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After mocking Donald Trump’s camo hat in her own not-at-all-light-hearted way, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton throws the usual anti-ballistic bone to her Progressive pals. “We’re also going to take common sense steps to reduce gun violence and save lives!” she barks. Ms. Clinton’s got a message for American gun owners, too.

“We are going to work with responsible gun owners who understand that we’ve got to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them in the first place.” I’m thinking she means you. Me. Everyone, really. Except for the police and the military.

With Ms. Clinton still leading in the race for electoral college votes, I have a sneaking suspicion we’re going to find out if I’m right.

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  1. Making fun of Donald Trump’s hats, camo or otherwise, is the most reasonable thing I heard in that snippet (and probably in her campaign).

    • I personally thought the camo hat looked far better than the fire-engine red hat he normally sports. And I am not a huge fan of camo.

  2. Might as well have been her victory speech. We all know shes gonna win.

    This stupid worthless country deserves what it gets under this witch.

      • Optimism. How adorable, we’ll see your attitude go from that to “end of the world”.

        At least I’m being realistic.

        • calls people dumbasses and then says “Trump has a decent chance”

          Right. And your evidence is? In before “oh, all the polls are fixed and and and the media is lying” No, that’s not evidence. That’s pretending that a purported lack of evidence somehow magically turns to evidence because you don’t want to believe reality. When Trump gets blown out of the water because the GOP somehow won this game of chicken (hey, let’s see who can put up the candidate most unbearable) will you recognize reality? Or will you pretend that it was ‘fixed’ because you and your three friends all voted for Trump?

        • Hannibal you need to stick to saps and throwdown revolver because you don’t know diddly about politics in the US if you believe any of that bilge.

    • That’s right. Run, hide, cry. Just give up. That’s what the patriots at valley forge did…. You really need to calm down. In the Reagan/carter elections Reagan was down 9 points the week of the election. Brexit was also down 11 points to Remain the week of that vote. If I remember correctly Nixon was down in the 68′ election too. Polls really can’t be trusted. You need to drink more, or drink less.

    • It isn’t over till it’s over. Hillary is under investigation by the FBI, and Podesta is a “spirit cooker”.

      Also, Trump has massive rallies wherever he goes, while Hillary can’t even fill a highschool gym. The cameras unintentionally show us how pitifully tiny her crowds are, every time a Clinton rape protester is escorted out.

      Now quit moping, get your ass to the polls, and vote for Trump to keep that crazy bitch out.

    • Hillary is beyond underwater right now, not sure what the hell you are talking about. She is way down from where Obama was, and it will come down to independents to decide what happens on Tuesday.

    • One thing you seem to forget.

      The pollsters have been weighting the African American vote like when Obama was running.

      The only poll that’s going to matter at all is November 8th.

  3. As long as republicans keep the house and senate Clinton won’t be able to get much done on the gun owner control issue. Only limited executive orders. You’d think.

    • What makes you think the RINOs in the house and senate will resist her any more than they have resisted what BO wanted to do. They have funded almost everything he wanted.

      • Huh? Aside from Obamacare, what has been passed that Obama wanted?

        Where’s all the federal gun control legislation he tried to get??

        What are you talking about???

        • It’s about the Supreme Court. Flip that to the progressives and watch individual rights fly out the window – and not just with guns.

        • Hillary can’t flip the Supreme Court to progressives. So far three Republican Senators have vowed to block every nomination she makes. And even if the R’s lose control of the Senate, they won’t lose it by enough to matter. It takes 60 votes to confirm a Supreme Court Justice.

        • It takes 60 votes to confirm a Supreme Court Justice.

          Reality check to “Truth”.

          If the Dems capture senate they will be able to change the rules to 50+1. It’s called the “nuclear option” and you can be damn sure they will do it to capture the SCOTUS for the next couple generations.

    • Time isn’t on our side, though. Holding Congress this time around at best just lets us skate by this election. We have to have Congress and the White House and a serious president who will roll back the Democrat Evil Empire.

