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With an MSRP of $699 (street closer to $600 I bet) the German-made retro modern Mauser is sure to be a hit. Slinging lead through the rifle, the action was smooth, the stock was comfortable and it shot where I aimed. Das Bueno. The list of features is on par with others in the market:

– Rugged Synthetic Stock
– Soft Inlay Grip
– 3 Position Safety Catch
– 5 Round Magazine
– Adjustable Trigger
– Steel Receiver
– Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

One thing missing from the list of features: the Mauser’s superb trigger. You can count on us reviewing the M18 ASAP.

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  1. Another modern made cast iron , stamped sheet metal , plasticky piece of shit. I will stick with my WWI sporter 98 Mauser any day.

  2. I want a Masuer in 9.3x62mm. .300 WinMag is fine, but the original African Bruiser Masuer Cartridge should be offered in a Masuer rifle today.

  3. Perry
    I have a M18in 308 and shot about 60 rounds thru it. More you shoot the less prone of the last 99 percent of the bolt locking up goes away cause of the dual plungers. Just put a slight downward tension as one pushes the bolt fwd and your fine. I shot my 1st Deer with a Arg 98 DWM made. Best made mauser 98s around but I think this M18 rifle is fine, the accuracy is way better than a old 98 with a lock time of a calender. M18 trigger is awesome. Im sure the European calibers are offered in Europe as I seen a 6.5 Mauser listed in a different ad. B Im not a Gun writer but if this can stay under the 600dollar range and say Made in Germany(Sauer, Mauser and Blaser all made in the same plant in Germany) I say M18 a Winner.
    If one wants a model 70 closest thing I would consider is the Kimber Hunter. The new M70s are made in Portugal. Not that that matters but a Model 70 should be Made in USA!!. The Kimbers look to me like a Model 70 clone. Be honest most guns are pretty good nowadays Remember when the model 700 came out. This is NO different. Cheaper to make, works and accurate. Its not controll round feed,Sakos jam up more than this rifle will. Here is a vid on the accuracy of this rifle in NewZealand. 2.11 sec and the 5.21 time to go right to the hunt shots


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