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Before I begin, a quick note to my fellow OFWGs: Hilary Duff is an actress, singer and high-profile Hollywood dater. Ms. Duff’s career launched with the 2001 – 2004 Disney series Lizzie McGuireSince then, meh. But there’s no question that Ms. Duff remains a celebrity, as witnessed by the fact that she has a crazed stalker. (I’m not saying you have to be a celebrity to have a crazed stalker, but it helps.)

Hilary Duff could get a marriage proposal any day now, but it’s coming from a scary individual who is driving all over town searching for her.

We’ve learned Bev Hills police already reached out to Hilary’s people to warn them about the man. Law enforcement sources say the ordeal started earlier this month when he hired a limo driver. We’re told he was carrying a photo of a crib he said Hilary owned, but did not have her address.

He proceeded to have his driver search aimlessly for 2 hours while he spoke about his intent to marry Hilary. When the ride ended, we’re told the driver was so concerned he called cops, who then contacted Duff’s team.

Sources close to Hilary say her security team knows who the man is and what he looks like. They’ve had issues with him in the past, but we’re told Hilary hasn’t filed a police report or sought a restraining order … yet.

Yeah, what’s the hurry? And really, what’s the point? An RO’s only good for arresting someone who violates it — and gets caught. If someone dangerous violates a restraining order, there’s a chance it’s gonna be too late. Note: stalkers are the most dangerous adversary you could ever face; they’re patient, [generally] smart, completely focused and well beyond sane.

My point: the Daily Mail photograph above and the text below clearly indicate that Ms. Duff is neither varying her routine nor packing heat — on her person — in the face of a serious threat.

Hilary Duff seemed in a great mood despite reports that a man has been stalking her in an attempt to propose to her.

The 28-year-old headed to a beauty appointment in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday in spite of concerns for her safety.

I know: Ms. Duff’s got a security team! Somewhere outside the picture frame! Which means her “close security” (should it exist) isn’t very close. Equally, if a paparazzo can find Ms. Duff, so can her crazed suitor.

But here’s the reason I’m highlighting this thank-God non-story: there is no substitute for personal defense. As in you, yourself, taking charge of your personal safety and security. That holds true whether you’re a celebrity with a “team” or an average schmo just trying to earn a crust.

That means maintaining and adjusting situational awareness, including a willingness to vary or cancel your routine should someone be actively seeking to do you harm. And, of course, carrying a gun. A firearm remains the most effective self-defense tool money can buy. Even if you have a security team.

Now we know Ms. Duff has a gun. But she should be carrying it. You know, on her person. (Not a fan of off-body carry, at all.) Yes?

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    • One can with about 95% accuracy tell how they’re going to turn out by 14 or 15. I saw a couple of minutes of her Disney product back in the day, and this outcome was fait accompli.

      • Look at her momma, that’s the best bet you can make on future appearance.

        It’s the same with cattle, to see what the calf will look like, just look at the heifer.

        I wish I had followed that rule my ex wife. ?

        Damn sure followed it with the current wife. If you wouldn’t marry her mom, don’t marry the daughter. I only get fooled once.

        • I jokingly tell my wife if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just hook up with her mom.

          My wife and father-in-law don’t think it’s funny, but my mother-in-law and I think it’s f*cking hilarious.

        • My wife caught me looking the other day. I told her, I may be old enough to be her sugar daddy, but I sure ain’t rich enough, unless she wants to go back to work so I can afford it! Can you believe she turned me down?

        • Better theory is, if possible, check the maternal grandmother. All kinds of things are generation skipping.

  1. Like the kartrashican that was stalked, she kept updating her twater feed. Duh. it’s amazing what passes for “stars” now days.

    • You must care more than you let on, because you have obviously been following her and others Twitter feeds. and as for the rest of the haters here, why do you care?

  2. Paparazzi? You obviously don’t recognize a fake. This is the best thing to happen to her in years! You can’t buy this kind of publicity, at least in that business. Hell with all the attention, she might even get an acting job. Oh, as far as her security team? Who d’ya think is holding the camera?

    • +1 That’s actually not all that unlikely. Some of these “stars” have so little actual talent that they’ll do anything to get their name back into circulation.

