National School Walkout
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According to a wimp is “a person without strength of character.” So yeah, the students walking out of school tomorrow at 10 a.m. local time, for 17 minutes — one minute for each of the people murdered by a spree killer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — are wimps. If they had strength of character . . .

They wouldn’t be misled by professional gun control advocates. Civilian disarmers who’ve convinced them that protesting politicians’ failure to sacrifice their [future] civil right to keep and bear arms is a good idea. That the NRA is somehow responsible for a madman’s slaughter.

Someone who had “strength of character” would face the hard truth: gun control doesn’t work. Like the following items that form the three “demands” of the students participating in the National Student Walkout [descriptions from the ever-so-supportive “journalists” at]

– Ban assault weapons
– Require universal background checks before gun sales
– Pass a gun violence restraining order law that would allow courts to disarm people who display warning signs of violent behavior

A person with “strength of character” would examine those proposals carefully, dispassionately, before marching in lockstep out of their classrooms with their peers.

I wonder how many of these students know what an actual “assault weapon” is. How many are in citizens’ hands. Why they’re so popular. The percentage of AR-style rifles used in crimes compared to handguns.

I wonder how many of these students know the difference between “universal background checks” and the current NICS law. How and where criminals get their firearms. The history of gun registration in pre-war Germany. What happened to gun owners during hurricane Katrina.

I wonder how many of these students know that “gun violence restraining orders” violate the due process clause of the United States Constitution. I wonder if they know what that is, exactly, and why it’s there.

Not many do, of course. Despite the magnificence of the Internet’s scope and scale, despite our children’s almost universal access to Al Gore’s internet (via smartphones), we’re living in a low-information society. “Low” as in low-quality.

The vast majority of these students can name Kylie Jenner’s new child but don’t even begin to understand the importance of the Second Amendment to their freedom. Their freedom to search the net for . . . the name Kylie Jenner’s new child. And their friends’ Snapchat story — about walking out of school to protest guns!

Someone with true strength of character would want to know more. More about this protest than what they’re spoon-fed by statists masquerading as bleeding hearts.

They’re fed, of course, by their teachers. Teachers who will no doubt smile and beam with pride as their young charges do the bidding of those who would see a country founded on liberty dissolve into tyranny, in the interests of public safety, of course.

While I’m at it, I wonder how many teenagers would bother to read this article. And whether it would take them less than seventeen minutes to do so.

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  1. Any High School kid will look for an excuse to ditch class on a Spring Day. 17 minutes of smoking ciggies or vaping and talking about the dangers of firearms.

    • I agree. Like .05% have their convictions, but the rest just follow to get out of class, hook up, and coke and smoke. Go along to get along. And if there is one thing you don’t want to be in high school, it’s the outside. So even gun-loving, hog-hunting patriots will likely march just so they don’t look like outcasts and ruin any chance of dating or being invited to parties forever.

      • I didn’t follow the trendy people yet I was friends with them. I was friends with every type of person, from cheerleaders to gang members. I kept my individuality, which they respected because we still had things in common and didn’t fight. There was attempts at peer pressure, but I stuck to what I wanted, which got some people upset with me (in actuality it was with themselves) because they weren’t capable of the same.

        See when you are friends with every group, one of the groups can’t have power over you because you can hang out with another group at any time. If they are upset I won’t do drugs with them, I can hang out with the Asian kids who are into things like breakdancing instead of drugs. I will bounce around from group to group to keep things interesting and to retain my individuality. However, I have a few good friends I will always hang out with when we need a break from the followers.

        You don’t have to be a follower to get girls; it tends to be the other way around. Being worthy of a person’s affection isn’t reliant on being part of a group. If you have to be a part of a group for that person to date you then they are not dating you for you.