      Containment just buys a little time. With the demographics of the country changing as they are, that time isn’t worth much. The Dems will have Congress, the White House, and the SC in, at most, just a few more election cycles. The White House and the SC could be theirs within the next 100+ days!

      History will record this decade as having been the crucial, final years, the last chance for a last stand, before the next decade’s monumental, world history-making events, whatever those may be.

      • “Time isn’t on our side, though.”

        I’m not sure about that. Come mid-terms in two years, a lot of Dem Senate seats are up for grabs, letting us cement that side of the house for two more years.

        If she wins, she’s worse than a lame duck. A world-o-hurt is about hit her when the Wiener laptop indictments come down. That, however, may not be good for us. With the Hildabeast out of the way, we get Tim Kaine as new president.

        A scandal-free new Prog prez to wreak havoc on the constitution…

        • Just like the rest of the Stupid Party you focus on the personalities of the Leftist D party.

          It doesn’t matter what Leftist is in charge, when HRC is gone there will be another Leftist to lead the charge. Maybe Elizabeth Warren, how does that grab ya, wonder if she is gun friendly?

      • Which is why we secede.

        “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”

        • Who secedes? Name a state where you can get an overwhelming majority to vote for leaving the US. A 60/40 split in the vote. The 40 that get outvoted(provided the losers aren’t the secesh) calls for federal aid to protect their rights as Americans and get it.

          What then?

        • Those who don’t want to secede can move. That’s the whole point. Hell, we’ll give ’em free bus tickets to the state of their choice.

          Texas has 100% of its state elected officers are republicans. The legislature announces that we’re seceding. If you want to stay in the “US of A”, here’s a bus ticket to California or Washington or New Jersey or wherever you want. Pay for it by charging current “US of A” residents $100 to move to the new Independent Republic of Texas. They’d come pouring in from all throughout the South and the Mountain West. Except, of course, for those states who decide they want to join us.

          Don’t think it can happen? Let’s talk after the US of A has had Hillary for four years…

  4. That witch is going to suffer a soul-crushing defeat next week and I’m going to love every minute of it.

    And if it was up to you doom-and-gloom Sunshine Patriots, we’d all be speaking German or Russian.

      • Sunshine patriots is a good turn of phrase. I like “summer soldier”, too. Both refer to people who are on board with the cause only when when conditions are pleasant and the going in easy, but who aren’t, as the kids say, down for the struggle.

        If you really want to get inspired, you might read the original text where those were first used, Thomas Paine’s “The Crisis”, December 23rd, 1776. It’s about a five page pamphlet, but here are the opening lines:

        “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

      • I imagine pickup trucks full off armed men heading to D.C. Hell if Obama sits on his hands while ISIS convoys roll on the back half of the planet, we should have no problem.

    • Hey guys, I figure out how to fly by flapping my arms! Let’s all jump off the bridge!

      What? Why aren’t you coming with me?!? Geez, if it were up to you guys we’d all be speaking Russian right now.

      • Just to show that there are no hard feelings, you can use my tantō and I will be honored to be your kaishakunin.


        • I’m lining up a hog semi to give the Dowager Empress a ride to the Supermax in Florence Co on Nov 9. Donating the time and fuel. I’m sure there is room for Hannibal.

          If Hillary loose she just might use that tanto. Broad is unstable. What I’m seeing is a landside win shaping up for Trump. The joker, compared to years past, is the institutionalized fraudulent early/absentee vote (why the demtards created it).

          IF their is anyone that doesn’t understand the Klintons and the modern marxist demtards –

          Every “wacko” “conspiracy” theory or rumor of lawless/immoral activity which any Conservative considered in the last 30years has been demonstrated by WIkileaks to be true. And more. The mainstream media hasn’t heard a thing though. Dispicable Dowager Dyke is going to lose.

    • The only reason this election is a struggle is because of the candidate and the campaign he’s run. His opponent is the most corrupt person to ever run in American history, and if he could get out of his own way, he’d be crushing her.

