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  1. Even if you are interested in seeing what this crappy book is about DO NOT purchase it. Download it via a torrent for free. That’s one way of giving Stephen King and the Brady campaign the bird.

    • Advocating stealing from others is weak.
      IMO a law abiding gun owner does not steal from others.

      Here is a better solution. Just do not buy the book.

      • This. Paying anyone for their opinion (nevermind one I’m pretty sure I’ll disagree with anyway) is a business model I can’t be bothered to support. If he’d published his e-book for free on his web page I’d have read it, but putting a price tag on it smacks of self-importance that I won’t abide. Pass…..

    • Dean Koontz is a much better writer and many of his characters who are mostly just regular people in extrordinary circumstances use and carry guns for self-Defense.

  2. This, from a man who has made millions glorifying violence- including off of a series based on a man who dedicates his life to being a Gunslinger. Well done, air- apparently you CAN have your cake and eat it, too.

    • I like the dark tower series. Otherwise….mehh…. one can tell in the dark tower series that Stephen king is all at once extremely fascinated by “instruments of death” including firearms, and at the same time he is completely terrified of them.

      • Steven King has forgotten the face of his father.

        Can you imagine what Roland would do if he caught wind of what Steve is getting up to?

        • Yeah, they were OK books. His self-inclusion wasn’t insane- it was a clumsy, literalist attempt at critical theory. He was trying to play with the relationship between author, literature, and reader. He didn’t do it very well. It’s the same with his inclusion of a bunch of references to other works (Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter…); it’s Derridian/Lacanian theory misused by a hack. It’s a good thing we’re more responsible with our tools than he is with his…

  3. One need only look at his personal history and his past writing to know what kind of mentally deranged scumbag King is.

    Too bad that car that hit him some years back didn’t finish the job.

  4. I have never liked King’s books even though I concede that he is a talented author. One only need read a little way into each sotry or suffer through some movies made of them to understand that this gentleman has very little grasp on reality. Should we pay any more attention to his opinion on guns than we do the the possibility of killer clowns or monsters in the sewers?

  5. Wow.
    I think it’s a really good idea if you divest yourself of the pistols you supposedly own. Your bizarre, detached views on firearms as “portable weapons of mass destruction” show a complete disregard for the proper respect due any kind of tool that has the potential to harm. Hell, You might need to divest yourself of your car, too. And any pointed objects you might own.
    I’m sorry to see your career head down this pathetic road. Not only will I never even glance at something new with your name attached to it, but now I’m considering throwing many of your older books, which I have enjoyed, into the donation bin. I don’t think I could enjoy them any longer.
    I was previously under the impression that you were a talented writer who could peer into this dark place to write impressive horror stories. It appears instead that you are in fact a very dark, disturbed individual, and I now feel guilty having supported and encouraged your illness by reading your books.
    Mr. King, you not only have lost a fan, but I’m now deeply concerned about the potential risks that you, not gun owners, pose to the well-being of others. I suggest getting help before anyone gets hurt.

  6. I cant watch the video right now. I was willing to look past this book book but if that Brady thing is for real, Im tossing all my SK books.

    • Let’s not be hasty, now. The Gunslinger series remains excellent even if King subsequently lost his nerve.

      I won’t be buying any NEW work from Mr. King, now that he’s declared allegiance to the disarmament movement. That’s for damn sure.

    • HAHAHA!!! That was hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing while I read through most of it. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen (including Steven King’s face) since this morning when I visited my other favorite site, peopleof(a particular retail giant).com.

    • Ignorance is the disarmers’ best friend. How else would they make the masses believe that “assault rifles” are fully automatic machine guns, or that suppressors turn firearms into completely silent assassin’s weapons?

      They keep us ignorant, and the media plays along. Everyone knows of Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” screw-up, but how many non-gun owners know about “the shoulder thing that goes up”?

      We need to make people understand rather than alienate them and let them be deceived.

  7. Meh. My desire to suffer through any of King’s writing can’t get any lower than it already is. His success has fooled him into thinking everything he says is important just because he said it.

  8. Wow.

    I knew antis were horrible people – but I didn’t know they would sink to this low level of misinformation, emotional pandering, deceit, and blatant lies.


  9. It seems like when the “Brady Campaign” thought up the full title of their organization, they had headlines like this in mind. “All Profits Go to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence” sounds like “Profits Go to [organization] to Prevent Gun Violence”. By adding “to Prevent Gun Violence” to the organization title, simply writing “Profits Go to [organization]” comes off as sounding like forwarding of profits will actually prevent gun violence. The author of an otherwise neutral statement now appears to believe that the purpose of the profit forwarding will in fact prevent gun violence. I almost want to congratulate TBCTPGV on their clever work … almost.

    It’s too bad they aren’t actually preventing violence.

