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Do you have this year’s tax refund earmarked for other things besides jetting off to DC for the Conservative Political Action Conference? More immediate needs like shoes for the kids? Fixing that balky furnace? A new modern sporting rifle? Or – if it’s going to be a really big check – .22LR ammo? Not to worry. You’ll be able to hear NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre address the assembled dignitaries live right here at 2:30 PM eastern. Don’t forget to pop some popcorn.

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  1. We don’t need gun control, we need video game control.

    That’s all I hear from him that matters, the first is not as important as the second, which makes him just as bad as Ms. Watts and Feinstein.

  2. Although I am a life member, I would love for him to say either “fo shizzle” or give a shout out to his “homie” Mr. Colin Noir.

  3. I will agree 100% that Wayne is not pretty like so many of the talking heads we see on TV, and he definitely is no spellbinder when speaking. In fact he may be a cure for insomnia himself, and he can never bring us to our feet with great points in defense of our right. He can’t speak regular POTG speak.
    But he does speak politics well enough to congress critters, because he knows what they want. To be re-elected. He knows who to strong arm, who to pat on the back and who to ignore. That is his strong suit and maybe its time he concentrated there and found someone else for PR but he is a force to be reckoned with up close and personal with politicos.

  4. Hmmmm, listen to Wayne at CPAC now(ish) or listen to RF debate later this evening. I think I shall concentrate on work now so I can listen to the debate.

  5. Two things:
    I misread “jetting” as “jerking” when I looked at this the first time. And Wayne LaPierre going to CPAC is a big reason I won’t give money to the NRA.


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