      He’s depending on new voters who are missed by the polls, but they have almost no ground campaign to get voters out to polls directly. Clinton’s ground operations are huge and have been operating full tilt in swing states for months. So whose voters are actually showing up?

  5. Just on a 2A fb page and its unfrickenbelieiveable how many idiot gun owners think the hildewhore isn’t coming after yer guns. Duh..

    • 350+ million people in the US

      but this is the ‘best we can do’ and will get worse because people keep accepting it. Eventually something will change, but it won’t be pretty.

    • “these two are the best we can do?”

      Given our current demographics, open borders, the servile media and the 19th Amendment, we’re lucky to have these two.

    • No, not at all. There were at least half a dozen other serious, sane, talented, and laudable individuals who ran for the office this year. There may be scores of others out there who could make fine presidents. It’s a big country, after all. Those people just didn’t win.

      Partly because Democrats raided the GOP primaries to select the weakest candidate they could to run against, Trump.

      Partly because a lot of jack wagons, who never voted before, considered this election as just another reality T.V. show they could participate in from the comfort of their couches with their well-worn ass-grooves.

      Partly because even more American ass-clowns consider themselves above the fray, too cool for school, and don’t get involved in the first place because they consider everything rigged, scammed, and fixed, so why bother?

      The problem with that 21st century, brand new, oh so novel, never-before-seen school of thought is that, as Plato noted some twenty-four centuries ago…..:

      One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

      So, no, these two aren’t anywhere near the best we can do. These two are just the slimy, stinky, septic scum that’s left over after everyone good got swept away.

    • At least ONE candidate isn’t even the worst that this country has ELECTED since November 5, 1912 (or I you prefer November 8, 1932).

  6. The RINO meme is just a DMC false flag operation that sucked in the gullible and got Trump nominated. Ted Cruz being the biggest sucker around.

    The pro-gun side will keep the House but without the Senate Clinton will pack the Federal Courts. That will leave us in a State by State battle.

    Trump seems to have gotten his act together in the last 10 days. Too bad he didn’t do it earlier. Now he will lose just like a one of those RINOs. /sarc. I blame the RNC for the primary circus.

    • “I blame the RNC for the primary circus.”

      We are the Stupid Party who continue to let our enemies run our primary debates.
      Can you get any more F’n stupid?

      Imagine the message that the RNC could have presented by using their own chosen moderators and spend the first few minutes of every debate explaining to the public WHY they have to do it this way. How about that for some impact?

      We are the stupid party with “leaders” with zero imagination.

      Imagine debates moderated solo by….
      Victor Davis Hanson asking about immigration.
      Economics by Thomas Sowell.
      Defense by Condelezza Rice
      The American university issues by Christina Hoff Sommers
      The place for religion in the US by Dennis Prager
      Conservative popular culture with Rush/Levin or similar

      If you don’t know the vast majority of the above listed names you don’t know conservatism.

  7. Anything would be better than a wealthy man child pervert that want’s to turn America into an armed third world totalitarian hellhole.

    Mass shootings don’t happen everyday in Europe, Australia, Canada and Japan (Which I’m heading to in a couple of days.).

    You people can continue to be living in your fearful delusion that the civilized world is dangerous when it actually is not.

    I’m not a sheep nor will I ever be.

    You people can continue to believe your turner diary delusions while I will continue to leave my life as a free patriotic American who refuses to bow to the tyranny of the “2nd amendment”.

    • baaaaaaaa. If mom lets you out of the house after midnight perhaps you might to go/stay in New Zealand. Stay away from the internet baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    • Blacks commit half the murders in this country, while comprising only 13 percent of the population. Whites and Asians in the states are no more violent than in their native continents of Europe and Asia.

      Japan is monocultural, and doesn’t have all the dindus and muzzies going around murdering people. A lack of cultural and religious diversity promotes agreement and minimizes violence. Many Japanese train in hand-to-hand and various melee weapons, and some rural Japanese hunt with shotguns, yet they don’t kill each other. They also have so much respect for the emperor that they would commit suicide if the emperor merely asked them to do so (which the kamikaze gladly did in WWII). The emperor has descended from the same family, because no one will ever overthrow him.

