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Ralph let me have it with both barrels for Trump: Actually, I Don’t Want Guns in the Classroom. Except Teachers. Maybe. I deleted his comment according to our posting policy on flaming, but the gist of it is simple enough: Ralph reckons I hate Donald Trump more than I hate Hillary Clinton. Wrong. I’m under no illusions about which is the worse candidate when it comes to defending American’s gun rights: Hillary Clinton. When the time comes, I will hold my nose, cover my eyes and block my ears and vote for Trump. That does not mean . . .

I will ignore Mr. Trump’s squidginess on gun rights, or his squidginess generally (which makes me doubt his promises on gun rights). I will continue to point out Mr. Trump’s inconsistencies on this issue.

This is not a personal vendetta. I criticize Mr. Trump because it’s my job to tell the truth about guns, no matter what. In the same sense that TTAG provides honest gun reviews, I will not pull my punches regarding The Donald’s “evolving” stance on firearms freedom. I will write about Mr. Trump’s gun-related remarks when I believe it’s merited, just as I will highlight Hillary Clinton’s extreme threat to our gun rights as it continues to manifest itself.

If Mr. Trump is elected President, I will continue to hold his feet to the fire. Our gun rights are too important to roll over and show our collective stomachs to anyone who promises to protect them. On this site, that’s not how we roll. Your thoughts?

[Note: TTAG’s flaming policy is off for this post, save really stupid stuff.]

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    • I can pretty much guess where you’re from, and he/they won’t get the reference…

      • It’s a card game IIRC and Leaster is some gambit in it. Beyond that, I’m stumped until I google it.

      • Same as you, as you well know. 🙂

        Leaster is the form of Sheepshead you play when no one wants to pick up on the shitty trump they’ve been dealt.

  1. Hey RF I am no fan of donnie. I’m still a Ted Cruz guy. BUT he lost. And I’m old enough to understand politics suck. Pressure the hell outa’ Trump is the way to go. The evil hildeast is no choice this time around…

    • More or less.
      The Libertarian Party has also been sucking as of late and I campaigned for Ed Clark in 1980.
      Yeah, Trump is sort of like an orange carp which flips and flops, but I just have too many other issues on the line to vote or support Hitlery and the Donkeycraps.

      • Serious? Did RF actually vote for Dear Leader? If so, I am going to have to reevaluate TTAG as a viable website to visit and it definitely makes me not care one whit about what he has to say about the presidential election as he is not qualified to have an opinion that matters to POTG.

        If not serious, what are you talking about?

        • I never voted for Obama. I made the mistake of predicting he would treat gun rights as a third rail. I was wrong. Realized my mistake quickly and acted accordingly. That is all.

        • I have heard Mr. Farago state that he voted for Obummer the first time. I don’t know if he voted for Obummer the second time … I seriously doubt it.

      • Thats because RF is a big tent guy who voted for Obama. Twice.

        Robert has denied this at least twice recently. How many times are you going to repeat it?

        Do you often repeat stuff you have no evidence for?

        • Hillary has denied Benghazi and that any classified emails were on her server. Do you believe her?

          When the speaker has a vested interest, denial should always be viewed as corroboration.

        • If denial is corroboration and acceptance is validation, what’s the right answer?

          Heads I win, tails you lose isn’t a valid form of debate or discussion on this or any planet.

        • It doesn’t matter, Katy, Mack Bolan Is Always Right. If you disagree with him, it’s proof you’re either insane or have been bought off.

          /sarcasm, of course.

    • That’s because no one knew anything about Obama other than that he was a no-name junior Senator from IL.

      • Nobody in the ‘Drive-By’ media really *wanted* to know anything about Obama in either election, they were so busy *cough, ‘gratifying him’, *cough*, while falling over themselves and throwing flowers at his feet.

        That’s only a mild exaggeration…

        • Obama is a politician from Chicago, that is all you really need to know.

          Its to close to call if he has more old buddies in the clink for corruption or still free.

          But hey, he did win a Nobel piece prize!

        • And Trump’s a “businessman*” from NYC, who also has a clear history of RKBA opposition, himself –what’cher point?

          *apparently the type of businessman in deep with high level civic officials going back to the days NYC was run by the Mafia, associates with partners with Mafia connections, hangs out with corrupt philandering sex-trafficers, is a philandering serial adulterer himself, allegedly reaps kickbacks from bribed politicians, proudly boasts of bribing politicians, threatens lawsuits on all who question his honesty, is the subject of many lawsuits concerning alleged cons like Trump University…the list goes on (unfortunately)

          The reason Farago “has it in for Trump” is because the man’s desperate supporters are so insecure about their emotional investment –as are ALL conned marks, often even well after the ‘sting’ has stung and the plot revealed– they project those feelings of hostility onto anyone who makes them ponder such uncomfortable things. He’s done nothing more than publish reasonable concerns about the man, based on documented evidence, and logical argument.

          The “con” could very well be he’s been true & honest this entire time, and would never have gotten elected being forthright –but we have no way of knowing that ahead of time, and every reason to doubt it, given the evidence and history we have to work with. Yet somehow we ‘deniers’ are guilty of prejudice for recognizing something with our own clear vision.

      • Not true.

        I predicted that Obama was rabidly anti-gun because he was on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation, which is an old RKBA foe from the late 80’s and through the 90’s. People don’t know much about the Joyce Foundation, because they keep a low profile and basically just dole out money.

        But I’m a numbers guy, and I like to follow money. Lots of anti-gun funding in the 80’s and 90’s came from the Joyce Foundation into various gun control groups.

        • I’ma let it all hang out. As an Afro-Bahamian…

          I KNEW Obama was anti-gun because he is:

          Black and Democrat. And is somewhat of Chicagoian and Hawaiian.

          Obama is cut from the same cloth as those in the Progressive Liberal Party back home in the Bahamas. He’s is just like them.

        • I think Joyce is primarily responsible for the almost-comical frequency of gay/gender issues programming on NPR, anymore; their sponsorship is mentioned constantly, as are stories about the plight of transgender rodeo clowns from Angola starting a roller derby league, or something equally “relevant” to aged urban white liberal American listeners, lol

        • Custodian, As a black dude in the Bahamas, exactly what skin do you have in our game?

          As a Subject of the Crown, how do your feelz have sweet FA to do with our election? Just curious…

        • “Back home” in the Bahamas implies he ain’t there anymore…

          I’m curious if you dispute his assertion about black + democrat = most like anti-gun, because;
          -take a poll about a gun issue by race
          -take a poll about a gun issue by party
          and it’ll be at least 70% for the most part for both (because black Americans have been like 90% democrat where it matters for decades). Now, it’s been a while since I learned probability math, but I recall the odds of two 70% events happening in a row is pretty damn good.

        • Self-identification as anything but “American” is the first clue that his opinion means precisely nothing.

      • There was plenty available to know about President Obama at tbe beginning of his presidential run, if ine woild look at all. People chose not to, because tbey wanted to believe, or didn’t want to be called “racist.” Neither is a good reason for a citizen of a republic to decline to vet a candidate.

        Or just listen to any of his speeches, interviews, “debates”, or remarks.

      • R.F. COULD HAVE GOOGLED IT! Barak H. Obama voted for nearly every piece of gun grabbing legislation that came his way, and he even served on the board of the Joyce Foundation.

        Yes, the lying, no good, MSM was quiet about his anti-Second Amendment record, but the truth was easy to find.

