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The rally at the Alamo in San Antonio Saturday was all about the right to carry a long gun openly, and naturally there were some pretty nice looking guns on display. And in some cases, pretty nice looking people who were holding the guns on display. See: above, a young woman who styles herself as Molly Pitcher and was carrying a CMMG AR-15. Make the jump for more pictures . . .




Ahren Fields, seen here with his bolt action Springfield m1903 rifle.


Corey Martin with her Rock River Arms AR-15.



Christina Hodnett built this pretty pink Seekins Precision rifle with her boyfriend.


Kevin Fucci showing off his converted Saiga 12 shotgun.


Matt Williams was actually selling these guns, a Remington 700 in .30-06 and a Bushmaster AR-15.


Eli Meir was carrying his Hatsun 12 gauge shotgun.


Mike Scully actually had a rifle that I coveted, a reproduction Southern mountain rifle contemporary to the Texas revolution. The first one, that is.


A man named Castro was carrying this RPK (that I first thought was an RPD, shows what I know).


Chris O. was sporting this Mak-90 with a 75 round drum magazine.







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  1. Not too sure about that top mounted flashlight on tge SxS, but to each their own~

    I Would have been there rockin’ either my 336 or Mini-14.

  2. Great pictures, looks like a fun event.

    Except for the guy with the Cerakoted FDE AR, with the PRS stock and the improvised sling. He is a perfect argument for carrying the rifle muzzle-down if your sling can’t keep your rifle tight against your back or shoulder. I would be VERY uncomfortable standing or walking in the 180 behind him, especially as he appears to be carrying a loaded weapon.

  3. I get it… I do – huge pro-2A here – but this just makes us all look like fuck-tards.
    I don’t know what the better alternative is in a world of polarizing headlines and extreme positions being taken as fact but this has to be mildly offensive to those who served this country and paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could be safe and have our freedoms… if this was A-stan, sure, wander the city streets with your AK… but come on, this is NOT A-stan… it’s a long way FROM A-stan… and this just makes us all look like idiots.
    Same goes to the open carry AR doucebags and Starbucks. Thanks for making people really think gun owners are nuts.

    Absolutely can’t wait for the media to crucify us when one of these weekend warrior types has a N.D. at one of these peaceful rallies… or just comments about the pic in this article with the dude’s AR muzzle nestling in his kids stroller (kid not there but the photo op for the other side is…)

    • Do you have any clue what this was about? This wasn’t just a bunch of people out there for kicks. They were there in protest of a local ordinance that prevents open carry in defiance of the state law that allows it. This was a protest against small-minded small-town political types who think they know better than the people they supposedly represent.

      I’m not a fan of individuals doing it just for attention (although I completely acknowledge their right to do so), or so they can try to film the cops acting badly so they can put it on YouTube. But that’s not what this was, and it has nothing in common with an idiot or three standing around in Starbucks with his rifle at the ready.

      • I was there with a PTR-91. I’m a vet. In fact, a WWII paratrooper was one of the speakers.

        You speak without knowledge.

    • “this has to be mildly offensive to those who served this country”

      We don’t need you to be offended for us. If you want to know what members of the military think, ask them; don’t just assume that this somehow offends us. If I lived in San Antonio I would have been at the protest sporting my M107 or M40A1.

      • It’s not often I agree with a Marine ( mainly cause I don’t speak Jarhead and cannot understand grunts and growls j/k) but I must say hooah to that statement. oh btw I was a scout in the army so yea marine feel free to throw out Army jokes.

      • Fair enough – and when I shared this with several “old salts” who served – their response was 180 of yours, I was actually echoing their thoughts here… But hooah to your right to do as you see fit.

        • I don’t believe you. You MUST have fudged on the context when/if you told them. You are only correct if a person shows up randomly at a store, shop, gov building, etc… with a long gun (which, I agree, is a stupid and a damaging thing to do for our cause) .

      • Fellow Marine,Hell ya brother!If I could’ve made the trip to Texas Id have been proud to stand w/you w/my ww2 M-1 Garand.Chesty Puller would be proud and so would Col.Travis&Davy Crocket!