      Europe is having more and more attacks as they let more muzzies in, and yes, more mass shootings with illegal guns, either smuggled across the EU or acquired on the “dark web”.

      Latin America has very strict gun laws in all of its countries, yet a third of the world’s murders are committed there. The murder capitol is Caracas, Venezuela.

      Swedes have a complicated network of no-go zones that are 50-90 percent Muslims, where police are afraid of getting attacked and/or shot.

      Lastly, if you want all the guns in this country gone, you will have to take them by force. You won’t have enough body bags for all the slaughter that would result.

      • You my friend are what we call in reality “full of crap.”

        I’ve been to most of Europe, Australia and japan and these things you describe don’t happen.

        While here in this country I’m seeing things becoming even more dangerous due to the rise of idiots who want to play soldier. (The fascist militia movement that is being talked about on this website.)

        I’m surprised this website isn’t on the list of hate groups by the SPLC.

        People like you can continue to live your delusional fantasy of the world going to hell in a hand-basket.

        But I am not.

        So continue to live your right-wing delusions about how your insane beliefs are not hurting anyone.

        • Talk all you want if it makes you feel better. In fact I hope you keep talking. Just as long as we don’t cross paths, right? Right.


        • Venezuela. Mexico. China. North Korea.

          Terrorist attacks across Germany. France. Spain.

          I’ve been all over this world too. You can cherry-pick one way (Japan is brilliant, clean, and largely crime-free, but then so again is rural America), or you can cherry-pick the other way (the south side of Chicago is a hellhole, but then again you can ask the gang-rape victims on Germany’s new year “celebration” or those throughout India). Every place has its problems, there ain’t no “socialist utopia” in existence.

          Look — freedom’s not for everyone. Lots of people apparently like living in police states and dictatorships, because there are an awful lot of them. And there are advantages to a police state — low crime, for example. Until the bottom falls out, of course. Here in the USA we used to say “things were better when the mob ran this town, at least the trains ran on time.”

          I’m not saying the USA is the best in all ways. But it is the only nation where you have the Constitutional freedom to own firearms. If you don’t like that, quit trying to change us — just go wherever the hell you want. There’s literally EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD to choose from.

        • Egads guys. It’s “2ASux” with a different handle. Either bury him point-by-point (which is what he wants you to do), or just ignore the posts.

    • 2 things. First, please don’t come back. Second, wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

  8. A lot of gun owners voted for Obama in ’08 and ’12. Some will vote for Hillary 2016. Heck, even dead people will vote for Hillary.

    I put a lot of money into the Trump campaign and I certainly hope he wins. CA is in trouble but I wouldn’t wish that fate onto the rest of the nation, even those who hate me for being a cop or living behind enemy lines.

    The left is full of discouragement and lies. I doubt they’d be campaigning so hard in Nov 8 was truly in the bag. Every gun owner needs to mark Trump / Pence 2016, and make damn sure that the voting machine records properly.

    Be a winter soldier, and keep your powder dry.

    • This is bigger than the UniParty. Politicians are workers in a government cabal demanding compliance without responsibility while sucking coin from the people’s pockets. Trump came from nowhere, tapped into what people are seeing and having enough with social engineering. Monster Vote is inbound and there’s not enough illegals to effect the outcome.

      Here’s the fear. Lawmaking is on the path of emotional legislation. Butt hurt not making homos cake. Legislation allowing Transgenders in girls bathrooms. These are emotional constructs now backed by law. We are three steps away from guns make sad, legislate to make happy tomorrow.

      Stay focused the next three days. If Hillary steals the win, what was America is gone until restored by any means necessary.

    • The only thing I see trump with his gun lobby masters doing is bring our country to 3rd world status and turning us into a heavily armed mad-max/turner diary esque hellhole.

      What scares me even more is people like you dressing up and playing soldier and threatening trouble.

