just handguns, so yeah, we can carry knives…..

    • Oregon’s got pretty good gun laws, too, actually. Washington’s are better, but then, it’s Washington, so of course it’s better.

  36. I’m from Michigan. While our DEM governor voted anti-2A in gun control S-storm, he has said he wont be running for reelection, and most bets are on a republican taking office.

    Hell, 2 days before sandy hook, the Michigan house and senate repealed the “permit to purchase” garbage for handguns, and 2 days after, the governor signed it.

    They also both passed the repeal of gun free zones (paraphrase), only to have the Gov’ner veto it solely because it didn’t allow state and federally funded establishments to opt out. Next session they plan to reword it and try again. We may see the removal of gun-free-zones here in our lifetime if the FED doesn’t F it up.

    All this federal stuff has been going on, and all I see is us getting more 2A friendly. We have open carry too, and after a quick “Hey, how’s it goin’?” the po-po go about their merry way.

    But even though we have that type of atmosphere, 6% sales tax, and a 10 cent bottle return, nobody talk good about MI. Maybe I should blame it on the Lions.

    Oh well. You’re welcome here anytime, RF. And I’ll buy you the first box of ammo. $7.99 for 20 Wincherster 5.56’ers at wally-world. Can’t beat it.

    • 10 cent bottle returns? Sounds like a step in the right direction all the way back to the 50’s. It was always a great way for younglings to suppliment their pocket money.

  37. Gun control can happen anywhere in this day and age, i just think Texas is a bit more resistant to it. Don’t be too worried, Austin is only liberal for Texas, i read somewhere it ranked 93rd as the most liberal city in America. Hippies and cowboys often find common ground over cold beer and bbq down here. 😉

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