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Despite my opinions about the MVP in .223 Remington, I think the folks over at Mossberg might have a winner on their hands with the new .308 version. There’s a market for a ready-to-go magazine fed .308 Win rifle, and the MVP fills that niche quite nicely. The gun ships with a 10 round Mossberg magazine, but can also accept DPMS magazines and Magpul PMAGs.


There are three versions of the gun shipping: the varmint, the patrol, and the FLEX. The varmint is the standard version, the patrol is a shorter black version and the FLEX uses the FLEX accessory system to allow the shooter to change out the stock at their leisure. Chris Dumm loved the FLEX system and says it works great even after hundreds of rounds downrange.

The prices are going to be $897 for the varmint and $966 for everything else. Steep, but cheaper than Ruger’s magazie fed .308 offering.

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    • What about the .300BLK version? Seems like that would be right up your alley, Nick… how quiet would that be without the sound of the semi-auto action?

      • It would be as quiet as a suppressed subsonic 308 Win. 300 Blk bolt guns are pointless. Use your noggin, bro.

        • Yes, of course. And you get the superior supersonic performance of the .308. Thanks for the boot to the head!

  1. Any models with iron sights? How about Iron Sights with a picatinny rail? What Barrel Lengths? Weight?

    Could be a great brush gun.

    • There is the MVP Patrol, but it is only listed as 223 at the moment. Also, the Savage Hog Hunter, although it’s not magazine fed.

      • Here in Oct 2015 the .308 MVP Patol and MVP Scout are now out. I changed the standard flash suppressor for the suppressor / compensator. Awesome is all I have to say.

  2. I’ve got the MVP Predator in .223. Lovely weapon and very accurate. No complaints though I’d have loved to have iron sights also. I’d seriously look at one of these in .308.

    • I have the predator also. I love the rifle, but have not found a load yet that works well. Throat toooooooo long, can’t use boat tails unless you don’t mind seating a mile back from the lands.

  3. How is that cheaper than a ruger scout? Isn’t msrp around $950 for it? Heck I picked up a stainless steel gunsite scout for $820. Still wouldn’t mind getting my grubby mitts on this Mossberg.

  4. Ten round magazine? ….hmmmm….”YOU DON’T NEED 10 ROUNDS TO KILL A DEER !”….just keeps echoing in my head….

      • There’s a semi auto .338 lapua a few posts back. If bambi brings his gang you can go all Rambo on them.

    • But 10 is the MAGIC NUMBER! Nothing bad ever happens in under 10 rounds, Sarah Brady said so!

      In fact, I like carry ammo in multiples of 10, like 20, 30, 40, etc.

    • Hogs run in packs. So do bad guys. So do targets. Targets run in packs. And they will eat you for lunch if you don’t watch your six. Besides, it is better to carry full magazines and need 1 bullet than carry 1 bullet and need 5 full magazines. I have heard of folks carrying 4 plus 1 wishing they had 6.

    • Hogs run in packs. So do bad guys. So do targets. Targets run in packs. And they will eat you for lunch if you don’t watch your six. Besides, it is better to carry full magazines and need 1 bullet than carry 1 bullet and need 5 full magazines. I have heard of folks carrying 4 plus 1 wishing they had 6. But let me add, if you see “Fail” videos or what ever about the magazines, email me at [email protected] and I will tell you the problem and the fix. Until then, simply use the supplied magazines and have loads of fun.

  5. Love the ability to use the DPMs mags. How about a threaded barrel? Also the Ruger has build in iron sights in addition to the rail.

    Any word on a lefty version?

  6. That MSRP is rather high I got handle one about two weeks ago at Cabelas in .308 and I liked the action and trigger but the stock just felt odd to me and they were retailing for $600.

  7. No thanks. Mossberg stuck me a year or so ago with one of their balky 308 bolt guns and would not make good on it. They are dead to me know.

  8. The Patrol version is equipped with a threaded barrel and nice fiber optic sights. The 7.62 model also accepts M1A style magazines.

  9. I like these types of rifles and would love to add one but, my gun safe is smaller on the inside.

  10. I’ve been hoping that they would up-size the MVP to a larger caliber. My budget does not allow for many guns so I’m trying to have one of each main type of gun. I’ve got an O/U and pump shotgun, snubbie revolver, and full size automatic pistol, but no rifles. My plan was for a smaller caliber semi-auto and a larger caliber bolt action. I really liked the MVP but it didn’t have enough boom, this just might be the ticket.