        • This is exactly the kind of thing that I would have loudly, and repeatedly disrupted as a teenager. I would stay inside (I’m from Florida, and I would never go outside and be sweaty just so Leftists could proselytize against my rights) unless they forced me out of the classroom, at which point I would probably hold up various improvised signs on my notebook paper that said “FREE CRUZ NOW!!!” or “FORCED TO BE HERE!”, or whatever. No moment of silence was safe from teenage me.

      • It was refreshing to hear an Illinois educator say just that. That “Maybe 1 in 4 cares somewhat, but who are we fooling, the other 3 are just doing it to get out of class.” Just another example of teenagers using high school as an excuse for being an idiot. They should’ve taken the 17 minutes and planned the next candlelight vigil since their ignorance will guarantee there’s another one.

    • Wife is a teacher and she stated that the kids will get out and wander around just to get out of school and goof off. Hey, if I was in high school, I would do the same thing. I would probably watch the hard core demonstrators make jack wagons of themselves. Sounds like fun!

    • You mean legally smoking some marijuana or vaping a THC cartridge…Probably with a teacher of their choice…..And eating or vaping Tide Pods when no ones around….

    • My AR-15 is NOT a “weapon of war!”


      I have been using my AR-15 for TARGET COMPETITION since 1971.
      It has hurt NOBODY.
      I use a 20-Round Magazine because the magazine serves as a palm rest when I am shooting competition in the STANDING position.

      Am I finally being clear enough?
      I am angry and hurt by politicians who paint me and others with a wide brush because I participate in a recognized world-wide sport referred to as “the Shooting Sports.”

      AR-15’s are used in target competition.
      AR-15’s are used in hunting.
      AR-15’s come in all calibers, from .22 long rifle, .223, 9mm, .308, and others.
      AR-15’s are the MOST POPULAR platform used in rifles all over this country.

      I have NEVER heard of an NRA member who has gone out and shot up a school!

      Your talk about banning AR-15’s has had the OPPOSITE effect of what you want. Those guns are now flying off the shelves, being bought by people who are only getting them because YOU are talking about banning them.

      If you MUST pass another “Feel Good” law that you still won’t enforce [except against the law-abiding citizens], how about going after the criminals, the gangs, the mentally ill, the violent training video games?

  2. So yes, the kids have been misled, what should we do about it? How to counter the brain washing, besides lamenting the foolishness of youth.

    I am sure there will be teachers and students who don’t participate, but we won’t hear much from them.

    Take some kids shooting? Appleseed? Counter protest? Form a Constitution club?

    I would like something to do but haven’t been able to find any cohesive plan for tomorrow. Not sure if you can just protest in front of the school or if that would help.

    • Kids like being rebels (with or without a cause, it doesn’t matter). They don’t want to compromise. Most kids will follow what they think is the heroic path.

      One major problem we have is the forced government indoctrination through government schools. Kids are conditioned away from their natural instincts to a mindset of serfdom. This is then reinforced through society/culture. People are then fractured into groups in order to create tribal warfare amongst their own people. The overlords will organize battles between these groups in order to defeat everyone without having to do any other work (this was done when the Europeans came to North America). Once the people have weaken themselves enough, the government will initiate a campaign against the remainders using people who will do their jobs [the just following orders types]. The ones who think for themselves, and are capable of fighting, will be killed and their children and women will be assimilated mentally and physically. In the end, there won’t be enough people born that can resist the constant mental manipulation because they were bred to follow. With the disarmament of that society, there will be no way to recover liberty by the small group who were somehow born as leaders. You could try to find a partner that thinks like you and raise ten kids to intellectually resist, but a government worker’s gun easily holds 12 rounds.

      America is actually much closer to absolute destruction than people think. The woman and children have already been mostly indoctrinated and are carrying out tribal warfare against their own people. The people who are not falling for the tricks have been bred to be lazy, out of shape, passive aggressive, indifferent and risk adverse. So the resistance is minuscule when called on to muster, thus already self defeated before the battle begins. That’s why civilian disarmament is now easily passed by a so called Republican government.