      • Disagree, maybe anyone who relies on the mainstream propaganda outlets for their “news” knew nothing about him, the alternative media was running stories that turned out to be accurate.

      • Uh, they knew he was a Democrat liberal from Chicago. From a 2A perspective, what else would you need to know?

    • I agree. All we heard out of RF about Obummer during both elections was that he wouldn’t touch gun rights, at all, because he knew it was political suicide. We can all see how that has worked out. If congress had passed the legislation doing a full blown assault on our 2A rights, Obama would have signed it in a heartbeat.

      His single biggest regret after 8 years in office is not the Americans who have been left behind during his economic “recovery”, it’s that he couldn’t do more about our terrible guns.

      The Hillary 2A spin at sites like CNN is truly appalling, with one recent news article claiming that she is not “anti 2nd amendment”, because that’s what it says on her election website!!!! Never mind the fact that she’s never met a piece of gun control legislation she didn’t like, has pined for Australian style confiscation, and is eager for a new AWB even though she knows it has no effect on crime.

      The real enemy here is Hillary and, waffler that he is, we have to support DJT in the general election and make damn sure the Democrats don’t retake congress.

    • Webb is a Democrat. He is not to be trusted with a national office vis-à-vis gun rights.

      • Don’t put me in your “we” category, Ronaldo. I like Trump. I will enthusiastically vote for him. Echo chambers and all that.

  2. It does not surprise me that we POTG turn against each other over politics. I wish we were more unified but we are not. I’ve seen heated debates about religion and abortion on this forum. I’ve seen comments about we should take care of corrupt police… unless you are Christopher Dorner. I’ve seen comments how it is every mother’s right to teach their kids to shoot… unless you are Nancy Lanza. Despite all differences of opinion on XYZ topics I still come here for the guns.

      • Indeed. The most conservative estimates put the number of American gun owners at 100 million, and from all walks of life. When you have a group that large and that diverse, it’s inevitable that there will be factions and disagreements.

    • Because of all differences of opinion on XYZ topics I still come here. I’ve never been impressed by people who only enjoy the company of people they agree with.

    • That is because despite what the MSM tells people, it’s not just OFWG’s who like guys… old fat white women and young far white guys like them, too.

    • POTG…lol.

      The sole reason these people and others are ‘against each other’ politically, is the dirt-simple FACT that a massive majority refuse to stand on fundamental principle and refuse to use the Constitution and principles of Liberty as a yardstick….that is assuming that they even know what such principles are.

      If one actually has such principles, one cannot and will not compromise on them, so then, there it is.

      These ‘non-principled prags’ confidently reject the very concept of holding elected officials or candidates for office accountable to their Oath and accountable to the Constitution and to fundamental Liberty Principle…after all, how could they, because they do not hold THEMSELVES accountable to such things, so then, there it is, again.

      Yeah, yeah, I know the old over-used and rehashed arguments and I hear the same madeupmonkeycrap (psycological-defense mechanisms) incessently, each and every election cycle.

      It encompasses all the wailing, the chest-puffery, the big-talking bravado, the weak-willed, non-principled group-thinkery, the flat declarations of enemy support if ‘you don’t hold ur nose’ and vote for ‘our turd’… and the ever-present and requisite rationalizing and justifying to others (but mostly to assuage their own psyche) as to why standing on fundamental principle is stupid, short-sighted, ill-advised, or should be done at some point, just not now, because ‘the other turd’ may get into office and even though ‘our turd’ is certainly a turd who does not measure up to even a cursory measure when using the aforementioned yardstick, at least he doesn’t stink as bad as the other turd.

      Cowardice, laziness, fear, herd-think, result of controlled-response, ridiculous ignorance and/or unbelievable indoctrination….whatever the reason or the cause, those who fit the bill are being controlled and are in the text-book Council on Foreign Relations (CFR, a globalist-collectivist enemy of the Republic and of Liberty) paradigm, as exposed by Professor Carrol Quigley (another puke-fuck) so long ago…..excerpted:

      “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy” (Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966.)

      The plan was implemented long-ago. Provable results of decades are readily apparant to a thinking man.

      Welcome to your willing participation in the long-planned, carefully staged clown-circus. Congratulations.

  3. Personally I never trusted trump. I am an absolutest on the constitution and especially the second amendment. However, I can allow for change, as I have changed on this issue. Before I completely understood the constitution and the second amendment, I (wrongly) felt convict’s should not get their guns back. That was years ago though. Once I read the constitution I understood it. I have never heard why trump has “changed his mind” on the second amendment. If he were to say I read the constitution and now understand, I would believe it. However he has never said that. Do I trust Hillery? I trust her about as far as I can through trump tower. Who trump chooses for his VP will tell the tale on this issue. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • LO f’ing L!

      Direct proof that Donaldo Trumpista doesn’t stand for Amendment II and he either doesn’t grasp what a right vs privilege is, or, more likely, he is deliberately oposed to the fundamental right to keep and bear arms as indicated by his past rhetoric, beliefs and behavior.

      I will cherry-pick just a few:

      1. Donaldo is a peddler/monger of the false ‘law-abiding gun owner’ mantra. Hint…when a law is passed it must be abided by, even unconstitutional gun laws…more on that in a moment.

      2. He fails to address the reason for Amendment II enumerating the RKBA…that being to defend against or overthrow tyranny even if it means overthrow of the govt. He goes to the ‘self-defense’ standby.

      3. He advocates enforcing existing unconstitutional gun-laws…I smell the quisling NRA’s ‘Project Exile’. Hmm…this lead back to his expressed belief in the insidious ‘law-abiding gun owner’ trap. Pass a gun law and ipso facto it must be followed by good serfs, not resisted, refused or not complied with….if you do, Donaldo supports the full force of State and Federal govt being brought down upon you in his enforcement of existing gun laws plan.

      4. Coupled with his plan to bring back the unconstitutional federal enforcement of gun-laws, which, by the way, is textually prohibited to the fed-gov by the Constitution’sdelegated powers, but also by Amendment II (damn, the twistedness of Donaldo’s plan/thinking are giving me a headache)…he advocates ramping up the ‘war on drugs’, which is a massive abrogation of the Constitution and a proven police-state facilitator and builder.

      5. Advocated that ‘the state’ emower people to protect themselves via concealed carry ‘permits’. Do I need to point to the hypocrisy of this position being listed in his ‘I fully support the Second Amendment…Period, position paper? Regardless, he advocated govt permission, not the free exercise of this fundemental essential ‘Right’.

      6. He advocates for expanding govt adjudication of ‘mental health’ dangers…shades of an old and effective communist tactic.

      7. He supports background checks and wants to strengthen and add the collectivist mental health component to it, e.g., building it into a bigger better polie-state tool. Veterans disarming act, bi-partisan push for ‘better’ screening and identification of ‘mental health’ issues to ‘prevent gun violence’, anyone?

      His comments lead one to conclude he plans to also violate Amendment X and force the several States to comply with Donaldo Trumpista’s edicts.

      His quote: “Too many states are failing to put criminal and mental health records into the system – and it should go without saying that a system’s only going to be as effective as the records that are put into it. What we need to do is fix the system we have and make it work as intended.”

      8. National ‘Right’ to carry….LO f’ing L. He calls for some national (read federal) concealed carry permit or at least federal recognition of this govt granted privilege to carry….all in the same breath he says a driver license is a privilege and “concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.”


