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It’s been a while since I’ve trolled the comments underneath the antis’ Facebook posts — to expose the strange and not wonderful ideas espoused by the civilian disarmament industrial complex. Here’s a fresh example under a post by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America:

I certainly agree with the first part of Ms. Payne’s opening salvo; the NRA is working to normalize guns. Not to go all Yoda, grateful I am. But Ms. Payne is wrong to suggest “our legislatures” are normalizing guns. I don’t know where the cat-loving commentator lives, but the politicians in California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington are doing no such thing. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Ms. Payne further reveals her rather limited not-to-say paranoid perspective by writing that there’s “nothing normal about carrying guns to school.” The statement assumes that the law-abiding Americans who do carry guns to school aren’t normal. It’s this dehumanization of gun owners that drives the hatred that drives the disarmament movement.

If Ms. Payne wants an example of abnormality, her next line is it. By asserting “guns are bullies” she’s ascribing mystical indeed evil powers to an inanimate object. The technical term is anthropomorphism. While it’s an ancient practice, it’s not a normal belief system amongst rational people.

Which is not a description that applies to anti-gun zealots, given the preponderance of evidence proving that firearms freedom protects both individuals and a free society.

Because Ms. Payne can’t face the reality of guns on campus — “gun free zones” are both unconstitutional and ineffective —  she bases her antipathy on her emotional reaction to it. She “feels” that “the value of an education will deteriorate.”

There is no evidence that education institutions in states that allow legally held firearms on campus (e.g., Utah) have experienced any deterioration in the value of their education. Which is, let’s face it, an entirely nebulous concept once you step outside of a graduate’s earning potential.

“Americans should boycott guns on campus,” Ms. Payne opines. At the risk of picking nits, it’s a recommendation that once again highlights Ms. Payne’s fixation on guns, rather than people with guns or schools that “allow” legally held firearms on campus.

“What other country behaves like this?” Ms. Payne asks, in conclusion.

The question reflects the antis’ rejection of American exceptionalism. A concept that owes its existence to our Constitution. A document that contains a mandate prohibiting government infringement on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.

My question: do all those who oppose the individual right to keep and bear arms think this way?  More or less, yes. This and worse.

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  1. Guns shouldn’t be “on” Fyer Facebook.

    Gun owners shouldn’t be either. But, I guess if you want to tie a multi billion dollar indusrty aound your ankle, and (with your work or home computer or cell phone or heath watch or fob) turn it into an NSA wishes they had it minitoring device, then I guess you’re free to.

    • Joe, your post indicates that you should take an English course that teaches how to express yourself in the English language. Stop worrying about what other people should not be allowed to do; next thing they will want YOU to not be allowed to do something you want to do. You think that laptop or iPhone you carry around in plain sight is not a multi-billion dollar business?

  2. There’s a certain dichotomy to anthrophormizing firearms as being “evil” because the anti-gunners must at the same time dehumanize those who carry them. Just as we dehumanized the Japanese as “monkeys”, etc., during WWII, the gun-gabbers characterize those of us who hew to the Second Amendment as being lacking in normal human sentiments. The problem is, of course, exemplified by the many responses this blog will undoubtedly generate. To be sure, some of them will be rude, crude, and ignorant. Such people exist in any strata of the populace – but I’m willing to bet the farm (small as it is) that most of the responses will be thoughtful and sprinkled with snippets of ironic humor.

  3. We have a professor with psychological issues. She is overly paranoid and possibly delusional. She has an unsubstantiated fear of violence perpetrated by law abiding citizens. She is fearful of her lawful students that have had background checks and training. Her paranoid delusions should be treated by a professional.

    She may also suffer from transference which is common from antis and not a phycological illness by itself. She is transferring what she would do with a gun to other students. She should not have a gun because she suffers from a form of paranoid delusions, but the other students don’t. Only she does. Her students need to be fearful of her not the other way around.

  4. “There is no evidence that education institutions in states that allow legally held firearms on campus (e.g., Utah) have experienced any deterioration in the value of their education.”