    • I think this demo was pretty legit. It was an organized and advertised well-attended demonstration which had a collective sense of decorum and etiquette. Not some morons loitering at coffee shops or play-acting constitutional law in the streets with random cops for the sake of getting some youtube subs.

      • Totally could be Don – but that’s not how these are portrayed.
        All I’m suggesting is a group of armed folks wandering around (in protest or not – legit or not) makes the defense of our RIGHTs against those who would take them away a much more difficult discussion to keep their irrational fears in the rational column.
        And, I still say, the first ND at one of these events isn’t worth the risk to pro-2A over the SAME group, for the SAME reason, bearing signs (negligent paper cut?)… Do I need to reference the first ND at a gun show following a large school shooting and the fun the media had with it.

        @all – I’m not dictating how “our side” should demonstrate – but I am “suggesting” the ability for those NOT of the GUN to discern between the open carry taunt of a cop and this demonstration is a bit of a leap… especially when we all get cranked over the “it’s a clip” vs magazine mistakes the uninformed make…

        Like it or not we are on our heels and defensive right now – I completely fail to see how demonstrating WITH a long gun helps us win any points with anyone… but – it’s just me. Glad there’s lots of other folks out there that see things differently.

    • I reserve the title of “Fucktard” only for certain members of the pro 2A movement. That title belongs exclusively to “Pro 2A” people, who have to say they are “Pro 2A” people, right before the bash actual Pro 2A people.

      United we stand….you should know the rest.

    • Eh, I was only there for the last hour, but as I walked through downtown with my husband to catch up to the rally that had marched to Travis Park, the only reactions our AR received from passersby were neutral or positive. Later when I went to the drugstore back in my own neighborhood, still wearing my “Come and Take It” hat, the young checkout guy asked me if I’d been to the rally and said it sounded like fun.

      I understand your concern about some of the open carry guys turning off people with assholishness, but this organized event seemed to me to getting a positive reaction from the public. That was my experience anyway. Maybe it’s because my husband and I look so ordinary and non-threatening.

    • Another Jarhead here, I’m with my fellow machine gunner (0331). Don’t need you to speak for me, since what you did speak was completely opposite of how I feel. I have plenty others that see it my (our) way. If I was in Texas, I would have been there myself.

      • To all the jarheads (with the utmost respect for your service) – I know I need to speak slowly for you guys – I – was – not – speaking – for – you. Was speaking for a pair of old “squids” who, happened to comment that they thought this was NOT the best way to go about things. I happened to agree.

        That said – I also can admit when I have been schooled – and the comments here in support of this paint a very different picture and climate than what I had understood at first blush (again, media bias). Sure, I could keep my trap closed if I don’t know what I’m talking about – but damn – that’s what the internet if for. So, I stand corrected… sounds like it was a positive event and maybe I got on the trigger a little too soon. That’s what passion can do for ya, I guess.

        Here in NY where saying “gun” is almost a crime, this story and photos scream to me “bad idea, bad publicity”. I say that from experience as I have people in my life who are NOT fervent supporters of 2A and I have to explain events like this to them… The media isn’t going to explain this – they are going to exploit this… You guys here at TTAG have indicated that’s not the case… fair enough. I can say “I was wrong”. I equated people in public wandering around with long guns to “3 douches in Starbucks with AR’s”. My bad.

        Still do worry about a ND and the impact that would have at an event like this… but… I carry every day and there’s that same risk, I suppose.

        Solder on.

        Ohh – @Matt in TX – yeah, this is totally a troll thread… thanks for participating and adding to the conversation.
        @Mack – so, to be clear, my misinformed position and passion about keeping our guns admits the tide of public dislike for them and our right to bare them makes me a fucktard… but the Starbucks guys, the dude patrolling his suburban neighborhood and open carry police antagonists… they are supporting the cause more strongly and effectively… cool, got it, thanks.

