Heizer’s Gearing Up

I had a chance to meet with Ray Kohout, the brain behind the original DoubleTap design that his partner, Charles Heizer, Sr. executed. As you’d probably expect, orders for their new double barreled .45 (it’ll come in 9mm, too) have been rather brisk. As he said with a sly grin, they’ve gotten into the business at just the right time. And having a rather unique product doesn’t hurt, either. . .

But despite all the orders being thrown over the transom at them, Ray says they’re more than up to the task of filling them when final testing is completed and the gun begins to ship in March.

The gun feels better in the hand than you’d think. Solid and light with a butter smooth ten pound trigger that feels more like about seven. And ohhhh, is it thin. MSRP for the .45 in aluminum will be $499. If you want space-age titanium, it’ll run you $729. And porting will add about $80 to either price.

We’re on the list for a review sample. And can’t wait to feel the kick of this little Missouri mule. We’ll keep you informed.


  1. avatar matt says:

    How hard is it to access and load those spare rounds. Is it a speed loader, or just to keep the rounds from rattling? I surely hope you get the ported Ti 45 as your T&E model. Can you open the breech one handed easily, or is it more of a two handed operation?

    1. avatar Gossven says:

      I believe the spare rounds are stored in a tuff products quick strip. So speedloader-ish. You would think that they would have made them to work with 1/3 moon clips, at least in the .45 version.

      1. avatar matt says:

        From the looks of it, I think a 1/3rd moon clip might actually work in it, the extractor groves on the cartridges are exposed.

  2. avatar Kevin T says:

    i would be more interested if it was cheaper. You could buy a more capable full size handgun at that price. maybe if it was 300-350

  3. avatar Sid says:

    I agree with Kevin. May be a wonderful gun. But it is far too expensive for a two shot pocket gun.

  4. avatar CarlosT says:

    I’m still unconvinced that a revolver wouldn’t do the job this is designed for cheaper and easier.

    1. avatar matt says:

      They do, but thats not the point, and its an apples and oranges comparison. Revolvers are much thicker than this. Do you know of any 45 cal revolvers that are 5/8″ thick? Or have quick change barrels, in case you change your mind and want to go with another cartridge, without having to pay a gunsmith to swap the barrel and cylinder?

      1. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

        My S&W M60 J-frame is about 1-1/4″ at the cylinder, so it is a bit thicker, but that isn’t a problem for me. Obviously, the DT is meant for pocket carry and that is how I carry my J-frame when the weather requires me to take my XDm’s/Crossbreed off. No one, not even my wife sometimes, ever notices the J-frame when worn in the front pocket or cargo pocket. It just disappears…

        I don’t get your point about changing calibers. Unlike the Bond Arms Derringers, the DT cannot shoot any of the “large” pistol rounds (like .357Mag or 45LC), nor can it handle a 410 shotshell, meaning you’re limited to 45, 40, and 9mm. I don’t know of many people switching their pistols (or pistol barrels) back and forth depending on what they feel like shooting that day/week/month. The only people I know that swap barrels are the ones that bought a factory .357SIG pistol and shoot a .40S&W to save money (wow, never thought I’d say shoot a .40S&W to save money!).

        However, a .357 Mag M60 can shoot .357 Mag, 38+P, and 38 SPL, so in reality, it is like having 3 sets of barrels in one small and easy to hide package.

        1. avatar matt says:

          Some people may wear tighter fitting clothes than you.

          Changing calibers could be nice if you buy the Ti 45 and realize the recoil is too much. Your argument about different cartridges isnt really valid. You could say the same thing about this, it could shoot 45 ACP, 45 ACP +P, and 45-08 (assuming the chamber is strong enough), the latter is similar to 45 LC.

  5. avatar Joseph Hartwick says:

    A bit pricey for my budget, but I’d bet that this is the smallest/thinest/lightest 2 shot pistol available in a caliber like .45 so that makes it attractive as a backup piece.

  6. avatar Scuba Steve says:

    Ask them if they are going to offer other barrel calibers besides 9mm and 45 ACP? Bond Arms Derringers you can get in just about any caliber even .22 LR and .410 shotshells.

    1. Ray said they have plans for six or so more guns, but his lips were sealed as to any details.

  7. avatar matt says:

    I wonder if the chamber walls are thick enough to shoot 45-08 ARMCO, in case your masochistic.

  8. avatar Jeff O. says:

    I think it’s cool…but not cool enough at that price.

  9. avatar NCG says:

    Just the thing for that high stakes poker game on Mars.

  10. avatar Mark N. says:

    Like WAAAY over priced. You can get a lot more gun and a lot more rounds for the same money. Settle for 9mm and you can get plenty of pocket pistols for less tha carry seven or eight shots. Why settle for two and a reload?

  11. avatar AgentL says:

    This is nice but like others have said it’s too expensive.

  12. avatar William says:

    You know what? It is expensive…and a nice piece of engineering, design and manufacturing. I hope they sell a billion of them.

    When little manufacturers stop making shiny examples of one person’s obsession, I’ll stop buying guns.

  13. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    Well the MSRP is lower than I expected it would be.

  14. avatar 2Wheels says:

    Meh… I’d rather have a pocket .380 than this modern day Liberator.

    1. avatar sdog says:

      i’d take an original one.

  15. avatar battlewagon says:

    I might just get one to use as the gun I carry when I normally wouldn’t carry a gun. It’s thinner than most semi autos and but like a revolver can shoot through a jacket pocket without worrying about jamming.

    What I’d most likely use it for is though is running, it’s nearly the same size and weight as the kimber life act pepper spray I run with now and two shots with a another two stored in the handle seems like a pretty good compromise to me.

  16. avatar "Dr."Dave says:

    I don’t know about that little thing. There must obviously be a market for it (I guess i’m one of the few people left that isn’t lazy and actually carries a full sized handgun), but I have severe doubts about the utility of a two shot .45 with a short barrel and a 10 pound trigger. Perhaps its the perfect thing for gunfights in a telephone booth…but a Smith and Wesson J frame will give you three more shots and i’m going to assume far less recoil.

    And if a J frame is too big for you to carry, you might seriously reconsider carrying at all.

  17. avatar Ron says:

    Like they say, “better than nothing.”
    But I never have nothing, so I guess I’ll pass.

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