    What is the deterioration from “worthless”?

    • I’m thinking it might, in fact, be progress.

      If these lefties are so terrified of guns, maybe they will all quit, and conservatives will take their place. Doubtful, but here’s to hopin’.

      • All the Lefties that I know That were opposed to the passing of concealed carry laws went out and got their permits after the laws were passed.

        • I know a few lefties who swallow everything their leaders say about “common sense gun laws” hook, line and sinker. Half of them have carry licenses or carry all the time.

          Anyone who supports taking guns from the little guy, or just making it harder for him to get them, is a moron, blindly following party allegiances, or an authoritarian (such as a socialist, fascist, communist, etc.).

          Chairman Mao got it mostly right, in that political power comes from the threat of overwhelming force. Political power also comes from the consent of the governed. I seldom need a law to prevent me from breaking the old common law.

          If you want to deprive the people of power, then you first have to disarm them. Anyone in favor of allowing the people arms, is not an authoritarian.

        • I notice that a large number of those pious anti-gun Lefties went out and bought guns after Trump was elected. Some years ago I noted that lots of Californian anti-gun Lefties ran out and tried to buy guns during the Rodney King riots, and were outraged that they had to endure a 7-day waiting period — a waiting period which they themselves had previously voted for. I conclude that Lefties in general, and anti-gunners in particular, never seem to think that the political/economic shoe might ever be on the other foot.

    • I have been waiting two or three days for an inroad to post this…

      On the news feed snippets which scroll on the TV in the UPS Store the other day, I read that a senior from a private school in New Jersey was admitted to Princeton (?) for writing “#blacklivesmatter” 100 times on his entrance exam. I said when I read it, “Well, a college education is now officially worthless.”

      Now, I do NOT have a link to this story, and am far too lazy to search it out, so take it as you will.

      • I love this response and that does not make me a racist but a person who hates bigotry even from the racists who don’t experience racism – like many who chant “black lives matter”, idiots who see racism behind every shadow and every tree that casts a shadow. Political correctness has run amuck in this wonderful country – the melting pot of the world. If it is true that Princeton allowed entry to such a person, then Princeton should be shuttered forever. It has gone against its own principles. The “black lives matter” movement is racist in and of itself. Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave at such dishonesty.

      • It was Stanford, not Princeton. I am almost 59 years old now, thank God. If I had to be young again and go to these Liberal colleges, I would be kicked out for having kicked someones, Liberal, nose-butting, ignorant ass. These colleges have staff members that try to indoctrinate students into their Liberal agenda, much the same way that ISIS does to terrorist wannabees They use radical untruths, misdirection’s, out-and-out lies, fabrications and/or misguided information. Teachers/professors are actually ranting to their classes about the evil of Trump, etc. I would be kicked out the 1st week because I would tell the teachers and/or students to “shut the hell up. Stay the hell away from me” and to “Go pound sand up their ass.” Liberals are still the minority, but they use the media to get their word out. The media (with the exception of Fox News) is also Liberal based. If you are a Conservative and work there, your job is usually short lived. But I digress. Liberals use the media, and will simply protest something that doesn’t go their precious little buttercup way. I generally open carry, but CC when needed. When Liberals approach me and began asking me why I have a gun or that I’m “not allowed to carry a gun in the store” (yes, they are actually that cocky), i usually tell them this; “Let me tell you 5 things; 1.) Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do. 2.) read up on State laws. 3.) Read the 2nd Amendment. 4.) Learn store policies before you speak and 5.) Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do.” I then walk away from them. I’ve had them call the police on me for open carry in a Walmart. The cops showed, talked to me briefly to only let me know that some clown (their words, not mine) called them and they just wanted to let me know that they already spoke to them and told them that they are 100% out of line and need to read up on gun laws for the state. I was dressed in my suit and surely didn’t look the profile of a thug. Cops are more supportive of the 2nd Amendment then people will give them credit for.