      This has been building since the 60s and social justice was around since at least the 70s. This isn’t a new strategy. It didn’t just start with Obama’s government; they decided to speed it up like no other. Now the new Leftists [Republicans] are trying to seal the deal.

      There is a few things people can do: build a strong bond with like minded people, marry someone that hasn’t been brainwashed, have a lot of kids, home school your kids until at least 15, buy enough gear to outfit a squad properly, keep your family healthy and trained, partake in local politics, inform your community of the lies and manipulation techniques their trusted leaders are doing, teach the youth about true liberty and untold history, on a regular basis take as many receptive people you can find out to learn to shoot guns safely, personally help out struggling minorities improve their life, do some kind of big brother/mentor program for fatherless kids, build a friendship with your neighbors and have community block parties, try to befriend police or at least make it hard for them to dislike you, constantly improve your knowledge, when you have debates with someone don’t yell or be rude, don’t rely on others to do the things you should do yourself.

  3. Ya’ know way back when we had a HS walkout over Vietnam. Mebbe they can call this “take your rights away day”…at least our walkout had some meaning. Wimp is too nice…puzzy is more like it.Or pansy azz…

  4. My kid tell me he doesn’t understand what the point is – I tell him he already understands more than he knows.

  5. “-Ban assault weapons”

    No “assault weapons” were used in Columbine, Virginia Tech, The Washington Naval Yard Shootings, or at the Charleston Church killings. The bad guys were still able to kill lots of innocent people.

    An “assault weapon” in the hands of a good guy DID end a church mass shooting in Texas, however.

    “– Require universal background checks before gun sales”

    You mean like those state universal background check laws that did zero, zip, nada to stop the San Bernandino (California) and Umpqua Community College (Oregon) shootings?

    “– Pass a gun violence restraining order law that would allow courts to disarm people who display warning signs of violent behavior”

    Because hey, who needs due process? It’s not like there were already ample opportunities to have followed up with existing, constitutional laws to do something about Cruz, Lanza, and Seung Hui Cho. Oh wait, there *were*….

    Sorry to be a grouch, everyone. I’m just at my limit with this idiocy.

    • Howdy1, you are prescient….bunches of mush-heads milling around for 17 (more like an hour) in gun free zones…I’ll wager the “soros organizers” are hoping for many 14 February, copycat RE-DOS all around the country.
      The gun-grabbers, consider the mush-heads expendable and the price of doing business to destroy the 2nd Ammendment.
      After all, their end, justifies the means. They are probably salavating at the possibilities.

      • Lenin once said something about give me the education system for several generations [ I don’t remember the exact number ] and we will take over. Hmmmm……

  6. A walk out is a terrible idea. Now terrorist know where and precisely when groups of children will be even easier targets. The people who created this event opens up nation wide opportunities for tragedies. I hope nothing comes of it.

    Are the organizers of this event culpable for the consequences?

    • The problem with student walk-outs are that they never solve anything because they’re just barking up the wrong tree. It’s nothing new either, walk-outs were fairly common during the 90’s when I was school and I know they were also popular during the 70’s. Does anybody remember the outcome other than the waste of a day and school resources? I don’t, and I was around during at least a half dozen. You know the old saying of those who do not remember the past are just dooming themselves to repeat it, and this kinda affirms what most of us already know. I just think it’s a zero-sum game, there’s nothing to gain and everything to lose.

    • There has been three bombings in Texas that killed at least 2 people so far. If there isn’t a bombing at South by Southwest, I don’t think there would be an attack against the kids, but it is an opportunity a terrorist would love to take.

    • Oh please. The terrorists already know where all the targets are. Having kids outside for 17 minutes isn’t gonna make the terrorists come out of the woodwork. The only thing keeping organized terrorists from shooting up rather obvious targets like schools, stadiums, malls, etc is they aren’t stupid. Think about how the IRA did it for years; they put bombs in trashcans set to go off at 3AM on purpose. The security guard got wounded or killed but not the hundreds of people who would be standing by the same trashcan at 7AM. The IRA knew that if they went for body count the UK government would be forced to really come after them. Same thing here in the states. The organized terror groups know they are getting what they want already and don’t need to ring up body count.