      • With actors and actresses it’s not just work, it’s the emotional high one gets from celebrity. I understand it can be very addictive.

  3. Alrighty then, that big beach bag she’s carrying is JUST the right size for a CZ Scorpion….

    On second thought, recommend a Sig MPX..she can afford it….

  4. She may not be packing because its likely the beauty shop has a no gunz policy…for keeping folks “feeling” safe and nothing else. Guess she could be carrying one in the purse, giving the no gunz policy a good ole’ concealed flip of the bird.

  5. The stalker must have an old picture. This will be resolved when he sees the current her.

  6. How ironic. If the stalker filed a restraining order against Duff he can almost guarrentee that she is unarmed. Thank God for common sense CA gun laws.

  7. Is the gun community scrutinizing and projecting their feelings and thoughts on how and why other people should carry as annoying as antis projecting their thoughts and feelings on who they think shouldn’t carry?

    Once you get past the Four gun safety rules and a basic self defense mindset, it’s now all up to the individual to figure out what further research and training suits them and their lifestyle.

    As far as the stalker issue, well how you want to take precautions or not, is your personal business.

    Darwin will either have another award ceremony or the psycho stalker will get caught doing something dumb.

    • Of course how you carry your gun is a matter of personal choice. I would never suggest otherwise. But off-body carry is a bad choice. It may be the only choice, but it’s still a bad choice.

  8. Being a celeb in califus is no guarantee of a ccw permit. If Edward James Olmos being threatened by the Mexican Mafia for a film he made (American Me), and a few of consultants on the movie were actually killed, could not get a permit I could see H. Duff getting turned down . . . especially if she has not filed an RO (granted she is better looking and female so it better fits some “narratives”).

    The fact that nothing with the police has been filed ups the cred that this could be a PR stunt.

  9. The fact that fear defaults to people getting a gun is definition of winning for our side sure maybe not on body carry but let’s focus on the fact that she didn’t call autistic Giffords for advice

  10. Hilary Duff has a license to carry a concealed firearm in Kalifornia?
    And one of the special privileged to afford her own “security team”?
    What is her stance on us commoners being able to carry?
    If she does not care about my right, then I couldn’t care less about hers.
    When the right to keep and bear arms is recognized for ALL CITIZENS in Kalifornia, I will give a shit.

  11. The beautiful and gracious Hilary Duff is about the most genuine of Hollywood celebri-types.
    With a nice strong pair of hands to squeeze off those Glock rounds.

  12. You know, seeing those comments up stream about her looks I get this mental image of a bunch of short fat dudes. In white shoes, white belts and leisure suits with a bad combover. And bling, lotsa bling.

    Thank god the interwebz doesn’t automatically stream picture of the commentors.

  13. Lots of assumptions about one photo , which is nothing but a split second in time.
    How can one tell who’s to her left or right as all one can see if 2 feet on the left and 3 on the right.

    She’s not verying her routine? You can tell that from the photo ? perhaps she’s going to a spa she never goes to at a time she seldom goes out , in a car she never uses .

    Concealed means concealed and all that.

    Btw my friends son , is good friends with both Duff women .

    • Yup, nothing wrong with being friends with unattractive people, I have a raftload of friends who aren’t exactly ‘telegenic’ to go along with my friends who are very literally photogenic and telegenic. I don’t judge them on their looks. That said, that you know someone who knows Duffs means what, exactly?

  14. She could easily have a concealed weapon on here. A close look at the picture shows an outline under her shirt on the right side. That could be a fire arm printing. Of course she also could have a method of deep concealment. There are under shorts with a rear concealment pocket made for women dressed like that. Also you have the flash bang. Of course she could be carrying in her purse or “natures front pocket “.

  15. Laws are only good for those that break them and get arrested for it. That’s why anti-firearm laws are so effective, there are so many law abiding, responsible, criminals/potential criminals out there that do not want to get arrested. If only she would sit down and have a heart felt talk with her stalker, I’m sure they could work something out. Having a firearm would just aggravate the situation. Let’s use some common sense here people.

  16. Hollywood dater? You didn’t even bother to google her? She should do what shr wants and all the misogynist trump commentators on here should leave her the f alone. She looks great she would never look at you creeps twice. She’s a great role model too, you nitwits.

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