      What say the vaunted patriotic ‘People of The Gun’?

      • He has exactly the same “Background checks! So we can keep guns out of the hands of criminals!” blind spot the NRA has. No wonder they endorsed him.

        The NRA has proudly trumpeted the NICS check as one of their accomplishments. NOTE: they don’t say they’re proud of it because it was better than the waiting period the other side wanted at the time. They’re proud of it, because it’s a background check. Meanwhile, many NRA members swear up and down the NRA is only proud of stopping the waiting period, but the NRA never says this. Those members write it in between the lines, because the NRA is pro gun, right? Surely they wouldn’t *favor* background checks?

        They constantly spew the rhetoric about enforcing the laws we already have…by the way, in New York the SAFE act is a law we already have. From 1994-2004, the AWB was a law we already had. Neither had anything to do with anything anyone objective would regard as criminal…yet legally, they defined, at the time, what was “criminal.” NEVER does the NRA claim they aren’t in favor of enforcing laws like that. Their truly pro 2A members write that in between the lines, as they willfully refuse to see the NRA failures.

  4. One of the things that you have to keep in mind about Donald Trump is that he is not a lifelong politician. He hasn’t spent nearly as much time as Hillary Clinton on perfecting statistics, lies and damn lies.

    This means that on many issues he is not as schooled or as polished or as rehearsed as his opponent.

    In some cases, he may in fact not even be entirely sure what positions he holds. That may make him look wishy-washy but in fact it is the result of him simply being an honest person trying to think through very complex concerns.

    Some might consider that a flaw but I do not. And even if I did consider it a flaw, I would still vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton seven days a week and twice on Sundays.

    And if you value your liberty, so should you.

    • You just summed up how every Trumpist thinks. He’s not a politician, in fact he sucks at politics. Let’s make him the most powerful politician on earth! We don’t know what his positions are, he probably doesn’t even know. Let’s elect him and find out!

      • A lot of us think we need more non-professional politicians. A lot, as he is now the R nominee.

      • Correct we don’t know what he’ll do but there is NO DOUBT on who Hildebeast will put into the SCOTUS chairs.

    • So honest and forthright, he openly boasts of bribing politicians in exchange for kickbacks, and associated with mobsters for much of his career. Routinely exaggerates and lies about his net worth to Forbes to rank higher in their ‘billionaires’ list. Routinely screws over business partners and customers not savvy to his cons.

      Lotta folks respect him for these traits, seeing them as strength (I suppose subscribing to Dark Helmet’s “Good is dumb” philosophy), but there’s no way you can pretend the man has ever been something you’d call “honest.”

      But, such is the magic of a cult of personality, that an diminutive, ambitious bureaucrat named Vladimir Putin can become a wilderness survival Judo champion who wrestles grizzly bears and grew up roughing it in the steppe as a peasant before earning his way to Richest Man in Russia through shear masculine will. Turning a trick-turning business-sleaze from NYC to owner-operator of “Honest Donald’s Deal Emporium” is a minor tweak, by comparison.

  5. I will be voting for Trump because I don’t want Hillary to win .She has already said she’s going after the NRA ,which is us . She said Zimmerman should not have had a gun in the first place . WTF? They are registering illegals/ latinos by the thousands to vote against Trump . Everybody needs to get their shit together and vote .Yea I don’t agree with Trump ,but Hillary will be a nightmare of a continuation of what we got now only worse .If she gets the chance to appoint a supreme court judge we are really screwed. Just my 2 cents as well.

  6. According to todays polls, if you put stock in such things, Trump is dead even with hillary. Holding my crystal balls in my hands I predict a blowout for Trump.

    Is that good or bad for us? How the fuck should I know. I look like a fortune teller to you?

    • Holding your balls like that? Sure, you’re as legit a fortune teller as any other… in my book.

    • When I hold my crystal balls I can’t see into the future… but I do lose track of time and want a nap afterwards.

    • Yeah, he still isn’t reciting any positions from that…

      But whatever, none of that matters since he isn’t Hillary, right?

  7. Everything is negotiable with Trump- and he’s proud of that. It makes him a businessman, the ability to give and take on anything in order to maximize his position. Would he trade gun rights (or anything) for something that he valued more at the moment of the deal? Absolutely.

    Hillary, much as I hate to say it, has less moral ambiguity on the subject. She wants to ban everything. At least she’s sort of honest about it. Of course, she has to violate every oath of office she’s ever taken in order to hold that position- the oath to support the (entire) constitution, while subverting the second amendment. To hold the moral high ground and still be anti-gun, she would have to work to repeal the second amendment before passing gun control laws. But 1) that would make her un-electable, so she won’t do it, and 2) she doesn’t care about holding the moral high ground- her people won’t hold her to such technicalities.

    Would Trump be any better than Hillary? Or would he also be unencumbered by little things like an oath to uphold the (entire) constitution, so long as it served his purposes?

    Of course he would be better than Hillary. But it sucks to have to make the choice between Mr. Shitty and Mrs. Shittier.

    • It foolish to assume Trump is automatically better. True, he likely won’t be worse, but he could be just as bad. If he could just show more consistency, he’d be a lock. Make sure Trump doesn’t take our votes for granted.

      • That’s the problem- he won’t be consistent because that means taking a stand and he’s always positioning for the next deal. You can’t shuck and jive if you’ve taken a stand. Unless you’re willing to abandon it, that is. Even he knows that he can’t draw a line in the sand and then walk over it. So no lines, just sound bites and equivocation.

    • Trump presents a really scary paradox:

      1) He is so malleable, mercurial, and flexible (slippery), that his election probably makes it more important than ever that stable, solid, and grounded Republican congressmen have his back, and are ready & willing to guide and/or coerce him into staying on track (like after a school shooting)

      2) His popularity/eventual election are directly the result of Republican congressmen NOT performing their duty to oppose policies in opposition with Republican principles (ironically enough, to the exception of gun issues, which they’ve been remarkably solid on), and would likely result in massive losses by Republican incumbents (having now won their primaries, their losses would be to Democrat challengers)

      The result is his election means a flexible president combined with a disloyal & fractured party in congress, all but guaranteeing he will effectively have a Democrat congress to “cut deals with” as he puts it. Hillary’s election means a longtime hated enemy of Republicans combined with a disloyal & fractured (but still “Republican”) party in congress, probably as a minority. Which of these scenarios is most likely to add up to a bulwark of a filibuster-proof minority in Congress to stand between us and all manner of gun control?

      Trump WILL have a bill for gun control put before him at some point during his administration –his history on the issue to too clear at worst, or murky at best, for the anti’s to not try it. The Republicans in congress will be too disorganized to keep this legislation from reaching his desk. It will all come down to Trump, and whether he is willing to refuse to sign on to any expansion of gun control, no matter what the anti’s feel like serving up for barter on their side of the table. Should we really trust him in that scenario? Is it more realistic to believe the Republicans would continue obstructing gun control policies at the federal level while united against Hillary’s antagonism, as they have quite dutifully done against Obama for eight years, now?

      I’m talking gun control policy, here; not taxes, not trade deals, not immigration, etc.

