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Hornady’s released its new product lineup for 2014. [Press release with product-specific videos after the jump.] I’m not so sure about the company’s decision to stretch their brand into non-ammo products with a “Security Division.” While their clunkily-named ArmLock™ Box & TriPoint™ Lock Box looks better than the competition, the Rapid Safe is about as discreet as a Zombie T-shirt on Michal Idan. More to the point, anything that interferes with the Hornady = ammo association hurts the brand—long term. (They should have created a new brand.) In the short term I’ll have two please. Hornady’s new line of Custom Lite® low-recoil rifle and shotgun ammo could be a huge success, given the number of women and new shooters entering the market. There’s new stuff for [both] reloaders looking to decrease time spent away from the family and a beer mug to rival Heckler & Koch’s semi-controversial stein. How great is that?

Hornady Announces New Products for 2014

Hornady® Manufacturing, an industry leader in bullet and ammunition technology, is proud to announce a comprehensive lineup of new and technologically advanced products for 2014. These ammunition and reloading products, along with the new Hornady® Security™ products, will be available from stocking dealers, major retail sporting goods stores, and their websites. Dealers can be found by visiting the Retail Locator on

Hornady® Security™ RAPiD™ Safe
The RAPiD™ safe is a revolutionary concept in firearm protection that combines intuitive ease of access with safety and security.

The RAPiD™ safe is the first to use patent-pending Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for instant access. Simply place the included RFID bracelet, card, or key fob over the reader, and the RAPiD™ safe springs open to present your handgun.

Designed to exceed the ASTM International performance standards for youth resistant firearms containers, the RAPiD™ safe provides a high level of child resistance and unauthorized access protection.

The RAPiD™ safe can be opened with the RFID bracelet, card, or key fob, or with a personally programmed code. It is also accessible with a conventional key lock.

AC power provides round-the-clock protection, and includes a battery backup that may be used as a primary power source. Upon opening, the internal RAPiD™ sleeve presents your handgun at the perfect angle.

The RAPiD™ safe weighs over 15 pounds, and features wrapped, 16-gauge steel construction and a heavy-duty ¼” steel dual-lug locking system. A 1,500 lb.-rated cable secures the safe to an immobile object for additional theft protection. Exterior measurements are 15½” x 9″ x 3½”, and interior dimensions are 11″ x 8″x 3″.

Hornady® Security™ ArmLock™ Box & TriPoint™ Lock Box

The ArmLock™ Box and TriPoint™ Lock Box are ideal choices for concealed-carry permit holders. Designed to exceed ASTM International performance standards for youth resistant firearms containers, the ArmLock™ Box features the patent-pending TriPoint™ locking system that secures the lid at three points of contact.

The ArmLock™ Box features a patent-pending ArmLock™ system that includes a 1/8″ laser cut, steel shackle that adjusts to fit around objects up to 3½” in diameter.

The TriPoint™ Lock Box provides affordable security, a patent-pending TriPoint™ locking system, and a security cable rated to 1,500 lbs. Access to the TriPoint™ Lock Box is controlled by a barrel lock and key, and the interior is padded to protect firearms and valuables from damage.

Heavy-duty construction, with 16-gauge steel that exceeds the strength of 20-gauge steel typically found in competitor products
Designed to exceed ASTM standards for child resistance and protection from unauthorized access
Designed to meet TSA requirements for handgun security in luggage
Industry first, patent pending TriPoint™ locking system features 3 points of contact
Three, ½” wide steel locking lugs
Padded interior

Lock-N-Load® Control Panel

The Lock-N-Load® Control Panel allows reloaders to better manage their progressive reloading presses. An easy-to-read digital display with multiple sensors includes programmable alarms for primer quantity level, powder hopper level, and primer slide check. The Powder Safeguard Die checks straight-walled cartridges from 380 to 45 caliber for powder charges, and halts the reloading stroke when a no-charge or double charge is detected. The LED panel calculates press strokes, and alerts the user when a sensor detects a low primer/powder level or other issue.

The Standard Control Panel includes digital readout panel, wire harness cycle counter and primer slide sensor.

The Deluxe Control Panel includes digital readout panel, wire harness cycle counter and primer slide sensor, powder level sensor and Powder Safeguard Die.

The Powder Safeguard Die, primer level sensor, and the powder level sensor are also sold individually.

Some Control Panel components are also compatible with other progressive reloading presses.

Powder Safeguard Die

The Powder Safeguard Die checks straight-walled cartridge cases from 380 to 45 caliber for no-charge and double charge powder drops. The reloading charge is physically halted if an error is detected, allowing the user to correct the charge. When used in conjunction with the Lock-N-Load® Control Panel, the user is alerted of incorrect powder levels on the digital display. The Powder Safeguard Die is also compatible with other reloading presses using 7⁄8″-14 die threads.

Lock-N-Load® Rifle Bullet Feeder

The Rifle Bullet Feeder turns progressive reloading presses into bench mounted ammo factories. The new Lock-N-Load® Rifle Bullet Feeder is the latest accessory designed for the Lock-N-Load® AP™ reloading press. Sold as a complete unit for 22 caliber bullets, a conversion kit for 30 caliber bullets is also available, giving the reloader the versatility to load the two most popular calibers. It is also compatible with other presses, and uses industry standard 7⁄8″-14 die threads.

When coupled with the Lock-N-Load® Case Feeder, the Rifle Bullet Feeder provides dramatic increases in efficiency, and boosts reloading speed by up to 50%.

Since the Bullet Feeder Die is case activated, the bullet will only feed upon contact with the case. One station is used to feed, seat and crimp the bullet.

