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  1. If I was going to carry an AR for the Capitol Police, I want the one in the third photo, with the silencer.

    • Me too. Now if only I could think of why an officer of the law would need one…attached to his weapon…at all times.

      • To reduce acoustic trauma to both himself and the people around him, while allowing him to avoid ear protection that might affect both his ability to hear orders and his situational awareness. Similar to the reasons many hunters are now using suppressors.

        • There’s a device that can protect people’s hearing from the harmful pressures of muzzle blast? Somebody should make sure that only patient wealthy people with a clean record can get their hands on such devices. We don’t want bootleggers using them against the good men in the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

  2. So far in both of these posts about the DC guns I’m seeing that most of the cops are wearing cop style uniforms, with the exception of the feebs in the matt black truck. No Mraps or APCs that I see. No. it looks like a massive police response to a threat to the white house. I would expect no less in this day and age. Kenya and the Navy Yard just happened.

    Lesson to be learned here. Don’t go off your meds near the POtUS or his nanny ranch.

  3. So civilians (the po-po) can carry “weapons of war” on our streets or are they considered “military” and hence we now have military deployed on US soil, potentially against US Citizens? Just curious . . . .

      • Not just your civie eye. The sniper in the first batch of photos was skylining himself like nobody’s business.

    • Those aren’t AR’s and M4’s, those are Patrol Rifles. The weighted riot gloves are Bruise Protection glovelets. / I have to say, cops are incredibly fashion-sensitive. Almost like they could produce new costumes for the Village People. Can’t imagine how brutal it must be stuck on a low-budget PD where you can’t buy the new must-have SpecOps fashion accessory.

      • The Mechanix gloves the guy is wearing in the last picture don’t look too high speed. Must be sequestration.

        • Mechanix are pretty popular among guys much higher speed then these dudes. And “weighted riot glove” is complete BS, those are just normal hard knuckled ones. Of course they could be spun into “military-style assault gloves” if that’s your thing.

        • They are only “military-style assault gloves” when us civilians use them. When police wear them, they are Light Gauntlets of Justice.

        • I love the Wileys with the knuckle protectors on em they come in handy for mechanics and carpenters too you know

  4. These are the type of weapons ,tactics ,and officers that the citizens will be facing when the 2nd Revolution begins,that is unless they go home to protect their own families.As for the picture of the subject being stopped by the officers,how come there are none of these “soldier” cops surrounding the vehicle were they assigned to protect more important areas,such as the Prez?Probably so since he has to be protected but citizens don’t need guns for protection,or so he says.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • Well, BHO needs all that protection because he’s an IMPORTANT person and you, well, you’re just you.

  5. What happened to the well-groomed, professional looking police depicted in classic TV. Dress blues on patrol and hair have both apparently gone the way of the dinosaurs. /*wanders off to find Adam-12 on DVD*/

  6. watch the video of the woman in the car escaping. First cop on the scene fails to block her escape by leaving too much space for her car. Then when she goes around the fountain the idiot cops follow her around in a circle failing an opportunity to block her exit. keystone cops live!

  7. All for an unarmed crazy women with a baby in the car. Yeah they didnt know that initially. I cant imagine if it were 100 armed men that were not crazy. What would that look like? One rouge cop had half of Cali shook. 2 untrained kids shutdown Boston. Whats going to happen if a 100 guys decide enough is enough and want to take matters into their own hands?

    • Check out the Alhurra video of the shooting. There is a cop with his head in the car practically at the front passenger window. Several others at the other windows. How could they have not seen the kid in a car seat? Unbelievable. I am sure they will all get medals and promotions for this.

      • Here is the video

        • Interesting that the cops finally decide to shoot at her after she has traveled ~50 yards directly away from them… At the beginning, it just looked like a typical car chase. Any idea what she did before we see her in the video?

  8. They have a newer arsenal than most any Marine grunt unit. Please tell me why we still have M16s that are so old they have no blueing left on them while these assholes have 416’s with SureFire Mini cans.

  9. Haven’t those guys heard? Double barrel shotguns way, way easier to aim and shoot than any other rifle ever. Why are they still messing around with those terrible AR style weapons? It doesn’t any sense I tell you…

  10. Out tax dollars at work, we all paid for these guns wich are used to protect the very same people that would take yours.

  11. I’d want a 308 .. better through a car door or whatever. These might just become the tyrants we have the second amendment to protect us from, and if they can have them. why can we not have them?

    • But a two handed grip isn’t as glamorous. If all you do with your gun is stand around, you might as well look fashionable.

      Edit: Woops! supposed to be response to Curis…

  12. Just another excuse to run around and play soldier. Somebody drove a car through a barricade? Sound the alarms and get your guns out!

    I thought the .gov was shut down? Are these people volunteers or are they on the taxpayer’s dime?

  13. I’m surprised, but I don’t believe I saw any comments that about the MagPul PMags, window version no less.

  14. I really wish you media folks would stop plastering pictures of the shooters all over when these shootings happen. You are just giving them the glory and infamy they seek!


  15. Mental health issues, attempted mass murder – where have I heard that theme before? Looks like she’s from CT too. Guess gun control is working there, because she had to use her Lexus. Per yesterday’s posting, can automobile control be far behind? I mean, if it saves just one child’s life, how can we not do it for their sake? Again, deranged people don’t kill, automobiles (and guns?) do!

  16. New police procedure for suspicious activity investigation:

    1. Drive APC to helicopter.
    2. Enter helicopter
    3. Rope-in, land on roof.
    4. Do a cool roll, onto ground.
    5. Breach door, toss flashbang.
    6. Shoot dog
    7. Detain occupant for questioning.

  17. This makes me sad. A troubled young black mother with a baby in car shot dead outside the Presidents house. What do you bet Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson WONT be all over this.

    Maybe the media will focus on mental health issues more now. Doubt it, but we can hope.

  18. I see quite a few short barrel AR’s… Am I the only one that isn’t a fan of them?

    With a .223 I will take all the barrel I can reasonably handle.

  19. MSNBC just fixed its headline. A few minutes ago it was: “DC Shooter killed after….” The woman who drove the car and was killed by the capitol police never fired or had a gun with her. The article went on to include “coming two weeks after the Navy Yard shooting…”.

  20. Headline re-write:
    The American Praetorian Guards who protect the Emperor and the Imperial Senate.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

  21. I wonder why Moms Demand Action is not all over this. I guess another name added to the MAIG bus,

  22. Now we know exactly how many, and how fast, and what they’ll bring to the party…

    As usual, a simple donut tactic would be disasterous for them. So overconfident, and all it took was a car to bait them all in… If the cameras could get into position on the snipers… Uh… How easy would it be to put a dozen snipers around the area, bait these fools in with what could be an unmanned car, and then pick off almost all of them before they even knew what happened?

    They always assume that they can surround the one ‘bad guy’ with overwhelming force… But what if it isn’t just that one bad guy? Their actions prove that they never even think about it. It is these very same arrogant tactics that will make them almost entirely useless, and also the very first casualties, when the hammer drops.

    I love it when the enemy shows it’s hand…

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