  7. Ban students on mind or mood altering drugs from going to schools.

    What, couldn’t have a school or school board if you did that?

    Wow, that’s a lotta suffering people are just told to suck up just so some people can play school.

  8. We already have all three of those stipulations here in California. You can’t buy/own what the state defines as an Assault Weapon. Everything here related to gun purchases and transferring requires a 10-day waiting period and a record of sale that goes to the california department of justice. And last but not least: People who have been convicted of a misdemeanor related to domestic violence are not allowed to buy a firearm.

    In other news that will make somebody cry: I just had a terrific day at the range, had 400 rounds go through the chamber and not one malfunction! No ftf’s or fte’s, a wonderful day of safe, responsible target practice that I wish all of you will have.

    • You forgot that we also have universal background checks–no private sales. And mag limits, 10 rounds only (not that that slowed the San Bernardino shooters, who bought mags in Nevada) and Bullet Buttons (that are easily removed and replaced).

      • Oh yeah, absolutely. The 10-round magazine limit is so stupid, even those clueless protesters didn’t mention it. It didn’t stop vegas nor did it stop florida because they used 10-round magazines, must have slipped their mind to mention it on the news. Bullet Buttons are no good here, they were banned in january but there are a few alternatives. A lot of shit is about to change in July in regards to commiefornia law. Jerry brown and his gang of criminals wants everybody smoking pot, surrendering their rights, and trusting the police to make every decision for us.

        • Well of course, since if you are under the influence and in possession of a firearm you are committing a felony. Then he and his cronies would have a state that everybody is a convicted felon or an anti 2A so he gets what he wants, a disarmed society.
          I lived in California the 1st time he was Governor, why would they elect him again, he did nothing good the first time.

  9. Part of the problem with the internet is that today’s students, and a couple previous generations worth of students, were never taught to research properly.

    When I type “assault weapon” into my phone I get a mishmash. Some of the information is correct some is BS. If I know nothing I have to start sorting through to come to the truth, that is research the information, check sources, read those sources etc. It’s like preparing to write a paper at a 300+ university level at a GOOD school. That’s not something these kids have been remotely prepared for.

  10. The Marxist had a name for it,…….what was it? oh, yeah USEFUL IDIOTS!
    Maybe progtards and their spawn deserve to be Swatted in the middle of the night ripped out of their warm beds in their undies, Their family split up and hauled off to concentration camps forced into hard labor until their bodies give out then forced into showers for a gruesome, convulsing, painful death, drowning in their own vomit.

    I’d bet they’d want a f**King assault rifle then.

    I was forced to watch Hours of graphic, disturbing Holocaust footage in high school, bodies being bulldozed into massive graves.

    I will die fighting on my feet not on my knees, those little shits have it too easy now days.

  11. You had me nodding in agreement Mr. Farago until you couldn’t threw out the blanket statement, “They’re fed, of course, by their teachers. Teachers who will no doubt smile and beam with pride as their young charges do the bidding of those who would see a country founded on liberty dissolve into tyranny, in the interests of public safety, of course.”

    This sort of devisive and inflammatory comment is not only untrue for a good percent of teachers, but it is by its very nature designed to breed distrust of a whole group of people who already get more than enough grief from people who have no idea what is best for them or their students. Will teachers encourage their students to walk out? Quite possibly. But will the majority of teachers do so? I sincerely doubt it. As a teacher myself, I’m sure many of us will take this opportunity to talk to our students about the real issues and possible solutions facing schools and the country, as well as the danger of blindly following those who speak out of malice or without an accurate understanding of the facts.