  5. If this woman’s writing is representative of “educators” in America, I’m thinking the value of an education has already deteriorated to the point of being nearly worthless.
    I won’t even bother discussing her “logic” and “feelings”.
    Boycott campus until the “educators” can at least put together a coherent sentence!

    • I actually had a “Professor” at a Junior College here in Colorado demand that I not bring up the 2nd Amendment in his class on “American Government.” Now can anyone tell me how in a class about American Government you cannot discuss the Bill of Rights to the Constitution and therefore the 2nd Amendment. Simply by discussing it in the context that our founding Document is not a Socialist Document. This particular “Professor” was also the head of the Social Science Department, and all of the instructors were just as far left as he was if not further.

      • Shakespear was wrong. Don’t kill all the lawyers first, start with close-minded lefty teachers. They do more damage to our society than lawyers and that’s saying something.

  6. She’s probably a big fan of “free speech zones” as well. Most campus liberals love that idea… of course that’s as long as it applies only to views they don’t like…

    • Bush the Younger employed the use of FSZ. These were areas that were cordoned off and usually placed far away from the pres to keep protestors confined.

      If your response is that the FSZs were a legitimate security measure ask yourself what potential terrorist is going to show up and be indentified as a protestor just so that they will then have their most important tactic advantage…physical access to their target….rendered completely useless ?

      It’s like someone walking into a bank to rob it while holding up a sign saying “I’m a bank robber.” Failure is guaranteed.

      FSZs are used only to neutralize dissent and are not used exclusively by crazy Marxists.

      • One possible reason that “news people” (in quotes because most aren’t really reporters, that are instead hunters who use traps and snares) are segregated at staged/planned events is because they have been known to actively work to destroy those plans.
        Free speech, to some, is only a way to deny free speech to others. I submit liberal universities who use this tactic as evidence.

  7. Heh. Congress is selling us out to ISPs. FCC is killing net neutrality. Not one gun was taken by Obama. And you’re still on this small stuff.

    • Net neutrality is theft. It allows free riders to grab bandwidth withour paying for it. It was also a mechanisim for regulatING the net.

      • The only government “regulation” of Internet that I want to see is that carriers are forced to charge the same rate for capacity regardless of who wants to buy the capacity.

        In other words I don’t want an Internet Service Provider to be able to charge $2,000 per month to Customer A and $4,000 per month to Customer B for the same capacity in the same location at the same time. That would be discrimination.

    • Guns were taken from people on SS because of an Obama EO. So your statement is false.

  8. It did not escape my attention that the same people who assign moral agency to inanimate objects tend to deny the moral agency of real-life, flesh-and-blood criminals.

  9. Wait, you are going to feel intimidated if students carry firearms in your class? What are you planning to doing with, or to, your students that them being armed would be a problem?

    • Well, for starters, bullying the students into changing their professed beliefs or getting an F in the class. Secondly, once there are guns on campus (again), and there is no rampant bloodshed(and probably a dramatic drop in rapes and muggings), they will no longer be able to say that they are safer without them.
      I don’t know why academia always ends up insane, but, it is what it is.

      • “…they will no longer be able to say that they are safer without them.”

        Reality has never gotten in their way as far as I’ve observed. But I take your point, they’ll still say it but fewer people will listen.

    • To be fair she said she’d feel “intimated”. This brilliant professor is shaping the minds of our youth.

  10. I’m starting a new political action group!!
    Moms Demand Lever-Action Guns in America
    For mothers and anyone who loves their mother who want to see more lever-action guns in these United States!

  11. Everyone’s a fucking bully. This whole blog is a bully. Girls can’t even show their bra straps in school. What makes you think people will ever come around to guns? Maybe you should change the word gun to self protection device. Or snug, which is guns spelled backwards. Would probably make people feel better.. All these pro gun advocates are probably the same people who complain about what women should or shouldn’t wear in schools. Idiots.

    • Your name says it all.
      As a self identified user of illegal drugs your comments have the weight of a butterfly’s wings.
      In other words easier for you to understand your a moronic loser assh##e.