  11. Hmmm. I dream for the day I can afford a 308 box fed bolt gun like a 700. But this might be the ticket for now. Wonder how the accuracy is?

  12. I keep seeing this gun referred to as “the .308 version”, but technically the barrel is stamped 7.62 NATO. As I understand, pressures from the .308 Win round are higher than those from 7.62 NATO, and it’s not recommended to fire from those guns. Do we have confirmation from Mossberg that this will chew through .308 okay, or is it limited to the 7.62×51 NATO round?

    • You actually have it backwards. 7.62X51 NATO has increased chamber pressures over SAMI spec .308 Win. So yes, this Mossberg will rip through .308 Win with no problems.

      • Thomas, I cringe every time I see this mistake. 308 is over 60k psi, 7.62×51 is 50k psi. Please research this and stop spreading inaccurate info. You might get someone hurt.


  13. I’ve been saving my pennies towards getting the MVP in .223, but have been holding off because I really wanted a larger caliber. What has me sold on the MVP rifles is the use of common magazines. Now that I can get this in .308, I’m sold, definitely going to get one. I’ve been wanted a bolt action in .30 caliber, and I like the common magazine concept, and this rifle sure seems like it will handle my needs just fine. My shooting is pretty much maxed out at 200 yards, so I don’t need 1/2 minute angle accuracy. Yep, this looks like my next purchase. Thanks for the post on this.

  14. Think if it, used G3 mag’s, cheapest mag on the market. Wait hard to find and expensive Magpul, or surplus G3 at $1.5 to $5.00.


  15. Just fired my MVP Patrol .308 for the first time. Nice weapon. Does what is expected. I did learn that it does not like my M1A1/M14 Mags. Had issues with one dropping out and a few rounds would not chamber. Second issue is I did not tighten rail screws before mounting my optics. Rail came loose after a few rounds. Had to remove scope and attempt to re-zero. I was shooting Australian NATO ammo I had laying around. No idea how heavy but my pattern started getting sloppy at 225′. although, my loose optics may have had something to do with it.

    • Update – The MVP gets better with age. The weapon cycles better and I still enjoy shooting it. I have around 1000rnds to date. Happy B-Day USMC and happy Veterans day for the rest of you.

  16. Received the 7.62 Patrol a few weeks ago–just under 600.00 at Kittery Trading Post–installed Nikon m-308 scope and mounts to the action mounted rail, was so proud of my setup I had to shoot with some buddies right away. Used the Mossberg factory mag with some cheap reloads to break it in. Every other round failed to eject, same issue with NIB Fed Match grade ammo…miserable day at the range. Brought it home and opened her up. Feed ramps had some sharp edges on the forward-most area which I smoothed down, also found some areas on the bolt itself where some de-burring was missed. reassembled, same problem. Returned to Moss., just received it today, called them today to see what they had to do on her, besides replacing the safety ball detent they just told me that they went through the whole thing and test fired it, and it works great. Too cold to get out and give it any just due, so hoping that it really feeds/ejects as well as all of the .556 version’s reviews state. Will update post once I put some rounds through it…Also received some 20 rd PMAG,s for 18.95 from Brownells for next outing.

    • Took about 2.5 weeks for the repaired return. Feeds and ejects fine now, didn’t tell me what was wrong, but note says they replaced the safety selector bearing. Factory mag is a bit ‘sticky’ feeding/ejecting but it works, 20 rd Pmags work better. Now need to zero in my Nikon M-308

  17. I have seen at a Cabela’s they have a DPMS 308 that is stamped Hog Hammer. All I can find is a comment on from DPMS stating that they made a limited amount of these for select Cabela’s. I am not able to find any other info on them. Does anybody know about these? Thanks


  19. My only concern is the bolt handle. It will get longer so I don’t hit the scope with my fingers. Otherwise I love this gun. My normal kick around the desert gun is still an old SKS.

  20. I just put an MVP patrol 7.62 on layaway for $378 after taxes. I feel like I’ve hit a major jackpot.

      • NE TX area. It was technically a “used” gun, but the previous owner never fired it in the 2 weeks he owned it. Bought it, got chewed out by the Missus, then brought it back.

  21. I just got a MVP in 7.62 x 51 very disappoint in how loose PMag fits. Mossberg should be ashamed of themselves. I like a fix if there are any out there. I read that some is going to make a metal magazine well that might solve the problem. Has anyone found a fix?

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