        Big pro-1A guy too…

        • I get what you’re saying, I really do. If you read my post, it basically said, you don’t have to speak for me. You said “but this has to be mildly offensive to those who served this country”, and it wasn’t to me nor was it to the numerous active/retired military friends of mine. You may have been speaking for your squid friends (that by itself speaks volumes), but you didn’t specify that in your original post. While I did see your “I was speaking for a few ‘old salts” who’s opinions were 180 out (sic)”, I was affirming and agreeing with 0331 that there were more of us out there that agreed with the protest. No need to speak slowly, we heard your message loud and clear, you apparently didn’t hear ours until just now. The message was, “Don’t think that simply because a couple of veterans or active duty say something, that’s reflective of many or all. Especially don’t listen to what a couple of squids say.” But, to the subject at hand….

          We could talk about normalization and ostracization, how to impact change or shift societal norms. I’ll give you a clue, sometimes it requires “scaring the sheep”. If you want the sheep to stop being scared, scare them enough without actually hurting them, they are less likely to get scared in the future. It’s like with anything else that you want to promote, you make it normal. If you want to ostracize something, you hide it or vilify it.

    • The price is NOT right with you, Barker. This was an open carry event, NOT some random showing up at a store, shop, or government building. Wise up.

    • Well, BobBarker, your comment of years of “mainstream media” and Brady Bunch propaganda that has demonized LAWFUL POSSESSION AND USE OF FIREARMS. All we have heard, and EVER hear, from the MSM is the negative aspects about guns; NEVER the positive.

      You’ve taken the bait. People openly carrying firearms in a FREE society must not and should not be an issue. THIS is what needs to change, Bob.

      • Agree Sarge – but it IS the issue, it IS how we get demonized… that was my point… however poorly made or received it was.
        I’m not freaked out by it – but the sheep are… the nuts and bolts of the opinion I expressed is – it makes the sell (and that’s what we are doing now as stupid as it is – selling others on why we should be allowed to KEEP our rights) – it makes the sell to the sheep all the more difficult.
        That’s all.

        • There were, of course, several tourists from other parts of the world (where an event like this could never happen) in the crowd. They had a nice time interacting with the activists and many walked away with a completely different perspective about guns, gun owners, and gun politics.

          Your assertion that events like this only serve to hurt our cause couldn’t be more backwards. Instead of trying to criticize and destroy the work that people like me and the other protesters (who actually got off our asses and did something) accomplished, why don’t you come up with a better idea? Better yet, before that, why don’t you tell us what you’ve done to further the cause lately? That way we can all get an idea about just how much you really support the 2A, like you claim.

          Whining about the accomplishments of others on comments section of TTAG doesn’t count, by the way.

    • 100% agree! This is not the wild , lawless West, Afghanistan, or nazi Nuremberg ! How many legit pro gunners there could actually defend themselves if jumped by more than two UNARMED ASSAILANTS that wanted a”free gun????”.

      Lets be real- concealed carry with permits is the way to go if you feel unsafe in public. You don’t advertise, but you can defend yourself if needed . If I need my saiga .308 or my 5.56 LAR 15 just to go to walmarts, the America we were raised in no longer exists and the 2A will be irrelevant as it will be the rules of the jungle…..

  4. I wish I could have gone. Definitely would have worn a suit and my Garand. Or possibly cowboy formal and my Marlin 336.

    Fashion is important to the modern OC.

  5. Y’all think it hurts the cause carrying the historical rifles (musket/black powder) that the anti- constitutionalists believe are the only rifles protected by the 2A?

    • I love, LOVE that Mr. Scully had a pre-civil war era rifle.

      This knocks every argument the anti-gunners have flat on its pasty ass.

      Fine, we’ll carry muskets, just like you f-ckers want us too.

      Sorry, the blood, it gets angry.

  6. Someone should have set up a booth, as a public service, on how to use a sling. Man oh man. Here’s a tip: If it slaps against your ass when you walk, you’re doing it wrong. I’m looking at you, “Corey Martin with her Rock River Arms AR-15,” as well as the Cerakoted FDE AR that AlphaGeek pointed out.

      • Glad I’m not the only one that cringed at the improvised nature of some of these slings (hey TTAG how about an article on Slings!). I also wish, where possible, people would sling their stuff muzzle down. I’m 5’11” and would prefer to be accidentally shot in the foot or leg than in the face, thanks.