    • I can safely say I have not met a non substitute teacher that wasn’t a statist. If they weren’t actively pushing against liberty, they were simply quietly following the lesson plan. That’s why I don’t remember any of my teachers names (I went to multiple elementary and high schools).

    • “…have no idea what is best…”

      And you do? How does that work?

      The desire/lust to control the lives and property of other people is the ROOT of all evil.

      “Teachers” are not exempt from this…

  12. “– Ban assault weapons
    “– Require universal background checks before gun sales
    “– Pass a gun violence restraining order law that would allow courts to disarm people who display warning signs of violent behavior”

    I favor all these proposals, but only for children under the age of 21. They asked for it. Give it to them. Good and hard.

    • My thinking is, if you can’t be trusted with a gun, then you can’t be trusted with anything else dangerous – like being able to vote. Voting is especially dangerous at that age, as easily manipulated as fired-up young people can be. So take away their right to be armed until age 21. Repeal that old constitutional amendment that gave 18 year olds the right to vote. Raise the driving age to 21. Raise the ages of consent and contract. Are they children or are they adults? I think they just told us the answer loud and clear.

  13. I’m showing my support for gun safety tomorrow by waiting for the UPS guy with some organizational pieces for one of my gun safes.

  14. One answer…..The Teachers Union…..Complete with Communist Agitprop and political propaganda set-pieces….Sponsored and brought to by The National Democratic Party….I mean National DemoCrapic Party of Lib TARD Pro-Aggressives, Neo-Communists, and Globalists…

  15. They are kids, brain is not capable of constructive reasoning until around minimum of 21 years old.
    My concern is they won’t always be young but can be immature forever.

    Not surprised public schools are training grounds for future liberal voting base. I come from a family of teachers. Most got into it because they do care about the kids but also very liberal.

    • Most got into it because they can’t do anything else. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

      My first wife was a teacher. She couldn’t do anything except teach. Neither could her father, who was also a teacher.

  16. I’ve got two kids and they both said they will stay in the school. They are ok with the 17 mins if silence, but not with the walk outside to protest lax gun law. My kids are prepared to debate any teacher who challenges them tomorrow.

  17. I hope it rains, a real torrential downpour , with thunder and lightning, 150 mph winds. Then some irony ass teacher locks the doors .

  18. Teenager speaking, and no it didn’t take me 17 minutes to read your rant, you asshole. I’d like to let you know that we, in fact, aren’t too busy vaping Tide Pods to study this issue and we know what the FUCK we’re talking about when we say that fewer assault weapons mean fewer mass shootings. Don’t believe me? Type “Australia gun control” into your search bar (it’s at the top of the screen).

      • Dear Grace, the Teenager:

        Define ‘assault weapons.’

        Yes, this is a test. We await your learned response.

        Bear in mind that people here are far more educated in the field that you have chosen to enter (having already made a serious factual mistake) than you are.

        Please don’t make a fool of yourself too quickly.

        If you come back with something factual, we just might listen to you. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.

    • ah yes.. the aussies..
      In the years after the 1996 weapons confiscations, yes, firearm related violent crime rates have dropped.
      At the same time, overall violent crimes, such as sexual assaults, kidnapping, armed robberies, even unarmed robberies, have skyrocketed.
      So, legal gun owners are now disarmed, and criminals aren’t. And criminal activity is up. Go figure.

      The kids who are blindly following this latest fad aren’t wimps. They are just LLV. Life Long Victims.

    • @Grace — FLAMED DELETED It’s actually not true in Australia and nor is it true in literally any other place on the whole of the good green fucking Earth, for that matter. And no, no the FUCK it is not. Had you actually studied the issue, FLME DELETED, you’d know this. But, here kiddo, lemme learn you somethin’.

      As you may know, many Australians (and people from all around the world in general) think that your country (among others) is a role model that the U.S. should follow. However, two very important studies of your 1996 National Firearms Agreement completely disagree with this statement.

