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[h/t Ripcord]

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  1. Got guns for Christmas. Stoked

    I mean I guess right.. The shape of a AR lower in a stocking is hard to miss. We’ll see tomorrow morning

  2. Yeah it was a good day when no-one in Sandy Hook Elementary School had guns.

    Except for that mentally ill guy.


  3. How’s the violent crime rate in Chicago these days? If I’m not mistaken the murder rate there was worse than Bagdad a few years ago.

  4. My Christmas included an M76 kit, Galil AR kit and Hungarian underfolder kit. It’s pretty awesome Christmas for me. I sold some car parts on ebay, so that helped with most of the purchases.

    I’ve gone out shooting on Christmas, so having guns for Christmas is a good day.

    • Due to a law suit settlement, my shooting range closes every federal holiday including Christmas (but not July 4th; never could figure that one out).

      • What better day to go shooting than Independence Day? Even the people in the suit probably recognized that.

  5. I wonder what the injury rate on snowballs is? I remember plenty of snowball fights that turned into fist fights as a kid.

      • Particularly vicious snowball fights involved fetching the ones we kept inside the chest freezer. One of my friends had a mean arm, and I remember him knocking a couple opponents out with ice fastballs.
        But that wasn’t when things got out of hand; they finally did when we built a giant 3-man slingshot capable of launching those iceballs clean through the front glass on a neighbor’s Oldsmobile.

  6. Yea it’s a good day when there’s absolutely positively no need for my guns.
    Aint gunna come.
    Other than that, Merry Christmas!

    • Never mind the gun, whether seen or unseen. Just because one doesn’t see the evil intent, it certainly doesn’t mean it is not there. Evildoers will utilize whatever tool, gun or other, they see fit to carry out their intentions.

  7. I can’t be the only one that finds this kind of indoctrination a bit disturbing… Kind of like what a cult does. A 2nd grader doesn’t really have the capacity to understand what guns are and why people would want to arm themselves. And whoever put them up to this knows this and certainly has an agenda. Not even letting this kid grow up and form her own opinion.

    • My kids understood at 5 years old. They asked why I liked guns and I said: Because even though they can kill, there are lots of them all over the planet. There are plenty of bad people around, and one of them might want to hurt you or me, and so I need one if I am going to have a chance to stop him. And besides they’re a challenge, and a lot of fun.
      They understood that instantly, and nowadays they shoot clay pidgeons at a 100 yards with 22RFs! I guess if you start them out early enough shooting isn’t that much of a challenge after all.

  8. It’s a good day because of guns. FIFY my misguided friends.

    It was guns in the hands of everyday citizens, enduring horrible conditions, placing everything they had on the line to create the country you live in.

    It was guns in the hands of everyday citizens, fighting and dying, that protected this land and won back the lands of others.

    It was guns in the hands of everyday citizens makes our adversaries think twice about trying to occupy this land,

    And it is guns that allow everyday citizens, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious preference or physical ability to defend themselves against those that would do them harm.

  9. Before there were guns, the world was ruled by big, strong men with swords. Women were second class citizens, helpless against anyone who wanted to rape or subjugate them. The world was every bit as violent as it is today.

    I will enjoy a safe and peaceful Christmas, because guns give criminals something to fear.

  10. You now see into the thinktank of the gun-control movement: elementary school kids.
    They brought you such gems as:
    “we have to do something”,
    “keep guns out of the hands of bad guys”,
    “black rifles”,
    “ghost guns”,
    “30 caliper clip magazine bullets”,
    “gun free zone”,
    “12 gauge shotguns are better for self defense”
    “hear a knock on the door, blast away with both barrels”, and
    “the shoulder thing that goes up”.

    • “12 gauge shotguns are better for self defense”

      Double barrel shotguns. Without the double barrel part the statement could arguably be true.

  11. Santa is running a few days late but he notified me that my O-PAP AK will be delivered early next week. Whoot.

    • I will admit no small amount of envy in your case. That is a damn fine piece of equipment.

  12. Happy Kwanzaa to all the thugs across the border in Chicago. Put the guns down and don’t kill anyone this weekend. Try it; maybe it’ll take.

    • If you follow either @chicago_scanner or @spotnewsonig you can get an idea of how often people are getting shot. +2900 people shot in Chicago so far this year. I honestly don’t know how the police can do their jobs without dehumanizing the populace that lives in these neighborhoods.

  13. What’s wrong wth the card? I may have minor hiccups and issues on a day to day basis, but any day where I’m not forced to draw or otherwise use a gun (or any weapon) should be considered a good day.

    Besides, my understanding is that bringing a gun to a snowball fight is considered a social faux pas.

  14. NRA contract lobbyist Donald Todd Vandermyde is one thousand times more of a danger to the 11 million plus people in IL than the ICHV. After the U.S. Federal Court in Chicago overturned IL’s concealed weapons law in Dec. 2012, it was Vandermyde who cut a deal with the anti-gun Chiefs of Police to put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” HB183 carry bill. The only Reps. who opposed DTI were Chicago area black caucus Reps. like LaShawn Ford and Will Davis. Then Phelps refused to take DTI out of his bill, and he’s supposed to be the NRA’s boy!

    The problem with gun rights in IL isn’t the ICHV, it’s rat scum like Vandermyde and ignorant hick Klansmen Reps. like Phelps, and the retarded hick losers from all-white small towns like Richard Pearson of ISRA. They only care about black people like Otis McDonald when they want to use them as blackface for their lawsuits.

  15. I sometimes approach anti-gunners’ arguments the same way I do those of other willfully delusional liberals, such as those who bemoan chlorinated tap water.

    It isn’t the Tooth Fairy who keeps cholera and yellow fever out of the drinking water. It’s chlorine. We’re only alive and healthy enough to discuss the faux health risks of properly chlorinated water because of the anti-microbial protection that chlorination provides.

    Likewise, it isn’t the Easter Bunny who keeps criminals and foreign invaders away. It’s firearms. We’re only alive and free enough to draw plaintive pictures and debate this self-evident fact because of the very protection that firearms provide.

    That this universal truth is lost on this youth, even as his own picture depicts simulated violence, reflects a decaying culture and profane public school system that use just enough reality to deny the rest of reality. Instead of the “tip of the iceberg” being offered as suggestive of the rest of the iceberg, the tip of the iceberg is being offered as proof to incurious, unripened minds that there is nothing more of the iceberg. How shameful.

    • Good observation, Jimbo. I didn’t even think of that. Even the drawing the picture itself, while at school or for a school assignment, could be grounds for serious disciplinary measures; perhaps even suspension and/or anger management therapy.

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