    • Come to think of it, violence is not always bad. Any form of physical self defense is violent. Anyone have a succinct and elegant way to point out that the Brady’s don’t discriminate about the type of gun violence they seek to prevent?

      Mom puts five rounds into the chest of a crowbar-wielding home invader about to attack her and her children. Is that the kind of thing they are trying to prevent? They don’t say. “Brady Campaign to Prevent Mom From Protecting Herself and Her Children” doesn’t have quite the same ring. Would Mr. King donate the proceeds if they were using that version of their moniker?

  10. Stephen King was up till this point one of my favorite authors. Pet Semetary, The Stand, It, Christine, The Green Mile, The Running Man, and a whole bunch of others that I can’t think of right now because I’m so agitated.

    I’m going to have a personal book burning party tomorrow….

  11. This hurts me to my core. My wife an I have purchased every single one of his books. He is her favorite author. We have a deep connection with his books being from Maine, and me from the neighboring town he grew up in and attending the same high school. Even had the same English teacher (what see ya next…). Was looking forward to watching Under the Dome as well. Sorry…Mr. King, you’re good at selling stories but this is one I’m not buying.

  12. I read the ebook. The overal tone is that he believes that citizens have a responsibility to demand that assault weapons be pulled off the market. Not because they’re inherantly dangerous, but because some people may use them for evil. He continuously draws comparisons between his book “rage” and assault weapons.
    I don’t hate him for the book, honestly, I just think he’s wrong. He expresses himself pretty well and he’s making a political statement with the book, but it’s not hateful in itself. I’d say “he’s entitled to his opinion” and leave it at that.

    • Does he say that his book “Rage” is inherently dangerous and lays out plans of diversionary tactics (see also: Columbine) and then killing of a teacher before holding the class hostage?

      I’ve many times wondered if the celebratory style in which the “Rage” character is promoted, if that hasn’t inspired some of these mentally affected young killers. Well, as long as he can sleep at night knowing that he did all he could to save the youth of America.

      What a major POS.

  13. Well rangers in Greenland in fact carry the Glock 10 in case they encounter a polar bear… and for whatever reason they can’t use their Lee-Enfields first. But with rangers don’t read army rangers, but park rangers. The most badass of them all, the Sirius Patrol.

  14. I’ve read everything King has published to date, but I won’t be reading this. Alas,a string broken! You want to read a great pro-gun, pro-God, pro-America thriller writer, read Dean Koontz. (90’s and later. He started out as kind of a hippy.)

  15. Steven King naturally joins Hollywood, the writers, actors, and producers, all working together to maximize their revenue playing upon the ordinary bored person’s desire to be excited. By a book. A movie. Sex and violence are their stock in trade. They habitually, for lucre, turns guns into a fetish, because only a supernatural gun or insane gun user holds an audience’s attention. King and others want to continue their “good story telling,” their measured introduction of sex, madness, and guns or other means of brutality…without feeling responsible for the mentally ill who inflict real life mayhem. Nope. It’s not a firearm in a safe or a holster that’s kinky. It’s the stories they tell. So write love stories or political thrillers. Just give up grotesque stories of gratuitous mad violence. It isn’t your stories or guns that cause violence. It is madness and gangs. You have little to do with it.

  16. The Dark Tower series inspired me to become a responsible gun owner. What a shame that the man who taught me to respect firearms and understand the noble use they can be put to now opposes the right that I have come to cherish.

  17. I think it’s a matter if intentionally uneducated. The fact that the STILL thinks that Barry Loukaitis quoted the line from Rage when it’s been said time and time again that he did not may just show how highly King thinks of his work and his control of events of the world.

  18. This saddens and disgusts me on so many levels…

    I had been an avid Stephen King fan for a long time, especially the Dark Tower series which I’m listening to again during my commute now. I know he’s a liberal…but damn. People in positions of influence who get free airtime and exposure to the mass media shouldn’t use that as a platform for spewing their own rhetoric.

    One more person who will never make another dime off me. Now I have to find another book series to listen to in the car…

  19. Can’t say I’m surpised given that this drug addled misfit imbued a classic automobile with an animal instinct and a desire to kill people. Of course he would think that firearms have a mind of their own and just want to jump off the counter and chase you around the room firing ‘teflon coated cop-killer assault bullets’ at your heels making you dance.

    He needs more medication. He probably wants to be stranded in a gas station hidding from eighteen wheelers.

  20. I am going to buy another copy of “American Sniper” just because the profits will go to help Kyle’s wife and kids. Screw SK.

  21. I have read that King blames himself through “Rage” for being the seed that started all school shootings. Heavy baggage to feel responsible for all those deaths. Must be a kind of penance. Personally I found his novels to be stale about a decade ago. And I just got tired of finding a version of “he cocked the slide of his big .45 revolver” in almost every book.

    (fifth attempt to post this)


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