      A ten-year study, lead by Dr. Samara McPhedran and published in the British Journal of Criminology, found that the $500M AUD spent on the mass confiscation and destruction of previously-legal firearms had absolutely no effect whatsoever on homicide or suicide rates.

      Yet another five-year study, produced by Wang-Sheng Lee and Sandy Suardi from the University of Melbourne and published in the Melbourne Institute’s Working Paper series, confirmed Dr. McPhedran’s conclusions and no others.

      Dr. McPhedran even testified to this fact before the Australian Senate Inquiry, which had looked into – among other things – banning semi-automatic handguns. Needless to say, gun control advocates were rightly and completely humiliated.

      Before that same Senate Inquiry, Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Julian Slater had freely admitted that not only do they have no clue what exactly what kinds of contraband were getting through, but they only know about what they somehow by some miracle manage to intercept. As I’m sure you may be well aware, and even if you’re not you will be now, Australia’s porous borders and low population density – coupled with deeply corrupt postal and customs services – make it a veritable smuggler’s paradise.

      More analyses of U.S. domestic and Australian gun control laws have been done besides the brilliant work of Dr. McPhedran, and Wang-Sheng and Saudri, on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific. Their findings match those of the former researchers almost exactly.



      A Deputy Director from the Australian Institute of Criminology also testified before the Senate Inquiry, and explicitly stated that only 5 of the 48,000+ handguns in the Australian state of Victoria had been stolen. To complicate matters further, the AFP even admitted they had not even bothered to examine the AIC’s report on gun thefts at all.

      After the Port Arthur shooting, there were also the Quakers Hill and Childer’s Palace arson attacks, the Black Saturday Bushfires – which were deliberately lit in case you needed a reminder – the Cairns Stabbings, the Lockhart Shooting, and the Monash University Shooting. The 1996 NFA didn’t stop the massacres from happening, but only changed the methods in which they are carried out. Especially not when many thousands of guns handed over to the government for destruction in 1996 were then illegally resold to criminals – many of which have still never been recovered, and have very likely been used in crimes since. Some were indeed recovered though, in the private collections of police officers.

      Guns are taken from Melbourne’s own ‘Red Zone’ every two days – all from “prohibited” persons – and by the thousands every single year — and that’s just one metropolitan area in one city.

      Even police and military armories are broken into with mind-boggling regularity, to the tune of dozens of times – and that’s just in the state of Victoria and the port of Sydney.

      Isn’t it any wonder that only after the states of Victoria, Queensland, and Tasmania were excluded from all crime statistics reports by both the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Institute of Criminology from 2010 onwards there begins an appreciable drop in Australia’s violent crime rates across the board?

      Indeed, wonders never cease. Especially when criminals receive hundreds of pistols at a time through the mail and several times every year, made especially easy by Australia’s institutionalized corruption of its Customs services – not to mention that of individual officials, as well.

      Even if criminals couldn’t receive their guns through the Sunday Post, they can just as easily make them or have them made-to-order. These aren’t those shoddy rusticles of zip-guns you’d expect to find in a jail cell, either, but finely machined MAC-11 sub-machine guns – complete with 32-round magazines and silencers.

      In conclusion, no, America would not benefit from Australia’s gun control laws. (Even Australia didn’t seem to benefit from them.) This is for a wide variety of reasons. Given the level of sophistication of the criminal enterprises that were created by Prohibition in the U.S., and now during the morbidly hilarious failure of the “War on (Some) Drugs” around the world, the only logical conclusion that can be drawn about a prohibition on guns – which is what you have by-and-large in Australia – is that equally large and sophisticated criminal enterprises will arise to fulfill the demand for guns. This can, as quite thoroughly demonstrated above if I do say so myself, can and will be accomplished in a number of ways: clandestine domestic manufacture, surreptitious importation from abroad, and widespread theft.

      Australia is plagued by the first and the second. America is plagued by the second and third.

