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Admit it, we all love spaghetti…westerns, that is. That’s why this month we’re giving TTAG’s readers a look at the subscription only digital copy of GunUp the Magazine, featuring the Guns of Spaghetti Westerns. Author Peter Barrett covers all three classic films from The Man with No Name trilogy, and takes a look at the unique Italian gun culture that produced the props in the films . . .

Also, this issue features a first-in-print look at the GAP Grind precision rifle match by editor Shelley Rae, a review of Hornady’s Critical Defense .38 Special +P defensive ammunition, and an editorial on the importance of the NRA to our political future. For all this and more, just read your free copy of GunUp the Magazine above! If you’d like to subscribe, simply visit GunUp on the iTunes store or on Google Play.


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  1. Sounds interesting, but with an infinite amount of reading and watching material available for free… I’m not paying for nutin.

    Welcome to the brave new world media suppliers.

    Data mining my click history and directed advertising is more than enough compensation for your media.

  2. Page 21, the NRA article… nice choice in photo…

    Seriously, a bit more fitting for a CNN piece on G. Zimmerman than a “pro-gun” e-zine.

    • +1000 on that picture with the NRA article, Mr. Grindstone. Reckless and irresponsible firearm handling to be associated with anything other than criminal or negligent use of a firearm.

      And seeing the same photos in two articles of gents not using proper safety gear was a little more than disappointing. People who don’t know any better read gun publications seeking to become better. If you don’t show them the right way to do it, they’ll continue to do things poorly and unsafely. And one guy had his glasses on TOP of the brim of his hat. A faux pax for sure, Editor Shelley Rae.

      Recoil it ain’t. But then again, Recoil is exceptionally well done, once they figured out that you can’t write that civilians shouldn’t have X, Y, Z scary guns and expect to have advertisers or readers.

      At this point, as Doesky pointed out above, there’s a lot of good stuff out there if you want to hunt it down that you can get for free. No need to pay $10 per issue of Recoil.

      Good start, anyway, Caleb.


  3. As a long-time spaghetti western fan and gun guy, I enjoyed the article on the firearms of the “Dollars” trilogy. It was well written (quibble: Once Upon a Time in the West is almost on par in fame and shouldn’t be brushed off into obscurity alongside Duck, You Sucker!) I read the G.A. Precision article. I have a lot of respect for George Gardner and can believe the story of his ability in the article. However, the article was otherwise extremely light on content. It’s the cover story, and it was just a few paragraphs. I would have liked to read more detail and comparison of the company’s rifles. I like the specifications, but I’ve read them on G.A. Precision’s website before. I didn’t learn anything from the article. Just another “American Rifleman” preview that’s little more than a press release. And what the heck is “.308 Win Mag”? I assume that’s a typo referring to .300 Winchester Magnum.

    The cover and promise of what’s inside intrigued me, but it doesn’t seem to be offering much unique content on the inside. Another fluffy gun mag. I challenge GunUp to distinguish itself. What will they offer of value to the discerning TTAG reader who has a choice of what gun publications to read?

  4. Wow. Great mag. I’m

    Right on target for the new gen of POTG that TTAG is attracting, and first para in “Why we need the NRA”, matches the “clean, well lit room” flavor. Glossy, but not frilly. Great gun porn, and while its obviously got an up market tilt, well lets remember it a business, and advertisers are what pay for human beans; editors and writer salaries, and thats where the buyers with discretionary income are now,
    (and the goal for every other hard working believer in individual responsibility POTG aspires to be)

    AND, I see theres lots of educational info for newbs like me, with that old school Field and Stream ethic, on hunting too.

    Sort of “The One Digital Gun Mag To Rule Them All™”.

    Good fit as partner to TTAG, imho and the few coins, are a MUCH better investment than the cost of time spent online in hours looking for same, since its timely and trend-wise, what I’m interested in. My $.02, Ymmv.

    And, no you grumps out there, I did NOT get comped for this comment…;)

  5. PS: The link goes to iTunes or GooglePay, but I also found you can get these at $.99 a copy, at Amazon, on your Kindle, or Kindle on PC. Just downloaded a couple, previewed for content, to read later. A bargain, and I collected ‘coins’ for more later for free.

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