Hearst Magazines in the Tank for Gun Control

Gabby Gifford and Mark Kelly get the star treatment by Ellen Levine, Editorial Director for Hearst magazine (courtesy thewire.com)

“Former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, firmly lamented gun violence as a women’s issue as their political action committee, Americans for Responsible Solutions, gears up to support candidates in the 2014 midterm elections,” thewire.com reports. In this case, it’s not the who or what – gun control is a women’s issue in many important ways (none of which the Giffords understand or acknowledge) – that matter. It’s the where they said it. “Giffords and Kelly visited the Hearst headquarters in New York on Monday morning to speak with Ellen Levine, editorial director of Hearst magazines.” Judging from the photo above . . .

Ms. Levine was more than a little sympathetic to the Giffords’ civilian disarmament crusade. Which means all of the magazines (remember magazines?) under her editorial thumb will aid the gun control duo in their efforts to spend someone else’s money to elect pro-gun control candidates.

Some might say it would be a good idea not to purchase said magazines until and unless Ms. Levine and her minions abandon their support for those who attack Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, but I couldn’t possibly comment. Save providing the following list of Hearst’s US magazines for your consideration. Click here for the rest of their portfolio.

Car and Driver
Country Living
Dr Oz The Good Life
Good Housekeeping
Harper’s Bazaar
House Beautiful
Marie Claire
O, The Oprah Magazine
Popular Mechanics
Town & Country


  1. Note, they “firmly” lamented. Not just lamented.


    1. avatar Nate says:

      I firmly lament every morning right before my shower.

  2. avatar Quinn says:

    Judging by their list of magazines, I highly doubt anyone reading this will be saddened.

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      Did you not see Teen on the list?!
      I’m just glad Tiger Beat isn’t one of them. That would be tragic.

  3. avatar former water walker says:

    I don’t have to boycott buying any of these rags. I haven’t bought ANY (paper!) magazine in years. Whatever…

  4. avatar Steve says:

    Gun’s and Ammo isn’t on the list?

    1. avatar Sam Spade says:

      Used to be published by Peterson’s. Don’t know now. The only Peterson’s Magazines I used to subscribe to were 4 Wheel & Off-Road and Hot Rod. Still look through 4 Wheel sometimes.

  5. avatar A-Rod says:

    Anyone know where Playboy stands on 2A? I know it is possible to ‘read’ Playboy.

    1. avatar Nick D says:

      I could see Playboy releasing special issues that combined gun-porn with regular porn. I’d “read” it.

  6. avatar Heretical Politik says:

    Is this a surprise? William Randolph Hearst and yellow journalism are practically synonymous.

  7. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Cancelled myEsquire 2yrs ago after they all but endorsed Obama. I would have felt the same if it was Romney. I read political mags for politics not men’ lifestyle mags

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    Dr Oz The Good Life

    It seems like Dr Oz’s good life is bogus. He testified in DC today and admitted that the diet pills he was hawking were, dare I say, pellets of bullsh1t.

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t walk around naked, or something.

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      People seemed to like it when Daniella Tobar walked around naked in her glass house.

  9. avatar BigDaddy says:

    magazines are still published?? who knew lol

  10. avatar Pashtun6 says:

    So she oversees the magazines that literally nobody gives an AF about?

  11. avatar knightofbob says:

    They should ask Patricia “Tania” Hearst about how much magazine capacity actually effects lethality. From Wikipedia: “This remains one of the largest police shootouts in history with a reported total of over 9,000 rounds being fired. Every round fired by SLA members at the police missed the officers.”

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Little known factoid: The SLA was taught marksmanship at the NYPD Shooting Range.

  12. Dah-links — don’t tell me I must give up TOWN & COUNTRY!! They cover all my divine parties.

    Oh well.

  13. avatar B.T. Lockridge says:

    To all those that are finding the list laughable, you could suggest the boycott to your wives and girlfriends.

  14. avatar Wendy says:

    Well, I don’t read any of the aforementioned magazines… I do note that the Hearst portfolio includes the History Channel… which shows… wait for it… “Top Shot.”

    Gah. Hearst owns 20% of ESPN. Again, gah.

    As for guns being a women’s rights issue, well, let’s just say I believe that, as a woman, i have the right to choose the forms of self-defense I deem best for myself…

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      We need to launch a new meme: Armed Women Don’t Get Raped.

        1. avatar Wendy says:

          That’s a good one too, R Shackleford.

  15. avatar Publius says:

    I already let my Car and Driver subscription expire due to them having far too many editorials written by pompous Democrats. You’re a car magazine – don’t whine to me about how Republicans are evil because they don’t think the government should be mandating air bags, HP limits, fuel economy, etc.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      I dropped mine years ago when they stopped covering cars and became a wad of ads for the automotive OEMs.

  16. avatar Sammy says:

    Will they use Patties SLA photos for their campaign?

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      Did anybody ever find out where the hell Symbion is?

      1. avatar Sammy says:

        Watts, Ca.

      2. avatar Geoff PR says:

        With the Symbionese, of course…


  17. avatar Jjmmyjonga says:

    Hearst owns ESPN Outdoors, History Channel, and Military Channel, among others.
    Politics, and money, (same thing?) are so convoluted these days. It’s always ’bout the money in the end (sadly).

  18. avatar disthunder says:

    Wow. That was the easiest boycott ever.
    Next, I’m going to take up smoking and then quit.

  19. avatar Sklutch says:

    R Shackleford:


    Seriously, my neighbors looked out their window to see why I fell off the porch, howling…

  20. avatar Random_Commenter says:

    Alex [Trebek]…I’ll take crappy periodicals for $100

  21. avatar Freeheel says:

    Hmmm…..After looking at the list, it turns out my wife and I have been boycotting crappy Hearst magazines for decades. We are such forerunners….

  22. avatar Mediocrates says:

    LOL. Looks like I am already saving a bunch of trees.

  23. avatar ErrantVenture11 says:

    Won’t be renewing my subscription to C&D. Which sucks, because I really like that publication. If it was just her opinion that’s one thing, but here she was officially representing Hearst. No bueno.

  24. avatar Geoff PR says:

    Try that with Car and Driver, and watch the Dick Metcalf-ish response.

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