      • Excellent post. I put a fair amount of weight in the NRA alignment with Trump, he realizes how important this issue is to potential voters and how it could sway those on the fence, and I believe he will remain strong on this issue. When it comes to other issues, I feel like it’s time we had someone in the White House who could be a little more flexible so this country could get something done, lift us out of this quagmire we’ve been stuck in for more than a decade. We are fractured nation, almost right down the middle, we need someone who can find common ground, find a livable compromise, bring sides together for the mutual benefit of all. That is the art of the deal, and this is where Trump has the potential to shine. In addition to the fact that he’s not Hillary (reason enough to vote for Trump), once we get past the shock and awe of this guy actually becoming President (including myself in those that will be shocked and awed), there is a real possibility that Trump is the man for our times. This country needs a different kind of leader. Trump is definitely worth a shot and at this point he’s my guy.

  8. Trump has one simple task to get my vote, convince me that he won’t be just as bad as the Hildebeest. So far all he’s done is publicly declare that he doesn’t need my vote and in fact doesn’t even want my vote. So he I’m planning to give him his wish.

    • I have to say sir, this is the single most accurate description I have read on the Internet all year thus far.

      Thank you.

  9. Sorry, bub, but you can’t tear the guy down at every conceivable opportunity and then say “but vote for him anyway.” Life doesn’t work like that.

    If you don’t have anything good to say about The Donald, then don’t. That’s fine. But I would feel more comfortable without you telling me, or at least intimating, that I’m stupid to be a member of the ABC (Anyone But Clinton) Club.

    Try devoting as many posts against Hillary as you do against Trump, because there is currently no balance on this site whatsoever. It’s all Trump hate all the time. Hillary, our self-avowed enemy, is a footnote.

    And no, that doesn’t mean a blaring anti-Trump headline with a throwaway anti-Clinton sentence in the agate.


    And that comment that you deleted was hardly a flame. You know me well enough know that when I flame, it’s napalm.

    • What would be the point of posting daily articles accurately describing how evil Hitlary is? “Oh, look, she just said it for the 900th time.” To generate a short string of replies that say, in essence, “Ayup!” ?

      You’re asking RF to lie by omission, by not pointing out Trump’s flaws. And there IS some controversy (and hence, room for discussion) there. Acting like a mindless cheerleader in spite of what you really think is the sort of intellectual dishonesty we pile on to “them” for. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect out of a partisan hack.

      This site isn’t an official mouthpiece for the GOP. Robert isn’t here to be a partisan hack. Maybe you are, but RF isn’t. He’s already said he plans to vote for Trump. You and all the Trump Monkeys will have to be satisfied with that; he’s not going to kiss Trump’s ass like they do.

      • No Steve. Ralph is asking RF not to shoot as his own side. Big freaking difference.

      • @SteveinCo You’re asking RF to lie by omission, by not pointing out Trump’s flaws.

        So you’re suggesting that the MFM which is in the tank for Hildebeast isn’t going to make sure that Trumps flaws aren’t ground into you face daily isn’t enough?

        Are you suggesting that our side needs to pile on at the same time?

        More evidence that I’m a member of the “stupid party”.

        • Except for one thing. The MFM will highlight, as flaws, everything he says that’s pro gun. If we went purely by what the MFM said, we’d be all for him.

          The MFM WON’T point out the times he says and does things we’d object to.

      • Steve, you’re saying no one here should criticize RF or have contrary opinions here? Seriously? He makes a blatantly obvious point, this site is all hate hate Trumo, all the time. There is zero balance, and that is ALWAYS a red flag to someone who who still uses critical thinking skills.

        • Nah.

          Criticize him all you want. (I certainly have done so in the past.)

          I’m saying that this particular criticism is off-base, people are demanding he do a different job than the one he actually has.

        • I think you’ll find that we criticize Hillary Clinton plenty — as and when she lets the mask slip. For example, there’s a post coming at 10:00am CMT on her ridiculing open carry.

    • I don’t know you at all Ralph, save what you post on this website, and you can flame like Johnny Storm!!

      Seriously, I always appreciate your insight. Flame on….

    • Ralph we all know where Hillary stands on this stuff. Why even bother? There’s literally no mystery at all. I know I’m not going to read dozens of articles about her views on guns. It would be a total waste of time.

      Of course you’ve got to know all about wasting time, I’m not sure you do anything but troll the internet.

    • We all know Hillary sucks. However POTG seem to have a delusion that Trump will be our gun savior. We need to know Trump to stay on his ass. With Hillary there is no hope.

  10. Trumps a classic narcicist. His promises and counter promises have made me nickname hime “Flipper.” He put a casino (where the house always has the advantage!) into bankruptcy, so I don’t expect much good from him.
    Hillary is a compulsive liar, but at least she’s consistent. She MIGHT have some ability to run the office of POTUS, but she has no love for The Constitution. I’m on the fence about who will hurt the country the least.

    • He put a casino (where the house always has the advantage!) into bankruptcy,
      The House may have the advantage in individual gambling games, but they still have overhead and other expenses.
      If people don’t attend your establishment and actually participate in those individual games, your house advantage doesn’t overcome that overhead.
      In Atlantic City, increased competition for limited gambling revenue seriously hurt all the casinos.

    • In a casino the house always has the advantage in any particular game on the casino floor, but it does not have an advantage when unions, local tax authorities, and financial crisis come calling.

    • I’m on the fence about who will hurt the country the least.

      So the damage that the Left has done for the past 50 years isn’t evidence enough?

      You think the country can survive a Leftist SCOTUS court for the next couple of generations making their own laws?

      This isn’t a hard decision.

      • You mean the Republican led/fostered damage such as the Patriot Act, massive expansion of the police-state, massive expansion of the surveillance-state, endless undeclared wars, destruction of Habeas corpus, indefinate detention sans charges or representation, destruction of the Bill of Rights, presidential signing-statements, unconstitutional executive orders, endless caving-in, compromise and back-door cooperation with the lefty domestic enemies on the other side of the same coin, the creation of and expansion of social programs and all manner of social spending galore, the direct facilitation of the illegal alien invasion and resultant illegal alien infestation, the host of globalist-collectivist trade agreements, bail-outs, and on and on and on….

        You mean that kind of damage, or only stuff ‘the other turds’ have done?

        I seriously ask…what the fuck is wrong with some of you people that you ignore or excuse such unconstitutiuonal shit when it is ‘your team’ that does it.

        One party, not two…the Globalist-Collectivist Party with a Republican right-wing and a Democrat left-wing.

        It is that simple.

        Wake up.

        • One of the most un-American laws ever passed was the Patriot Act. Everyone who voted “yes”, should be arrested, and tried for high treason. Let the chips fall where they may.

          Everyone who didn’t allow it to sunset, should be on the same trial list.

          Obscene and sweeping powers which have completely negated the entirety of the BoR. All the gov has to do is whisper “terrorist/ism” in a secret court, with no review, and you, US Citizen, can legally be sanctioned on US soil, by a drone if they feel like it. No due process, nothing but secret this, and secret that.

  11. Consider the wisdom: “If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.” ~Alexander Hamilton

    • Hamilton? Smart as a kid, a hustler when it came to banking. He got suckered into a duel. Why should we take his advice.

      • Trump? Smart as a kid, a hustler when it came to banking. He got suckered into a deal. Why should we take his advice? (There! I fixed it for you)

        BTW don’t you think it’s a little lacking to call an author of the Federalist Papers smart as a kid?

        • Hamilton’s early years showed tremendous promise. His actions during the Revolution revealed an intelligence that favored swift action to advance his favored cause. His advocacy for federalism, again, was very effective…admirable especially if you favored his views. If you didn’t, then you were left thinking his childhood promise had been misdirected.

