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This homemade MAC 10 Submachine gun clone was turned in at the recent St. Louis “buyback”. Of course, you can’t buy back firearms that you never owned. Buyback is an Orwellian propaganda term used to designate events were people are incentivized to turn weapons in to police . . .

At the St. Louis event just before Christmas, the police took in 839 assorted firearms. From the St. Louis Police Twitter feed:

A special thank you to our Commissioned and Civilian Personnel, the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and the St.Louis Police Foundation in removing the following Firearms from the streets (preliminary #’s) 303 Handguns, 533 Long Guns and 6 Assault Rifles.

As is usually the case most of the guns were ordinary hunting rifles and shotguns, which are almost never used in crimes.

What caught the eye, though, was the homemade submachine gun. Homemade submachine guns are commonly found only where there are extremely restrictive gun controls in place. They are often seen in Brazil, Israel, Australia, and the Philippines. A particularly well made model is circulating around Europe.

Submachine guns are one of the easiest repeaters to make at home or in small workshops. It is not surprising they are a favorite of black market gun makers.

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  1. so the difference between a mac- 10 and a tec- 9 is one? i’m asking for my boss…
    maybe it’s rounded up from .9

        • “If I could obtain a registered one”

          Serious question –

          *Why* in the hell would you want a gun the government knew you had and could demand you turn it over to them when they want?

          As far as I know, there is *no* gun registration in Colorado.

          What you ideally want is a gun that you know is not stolen.

          Remember – Registration *always* eventually leads to CONFISCATION…

  2. It bothers me when 2A advocates use anti-gun language. If you say someone was killed by a gun instead of with a gun you are helping them control the language. Using the word assault with either rifle or weapon to refer to anything that isn’t fully automatic is helping the enemy. We really need a better term than “buyback” for obvious reasons, perhaps “paid gun dump.”

    • Since they are the ones holding the events, they get to call them whatever they want. Is it misleading? Of course! Can we do dick about it? Of course not!

  3. Yeah big deal. I made one of those 35+ years ago. Ordered a parts kit and made a Mac -10 in 9mm.
    Could never get it to fire select fire and had jamming issues. I welded up the sear, polished the feed ramp and used FMJ ammo and the thing worked then. I made the extendable stock two position and finished it in a wrinkle finish black. It was fun little project but it was impractical and illegal both state and federally, so it went bye bye a long long time ago, but it was a cool little thing.
    It’s fun building things if you don’t have look over your back.

      • Uh, no not exactly. Officially I should say it went down in a boating accident, but that was a lifetime ago and I don’t care anymore. The truth of the matter is some freaky long haired guys took a keen interest in it after talking gun stuff with them and since I no longer wanted it, I sold it to them for $300

        These days, I would have taken my cutting torch to it and cut it into little tiny pieces as no amount of money would be worth it.

  4. Watch a few episodes of some YouTube channels and any decent metal worker could figure out how to make a open-bolt SMG. The most difficult bits are what caliber and making the magazines work reliably.

  5. I think i like this one better than factory originals.

    I think i would shorten that bolt at the front.

    My preference would be a sten. They were cheap to make as i recall.

  6. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve seen plenty of photos of various versions of the MAC design showing up across the world. It’s a simple design that can be made with little more than a drill press to cut a button rifles barrel and a welder to tack it all together. Hell, I’ve actually considered cooking up my own version of one that’s made of folded heavy gauge sheet metal riveted together.

    • A rifled barrel is not a necessity – look up the “Liberator” pistol dropped by tens of thousands into occupied Europe … for instance.
      The ultimate quality of any homemade firearm is only dependent upon the skill and time available – plus the availability of real firearms which can be obtained by their use … at close range. Remember that We the People surround ‘them’ and they depend upon us for both income and FOOD.

      • The key to the “Liberator” or any other improvised “workshop weapon” is to use it to get something better. Attacking your enemy and taking HIS weapon is the goal…

      • Well that’s true enough that you physically don’t need a rifled barrel in a pistol/SMG like a MAC-10. But in the US pistols have to have a rifled barrel due to the GCA of 1934. And in my case I’m only looking at building weapons that are legal in terms of current law. Which is semi auto only, closed bolt, and with a rifled barrel.

        Of course… I also have an interesting idea in terms of ‘bump fire’ a MAC pistol. Which is a trigger that’s flat and you have to push forward to actuate. But that might work better and safer on a carbine version of that design.

  7. Take the trigger group [mechanism not necessarily “trigger housing”] completely out of (nearly) any semi-automatic firearm, and stick/jam/glue/weld the firing pin in its forward most possible position and you will have [ILLEGALLY, except with a few exceptions] made a mag-dumping (unable to stop until the mag is empty) ‘full-auto’ slam-fire weapon.

    On some weapons you can fashion an external ‘interrupter’ to stop the weapon ‘mid-stream’ by stopping the action in its most ‘open battery’ position.

    If the government bans semi-auto because of this, people will resort to bombs. You can make a wickedly simple fuel-air bomb with a small humidifier and a 5 gallon bucket of gas. If you’re lazy, you can just use a 5 gallon bucket of gas pressurized with a small propane cylinder.

    Banning transfers and ownership of full-auto firearms (in the U.S.) is only about banning those who uphold the law anyway [AND THOSE UPHOLDERS ARE THE ONLY FING REASON THAT LAWS, WHATSOEVER, HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON IN THE FIRST PLACE] from having them, and to cause some ‘oooohs’ and ‘aahhhhs’, here.


    It’s safer to assume (for your own personal safety) that the only one without full-auto weapons


    YOU .

    • Don’t anyone actually follow the above advice though, like in the real world. Because in many many locked-breech designs, modifying the firing pin into a fixed configuration is (in addition to being a lot harder than the above comment may make it seem depending on the types and implementations of out-of-battery safeties) is a GREAT way to get out of battery detonations. Or at the very least detonation without a locked breech. Which is a good way to have a very bad day. So, be warned. Aside from the legal issues, DON’T go messing around with the fire control groups or safeties of a firearm you plan to shoot unless you REALLY know what you’re doing. Or DO, I don;t really care. It’s not my eyes or fingers.

      • I didn’t say it was a good idea, we’re just talking about the “possible”. It is a GREAT way to get open-breach / slam-fire firings, but it will also work mostly quite well, even with rim fire ammo (you will have more problems [with any firearm] that won’t adequately chamber a round, a/k/a: improper headspace, dirty or fouled chamber, damaged round, etc.).

  8. Hmm, I had a sudden thought. I’m wondering if these “buybacks” will take zip guns (the homemade kind)? A length of pipe and a few homemade attachments probably wouldn’t cost more than a few bucks…much less than the gift certificates many of these silly buybacks offer….

    • An interesting question, and one that’s been answered many time: in many cases, yes.
      Youtube has many vids about this being done, as well as many articles on blogs (the MSM won’t report this, of course).

      • And a lot of times, the answer is no if you are white. There are some articles here on TTAG about guys using gun buybacks and old broken guns to fund a youth shooting event.

  9. 20 years ago my dad represented a couple of guys who (in different incidents) got into shootouts with MAC-10s. They have since torn down the shopping mall and daycare center where the incidents took place.


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