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Arrrgh, it looks like some of the world’s great naval powerrrs are doin’ sumpthin’ about the scurvy dogs menacing current day shippin’ off the Horrrn of Africa. “American and Chinese sailors worked side-by-side as a combined team practiced boarding the Churchill, which was simulating a pirated vessel. ‘Piracy is a threat to the freedom of the seas, economic security, and the safety of mariners from all nations,’ Chris Stone, commanding officer of the Churchill, said. ‘Bilateral exercises such as this demonstrate the cooperative will of the international community.'” And even some land lubber arrrrmy types will be gettin’ their licks in, too. Here’s hopin’ that, in addition to cubicle farm cries of “avast matey” and “aye aye,” we’ll soon be addin’ the sound a bilge rat with a gurgling chest wound makes to the September 19 lexicon.

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  1. Still can’t understand why the maritime powers haven’t agreed to arm merchant ships that sail in these waters. Install a few Dillon Aero 7.62mm “package” self-contained Gatlings on the wings of the bridge. Anytime you are sailing in those waters and a high-speed outboard boat comes zipping up towards your ship, you don’t need an extensive board of inquiry to figure that they are pirates. The sight of the “crew” waving AK-47s and RPGs is also a clue. Hose ’em down. 3000rpm of 7.62 mm for a few seconds will usually work.

  2. It is STUPID not arming ships traveling through “Pirate Waters” Marines were originaly orginazed to protect merchant shipping. Cargo & Oil shipping should have “Mini Helicopter Gun Ships” on board when traversing dangerous waters.
    The Shipping Industry could rotate the on board security from ship to ship, when in dangerous waters.
    Maratime Law needs to be “reorginized” in to self defence mode.

    • Joe Average sailor being armed is an insurance liability to some shipping companies… though I bet nowadays, there’s probably plenty of seaman that are bring their personal weapons aboard for protection.

      That being said, I’ve heard of some merchant ships hiring actual security professional (AKA mercs) for guard duty. Shipping traffic in that area is insanely busy; it’s physically impossible to protect every single ship all the time, over the complete journey.

  3. Tried to post a comment from my iPad. Didn’t work apparently. Some insurance companies have balked at allowing the merchant ships to defend themselves. The thinking was it would bring increased violence to the ships and captured crews. That trend is beginning to change. More govt’s are authorizing merchant ships to carry weapons for self defense.

    Good to read about the USS Winston S. Churchill in the news. She was the last command I served aboard before retirement.

  4. Insurance companies are profit oriented. No surprise there. For those of us that are leery of government this is one of those times when we need for our g to get more proactive.

    Make the insurance companies flex the rules to allow arming with private security and in really dangerous waters have a fast unit of nato marines to accompany individual ships through these waters. 20 regulers with com gear and appropriate weaponry should cover most situations.

  5. I’m pretty sure I read that after the infamous SEAL rescue of the captain, the next time the Maersk Alabama sailed those waters she was armed and a few rounds downrange quickly convinced the pirates to bother someone else.

  6. I wonder if there are civilian cruise lines that respect the 2A. I want to go on cruises, but I’d like to take some heat with me.

  7. I like the video, it is still floating around. The Russians took back one of their boats, stuck the pirates back on their dingy and then blew the dingy up! The Russian Military doesn’t take crap from anyone!

  8. I thought I would have to go the whole day with no one else mentioning Talk Like a Pirate Day. Is Pirate Talk becoming a lost language in the free world?

    ARRGH! Bless ye, Murdrin’ Dan. Did that scurvy dog Cap’n Farago know ‘e ‘ad a pirate aboard?

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