          My comment was lacking? I viewed it simply as slightly sarcastic: His political strategies and advice were often enough “lacking,” and his enemies legion and not without reason. Putting the musical aside, just look at his actual actions in banking, and the public’s reaction too them.

          I should note that I went to boarding school with Hamilton’s most direct male-line descendant. The force is still strong with that family.

    • Consider this alternative wisdom: “If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can influence, and for whom we are indispensable” ~ Me, just now.

      Apparently I need to state the obvious. Hillary won’t need the POTG for re-election in four years if she is able to win this time without us. Trump will need us to get re-elected, which will make him more accountable to us than Clinton would ever be. That means more to me than any potential mud he might leave on the GOPs precious public image.

      • Please do not self-delude here.

        Neither Trump nor any other ‘R” selected for your consideration need do anything at all to get your support, other than being perceptually less odorferous than the turd that is selected to represent the other wing of our single Globalist-Collectivist Party which consistes of a Republican right-wing and a Democrat left-wing.

        The Paradigm of The Lesser Turd.

        Dirt-simple stuff, really.

        Naught but a carefully staged and controlled clown-circus which nearly everyone is happily willing and/or ignorant enough to play along with…cycle after cycle after cycle…….

    • @ MTGuys “wisdom”.

      If Hilary wins….. the head of the government will in fact be the SCOTUS instead of three branches.

      You ain’t gonna have a country worth saving when SCOTUS is owned by the Left for the next couple generations with a Hilary win.

      The Left cares NOTHING about the presidency or congress if it can legislate from the court.

      This isn’t rocket science.

  12. At this point we should NOT be saying anything critical about Donald Trump. Why? Because he is the only viable candidate who has a decent chance to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the election.

    If Trump wins the election, then we can be critical of him. Until then, we should promote him and do everything in our power to avoid sending fence sitters over to vote for Clinton.

    Caveat: I am NOT a Trump fanboy. Rather, I despise Hillary and the damage that she will do to our personal rights and to our nation if she becomes President of the United States of America.

    • That’s a fair point – the Dems/Left seem to much better at that sort of discipline, whereas conservatives love a good fight over the fine points of ideology. That’s fine in the confines of a think-tank or classroom, but when it plays out in the media it just gives the Dems and their operatives with bylines ammunition against our candidates. We need to exert more discipline on our candidates, but we need to do it out of the public eye.

    • Re: uncommon_sense’s post above,

      I respectfully agree with you in “our” handling of this matter regarding Trump vs. the Hillary issue. Now is our time to band together and show Donald our support. Once he is in, yes, keep him honest, but that does come later. For now it is NOT wise to trash him and throw stones. RF, I am talking to you as well as people who think as you do.

      RF, every little while another “Rip Trump” post has become old and shows your true colors. Yes, I must now evaluate my involvement with TTAG should you continue this BS. You seem to let the Hildabeast run free. Did she speak at the NRA convention?? Trump was there and had great support.

      • Seriously?

        ‘Once he is in, keep him honest’, but for now just line up, stfu and vote for him?

        Rhetorically, how are people so self-delusional.

        How, pray tell, are you going to ‘keep him honest’ once he is elected, particularly since you are unable and unwilling to ‘keep him honest’ prior to him assumig power…when there would actually be a chance of influencing him ‘if’ people held to principle (LOL)?

        Do you, somehow, believe that POTUS’ or any other federal elected gerbil cares or intends to be accountable to you?

        Why would they…we have demonstrated conclusively time and time again that we wil NOT hold them accountable to principles, Oath, Constitution, promises or anything else.

        How could we, when we don’t even hold ourselves accountable, let alone candidates and elected gerbils, to the principles that are utterly necessary to restore the Republic and the Constitution?

        Seriously, I want a glimpse into the mind of someone who thinks in this manner.

        • Are you forgetting we could nominate a different Republican in the next primary, if it came down to it? Primary losses have happened to incumbent congressmen numerous times. They were held accountable by their base, as much as you’d like to believe it can’t happen. It could theoretically happen to an incumbent president if he proved to be ideologically inconsistent enough with his party once in office. More plausible is a third party candidate on the right could seriously threaten Trump’s re-election. Given the number of GOP voters who claim they won’t vote for Trump this time around, it doesn’t seem that unrealistic if he turns out to be the president they fear he will be instead of the one his supporters hope he will be. So I don’t think I’m self-deluding to think that Trump will want to keep the GOP base on his side once in office.

  13. Between the two, Trump. He and Bern pulled back the curtain and and showed how the Uniparty works. Truth is Congress runs the country and upon entering the WH, Ryan’s crew will bitch slap the Don into compliance, unless Ryan becomes the next Eric Cantor.

    As for Hillary, she’s about to get shit kicked into the dustbin of history. Clinton Cash, email server, failed Sec of State, failed Senator, and enlisting the help of Bill to lead economic development. Her husband bones the willing and attempts to rape the resisters. And now every feminist, homosexual, lesbian, anti gunner, environmentalist, climate change specialist green peace, PETA and the DNC thinks it a good idea to seat Hillary thirty feet where another woman gobbled her mans goo. She’s emotionally compromised.

    It’s not about the gun, dam right I’m checking the box for Trump

  14. Okay, my RF alert is downgraded to code green. Robert, as long as you didn’t vote for Dear Leader, all is well. As for the others pleading that they didn’t know he would be so anti-gun, he was from Chicago!?!?!? Need I say more? Think a multi-generational hotbed of bribery, corruption, organized crime and crooked cops. Never, ever elect anyone for anything who comes from Chicago.

    • I suspect many people who didn’t expect Obama to go after guns, thought so not because they thought he wasn’t anti gun, but rather that he’d decide that was a battle he didn’t want to fight. In 2008 the anti-gun side didn’t really have much mojo and people still thought it was a third rail. Then there was Sandy Hook. And now the Left has inexplicably decided that Right Fucking Now was the time to push the issue, even though nothing in particular has happened to change peoples’ minds.

      Or to put it another way: I don’t think RF thought Obama wasn’t anti-gun, just that Obama wouldn’t push the issue. He was wrong. So what? I can’t predict what others will try to do, even if I think I know what they’d like to see happen–and neither can anyone else.

      Hard to figure.

      • It was obvious that BHO was a man of the Left.

        Two clanking brain cells could have told you that.

        • Again did RF ever claim BHO was not a man of the left? Or just that BHO would not push the gun issue?

          Two very different things.

        • @SteveInCo, they are not two different things. Being on the left means hating guns and gun owners. Period.

        • No Ralph, you’re missing it too.

          It wasn’t about what goes on in BHO’s mind. There’s no question about that. It’s undeniable that *in his ideal world* BHO would have had a Mr. and Mrs. America Turn Them In -style gun ban.

          It was about which issues he would choose to pursue. Would BHO leave the issue alone (however badly he wanted not to), perceiving it as a good way to commit political suicide? In 2008 it certainly could have looked like it, memories of 1994 being somewhat fresh. What RF missed was that an event would likely happen sometime during the eight years that gave BHO the opportunity. And he’s been trying to pursue it ever since. THAT was RF’s mistake, not believing that BHO was somehow not antt-gun.

          “What does he want” is not the same question as “what will he do.” You, and doesky, and about half the other people who commented here are taking RF’s mistaken answer to the second question, and insisting it was an answer to the first.

