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“Police in Montgomery County arrested a man Friday afternoon who is a suspect in the fatal shootings of a man at a mall in Bethesda and a woman at a grocery store in Aspen Hill, and is believed to have killed his estranged wife outside a Prince George’s County school on Thursday,” reports. “The arrest of Eulalio Tordil, 62, a federal police officer, ended a manhunt that began Thursday and forced authorities to put Montgomery County schools, government buildings and retail establishments on lockdown. Three other people were wounded [one remains in critical condition] in the attacks.” It is not known . . .

if Mr. Tordil surrendered the guns named in a restraining order filed by his [now deceased] wife: a .40-caliber hand gun, a .45-caliber hand gun, an M-4, a revolver and a “hunting gun.” The feds report that he turned in his badge and service gun. What does that tell you?

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  1. It doesn’t matter what it tells me. What the antis will say is that it shows that anyone under a restraining order should have their guns immediately taken away.

    • This guy apparently did have his guns taken away, but he had other guns that the authorities didn’t know about. That, or he knew how to acquire guns outside of legal means.

      • Even assuming that any government has the authority to confiscate your personal property on the basis of a Temporary Restraining Order or Order of Protection (which I do not and they do not – “…shall not be infringed.”), how long do you think it would take for news of that TRO to get into the FBI’s (unconstitutional) NICS system?

        It would seem obvious that he could have his guns confiscated in the morning, drive one town or county away and have several new firearms shortly after lunch purchased from almost any FFL.

        When someone has reached the level of insanity that results in stalking and thoughts of murder they WILL find the tools to get the job done.

    • But we are talking about agents of the state here. Don’t you know they are super trained beyond the capability of us mere civilians? They can always be trusted because the government is always right and would never do anything to harm us. To the anti’s cops are above reproach and should be given any kind of guns they want because GOVERNMENT!!

      Now let me go back to my distractions and pining for more gun control because GUNS!!

      /heavy dose of sarcasm

      • Except for when they are out hunting minorities because they are all racist psychopaths. Doublethink is doubleplusgood!

    • If your wife runs off with another man, let her. Not worth going to jail.
      You can always find another one at online mating sites, the nearest bar or in your local community college art classes. Variety is the spice of life.

  2. But, but, but, but, it’s Maryland!! The, the Firearms Safety Act!! That was supposed to make all the bad guns go away and stuff like this isn’t supposed to happen!!! You mean to tell me all the gun control laws piled on in Maryland didn’t stop this from happening?

    Wonder where the antigun, government-worshiping trolls are now?

    • It’s been 30 years since I was in federal service. But back then the Federal Police Officers were just that. Uniformed and armed security that worked for the feds. They showed up on the job site with empty holsters and drew a .38 revolver from their gun locker. And turned them and the ammo in at the end of a shift. They only had authority on federal property.

  3. I was under the impression the magic restraining order protected us all and stopped crime in it’s tracks. Guess not.

    • The text of any restraining order needs to be printed front and back on a white t-shirt and super-imposed over the grey silhouette of a standard range target. The person granted the TRO should be required to wear this shirt at all times, just so they know exactly how much protection that TRO actually gives them.

  4. This is the first headline I’ve seen that mentions his status as an armed federal agent. Usually it’s buried deep down in the article, if it’s mentioned at all.

  5. Homeland Security officials at their presser:
    “But Eulalio be a good officer. He dindu nuffin…”

    Unfortunately, with what I know about the leadership at Homeland Security, it’s not stretching the truth very far at all.

  6. It tells me he’s a muslim Satan worshipper and he was hired as part of hussein obama’s treasonous islamic infiltration of our federal bureaucracy, courts and law enforcement on every level. It’s called jihad.

  7. The best part is that the WaPo article doesn’t even mention he is a cop until about halfway through the article, and even then it’s an easily missed passing reference. It’s like they were trying to avoid saying it.

    But if you read the comments you already have the masses of bleating sheep screaming about concealed carry laws, the second amendment, and the NRA being responsible for this.

    • It’s always the NRA’s fault. Even the the Paris terrorist attacks were the NRA’s fault. These are crazy people and thanks to DerpBook and Twit-ter, they are now organized crazy people.

  8. “The Federal Protective Service (FPS) is the premier provider of security and law enforcement services at U.S. federal government facilities. FPS plays a leading role in the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure, with lead responsibility for ensuring a safe and secure working environment for federal workers and visitors in approximately 9,000 federal facilities nationwide”

    Glad to know we are in good hands. /s

    • I can’t be the only one who thinks that it’s utterly ridiculous that there even *are* 9000 Federal facilities, right?

    • Oooooh. premier provider

      I wonder how that works? A points system. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Premier, Koranic?
      10pt for a dog, 5pt for a cat?

      9000 agencies? Be glad you don’t know how many armed “agents”/fed thugs exist.

  9. Why I don’t want a “Police” State.

    They are just people, and people sometimes do bad things.