        • Yes, I’m also tall and highly allergic to both lead and copper impacting my upper body. I didn’t see a single weapon that couldn’t have been slung muzzle-down, and the more I look at those pics the more I hope that everyone carrying muzzle-up is also carrying chamber-empty.

          On the plus side: no negligent discharges reported, so that’s a huge win.

        • For what it’s worth, I know the organizers were trying very hard to stress empty chambers. Loaded magazines were fine, but for the sake of safety and potential law enforcement interface, they were heavily encouraging empty chambers and chamber flags.

  7. So if all of the men at this event were wannabe cops with small genitalia roleplaying super heroes according to that d-bag in an earlier story today, then what were all of the women doing there with ARs?

    • I thought today what I would have brought. First I was thinking AK but It has a 1 point sling. Then I thought AR but that was probably the EBR of choice. I think Garand with a belt full of en bloc clips would have been the way to go. If an anti wanted to talk, then you could bring out the historical side to gun ownership and the M1 Garand and talk about the evolution from full power rifle cartridges to current intermediate cartridges. Their eyes might glaze over but you are showing that there is a lot of aspects to firearms ownership that they do not see or hear about.

  8. What??? All these dangerous & scary-looking weapons, people walking around handling & carrying them and nobody got shot? How can this be? Aren’t guns the problem?

  9. If I was down there I’d have carried 2 rifles of the same make, but one looking all innocent and traditional and the other tacticool’d out and “scary”. Likely my M14s given that this is the only “before and after” pair I have set up at the moment.


  10. Amazing that there wasn’t a Wild West scenario, all these gun crazy people all armed up and in one place? Have you ever seen so many assault double barrel shotguns in one place? All those wild eyed right wingers didn’t start busting caps?

    An armed society is a polite society….fact.

  11. Just looking at these pictures, I can feel the freedom. These people look relaxed and secure, ready to welcome a conversation with a gun grabber. I’d feel much safer and happier here than at a screeching lecture on the evils of guns, where you gotta watch what you say.

    My 1896 Argentine Mauser is what I’d bring.

  12. If these protesters were violating a local ordinance, what’s to keep the local gov from scanning through the pictures, indentifying these ‘criminals’, arresting them a few at a time, etc., etc……? Of course what would be great is if they did this and the judge declared the local ordinance to be unconstitutional. Oh well back to reality. But wait, perhaps a change of venue to a more conservative leaning court….

    • I’d imagine there’s no compelling governmental interest to prosecute because these people are exercising their First Amendment rights. Same with people who burn flags and publicly defaecate and or urinate. You could bang them up on public urination or burning without a permit, but it’d just look stupid in the news and might have various undesired consequences.

  13. The Duck Hunt tat in the first photo still trips me out. I can’t identify what’s under (left of) the gun, though. Anybody?

  14. I’d like to go to an open carry demonstration with my M91/30. Just seems right, except they probably wouldn’t let me go with the bayonet fixed…

  15. My niece’s first birthday prevented me from being able to attending this…

    The AR and I are very disappointed that we couldn’t make south to help our fellow Texans, looks like a job well done SA folks.

  16. Would it have been bad to take a belt fed long gun with body armor and a gas mask?

    (note: wearing/possessing body armor in the commission of a crime is in many states considered a crime its self so may get you arrested)

  17. FYI, there is no local ordinance against open carry in San Antonio provided the weapon is unloaded. The officers who cited the three men outside the Starbucks should have handled it differently instead of going all asshole on them.

    For what it’s worth, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson approved the rally at the Alamo. Patterson is running for Lt. Governor, so his motivations are suspect.

    Me? I went to the range. I think it was more productive.

    • If there’s no local ordinance against generalized open carry, but what there is is an ordinance that prohibits any person other than a police or security officer from carrying a firearm within the city limits at a political rally or at other public sites and events. That ordinance is (at least part of) what they were protesting, even though in this case the SAPD suspended enforcement of it for this rally. This was a win-win for them, because if they suspend enforcement, then nobody gets arrested, therefore nobody has standing to challenge the law, therefore they get to keep the bad law in place.

  18. I’m actually friends with Matt Williams, and he was NOT selling his guns.

    Whoever wrote that one pulled it out of their a**.


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