Custom Lite® Rifle Ammunition

Hornady® Custom Lite® ammunition provides 25%-40% reduced felt recoil and muzzle blast for kids, women, and any shooter looking to keep recoil to a minimum while still enjoying the use of their favorite rifle. Loaded with either the Hornady® SST® or InterLock® bullet, Custom Lite® ammunition delivers less felt recoil and a modified trajectory that still provides accurate, deadly, and dependable performance.

Available in:
243 Win
270 Win
7mm-08 Rem
7mm Rem Mag
30-30 Win
308 Win
30-06 Springfield
300 Win Mag

Custom Lite® Shotgun Slugs

Hunters now have a reduced-recoil alternative with the new Custom Lite® 20 gauge and 12 gauge Shotgun Slugs. These loads are ideal for youth, women or anyone looking to tame the recoil of their rifled barrel slug gun, with 25% to 40% (20 gauge and 12 gauge respectively) less felt recoil compared to standard 20 and 12 gauge options.

American Whitetail™ Slugs

Designed for fully rifled barrels, Hornady® American Whitetail™ Slugs are loaded with 325-grain Hornady® InterLock® bullets. A hollow point serrated design initiates rapid expansion upon impact, and a tough, lead alloy core is lethal out to 200+ yards. The rigid polycarbonate sabot ensures accuracy capable of taking the biggest Midwestern whitetails.

Critical Duty® 357 Sig

The 357 Sig is the latest addition to the Hornady® Critical Duty® line of ammunition. This load meets FBI established protocol standards for penetration and terminal performance through all FBI test barriers.

The FlexLock® bullet features the Hornady® exclusive Flex Tip® technology that enhances barrier protection and prevents clogging for terminal performance. A massive jacket-to-core InterLock® band locks the jacket and core together for high weight retention. Plus, the Critical Duty® line features low-flash propellants and nickel-plated cartridge cases with sealed primers and case mouths.

20 Gauge Heavy Magnum® Turkey

The new 20 gauge addition to the Heavy Magnum® Turkey ammunition lineup further expands the options available to turkey hunters. The three-inch, 20 gauge option is loaded with 1 3⁄8 ounces of #5 nickel-plated lead shot. The thickest nickel-plating in the industry minimizes shot deformation, which reduces fliers and dense pellet patterns.

Patterning is controlled via a Versatite® wad, which typically patterns best with an improved cylinder or modified choke. The wad strips cleanly from the pellets in flight without disruption, resulting in a shorter shot string that delivers more collective energy on impact. At 1200 feet per second, the 20 gauge Heavy Magnum® Turkey load allows hunters to achieve lethal results out to 50 yards.

More information on these and other new products can be found by visiting For further information regarding Hornady® products, visit our web site at

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  1. The weak point of all of these systems is the back-up key lock. These all appear to have barrel locks, a device that can be overcome with the right tool in seconds. It doesn’t matter how tough the container is
    (and these appear tough enough) if it is easy to open the box with the right tool.

  2. I’m gonna buy that rapid safe as soon as I can get a deal – provided the thing actually works.

    @ Mark N Any safe can be opened with enough time and the right tools, the idea is to limit access.

    • I am talking 10 to 15 seconds. There is a video on you tube showing how easy to open various lock boxes. According to the presenter, barrel locks are among the easiest to bypass. Single sided keys are 15 to 30 seconds. The thing I haven’t been ale to figure out which is the hardest to defeat, primarily for storing a firearm in a vehicle when you have to disarm to enter a gun free zone. Two-sided key? Maybe a sophisticated lock like modern car ignitions with a RFID chip implanted or some fancy computer engraved channel that can’t be picked? To me, this is the one area the manufacturers skimp on, and they shouldn’t. A case is only as good as its weakest link. It doesn’t matter if you have a mongo cable or that nifty locking arm and thick steel if the case/box can be opened in seconds.

  3. Great looking Turkey Load for the 20 bore!

    Ok Hornady, how about a 27 pellet #4B load in the 3″ 20 gauge at 1300 fps.
    That would only be 1.25 ounces, but it should fit the VersaTite wad in 3 pellet layers. With your high antimony, nicklel plated pellets this would be a prime predator load for the little 20 gauge.

  4. I like the idea of a RFID safe, matched to a bracelet, ring, or key fob. Having a back-up combination lock is fine too, but as another poster mentioned… a barrel lock with key? Hrmmm.

  5. How about you just focus on making what you have. I’ve been looking for 168 amax bullets for close to a year now with no luck. My reloading bench is suffering separation anxiety.

  6. I recently fired four different brands of 30-30 ammo out of my post ’64 model 94 Winchester (80 rounds total). They were Hornady Custom lite 150gr, Winchester power point 150gr, Herter’s brass case 150gr s.p., and Remington Core Lokt 170gr. Approx prices were: Herter’s = $16, Winchester = $18, Remington = $20, and Hornady = $23. All but the Hornady were acceptable with the Winchester 150gr being the most accurate (in my rifle). The Hornady Custom lite was the most disappointing, shooting about 18 inches low of point of aim at 100 yards, where as all the other brands were at least in the black. I had two targets stacked vertically, and the Hornady consistently hit center of the lower target when I was aiming at the upper target. Even with my model 94’s rear sight adjusted all the way up, I still had to hold way over the target to hit it when firing the Hornady. I was not impressed and extremely disappointed that the most expensive ammo I bought that day was the worst.

    • But I bet the recoil (kick) from the 30-30 was about half compared to the other brands using the Hornady Lite 30-30 cartridge. The Hornadys are designed with less power simply to reduce recoil, of course they will not shoot as straight and/or far as full powered rounds. But the fact is, with a 30-30, most shots for game are within 150 yards (the 30-30 isn’t a long range cartridge), so the Hornadys will still be effective at dropping the animal just with less recoil compared to the other brands.


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