    Without a personal weapon, we are at their mercy.

    Carry On.

    • Let me add to that: People are much more likely to do bad things if they are in positions of authority and don’t have the same accountability as the rest of us.

  10. The antis will use this to point out that even highly trained federal officers can cause firearms mayhem, so clearly untrained peasants should not be trusted with guns.

    One thing that would be useful from this is to point out the fallacy of the ridiculous law enforcement carveout that seems to be attached to every new firearms restriction

    • Obviously it’s because an inanimate object can cause even a trained professional to become homicidal. . .

  11. American soil and a tax payer funded job failed to make him a civilized human being.

    I am SHOCKED I tell you.

  12. if Mr. Tordil surrendered the guns named in a restraining order filed by his [now deceased] wife: a .40-caliber hand gun, a .45-caliber hand gun, an M-4, a revolver and a “hunting gun.” The feds report that he turned in his badge and service gun. What does that tell you?

    Another pre-crime law found ineffective.
    Another murderer who didn’t care about the law.
    Another double standard – one rule for cops and one rule for us?
    Another blue line that couldn’t be crossed?
    Positive proof that they will not follow the law so why should I give up my guns?
    GVRO don’t work?

    Take your pick.

  13. Shouldn’t somebody have performed a universal background check? I mean, that is supposed to stop all this nasty stuff, right? Right? What, do background checks actually accomplish *NOTHING*? Then why do we want them so desperately?

  14. It just goes to show you that some people suck!
    The best we can hope for is that there are far more people that don’t suck than those who do.
    Nothing good and nothing funny about this one, everybody loses.
    Utopia doesn’t exists. Reality does.
    Everyone do their best not to get offed by some dickhead, your safety is up to you. Always has been , always will be.
    Pray for the dead.

  15. Well, well, well, WHAT do WE have HERE? Of course Eulalio Tordil is another in a long list of the Democrats criminally-inclined “immigrants”, a friggin’ “refugee”, hired by the Federal government over other more qualified candidates to satisfy EEOC/AA requirements.

    Vote Trump!

    President Donald J. Trump will sign “National Concealed Carry” into law when it’s reaches his Oval Office desk and order his Solicitor General to sue every anti-2nd Amendment state like Maryland who violates our Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

  16. Only the police will have guns in California soon. That state will be first. Some state has to be first. The political leadership is rapidly moving in that direction.
    The only question is how many city police chiefs and county sheriffs will support the coming unconstitutional gun confiscation.
    And what will the regular uniform LEO do?

    I do know what happened to the guns that belonged to black people in Atlanta Georgia about 100 years ago. The government came and took them.

    • I think it depends on region and state. Where I work I can tell you right now there would be complete non compliance across my department. I MAY show up at a house, knock on the door and say “Sir, I searched your residence and found no evidence of firearms ownership. I will cross your name off the list, have a good day” and leave.

      I really, really hope it doesn’t come to that

  17. Don’t lose sight of our real goal on anti Leo rants especially POSs Like this punk. Stay strong.

  18. Tells me police are people just like the rest of us. So the law should apply equally to everyone. What’s good for them should be good for us and vice versa.

  19. And a state official is already making statements about “gun” violence and waving the bloody shirt around. Apparently he hasn’t yet been informed that this guy was one of the chosen ones they actually deemed worthy of having guns.

  20. avatar Brian was homeless, therefore forsaken by heaven, the giver of all wealth. Obviously a nut.

    What is Federal Protective Service? I am in Hawaii and there are these guys who wear shirts that say “Federal Police” and they organize local Neighborhood Watch groups and violent snitches to attack people.

    I had one of these guys bring a bunch of younger men to where I hung out when I was homeless, he told these guys what names the neighborhood watch in my previous residence would call me when they attacked me. A day later, the guys he brought were hanging out at a place I frequented and kept trying to let me lend them my phone, they tried to steal my computer. They also physically attacked me, but they got scared off.

    Some of the other ones came up on me when I was homeless – My cell phone mysteriously drained of power within seconds in my hand, they made a beeline from their car to me in the middle of a park and pulled their willies out on me when I was trying to sleep, 2 started to put ding dongs in their mouths, and the third stood over me and came for me with his member. Then they had to run away suddenly for some mysterious reason. Probably because of terrorism. Then the cops came out of nowhere and surrounded me after the wiener kissers ran away and searched me. Go ahead and dismiss this as a tall tale.

    Gobless the Fuderal Polize for protecting us against an Al Kaidr.

      • Awww, you’re still obsessed with me. It would be flattering if you weren’t so unhinged.

        So any comment on your former and ongoing support for this killer cop?

        • Brian ain’t you? Or he is you? Your comment didn’t clarify. If he isn’t it was an honest mistake. You’ve been here under so many different names the only way to know for sure it’s you is the crazy. And brian’s got that in buckets.

        • Wow. The passengers on your short bus must have rubbed off their traits onto you. Not that you needed it…

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