        • Steve, most rational people knew what an Obama presidency would mean. Saying otherwise is being either naive or ignorant.

  15. This is the first time I can say, honestly, that I won’t vote for either candidate. I’ve never been a single issue voter and I won’t start now. My problem for all three candidates is their character. None of them measure up for me.

    • I share your pain.

      (I proudly served my country and upheld the Constitution as a federal LEO for 20+ years. Integrity and honesty matter to me in the courtroom, during the course of an investigation and in daily life. To say that I am terribly underwhelmed by the character of our choices doesn’t begin to express my dismay.)

    • You’re moralizing is pathetic and you’re emotion driven non-vote will damage the country.

      The first rule is “do no harm”. You can reduce the harm by keeping Hillary from appointing a Leftist SCOTUS court for the next 2 generations.

      • It’s funny that you use the phrase “do no harm” without understanding it at all. It’s a guideline that suggests inaction over action when the action might be too dangerous. In this case, given the posters worries, “do no harm” would mean not voting for a potentially dangerous candidate.

      • Take your ignorant indoctrinated hissing elsewhere.

        Scarce men of character and principle are talking now.

    • Too much is at stake to wash your hands of it all. Forget character and vote based on likely consequences for all of us. Because those consequences are going to last a lot longer than either candidate is in office, and will linger long after the odor of their character has passed. With the balance of the SCOTUS in play, none of us can afford to sit this one out.

      • “Too much is at stake to wash your hands of it all. Forget character and vote based on likely consequences for all of us.”

        Exactly. For the first time in recent history liberty and freedom are on the line. What Hillary Clinton and the progressives have planned for us is a authoritarian/fascist state where central-planning for “sustainability” and other favorite statist nostroms will come to dominate every aspect of people’s daily lives. There’s no room for liberty and freedom, no room for the kind of political power that is inherent in personal ownership and personal carrying of firearms in that kind of society. What’s coming won’t be nice and it won’t be pretty.

        We have one shot at this and, like it or not, the best guy we have leading us is Donald Trump. Warts and all, he’s it. Pissin’ and moanin’ about not liking him has become completely irrelevant given the magnatude of the crisis we now face. You don’t have to like Trump and he doesn’t have to like you but we’d damn well better support him because there’s no one else on the horizon out there who can beat Hillary. GO TRUMP!!

    • Amen and good on you for standing on principle, which, sadly, is a scarce as hen’s teeth around here.

      • Courage, patience, wisdom, you lack but I do admire your principles.
        Principles are your foundation that you build upon. They are not the complete structure. Principles are what you fall back on when you don’t have a clear answer.
        Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump WILL be the next President. My principles will not get in the way of my wisdom. My principles allow me to make wise choices and that is not a compromise. It IS the right thing to do.

        • Disagree.

          Not picking a fight, merely wanting to pick the mind of someone who thinks in such a way so as to better understand what drives such people.

          A man who will not stand on principle in an arena where one is only forwarded two controlled and staged ‘choices’, both which are clear domestic-enemies of Liberty and of the Constitution….well, that man is knowingly and willingly playing along with, supporting and advancing the destruction of what remains of the Republic.

          A few serious questions, if I may and I really would appreciate you addressing them specifically, please.

          Do you seriously believe that the election of a POTUS, any POTUS, in the paradigm we are stuck in, would restore the Constitution or advance Liberty?

          I see the potential SC’R’OTUS appointments bandied about as a rationalization or justification as to why the constitution-destroyer of lesser speed should be supported…okay, lets tackle that issue.

          Are you one who will bow down in compliance when, not if, the SC’R’OTUS rules Amendment II null and void/so severely restricts firearms as to make it so?

          If they did so tomorrow and gave you 30 days to turn them in or face felony conviction, incarceration and forfeiture of real property, would you comply?

          If so, we have nothing to discuss because you are useless to Liberty.

          If not, then what the fuck is all the SC’R’OTUS appointment caterwauling about?

          Are you one of those who sees the handful of black-robed political hacks and domestic enemies that compose the SC’R’OTUS, as the final arbiter of all things Constitutional?

          Are you aware that the Constitution NEVER delegated the power of Judicial Review to the SC’R’OTUS?

          Are you aware that this non-enumerated/non-delegated power was openly usurped by Chief Justice Marshall in the 1803 Marbury v Madison edict? Are you aware that Amendment X clearly states that the powers not delegated and enumerated to the Fed-Gov were reserved to the States and the People?

          What’s that add up to, to you?

          If one hangs his hat on what the SC’R’OTUS decides, you have already conceeded defeat and subjugation, because they have been destroying and abrogation the Constitution and Liberty systematically and sooner rather than later, they will do so reference guns.

          That is what is factually facing us, so why not step back, gander at the reality of the big picture and plan andeven more importantly, ‘act’ accordingly, as a hairy-knuckled free principled-man should.

          Are you still under some delusion that the Republicans and Democrats are not representative of a single Globalist-Collectivist Cabal?

          The stage has long been set by the controlling Cabal and the ‘Paradigm of The Lesser Turd’ has been in practice with voters for decades, election cycle after election cycle… the predictable and factual results have long been in.

          Here are the results of what is so consistently and forcefully advocated via voting for a ‘lesser evil’/’lesser turd’:

          Govt has grown exponentially, the Constitution has systematically been destroyed, Individual Liberty has been dramatically diminished, the Bill of Rghts has been destroyed, the surveillance-state has grown into a true monster, the police-state has massively grown, amassive number of individual actions and choices have been criminalized, we have endless wars, we are an invading imperial empire which engaes in unconstitutional undeclared aggressive wars and which invades, occupies and overthrows govts in a plethora of sovereign nations, we continue to rack up unbelievable debt/deficit spending which can only result in an economic collapse, illegal aliens have invaded in the tens of millions, govt dependency programs and other govt programs are so far out of conrol as to be insane, tratorous state-controled trade agreements have and continue to destroy our manufacturing base, our national sovereignty and our standard of living, propaganda abounds from govt and its minion foundations and media, unchallenged and non-accountability for govt lawlessness is rampant.

          This is under both Republican and Democrat management.

          Do I need to go on?

          When all is said and done, knowing support for a known constitution-shitter and a known federal-supremist statist is flat-wrong… not the right thing to do. At least in any sane world.

          Principle, principled-action as individuals and grim-resolove to face fact and reality and be prepared and ready to do what must be done at some point, is all we really have.

        • JB, Nicely done, especially the 5th para from the end.

          The average voter still harbors some notion that there is something beyond window dressing that separates the parties. Neither has the interest of the The Citizens or The Nation in their hearts, they do what they need to do to get votes, nothing more. They serve themselves, and those who have put them in office.

  16. We’re in an irreversible, slow-motion nosedive towards economic failure, folks, at this point changing out presidents merely shifts the gears. I don’t agree with everything Trump says, and being sorta local to the area I find NYC Republicans highly suspicious. At the end of the day, I’d rather have some dope who acts like a capitalist steering the ship towards that inevitable oblivion than dedicated SJW’s who seek to turn America into another failed socialist dung heap before it collapses.

  17. Jumping on every statement as if it provides proof of a pre-existing conclusion is what the Political Left, and those that don’t care about reason do.

