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With an MSRP of $699 (street closer to $600 I bet) the German-made retro modern Mauser is sure to be a hit. Slinging lead through the rifle, the action was smooth, the stock was comfortable and it shot where I aimed. Das Bueno. The list of features is on par with others in the market:

– Rugged Synthetic Stock
– Soft Inlay Grip
– 3 Position Safety Catch
– 5 Round Magazine
– Adjustable Trigger
– Steel Receiver
– Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

One thing missing from the list of features: the Mauser’s superb trigger. You can count on us reviewing the M18 ASAP.

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  1. Another modern made cast iron , stamped sheet metal , plasticky piece of shit. I will stick with my WWI sporter 98 Mauser any day.

  2. I want a Masuer in 9.3x62mm. .300 WinMag is fine, but the original African Bruiser Masuer Cartridge should be offered in a Masuer rifle today.


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