      To give you an example of the futility of banning an item to which is attached very high demand, some 1.6 million pounds of marijuana was seized by the U.S. DEA in 2010 – and that’s only a very small percentage of what is believed to have made it across the border. It is reasonable to assume that the shear amount of arms, ammunition, and accoutrement that can occupy the same space as 800 tons of plant matter is quite sufficient to arm a significant portion of the U.S. criminal element.

      These dreadful shortcomings demonstrate a basic and willful failure of Prohibitionists to understand or even acknowledge the market forces governing anything for which there is significant demand. It is the primary reason why central economic planning has only proved an unmitigated disaster everywhere it’s been tried. More basically, they fail to realize or consciously ignore the fact that when people want something, someone will get it for them. The harsher the ban, the higher the profit motive. The higher the profit motive, the more risks criminals will be willing to take to satisfy their market. A market that WILL be satisfied and in full, regardless of whatever laws are passed and how strictly they are enforced. There are deeper reasons for this failure than simply flat-out flunking ECON 101. Those who trade in prohibited goods are, by definition, criminals who are engaged in a criminal enterprise without the benefits of redress the courts or any other avenue of dispute resolution or of police protection. When an enterprise can’t: take out a loan, open a bank account, establish credit, file a lawsuit, or have police respond to an alarm, it becomes necessarily more violent to protect its financial and territorial interests and to affect resolutions over contractual disputes. Essentially, prohibition of highly desirable goods can only function to increase overall violence and disregard for the law as a basic factor of prohibition. One must accept this as a basic premise and then try to reconcile the increased violence and criminality coupled with the inevitable encroachment on individual liberty with any perceived utility of the prohibition.

      As the world slowly comes to the realization that prohibition of drugs, with the focus now being primarily on cannabis, has very little if any utility in the face of extremely high demand we begin to move away from banning it.

      Considering that those who smuggle, steal, and manufacture weapons and their customers will obviously still be armed, the level of violence in the wake of an Australian-style prohibition would be unprecedented. Once one factors in the unique culture surrounding guns and civil rights in the U.S., the increasingly ubiquitous support for the Second Amendment and the right it protects, and American’s historical resistance to tyranny, the violence may very well escalate into that of armed insurrection.

      Mass civil disobedience is already the order of the day, and police departments are already realizing the logistical absurdity of such an endeavor in actually enforcing registration or, Heaven forbid, a mass confiscation. In fact, many law enforcement officials have already announced their intentions to not enforce such laws at all.

      Also given that firearms are very durable items, with many examples lasting 500 years or more with proper care and maintenance, and that upwards of 406 million (as of 2015) are already thought to be present in the hands of up to 128 million Americans, it’s highly unlikely that any prohibition would succeed at all as confiscation must immediately follow – as it did in Australia – to realize any utility at all.$FILE/13SenState0304AttachC.pdf

      All this having been said, advocacy for prohibition of firearms can only be seen as either ill informed (as in being simply unaware of the consequences) or malicious (aware of the inevitable and invariable failure of the prohibition and the increased criminality and violence and potential to destabilize society and government and possibly to result in violent revolution). It’s either one or the other. There is NO third option.


    • Grace, its true that fewer assault weapons equals fewer shootings. It has in fact been very hard to get assault weapons in this country since the1934 National Firearms Act required registration, taxing, and control of assault weapons. In fact, as far as I can find, there has been one shooting with a legally owned assault weapon since 1934. It was owned by a cop.

      An AR-15 is not an assault weapon.

      And I’m disappointed that your parents taught to talk like that.

    • @grace I wonder if you are too busy to brush up on your Constitutional rights, I see you are quite capable in exercising your first amendment right by slinging expletives and insults, I wonder are you also going to violate my 4th amendment rights to go after my 2nd amendment rights so you can feel ‘safer’?

  19. Really RF? Attack the ideas not the people, especially when the people in question are children/adolescents.
    These kids may be misinformed/uninformed, but insulting them, especially those that are actual survivors from mass shootings, is incredibly tasteless.