      • I was thinking as in Eugene when I first saw it. Then read the idiotic comment. Should be stoned, as in the biblical sense.

  12. My grandfather packed on his way to school in 1906, when he was 10 or 11. He did his chores, delivered his newspapers and then had to go through the bad side of Tulsa to attend Catholic school. His father gave him a huge revolver to protect himself after he was robbed a couple of times. He only had to pull it once, he was never bothered again.

    • I’d shit my pants if a ten year old pulled a gun on me. There is a reason the DSM doesn’t allow for diagnosing kids as sociopaths.

  13. She could have watched a few Yankee Marshall videos with Gary the Glock and came to this conclusion. I could see how the mistake could be made.

  14. I carried a gun, legally concealed, every day when I worked at Colorado State University. …and nothing happened!

    There was no blood in the streets from shall-issue, or open carry, or Constitutional carry, and there won’t be any from campus carry either.

  15. So, it’s the end of the world that a university unwound their enforcing the busy-bodies preference on other folks.

    Got it.

    B T W, the “gun lobby” doesn’t make university policy, the university does. And you wouldn’t have to regulate it away if people didn’t want to do it.

    So, who’s bullying who?

    Got it.

  16. I’m not sure if college campuses are ready to accept guns. There was recently a concealed carry protest on my campus, the dozen or so people doing so by open carry, and that really spooked a lot of students. Many considered it the protesters’ way of intimidating them, which is absolutely not what was intended.

    All that aside, however, the protester in that Facebook post’s picture has a freakishly large right hand, the picture makes it seem.

  17. To answer the good professor’s closing question, Czech Republic has no restrictions on lawful concealed carry in schools. It is perfectly legal for a teacher, a parent or a student to carry a firearm in school, provided they follow the same rules that apply e.g. in a grocery. I’m not saying our gun laws are perfect but in this case, they’re actually more sensible than in many US states.

    The bloodbaths have failed to happen so far and since concealed means concealed, panic attacks are kept to a minimum. Could it be that the professor has internalized hoplophobia?

  18. It’s a good thing that Facebook is something we really really do not need to begin with. 7 a.m. I brush my teeth 7:08 a.m. I took a dump 7:10 a.m. I wiped my ass period LOL it’s the stupidest freaking thing this social media crap.

  19. Guns are bullies???? She feels intimidated and bullied knowing students are carrying guns???? Does she feel intimidated and bullied knowing they are carrying knives, drive cars? Does she feel intimidated and bullied knowing a tornado or hurricane may form around her? This woman is too mentally unstable to be educating anyone.

    • Hmm, needs to be a word. If we say a school of fish, a flock of birds, a herd of cattle…how about a blithering of idiots?

    • One name for a “group” of Gorillas has been offered as a “Congress of Gorillas”. Does that sound/look familiar?

  20. How can something deteriorate, that has already deteriorated beyond redemption and will be for decades to come, deteriorate any more than it has, by an inanimate object.?? Methinks the professor needs some professional mental health help if such is really beneficial for her.!!

  21. “My question: do all those who oppose the individual right to keep and bear arms think this way? More or less, yes. This and worse.”

    Whenever posed with an all or nothing true or false, then the answer is always (got that) false. Your answer, more or less is probably correct, but does not answer the all or none question. So the only correct response is, NO.

    Now, I do believe that how one views the 2nd Amendment says everything about their view of life in general. Either one believes in the rights and responsibilities of the individual or they don’t. Those who believe that shall not be infringed means reasonable restriction (including Antonin Scalia) do not believe in individual liberty. So yes, they are predisposed to having the government there to protect their fragile psyche and they are driven by fear and not the strength of individual moral fiber.

  22. A far bigger threat to the quality of education is the refusal to allow ideas that don’t tow the Leftist / Marxist line to be heard on campus. The Left have transformed many of our institutions of higher learning into in ideological indoctrination centers. Students are drowned in Marxist ideology in required social justice courses, reinforced by the political viewpoints taught in the history, English, psychology, and social science departments. By the time they leave they think that these viewpoints are the only “educated” viewpoint about the world. They are completely unable to think critically, and will shout down any contrary viewpoint. University used to be place where all ideas had a place. Students went there to broaden their viewpoints. Debate and critical thought were encouraged instead of suppressed. But today all that is discouraged, because the Leftists know that their ideology cannot withstand serious scrutiny, even if they will not admit to themselves.

