Holosun Launches New EPS and EPS Carry Enclosed Pistol Red Dot Sights

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Utilizing range and carry pistols often means having two different optics that need to be trained on extensively. No one can expect to wield a concealed carry pistol the same way as a full-size pistol on the range, let alone utilize the same or similar optic. This can often frustrate shooters who engage in competition and conceal carry. Holosun has sorted out some of these difficulties with the EPS (Enclosed Pistol Sight) and EPS Carry pistol reflex optics.

While the EPS and EPS Carry optics are essentially the same, their dimensions are only marginally different. Coming in a 7075-aluminum black anodized housing at 1.4 oz with a 0.90 x 0.63 window size, the EPS is a full-size pistol reflex sight. The EPS features the lowest deck height, which allows a user to employ standard height iron sights and/or the reflex sight. Even though they are similar, the EPS Carry utilizes the same 7075-aluminum black anodized housing design while weighing 1.23 oz and employing a 0.77 x 0.58 window. The EPS Carry is designed for use with carrying or compact pistols.

Both variations are available with a green (540nm) LED with either a 2MOA or 6MOA dot reticle or Holosun’s Multi-Reticle System: 32MOA Circle w/ 2MOA Dot, 2MOA Dot only, or 32MOA circle only. As with all the reflex sights, the EPS/EPS Carry is parallax-free with unlimited eye relief in an aspheric glass lens. Each contains a CR1620 battery providing up to 50,000 hours of continuous use. There are eight daylight and four night vision-compatible brightness intensity settings. Essential for a carry pistol, both options possess Shake Awake technology with last setting recall paired with Holosun’s Solar Failsafe™.

Both versions are IPX8 certified water and dust-proof. The reticle has a travel range of +/- 30 MOA, and each windage or elevation adjustment is 1.5 MOA per click. All EPS models utilize the Holosun “K” series footprint to make fitment straightforward.

Holosun has maintained its tradition of providing useful and high-quality optics. With the surge in the pistol market for defensive carry and competition, the EPS and EPS Carry comfortably fill both rolls and make cross-training painless. Holosun provides a limited lifetime warranty on the EPS and EPS Carry. Warranty information can be found at: https://holosun.com/index/category/items/id/94.html


• CNC 7075 Aluminum Housing
• Black Anodized Finish
• Holosun “K” series footprint
• Solar Failsafe™
• Shake Awake™ Technology with last setting recall
• Available in green
• CR1620 Battery
• Up to 50,000 hours of continuous use
• Reticle Brightness: 8 Daylight & 4 Night Vision Compatible Settings
• 2MOA Dot, 6MOA Dot, or Multi-Reticle System: 32MOA Circle w/ 2MOA Dot, 2MOA Dot only, or 32MOA circle only
• Parallax Free with Unlimited Eye Relief
• Multi-coated lens
• IPX8 water and dust-proof
• Aspherical Glass Lens
• Window Size: 0.90 x 0.63 (EPS) or 0.77 x 0.58 (EPS Carry)
• Body Dimensions: 1.62 x 1.19 x 0.99 (EPS) or 1.62 x 1.07 x 0.95 (EPS Carry)
• Weight: 1.4 oz (EPS) or 1.23 oz (EPS Carry)
• MSRP: $435.28 – 458.81 (Red – Green)

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  1. Hard pass until enclosed emitter.

    Also, that comp is jank. PMM or Herrington are both far superior. HA being the more effective option.

      • Tell me you didn’t read the mea culpa already extended below…

        And I didn’t mention there after scanning the article, the article was then searched specifically for “emitter” with zero results. But no, I didn’t read the title, because a quick scroll to load the images before Cloudflare blocks loading them.

        All whilst simultaneously holding a conversation in the real world, a convo online elsewhere, and fixing the seams on an 84k Tri 3d sculpt. Precise overlapping alignment of multiple points at 13,900 intersecting coordinates in Euclidean Space is no easy task. Involves a high degree of concentration, and one thing slipped through the cracks.

        But by all means everyone, carry on with the crucifixion…

  2. All red dots intended for carry pistol are “Carry Enclosed Pistol Red Dot Sights” … not just Holosun brand.

    • enclosed is what all red dots intended for carry pistol are. That’s what the body’s of the red dots do, enclose the sight. This one just encloses the emitter too.

      For the price, and not worrying about a enclosed emitter (there are literally thousands in use without closed emitters and they are fine), there are better deals from other name brands. Just re-arranging the emitter and slightly reforming the body so the emitter is enclosed is not worth “MSRP: $435.28 – 458.81 (Red – Green)”

      We’ve reached the point in the red dot market where innovation has stalled, the market is simply glutted with red dots, and now its just tricks to do something with what is already there and then try to sell it as something ‘special’.