  20. As a high schooler, I can say that most of this is sadly true, however I would suggest that we are not all lockstepping drones. In my school myself and many other students and teachers will be staying in the school and advocatng the protection of pur second amendment rights toanyone who will listen. Yes, there are many who simply follow whatever the media and their favorite actors tell them to be true, and most will not be receptive to logic or reason, but there are still people who do their homework, who oppose laws based on fear and propoganda, and who refuse to bow to popular pressure. I don’t seek to defend all high school students, because I know as well as anyone how stupid most of them are, but please don’t forget that they are not the only ones. Great article by the way, thank you for the warning about this fiasco.

  21. Like, ackschully guns are so disgusting and evil, like nausea… Are you going to Bobby’s party this weekend, I stole some pills from my parents and Joey is getting the alcohol from his brother.

  22. Assault Weapon is the modern day equivalent of Saturday Night Special, handguns that were affordable to the working man and women.
    Fact is they can call anything they like an AW or ANS.

  23. The kids are not the problem as we all know based on the fact that we were all kids at one time. No matter how old, we remember how influenced we were by those older than us who seemed to use language and persuasiveness we didn’t fully understand. We, like these kids, were very impressionable. That all being said, the kids aren’t the problem here. The crux of this disgusting display obviously have been pushed and condoned by the “adults”. Obviously the leftist media and those on the same side pushing them to perpetuate their horrid agenda. The kids in this scenario are merely the innocent, unknowing pawns in this contrived movement. The globalist left is so heinous they are willing to have the blood of the innocents they have taken the lives of gloriously displayed on their hands as a sign of “progress” toward their ultimate plan.
    The “crowds” shown on TV covering this staged farce were strategically covered so that the schools who had the student “stooges” willing to voice their unfounded opinions would get the attention. As the author and so many other respondents stated, 99% of these kids are completely uniformed, uninterested and were just tagging along for a few minutes of not having to sit in a classroom. The war that is going on is a psychological one. The minds of the children are being programmed to side with the devil left. Very sad and very scary.

  24. I guess I’m “getting old…” I remember the so-called “massive” student protests following the (National Guard) shootings at Kent State protesting our involvement in the Vietnam War.
    I was in college then, and was due to be drafted into it myself.
    Just like then, the agitators with the loudest voices were the talking heads on the TV News!
    It seems they haven’t changed much. They tell Half-Truths and Falsehoods. They perpetually Edit Out everything but their own agenda.
    What’s different now? … Our Constitutional Rights are under attack!
    If we do not react EACH TIME to this constant bombardment from “that side,” than eventually WE WILL LOSE our rights!

    In reaction to the latest Florida protests, I penned my feelings below. If you agree, pass it on to YOUR politicians too:

    My AR-15 is NOT a “Weapon of War!”


    I have been using my AR-15 for TARGET COMPETITION since 1971.
    It has hurt NOBODY.
    I use a 20-Round Magazine because the magazine serves as a palm rest when I am shooting competition in the STANDING position.

    Am I finally being clear enough?
    I am angry and hurt by politicians who paint me and others with a wide brush because I participate in a recognized world-wide sport referred to as “the Shooting Sports.”

    AR-15’s are used in target competition.
    AR-15’s are used in hunting.
    AR-15’s come in all calibers, from .22 long rifle, .223, 9mm, .308, and others.
    AR-15’s are the MOST POPULAR platform used in rifles all over this country.

    I have NEVER heard of an NRA member who has gone out and shot up a school!

    Your talk about banning AR-15’s has had the OPPOSITE effect of what you want. Those guns are now flying off the shelves, being bought by people who are only getting them because YOU are talking about banning them.

    If you MUST pass another “Feel Good” law that you still won’t enforce [except against the law-abiding citizens], how about going after the criminals, the gangs, the mentally ill, the violent training video games?


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