    • “…even if they will not admit to themselves.”

      Oh, the senior leadership admits it to themselves. It is why they depend on deception and subterfuge.

    • They’re all stuck deep in the past. Marxist ideas were the cutting-edge of questioning the establishment 100 years ago.

      Now they are the establishment…and they’ll go to great lengths to keep people from realizing just how backward and fragile their system is.

  23. “Despite overwhelming opposition,” says Moms Demand. If it was overwhelming, why didn’t their opposition succeed?

    I don’t think that word means what they think it means.

  24. Is it just me, or is invoking the word “bullies” a particularly unpersuasive tactic that only serves to make the accuser sound whiny and weak?

  25. College Professor=Marxist Ideologue

    Take away the armed campus police that protects her tenured ass and lets see what she says then.

  26. Guns, like saws, hammers, automobiles are lifeless, inanimate objects, lacking will or intent. On the other hand, and I don’t know why, some people are essentially evil. How about looking at that aspect, strange an idea as that might be, and quit the balderdash about objects, things otherwise known as firearms.

    • ” A group of Gorillas is sometimes known as a “Congress”. ”

      ‘In America, there is no inherently criminal class. Excepting Congress.”

  27. “GUNS ARE BULLIES” – Translation: I’m scared of guns and am unable to protect myself and I don’t believe anyone else should be allowed to either. COWER IN PLACE – I mean – SHELTER IN PLACE!
    If I conceal carry a gun and nobody knows I have it – HOW IS IT A BULLY?

    “nothing normal about carrying guns to school.”

    Nothing normal about leaving your gun home, intentionally, and then ending up under a table COWERING IN PLACE waiting for police with guns to come save you – hoping they arrive in time – 5 minutes feels like five hours – In Orlando, police arrived, AND WAITED THREE HOURS TO ENTER (As victims bled to death)

    I like the way the military used to do it – how did it go – DON’T ASK – DON’T TELL! (Awrite, that was about something else) STATEMENT STILL STANDS!

  28. Does anyone else find it funny that the good professor will feel ‘intimated’ and bullied only when she will know her students can carry guns to class legally? As long as all the carriers did so illegally (what could stop them?) or as long as she didn’t know about it she felt fine. Weird, that.

  29. A couple of things I noticed. The ‘Gun (non)Sense comment using purpously inflammatory rhetoric that the gun lobby is ‘forcing’ guns on campus, implying that students would be forced to carry guns. The other thing is ‘Free Speech Zones’. As with the 2nd amendment, THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IS A FREE SPEECH ZONE!! Aaagh, idiots!

  30. Actually, Isreal REQUIRES gun in their schools, Switzerland has no issue with an adult carrying a gun in school, to name two countries that she obviously has no clue about.

  31. Ah, stupid stupid Ms. Payne is delusional! She says “guns are bullies”. Liberals in general are delusional. They create for themselves a “reality” and then criticize the rest of us for not not going along with it. I would have just one question for this moron, Ms. Payne. How can an inanimate object be a “bully”. I guess it’s easier to hate an object if one can ascribe human-like attributes to it.

    “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid”. —-Benjamin Franklin—

  32. Put your baseball bats,golf clubs,sticks,fists,cars,trucks and anyting that can be used to hurt,maime,kill or injure.People are afraid their own shadow may frighten them.Oh by the way none of these items including guns can harm anyone.They all need someone to operate them.MOST PEOLE ARE NOT OUT TO KILL.ONLY A SMALL PERCENT.IT IS NEWS MEDIA POLITICS AND MISINFORMED THAT WANT US UNARMED.BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.IT MOST LIKELY WILL BITE YOU IN THE BUTT.

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