      I’m glad I have no comprehension of the insane delusions you people have.

  9. “We are going to work with responsible gun owners who understand that we’ve got to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them in the first place.”

    And how exactly are “responsible gun owners” supposed to keep guns out of the hands of hoodlums in Chicago? Are we supposed to drive there and start frisking people?

  10. I don’t do political predictions.

    However, I will say this: The people saying HRC is going to win are retarded and have no idea what they’re talking about. This is a really tight race.

    Take a knee, let’s break it down.

    A bunch of states that were part of HRC’s “blue wall” have cracked. Polls are now tied in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire and North Carolina. All of those were solid Clinton a few months ago. That’s a real opportunity for Trump to steal as many as 69 electoral votes. If that happens, HRC is done for and that’s based on the rosiest projections anyone has made for her (I’ll get to that in a second.)

    On top of that Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and Maine are in play. Another possible 64 electoral votes for Trump.

    Even Connecticut, fucking Connecticut is only leaning mildly for Hillary. That’s a mere 7 votes.

    Now, HRC was predicted to win this election with 330 electoral votes a few months ago. She needs 270 to win, if she’s 61 lower than the rosiest projections for her she loses.

    Will Trump run the table? Almost certainly not, but even excluding Connecticut, there are 133 electoral votes up for grabs by my numbers. [RCP actually puts it at 158.] Straight the fuck out jump ball on them.

    So Trump doesn’t need to run the table he only needs to win less than half those votes to deny 270 to Clinton. So, if he wins Florida (29), Ohio (18), Arizona (11) gives him 58, literally any other state goes his way and Clinton loses.

    On top of that the current trend is Trump’s friend and HRC has some serious shit coming down on her.

    Oh, and we could go on. Wisconsin and even Minnesota fall into the same group so Connecticut, going from solid, guaranteed blue to a possible loss (leaning Clinton but not by much).

    I’m not saying Trump is going to win. As I said I don’t do predictions on this sort of thing. What I’m saying is that the recent changes in the electoral map make him winning a real possibility. In fact, Trump winning in a landslide is a real possibility. Looking at the map and numbers it’s HRC who has the uphill climb at this point.

    • HRC is doing bad in early voting compared to BHO. Republicans are down as well, but the DNC is suffering 5-6% loss while the RNC is down by 1, maybe 2%.

      Incidentally, independents are up a huge amount this year, and Trump has a huge lead with them. In 2012, it was obvious Obama was going to win because we can see it. Right now, we can’t tell anything because the race is legitimately too close.

      It’s very, very bad for the DNC. And we don’t know how many are going to abandon ship and go with Trump in the rust belt, at that. I have a strong suspicion he has a lot more “D” going his way, than “R” cucks going HRC’s direction.

  11. And I pledge to engage all citizens to ensure that the nations highest office doesn’t fall into the hands of an irresponsible, greedy, hate-filled, megalomaniac b1tch.

  12. Every poster better be out voting accordingly on Nov 8 in order to support our 2nd amendment ! And not posting here instead ! Get out the gun vote 2016 !!!!

  13. Polls are misleading. Because it’s not the popular vote that counts, but the way the electoral college votes play out. HRC will take NY, IL, and CA without question: that’s 104 votes out of the gate in the race to 270. DT likely takes TX, so that cuts into the lead a little. But it really comes down to FL, PA, and OH – DT needs at least FL and one of the other two in order to have a shot.

    If HRC does win, the real question will be the length of her political coat tails down the ballot. If the Dems grab a majority in the Senate, she can do some damage in terms of stacking SCOTUS. If not, she will have to appoint a compromise justice and live with legislative gridlock. And there is only so much one can accomplish by Executive Order in terms of changing the direction of Constitutional law.

    So here is the real key for 2nd Amendment supporters. Even if you think DT will lose in a landslide (and I’m not saying that myself), get yourself to the polls and vote to preserve that Republican legislative majority – especially in the Senate!!! For gun rights people, that’s really the most important race this Election Day.


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