Here’s Wishing You a Silent Night [VIDEO]

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With some help from our friends at Angstadt Arms, here’s wishing you silent night. May your Christmas eve be more peaceful than this one.


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  1. Asked by a reporter if there should be restrictions on silencers, Trump replied, “I don’t like them at all.”

    -Your Hero, #45 🤡

    • Double digit inflation, higher taxes, out of control spending, continued shortages of baby formula, 86,000 NEW IRS agents, ATF knocking on people’s doors asking to check their firearms, 1/3rd of his time on vacation (the rest “out to lunch”), botched withdrawal in Afghan (got thirteen service members killed) leaving 80 billion dollars’ worth of America’s finest technology to the ENEMY, American citizens locked up for two years without due process for “TRESPASSING”, Americans labeled as fucking TERRORISTS for speaking out at local school board meetings, nearly total ban on new drilling , shut down the safest most efficient means of transporting oil and natural gas, fondling and sniffing little girls, trying to ban ALL semi-auto firearms as well as SILENCERS, lies about families military service and history, sold the people of the US out to CHINA, disparages half the country and participated in the greatest election fraud in history… YOUR HERO, #46

      The above is far from ALL of Braindeads “accomplishments” but the more I type the sicker I get… Give it a rest…

      • NAILED IT MAXX!!! There ain’t no perfect president. Trump rates close to the top. Slow Joe is the worst. EFF the Dims n RInos…

      • There are other choices than R or D. Just keep voting for evil as long it’s the lesser of the two. Like votes even count anymore.

        • I hate voting for the least worst candidate. If those two and a bunch of other recents are the best and the brightest the country has we are indeed in deep voodoo. While Trump talked the talk, as a NYC boy he probably never owned a Red Ryder, nor a .22 and only owned a firearm in NYC because he was an important taxpayer and could pay off some NYPD captain to get a permit. He may have never even fired a firearm in his life, always depending upon hired muscle to protect him and his family. OTOH Biden is so abysmal he’s not worth commenting on. MAXX cover most of the bases.

    • “Asked by a reporter if there should be restrictions on silencers, Trump replied, ‘I don’t like them at all.”

      took me a second but that was funny.

      very good


      • if no one got the joke…even Nathan…

        Trump always complained about people trying to ‘silence’ the message. he doesn’t like ‘silencers’.

      • I see the light. As a matter of fact, the statement could be read, “I don’t like restrictions on silencers.” It never ceases to amaze me how ordinary statements can be misinterpreted.

    • nathan…just take a bow and go ahead and vote for democRats.

      Way on the other hand exists the possibility of a home invasion and that is one of the good reasons why there are Angstadt BCGs in my last four AR-15 builds.

    • “-Your Hero, #45”

      He is my hero, and yours, you stupid jackass.

      Trump got Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barrett seated on the Supreme Court, and that got us the watershed ‘Bruen’ decision.

      Are you going to seriously suggest the HildaBeast would have nominated them?

      No, that hag would have Kagan 2, Sotomayor 2, and Balder-Ginsburg 2 seated instead, and they would have ruled ‘Heller’, ‘MacDonald’, and ‘Bruen’ would *not* have recognized an individual right to own and carry a gun.

      Idiots like you make me sick, ‘nathan’… 🙁

    • Trump has been up until now the best President in my lifetime. Biden has been the absolute worst. President Trump kept his promises, Biden has lied through his teeth his entire political career. TDS is very real and obviously dangerous.

      • While I disagreed with many of Truman’s policies, I did admire him as a man. I also liked Ike both as a man and as a prez. While hardly perfect, Ronnie also was an All-American. After that we have gone downhill like an Olympic toboggan.

  2. With temps in freezing range over most of the country and the big study recognizing the correlation between warm weather and a rise in “gun violence” it should be pretty quiet everywhere in the US…

    • I counted six tangos down for the eternal dirt nap. The homeowner displayed some amazing light switch control. But the video makes me wonder what attracted six black bloc invaders equipped with their own silenced weapons to her address? That’s not your typical thug robbery.

      I sure wish the application of a can didn’t require permission from the government *we* created…

  3. While I think that they should take away Obama’s Noble Peace Prize and give it to the genius who invented Yoga Pants then convinced women that they were respectable garments to wear in public, there are many women who shouldn’t. This lady obviously isn’t one of them. That being said, the home invaders obviously forgot to wear their official BATFE emblazoned uniforms.

  4. That was entertaining. But, I really don’t get it. If you enter my house without permission, it is going to get real loud. Really fast. I know my neighbors. They’re good with it.

    • No, you’ll wake the kids. Don’t need kids running around in all of this. You need to keep your hearing too, until the last tango-down.

    • No, you’ll wake the kids. Don’t need kids running around in all of this. You need to keep your hearing too, until the last tango-down.

  5. Outside of a hollywood epic there has never been a rip crew that well equipped or organized.

    Only the .gov sends a team like that to do murder in the dark of the night.

  6. That’s fucked up.
    I mean, I like gunms and all, but Jesus Harold Christ on a cracker, its supposed to be a day of happiness.
    (besides it pissed me off her swimming pool wasn’t froze over)

    • Out of everyone here I’d think you’d know the Christmas cheer of a free dead guy.