      • My reply was for Will Wallace and not your reply. However I would disagree with your assessment on what is a enclosed emitter and not. Just because an emitter is buried down within the optic housing such as the famed RMR, does not mean it is enclosed. Part of the emitter is still exposed to the elements and could be blocked by rain, dirt or belly button lint ect. Now I get in a CCW role that is unlikely but chance is still there unlike a truly enclosed optic such as this EPS or 509T or Aimpoint Acro. These type optics are the path that pistol optics are going. They are more robust and better suited for carry and duty use. Suggest looking up Sage Dynamics and taking a look at their optics tests.

        • I’ve seen the Sage Dynamics optics tests. Nothing impressive and somewhat biased in methodology.

          Basically, I was not pointing out what was and was not an enclosed emitter, just that all red dots of this type and purpose are enclosed by their housings anyway and simply rearranging a little to also claim enclosed emitter is not anything special that makes it worth the price Holosun is charging.

          These type optics are NOT the path that pistol optics are going. Its where they are stuck.

          We’ve reached the point in the red dot market where innovation has stalled, the market is simply glutted with red dots, and now its just party tricks to do something with what is already there and then try to sell it as something ‘special’.

          The last innovative attempt things in ‘red dot’ type concept sights for pistols were:

          Noblex-Docter Optics GLOCK M.O.S. Integrated Red Dot
          Mepro FT/FL Bullseye series
          Leopold DeltaPoint
          SeeAll open sight

          These were not well received in all areas of the gun community. They were happy with big chunks of metal/plastic/glass with LED emitter, were willing to pay lots of money for it, and they got catered to. So these attempts at innovation using techniques familiar in the gun community failed overall to be adopted by the gun community as a whole for a variety of reasons ranging from sight usage to ‘just can’t’ and were seen as either over priced or not suitable. But the fact is that although not suitable for everyone, the idea was an attempt at innovation and not being so well received they simply did not progress further.

          Everything else are these same old ‘square/rectangle’ chunks of red dot sights with ‘glass’ based on the same old emitter concepts from basically a 5th grade science level. Simply, innovation is stalled.

          Now, when someone comes out with a sight that actually projects a dot above the frame without a housing sticking above the frame and glass like these do now – such as 3d laser arrangements can do, a concept that has been available for many years – then you will have some innovation. The distance above the frame is not too far for this 3D laser technique to work. Imagine an aiming dot or reticle suspended in the air above the frame for aiming. No paralax error, always bright and clear (adjustable and focus-able to suit user eyesight), no astigmatism issues, no glass or chunk of housing sticking above the frame like this Holosun and hundreds of others do now above the frame, no MOS pistol needed, no slides to mill, no dovetail mounts ‘legacy’ retrofit for whats available now – just slide it into the dovetail or attach it to the existing rear sight – its just part of a rear sight assembly making the sights and the dot/reticle available with the sights available if something happens and the dreaded ‘dot quit working’ happens. Sure a little larger rear sight assembly as got to house the electronics and battery someplace, but i’ll tell you this – the Noblex-Docter Optics GLOCK M.O.S. Integrated Red Dot its larger than a prototype for a 3D laser dot aiming system as i’ve somewhat described. And the 3D laser technique would make the ‘red dot’ sight concept a lot cheaper to buy. Plus, this is not the only thing, there are a lot of things manufacturers can do now for their products to innovate but they simply do not.

          But time and time again over the last several years the red dot market has failed to try to adopt the 3D laser concept or to innovate with many different ways available. And the reason is that all of their ‘assemblies’ originate over seas where its made cheaply and no one wants to embark on creating something new because they are happy with customers that will pay more for party tricks with and different renditions of the same thing when they say its ‘special’ or ‘new’. So you notice today they still stick to the same old concepts of enclosed ‘glass’ with a dot projected by a standard ‘made in china’ (actually, made in China, 100% of them for any brand) LED emitter.

        • correction:

          “But time and time again over the last several years the red dot market has failed..

          should have been

          But time and time again over the last several years the red dot manufacturers have failed …

    • Holosun optic, lasers, and accessories are predominantly made in China. They did establish a manufacturing operation in the US with a factory located in Walnut, California, however, there have been indications they planned to move all manufacturing back to China but Holosun has denied this. Although the manufacturing facility in California does produce some things, but mostly assemblies/parts sold into the U.S. market to and for other firearms optics manufacturers, all their parts and materials originated in China like all other ‘made in USA’ firearms optics manufactures eventually use.

  3. “No one can expect to wield a concealed carry pistol the same way as a full-size pistol on the range…”

    Why not? This is pure BS! If that were the case then no one would buy both. If you own it and expect to use it in an emergency then you need to take it to the range. It doesn’t matter what it is. Many people have a full size pistol for home security AND a smaller one to carry. Are you really going to suggest that one of them stay home and never get touched? You NEED to take them BOTH to the range and be proficient with them. If you want to buy 2 P365’s then fine. But to treat people to this kind of nonsense sales pitch just makes me say no to the guns AND to these Holosun red dots.

    • a lot of us just carry a full sized pistol because with modern carry techniques and holsters its no longer a big deal.

      • I carry full sized, most of the people around here carry full sized too. I personally know two people around here who carry a compact, but I have seen others. But what you mostly see here is full sized being carried.

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!


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