    When Trump is responding to the ridiculous accusation that he is going to mandate every classroom have firearms, and his reply is
    “I don’t want to have guns in classrooms. Although, in some cases, teachers should have guns in classrooms,” Trump said during the phone interview [with Fox News]. “Things that are going on in our schools are unbelievable. You look at some of our schools, unbelievable what’s going on. But I’m not advocating guns in classrooms.”
    It’s pretty clear he is talking about students in schools, who as a general rule are not legally allowed to carry firearms because they are minors, having firearms is class. The anti-gun crowd loves to push the narrative that the NRA wants everyone to carry a gun into class, which is absurd.
    Yes, teachers who chose to carry firearms should be able, but until a person is old enough to legally carry, they can’t be legally carrying firearms in a classroom, because they can’t legally carry firearms in general.

    Yes, Trump used to be at best a Fudd, so were millions of people 20 years ago.
    Seriously, name a Republican Presidential Candidate who has come out as strongly in favor of gun rights as Trump. There aren’t any. Even Cruz, while campaigning didn’t make defense of the Second Amendment as much an issue as Trump.
    Yet, much of what is being written on TTAG is attempts to find fault with Trump’s stance on Second Amendment.

  18. This is just a terrible election, all round.

    Under no circumstance will I vote for Hillary, but I’m on the fence on whether or not I want to vote for trump or toss it the way of a libertarian candidate.

    • The reality is, anything but a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary by default.

      • I’m glad that I live in a state that has virtually no influence on the outcome of the election. At least I can write in a candidate and later blame swing state voters for putting in a fool–whoever that might be.

      • So says the guy who voted for a “man” named “Terry” in his state’s governor’s race.

        Either climb aboard the Trump Train or get tied to the tracks.

        • Who voted for Terry? I voted for a guy named Ken, and I’ve been on the Trump train for 11 months.

      • Don’t you people have any shame at all?

        A man’s vote belongs to him to cast or not cast as he see fit…it belongs to his conscience and his principles…not to you, your beliefs, herd-think, your perceived fears, your expected world-view or to any party.

        Personally, I find the steaming shit you peddle about a man’s vote to be cowardly, pathetic and about as clear an example of a controlled-indoctrinated ‘murican drone as exists.

        Just so you know.

        But fear not, good ‘murican patriot (sarc)…you are certainly not alone and it is clear that you find courage, conviction, comfort and safety from within the warm confines of the patriotic ‘murican-herd.

    • Some libertarian candidates are merely moderate-centrist statists posing as libertarians.
      I still remember when a “libertarian” helped take votes from Governor McAuliffe’s opponent. McAuliffe’s opponent was pro gun, McAuliffe anti gun and the “libertarian” spoiler had the political stance to put devices in people’s cars to record the number of miles driven for taxation purposes.
      I generally don’t trust libertarian politicians to be anything but politicians.

  19. RF keeps taking shots at Trump? No surprise there. He just moved to Texas recently, and to a liberal hot-spot, Austin. Of COURSE he takes shots at Trump. On one hand he has all the would-be presidents walking around Texas pissed off at Trump. On the other hand he’s got hundreds of thousands in his immediate milieu that would sooner deport a Trump supporter than an illegal from South of the Border….

  20. This isn’t rocket science guys. Trump is every other post for the same reason he is every other story on the nightly news; ratings. If you fart and it sounds like Trump you get asked for an interview. This is how he generates the “free media,” and also how he overcomes the negative tone of most of it. He’s been transforming himself into this public clown over the past 30 years because that is what he feels will win the popularity contest and he’s probably right. Whatever his stance on cultural issues were and how they have changed is irrelevant to me, his issue, going back decades, has always been protecting the free market.

    • How does the federal government “punishing” businesses that leave the high taxes and regulations in this country about the free market? How does imposing tariffs and controlling free trade support the free market? How does defaulting on debt and/or printing money to pay it off support the free market? He is left of Bernie Sanders when it comes to the “free” market. Trump wants the government to control the economy as long as it is he who is pulling the strings…

      • LOL, man, look, there was only one candidate running who could have won a debate with Von Mises, and he went full establishment at the drop of a hat.

    • Ruester, thanks for that link to the video.

      He’s been thinking about this run for a looooooong time…

      • And somehow, people believe him to a populist independent-savior and an outsider.

        Given his long history and tick-tight ties to captains of industry, big-finance, power-players, govt-insiders, establishment politicians of all stripes and to other aspects of the controlling cabal, it ‘almost’ amazes me how easily fooled people are.

        Fact is, he is another selected staged-clown who is wearing a different clown-suit and different color fuzzy-hair, designed to match the populust-wave and the ‘conservative’ discontent and anger with govt that is present now.

        I cannot fathom that there are still people who believe that the controlling cabal would chance the undoing of their over a century-long plans by not ‘sanctioning’ anyone who is ‘allowed’ to ascend to a POTUS nominee or to the puppert-office of POTUS itself.

        Anyone who is there is acceptable to the cabal, already.

        Then I set aside my amazement and remember how ignorant most people really are to the big picture, and, well…here we are.

  21. Hillary Clinton is worse than Trump in every way. The very worst that will happen with Trump is the international community will laugh at us for a few years and Congress will butt heads with him. Any of his insane ideas won’t pass congress. God forbid, they may even try to curtail some of the grossly expanded executive powers. The Republicans will eventually get their shit together, probably doubling down on fiscal responsibility and finally giving up on social crap (whyTF are social issues a function of government anyway?) and in the meantime the supreme court won’t become a damned liberal arts faculty council.

    If Hillary wins then her Party ilk will snatch total control of the Dems back from the jaws of defeat. Or since it’s Bernie Sanders, the Jowls of Defeat. That could be a major problem. 80s and 90s democrats are at the cusp of finally failing and losing control, a Hillary win would give them another grab at it and they’ll make double sure that no one else gets as close as Sanders has at taking it from them.

    Trump is not good, but he will be of little consequence. Hillary could set us back decades.

  22. “I made the mistake of predicting he would treat gun rights as a third rail. I was wrong.”

    You’re setting yourself up to be WRONG again, RF.

    Donald Trump will be this generation’s Ronald Reagan.


    • A senile old fool – who will double the National Debt, grow government at a huge rate, take away our gun rights?

      • *Sarcasm on…….How dare you point out fact and truth about the vaunted and sainted Republican-hero and ultimate role model, Ronnie Raygun?

        Good one.

        Funny how focused propaganda and indictrination morphs into falsity and myth which becomes most people’s reality.

        This is directly akin to the disturbing ‘Cult of Lincoln’, wherein the pathetic, imperial, Constitution-abrogating and Republic-destroying Lincoln is shown and revered as a great man, the ultimate POTUS and the demi-god of Republicans.

        And so continues the destruction of the Republic and of Liberty itself.

  23. I vote for my interests, not theirs, and of the two the only one who can possibly in a million years do something I can support is Trump. And the fact that he’s not one of the GOP good ol’ boys will help salve all the self-loathing I will suffer by voting for the Orange One.

  24. My guess would be that RF holds a profound distaste for populism. The hatred of Trump usually stems from class anxiety. Proles need to get in line and accept what we’re doing to them, after all.

  25. I gotta defend RF here. Yes, he and I do not see eye to eye on Trump. Oh, hell, it’s worse than that. We are at total loggerheads. I called him out when I thought he crossed the line, and I will again if he does again. But questioning RF’s motivation or loyalty is just plain wrong.