      Or a bunch of them, as the case may be.

  7. If ‘Crime Scene Cleanup’ charges $1,500 each to ‘sanitize’ a house, that would be $7,500, new carpets likely $5,000 installed, so that makes it at least $12,500 right there.

    The question I have is, would the homeowner be able to sue the estates of the dead thugs to recoup those expenses? Plus a pile for the mental trauma? 🙂

    • EDIT – Oh, and the fake-ass ‘Pew Pew’ sounds doesn’t exactly help us in the messaging…

  8. She waits until invaders are in her house before putting a can on her home weapon?

    Kills 3 invaders and then abandons the high ground and a nice defensible stairway to go looking for more?

    Women are just so much better in every way than men!

  9. While I appreciate their intent,
    how many times have we seen home invaders with suppressors?

    Why doesn’t she have curtains in her windows facing the street? A woman in leggings walking around silhouetted in front of un-curtained windows is asking for aggravation.

    Why does she have to be a LEO?

  10. Apparently some do not realize what this Angstadt Arms video is.

    Its ‘part’ of a ‘fantasy series’ (called “The Deal”) about a fictional detective trying to bring down a fictional crime family and those responsible for her mother’s death, being used to showcase Angstadt Arms products. It’s why the bad guys in the video are so well equipped with suppressors and lasers and the arms they have, and why she has the suppressor and firearm she has. In the video the fictional crime family has sent a hit team to her home.

    The “Silent Night’ video is not intended to represent typical home defense situations which are not even close to, and no where near as quiet even with suppressors, as this ‘neatness and smoothness and efficiency’ in the video, the video is pure fantasy.

    The same “actress” is used as part of the Angstadt Arms ‘gallery’ showcasing their products, for example, here > > and in another short video here >

    “Silent Night” is part 4 of “The Deal” fantasy series.

    “The Deal” fantasy series follows undercover detective Jamie Crockett (daughter of Gina and Sonny) as she navigates the crime underworld in an effort to bring down the Mosca crime family and those responsible for her mother’s death.

    In part one of ‘The Deal’ we are introduced to the ‘detective Jamie Crockett’ character. There is a view of one of the bad guys firearms on which the Angstadt Arms logo can be seen (if you pay attention and look close) at 2:44 in the video. Part 1 of of “The Deal” fantasy series is here >

    I’m not so sure it was a good idea for Angstadt Arms to portray that bad guys are using their firearms.

    I haven’t found part 2 or 3 of ‘The Deal’ series.

  11. That woman is badass. I want her around to protect my babies!

    Of course, few women have 6 man squads breaking into their homes to take them out. Maybe she’s a trouble magnet? Forget I asked . . .

  12. I would prefer a factory suppressed MP5, really quiet, however on full auto at that rate of fire you would have a mag change after the first two suspects were engaged. But in the real world, If someone breaks into your home I would rather have a non-suppressed weapon. Ever been inside a sealed home when a rifle is fired? The level of noise is startling, leaving your ears ringing. A suspect would be dazed just by the sound.

  13. The woman “victim” ID’s herself as LEO.

    It’s nice to be one of the king’s men (or women).

    BTW nice digs to be on an investigator’s salary.

    • Hey, her daddy was Sonny Crockett, head of the vice squad in Miami FL at the height of the cocaine flood into this country. You can’t tell me he didn’t have a few “finds” of unaccounted for cash in his many busts. Sitting in court at lunch break I watched a heated discussion between the Dep. Public Defender and his client. When the client was take away for lunch, I asked the DDP what the discussion was about. He said, “Oh, I can’t convince my client that testifying that he actually had 40 bindles of heroin, not the 20 the cops reported won’t help him get acquitted.”

  14. Thank You Dan. It was a Silent Night with just my better half and I home. Kids and Grands spent this Christmas with the other side of the family.
    Hope yours was a Silent Night too and Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  15. I have seen too many bad guy videos to like what I saw. One shot, the bad guy falls down instantly, then she walks on past him. Bad guy gets up behind her and shoots her in the back. A fatal shot through heart and lungs gives the person shot at least 10 seconds of intelligent action before their brain runs out of oxygen and faints; same for deer that I have seen. If the person falls down immediately, it is not safe to step past them faster than that. And sometimes they will not fall down immediately like all the bad guys in this video did, I don’t think any of them got a shot off, which is unlikely.

  16. That’s why there’s a .458 SOCOM under the bed with Black Butterfly in it. You can NOT get up with 2 of those in you. That’s 5,000 Ft Lbs of smack-down (2 rounds hitting). I’ve seen one of those slugs take a 400# hog off it’s hooves. Body armor or not, they’ll be broken to bits internally. And if it’s a hit team, they’ll have armor on. At least plates. I agree, when a really bad guy gets lit up, he’s going to start firing at the source. l think entry to the house should be harder and she would have motion lights outside and inside. I do. Caught a guy stealing batteries out of a truck one night like that. The look on his face…..priceless. When the deputy showed up he said, “can you get that man to stop pointing that machine gun at me”?
    That was a well done film though. Excellent angles, professionally done. Good pacing.
    Here at the farm, my choice is a .458. It’s silly quiet for the devastating power it delivers.
    Then again, there’s that recoil…………………it’s not for everybody.


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