    RF is our guy, and my friend. Even when he’s suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome — which I think he is — RF’s heart is in the right place.

    Even if he doesn’t realize that the Dowager Empress is the greatest internal threat to the US since forever.

  26. As a “liberal” who despises Hillary and will fight her election to the best of my ability, I don’t understand this weak philosophy of blindly supporting a party nominee who has none of your interests at heart. You Trump supporters have let yourselves get bamboozled into throwing the conservative party line into the trash can. At least close to 50% of the democrats have fought Hillary tooth and nail and still continue to do so….the conservatives just gave up. This upcoming election is going to wind up being between Hitler or Stalin, both are after control and power just using a different line of bullshit to get there. Neither of these clowns are worthy of protecting the constitutional rights of the American citizen.

  27. Well, because tbey are so (deservedly) hated, I am hopeful that should either major party’s presumptive nominee win, their administration will be subject to an appropriate level of scrutiny, overzight, and opposition. Finally.

    It is a dream I have.

  28. It’s quite simple, so simple in fact that even a cuck should be able to understand what a non-professional politician such as Donald Trump had to say and meant ie. “I don’t want (thugs/punks with) guns in classrooms but I want guns in classrooms (carried by trained and vetted teachers/administrators/staff including janitors)” just in case a Liberal nut-job, bank robber on-the-run from the cops, or Moslem Jihadist comes into the building.

  29. I’ll be voting third party to send the message (not that my one vote matters much) that we Americans deserve better than a choice between Trump and Hillary. Getting to pick which poisoned cup you drink from doesn’t make it taste any sweet…

    • Go ahead, drink from the specimen cup.

      I learned my lesson after voting for Ross Perot twice, this time it’s Trump or bust, I won’t be voting for the closeted carpet-cleaner or a 3rd Party candidate who has no chance at winning and is only in the race as a spoiler.

      Make no mistake about it I AM sending a “message” and my “message” is “F-U” to the GOPe and the Commiecrats.

  30. You know why Trump really worries me? Because I know that if Clinton decided to cancel an election due to some sort of national emergency people would be up in arms- literally. And she KNOWS it. But Trump? I think he’d be the one to roll the dice on something like that.

    When I see Trump rallies I worry for the republic, because those who would be most likely to stand against executive usurping are the ones cheering it on as long as it’s in their name.

    • Those interfering with Trump rallies are about as anti-American as they come. At least if Trump get elected, the liberal progressive media will hate his every move and actually hold him accountable.

      • Hold him accountable?

        Trump is powered by pure, triple-distilled, 99.44% *EGO*.

        They can *try*, but he won’t care one whit what the media says about him, and I’m fine with that.

        The fact the Progressive media hates his guts is a plus in my book… 🙂

        • One of my worries about him as candidate is I wonder what they (the Proggie Media) are going to throw at him, come October. Maybe they know something about him that’s truly damaging. I suspect they’ve been holding back, figuring he’d actually be the easiest candidate to clobber in the main election, and…Heil, Hitlary! is the result.

          Yeah HE won’t care about whatever it is shitball they fling at him, but if enough *voters* do care, we’re screwed.

          In other words all the MSM screaming might be “Don’t throw me into the briar patch!” type hysterics.

          All that having been said, there’s nothing, at this time, we can do other than to brace for impact and hope I’m wrong.

  31. I love Trump’s take no prisoners style and I think it is outstanding to watch… He will rip Clinton apart.

    He is already bashing the Clintons at every turn. And already has an Ad in the works with Broadsrick (one of Bill’s rape accusers.)

    Get your popcorn ready – this election is going to be YUGE! It’s going to be beautiful! You’ll love it! I promise!

    • I am pleased to see he brought up Vince Foster yesterday. Despite the MSM effort to sweep the whole thing under the rug, the current vernacular is that if you are murdered and it is made to look like a suicide, you have been “Vince Fostered.”

  32. Here’s the problem – the “muh guns” crowd. This segment ignores almost any other issue and focuses only on muh guns. I understand that our 2nd amendment is our line in the sand but what good is the Constitition if the demographics are dramatically changing? What happens after whites become a minority in 2040? Do you really think that the massive amount of immigrants give a rats ass about the constitution, the founders or any of our principles? Why would a person of Mexican or Asian descent revere Thomas Jefferson? They more likely would harbor disdain and contempt than reverence.

    Once whitey is gone, so is our heritage and our value system. There’s a profound and distinct reason that ONLY people of European decent have created societies based on individual liberty and no Asian/African or Hispanic society has done so, and it ain’t because of waycism. We are intrinsically different from the other races as they are to us.

    Get your mind right. Demographics will certainly be the death knell for this nation. Our founders didn’t sacrifice their blood, fortunes and sacred honor for us to give up our country to the low I.Q, mud colored hordes that gaze upon this last, great bastion of hope as a dumping ground or sullied whore that should be be used up and discarded.

  33. Keep up the good work Robert. I agree with most everything you said. However, I do not agree that overall Hillary is worse than Trump. I believe he is an equal or greater evil. There is no lesser evil in this case.

    Most Republicans believe Hillary is ultimate evil and Trump is a lesser evil. I do not. Imagine if Hillary were running as the Republican nominee and Obama were running as the Democratic nominee. Who would you vote for? Who’s the lesser evil? Well Hillary is running as a Republican so she must be the lesser evil, right? No. They are equal evils. The label they wear means nothing. There is no positive outcome. There is no outcome of lesser evil.

    I’ve also noticed a trend throughout many comments on many sites. Conservatives who cannot in good conscience vote for Trump (or Hillary) explain why. Conservatives who disagree with them make ad hominem attacks and use personal insults. The most common are things like, “You don’t have any common sense”, “You don’t love this country”, or “You are acting like a child.” Trump supporters appear to be following the lead of their preferred candidate and using attacks as arguments.

    If you would like to convert people who are both ant-Hillary and anti-Trump, you need to kindly and patiently explain why Trump will do a better job. We know why Hillary is awful. We know how bad she will be. We simply believe Trump will not be any better. So the best tactic is to explain to us why Trump is a virtuous leader with an affinity for the truth who loves the constitution, understands economics, will have an effective foreign policy, and has displayed a consistent conservative record on most issues. Insulting us and calling us names is not going to bully us out of position we have reasoned our way into. Just demonstrate, on his own merits, why you have hope that he will be a good president.

  34. For those that decide that Trump is the least worse candidate – that’s the most appropriate term when you can’t bring yourself to call any one of them a “good candidate” – if he actually does get elected, write him a short note and tell him, or his staff, that you didn’t vote for Trump so much as vote against his opponent, and you have no loyalty whatsoever to him as President. Tell him that you’ll be carefully, and hopefully looking at and supporting any candidate that better suits your values in the next round of Presidential primaries.

  35. Rusted beat me to it. Immigration is a huge political issue, and the 2nd Amendment is very much included in that. The Dems and cuckservatives are importing hordes of third worlders because they vote left (anti-2nd Amendment, inter alia) and provide cheap labor for the donor class, respectively.

    2nd Amendment types need to start paying attention to demographics. They matter. You may not be interested in race, but race is interested in you.

  36. “I’ll be voting third party to send the message (not that my one vote matters much) that we Americans deserve better than a choice between Trump and Hillary. Getting to pick which poisoned cup you drink from doesn’t make it taste any sweet…”

    You’re voting Hillary then. Might as well man up and own it.

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